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Randall Cobb Gets a Failing Grade

Randall Cobb

And we’re not even giving it to him. He’s giving it to himself.

Green Bay Packers receiver Randall Cobb, like everyone, is disappointed in the team’s 2015 season. He’s also disappointed in his performance and, frankly, he has good reason to be.

After signing a four-year, $40 million deal, Cobb went out and put up 79 catches for 829 yards and six touchdowns. Not counting the 2013 season, when he played in just six games, those were Cobb’s lowest totals since his rookie season.

His 10.5 yards per reception was a career low.


So yeah, Cobb didn’t deliver during the season that the Packers needed him to deliver more than ever.

He knows it.

“I don’t feel like I had a passing grade,” Cobb said. “I don’t feel like I did enough. I don’t consider that a good year for myself. I needed to break more tackles and do a better job of focusing in on the catch. I don’t know what happened as far as the season goes, but it was definitely a very, very frustrating season for me personally, as well as the team. I have to be better. As one of the leaders and one of the playmakers on the team, I have to make more plays.”

You know, we appreciate it when a guy owns his shit.

Unlike Davante Adams, who pontificates on his injuries and the negativity surrounding his turd of a season, Cobb says, “Yeah, I wasn’t good enough!”

Cobb put all kinds of pressure on himself during the season and maybe that was part of it. Maybe he was pressing and that affected his play.

We’re not really into making excuses for guys, though.

What we found out in 2015 is Cobb can’t carry the load himself. He needs to play Robin to someone else’s Batman, even though his contract suggests he should be Batman himself.

That’s not Cobb’s fault though.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. David January 27, 2016

    It all went south after the Skittles Gloves. We certainly didn’t ‘taste the Rainbow’ after that moment.

  2. Jschizl January 27, 2016

    He is still 30 million under Demaryius Thomas and dick Bryant. To me that’s Robin money
    However don’t think he even did Robin work this year.

    1. Big Gay Clay January 28, 2016

      Jeff Janis will be the highest paid receiver when he walks in free agency.

  3. V January 27, 2016

    How the fuck is this guy worth #1 WR money?
    Be like the Pats. Receivers and DBs are interchangeable parts.
    Spend money on your defensive front 7 and your QB/ Online.

    1. Big Gay Clay January 28, 2016

      Pats have not been successful without a good secondary. Last year they won the SB with Revis, Browner, and McCourtey. 2 of the 3 are gone now and it showed this season. To have a great offense w/ less talent (even though you could argue the Pats have more talent on offense with Gronk, Eddleman, ect.) you have to have a coach that can call plays that benefit the players attributes on the field. We don’t have one like that, we call the same plays regardless of who is out there.

  4. V January 27, 2016

    O line

  5. Vano Lucas January 28, 2016

    Okay, maybe Cobb had an off year (like most all of our receivers). But looking ahead, assuming all these players are healthy by next July, take Cobb, than add the following receivers: Nelson, Adams, Montgomery, Jones, Janis and Abbrederis. If our coaching staff can’t carve out a quality group from that talent pool, guys who can run precise routes, get separation and catch the ball, then they should all be fired.

    And I might add, I think V is into something with his Patriots analysis.

  6. MJ January 28, 2016

    Yeah, the Patriots do not have a deep threat (besides possibly Gronk, but he is a freak). However, they do have two receivers able to play the slot. And they Taylor their plays to those players.
    Green Bay coaching staff? “Players, not plays”.

  7. Savage57 January 29, 2016

    Passing grade?