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Peppers Admits Responsibility, Is Non-Committal

Julius Peppers

First of all, we’ll get this out of the way. We love us some Julie Peppers.

Hottest girl in high school, as my boy Kelly Hayes likes to say.

Doesn’t always show up, but man… when he does decide to show up, it’s a fuckin’ party!

Dude is 36 years old and turns in a season where he plays part time and has 10.5 sacks.

Pretty nice.

But like the hottest girl in high school, Julie giveth and Julie taketh away.

As such, he admitted he was out of position on Larry Fitzgerald’s 75-yard catch and run on Saturday.

He rushed the passer and vacated his zone, which was the zone Fitz caught and ran in.

Jules is under contract with the Packers for one more season and I think we can all agree. We’d like to have him back for that one season.

But like he was during the regular season, Julie remains non-committal about a return.

“We’ll talk about that when it’s time,” Peppers said.

We’re not sure what there is to talk about.

Guy can still play at a high level. What else is he going to do?

And even if he was totally to blame for the Packers’ loss on Saturday — which he isn’t — we’d still take him back.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Howard January 18, 2016

    Maybe Peppers is wanting to see what TT is going to do in free agency. The D line and outside linebacker crew could have some turnover. It is also best not to say to much right after a season ending lose, when your emotions are still high. The bottom line is Peppers wants a ring. He’ll be back.

    1. PF4L January 18, 2016

      I came back, to post exactly what you posted about Peppers wanting a ring, and that he may be waiting to see what the team does as far as personnel moves to that end.

      Footnote: If anyone likes to read, informative and intelligent users comments, Howard’s postings are must reads.

  2. Jc January 18, 2016

    Limited them to 75 yards playing man to man in 1st half. Why did Capers switch to zone in 2nd half????

  3. Jc January 18, 2016

    Zone. WTF

  4. Killer January 18, 2016

    I’m not worried about his being out of position. He would not have stopped Fitzgerald from making the catch and would not have caught him after the catch either.

    He can still play at a high level but only on the HGH. The reason he is non-committal is he is unsure if the NFL will be changing their HGH testing protocol. Right now, it is nearly impossible to catch anyone and, indeed, the NFL never has. There is a plan to adopt a new method which would have a much better chance to catch abusers.

    My guess? If the NFL does not change their testing Peppers will be back and will perform great pumped up on HGH just like he was this last year. If the new testing procedure is adopted Peppers will either retire or perform poorly on the field.

    Charlie Sly said he knew half the Packers and was actively supplying at least three who he named. There are likely a dozen more not named. Without HGH next year there could be a big drop off in Packer performance.

    1. PF4L January 18, 2016

      First of all…Don’t act like you’re in the inner circle of the Packers locker room knowing who is taking them, and who isn’t. Cut the B S like you are some authority on this. Assumptions are for fools, and you play it quite well.

      Secondly…The testing that is now in place, is finally in place, because the NFLPA has been fighting it since signing the 2010 CBA.
      Yes, there is a plan for new testing, it’s the plan that the NFL wanted all along. That the NFLPA doesn’t want, and won’t sign off on. Will it be implemented in the future? Possibly, but i have no knowledge of that, or if the NFLPA will sign off on it, nor do i pretend too.

      Thirdly… You acting like it’s just the NFL’s decision to change the testing methods, only show’s your true ignorance.

  5. NachoDan January 18, 2016

    How much is Peppers due next year? I thought he was on a 3 year deal with most of the money in the third year.

    1. PF4L January 18, 2016

      2015 was his high water mark for money and salary cap hit.
      8.5 mill and 12 mill cap hit.

      He’s due 7 million, with a 10.5 mill cap hit.

  6. GBayan January 18, 2016


    2016 Peppers
    $7M salary
    $500K roster bonus
    $500K workout bonus
    $10.5M salary cap

    If he retires it will clear $8M on salary cap.

  7. Calico January 18, 2016

    He was after Palmer all game. As many have pointed out, he had an O lineman’s arm wrapped around his neck on just about every edge rush he made in 4th quarter. Easily could have had 2-3 more sacks if not for refs.

    Not mentioning it in context of losing; just noting he can still really play the game. Not one of us knows if he, or Tim Mathsthay for that matter, is or isn’t using HDH or anything else. He’ll be back with someone.

    1. Howard January 18, 2016

      Unless the Packers release Peppers from his contract, Peppers would only be able to play with the Pack next year. Peppers roster and workout bonuses are small enough (approx.1 mil total) that there would be no need to release Peppers in the spring when those type of bonuses are due.

  8. Calico January 18, 2016

    Howard: I’m worried with this management team they will release him.