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Let’s Pretend the Packers Beat Washington for a Moment…

Aaron Rodgers vs. Arizona

We can pretty much all agree that this Green Bay Packers team is not capable of making a Super Bowl run, but let’s pretend!

The Packers will travel to Washington to face the Redskins this weekend. Washington was the NFC East champion and finished the season 9-7.

For a large part of the season, they weren’t very good. However, they won four games in a row down the stretch, with three of those wins coming on the road. They certainly look like the better football team right now.

At any rate, let’s say the Packers get a win, here’s what’s likely to play out.

The Seattle Seahawks play at Minnesota. We’re going to go ahead and assume that’s a Seahawks’ win, in which case the No. 5 (Packers) and No. 6 seed (Seahawks) would remain.

Seattle would travel to Carolina, the No. 1 seed, and the Packers would head right back to Arizona, where they got demolished two weeks ago.

IF the Packers beat Washington, we see no way they’re getting by the Cardinals, but let’s say the entire Arizona team dies in a plane crash prior to the game.

That would leave the Packers with either another trip to Carolina, where they lost by eight earlier this season, or another home game with Seattle, who they beat by 10 in week 2, when they still knew how to play football.

It should be noted that much has changed throughout the year.

Carolina went to Seattle and won 27-23 in week 5, but the Seahawks seemingly didn’t start playing football until the second half of the season. Similarly, the wheels hadn’t fallen off for the Packers just yet when they went to Carolina and lost in week 8.

Carolina is pretty much the same team they’ve been all season, but Seattle is much improved and the Packers are much worse.

But this our fantasyland and we’re saying the Seahawks beat the Panthers.

Imagine, the NFC Championship game is a rematch of last year’s NFC Championship, but this time in Lambeau Field…

Now, come back to reality and realize that if the Packers somehow get by Washington, they’re most likely going to get trounced in the divisional round.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. eduardo January 4, 2016

    Hey, it’s your dream!

    1. icebowl January 4, 2016

      Let’s pretend I win the MegaMillions lottery …..
      Ain’t gonna happen …..

      1. icebowl January 4, 2016

        …. because I don’t play

        Neither does the GB Offense !

  2. K January 4, 2016

    I doubt anybody will even be watching the packers get rolled by the redskins

  3. Bobby d January 4, 2016

    This pile of shit couldn’t beat the Browns! As everyone knows, they’ve been a one man team since the Favre days thanks to that white haired fruitcake. If AR doesn’t play like AR, they have no shot. When called upon, the supporting cast clearly indictates what a fucked up bunch this is coached by a blob of shit with zero imagination. As long as she’s the GM and porky’s got the headset on, the clock will keep ticking on Aaron until they carry him off on a stretcher.

  4. Dave The Lions Fan January 4, 2016

    It’s been a while since I came to this site, but I just had to after seeing the Vikings dethrone the Green Bay Slackers for the NFC North Division Championship. Honestly I can say it has been refreshing to see everyone on this page get taken down a few pegs. Seriously, this site is awful and all people do here is shit on other teams or talk about how great the Packers are (even though Rodgers and the Packers have a losing record in the playoffs since their SB win in 2010). This year has been a breath of fresh air for me and football fans everywhere, seeing as the Packers are lucky to even have 10 wins to end the regular season. I’m looking forward to seeing the Redskins knock the Packers out of the playoffs and further add to that losing record in the playoffs since 2010 that the Packers have. The best part is though, that even if the Redskins can’t beat GB, the Cardinals will plow through the Packers for a SECOND TIME this season. Either way it will be fun for me.

    1. PackAttack January 4, 2016


      You’re a Lions Fan. Enough said. Go back to the poverty driven shit-hole that is Detroit and fire up some Chicken nuggets for Fat Stafford and jack off to pictures of his girlfriend. You clearly have more than enough time on your hands for that. It’s always a breath of fresh air to never see the Lions in the playoffs…..ever.

      Fuck off.

      1. Dave January 4, 2016

        Say what you would like and badmouth the city of Detroit (which I am not from nor do I live in) but it only makes you look bad. Also, the Lions made the playoffs year. Your post is factually incorrect.


        1. icebowl January 4, 2016

          Go away – you’re a nuisance !

        2. PackAttack January 4, 2016

          Bad mouth is two words not one and this statement — “Also, the Lions made the playoffs year” — I’m guessing you forgot to put in the word “last” as in last year, as in doesn’t matter, as in you’ve been to two playoff games the last 15 years (and lost both of them). The fact that you’re an out of state Lions is even more of an embarrassment. The only difference between me and you is that I don’t give a fuck about what people think. I could careless how I look on a fucking message board or what people on the internet think say. I say whatever the fuck I want and usually go for a laugh and pure entertainment. You come on here with zero point, your not funny, you’re just a waste of everyone’s time. At least do or say something entertaining besides the fact that you’re some pathetic out of state Lions fan (which already suggests you’re a massive loser) and talking shit about a team that actually wins Division Titles.

          If you’re going to come on here at the very least provide a little entertainment.

    2. Shawn January 4, 2016

      Is a fan whose team has an empty Super Bowl trophy case trying to make us feel bad? Hahahaha… Next time, come back pretending to be a Patriots fan.

    3. icebowl January 4, 2016

      I’ve got 5 letters for you Dave ….

      1. Fritz fm WI January 5, 2016

        i offer these letters:
        K N U C K L E H E A D

    4. gort January 4, 2016

      Hey Dave the Lions Fan, read some of my comments. I have been very critical of the Packers and I am pretty sure that I don’t shit on other teams.

    5. icebowl January 4, 2016

      What a sad life you must have DTLF ….
      Please go back to your stamp collection

    6. Brewtown Packer Backer January 5, 2016

      There’s no way this guy is a Lions’ fan. There aren’t any computers in Michigan.

    7. ferris January 6, 2016

      Hey Dave let’s talk about the Hail Mary. Have fun whacking off watching the playoffs, maybe the Lions can hang another “We went to the playoffs” banner soon. Like in 10 more years.

  5. Howard January 4, 2016

    I don’t know. Part of me thinks Monty is right. What have the Pack done to deserve this. If they want to try, fine. Let’s leave them and go home. But then another part of me thinks, what if by some miracle we stay, then actually make it through this season. Someday we might look back on this and decide that staying with the Pack was the one decent thing we were able to pull out of this whole godawful, shitty mess. Maybe we do that, we all earn the right to go home. :)

    1. PF4L January 4, 2016

      A Packer fan can’t just choose whether they should stick with the team or not, no matter how ugly it gets. That’s how you know who is a Packer fan, and who isn’t.

      1. Howard January 4, 2016

        Just trying to lighten the mood. It was a take on a scene from saving private Ryan, since Monty was into pretending. You know how I feel about the Pack. I do not give up hope till the last play no matter the circumstances.

      2. MMTTDCSUCK January 6, 2016

        Yeah like no dialogue (or very little) from the guys who call people like me “band wagon guys”. these fucks are the ones that are the band wagon guys! Because when the Packers shit the bed they don’t come out. Mostly just when they win . . . Let’s see, should I name a few? . . . Andy Pants? Fat Jesus? Just to name a few . . .

        1. Big Gay Clay January 6, 2016

          Damn right!

  6. PackAttack January 4, 2016

    There is hope….

    In the 4th Q of last night’s game the Packers offense finally started to show signs of life — why? Because they actually started to attack downfield and open up the passing game. After the game McCarthy said, “well we finally threw caution to the wind” — ahhhhh what? Caution to the wind? As bad as Rodgers has been this year he’s still got more talent than any offensive player in the league. Ask any defensive coordinator in the NFL what he’s most afraid of on the Green Bay offense…..Aaron Rodgers or the run game led by an overweight and the joke that is James Starks? What fucking answer do you think you’ll get? Green Bay is laughed at around the league for trying this 50/50 run-to-pass shit.

    If the Packers are going to go out — at least go out with the ball in your best player’s hands more than 70% of the time. Rest assured the running game isn’t going to get you by Washington, Arizona or Seattle. Green Bay’s 1st down run to pass ratio is a laughable 88% this year. Laughable. Predictable. Embarrassing.

    Fuck the running game. McCarthy has been trying to “win the battle in the trenches” for four years now and it’s done absolutely nothing. This 50/50 run-to-pass shit needs to go, you want to know why the passing game has no rhythm? start right here. All Fat Mac has done is cripple the offense and destroyed any rhythm or confidence this unit could have by running wasted plays between the tackles and forcing multiple 3rd and long situations. Force feeding Starks & Lacy and running HB dives into the A-gaps clearly hasn’t and never will work with this offense. This isn’t the 1960’s anymore, you don’t run to set-up the pass, it’s the other way around. I’ve said it for years — in order for this offense to be effective Rodgers needs to throw 75% of the time or more. Case closed. Win with the ball in your best player’s hands. At least give him the chance to get into a rhythm — you saw it in the 4th Q. Get the passing game in sync and come out firing. Washington has an atrocious secondary…Attack It!!!!

    So your question is….”Well the problem is the offensive line can’t protect Rodgers”. No shit. So what do effective offenses with poor offensive lines do to counter that? They run more screens, more short quick passing patterns, more crossing routes, more bunched formations, more 4-5 wide sets, they ditch the fullback (who seriously uses a FB anymore?) and go with an empty backfield, they run backside slants, short and quick out routes, god forbid if this offense ever ran an option read with Rodgers. Does McCarthy utilize any of this? No. He runs 3-wide sets with a fullback/RB combo and he he James Jones, Cobb and Davante Adams run iso-routes in man-to-man coverage. That’s fucking laughable. I dunno…..ummmmm……maybe change it up huh Mike? But what the fuck do I know right?

    I don’t see McCarthy changing or adapting to any of this. He clearly doesn’t trust his offense and is scared shitless to let Rodgers drop back early in games and would rather stick with “winning the battle in the trenches” approach. Which is why they’re completely fucked as long as he stays in charge.

    It’s not hard to beat Washington. Come out and attack through the air right away. Come out with 4-5 wide sets for once. Ditch the running game. Come out hot with Jones, Cobb, Adams, Janis, and Abbrederis. Fuck it…why not? Exploit the matchups and attack the secondary. I’d rather lose with Rodgers throwing 60 times than watching Eddie Lacy and James Starks fumble fuck their way through the tackles. It’s the only way this team is going to have a chance at making a run.

  7. Ccole January 4, 2016

    Lions fan dave i can relate i live in st louis and the newscasters here where saying how happy they where the rams had a better record than the 49ers. I quess your winning at lambaue is like your playoffs and superbowl. Congratulations on an awesome year. What time does your team play this weekend. Or u m sorry announce a firing and hiring of another coach. I get confused.

  8. Jschizl January 4, 2016

    OK I have been am eternal optimist and also denial all year. Is there a chance they treated last night like a preseason game. Or like it didn’t matter. Even Harrison was like what r they doing with Rodger’s. I personally feel like it is a 2002 all over again but I really hope not. There was no good free agents last year but not to promising this year either.
    What pisses me off the most is the defense finally starts showing up and the offense ducks like what the hell.
    If I’m Jordy or balhtari agent I’m likingy lips for the next contract year

  9. Jschizl January 4, 2016

    Because if the packers don’t pay him left tackle money somebody like the Browns will

  10. Kato January 4, 2016

    As has been mentioned on this site by a few people, I think McCarthy has run his course in green bay. The majority of the core of this team, rodgers, sitton, bulaga, jordy, James jones john kuhn on the offensive side of the ball have been with McCarthy their entire career basically, and probably need a fresh start. I don’t think McCarthy is necessarily a bad coach unlike some on this message board, I just think he is stubborn and refuses to adapt to different situations, like the one now. I miss the old days when the packers didn’t run no huddle offense to try and run 75 plays a game, and instead run multiple formations and keep defenses guessing, and were harder to prepare for. Miss the days of full house backfield, five wide, three tight end sets, ect. There is nothing even different with this offense other than Cobb occasionally being in the backfield. I would like to see something even as simple as barclay as an extra offensive lineman for blocking.

    1. PackAttack January 4, 2016


      Stagnant, stubborn offense with zero creativity, zero adjustments and no approach. It’s been this way for a long time now in Green Bay and it’s just starting to get massively exposed. I’ve been saying it for years — McCarthy has gotten by for a long, long time beating bottom tier opponents and never winning big games with poor play calling and an half-assed offensive approach.

      McCarthy came out of the gate in the 1st Q and ran 10 running plays and chewed up over 8 minutes of the clock and came away with a FG. Four years ago this offense would do no such thing. Defenses were scared of Rodgers and hated to see him throw, now it’s all this force fed run shit and a 50/50 run pass split. It’s not working, it never has. There’s no rhythm to the offense, no creativity and it’s 110% blame on McCarthy.

      The sad fact here is that Green Bay could actually make a deep postseason run. For the first time in a long, long time the defense is actually good enough, and talented enough, to make a deep postseason run. But when your offense is so out of sync your force feeding Eddie Lacy and James Starks you’ll never be able to beat high powered offenses like Carolina, AZ or Seattle. Those three teams have figured out the key to success on offense. Pass first — run second.

      Imagine This:

      Come out of the gate storming. 4-5 wide sets. Straight aerial attack. Crossing routes, bunched formations, backside slants, quick crossing routes. Leave Richard Rodgers, Lacy, Starks and Kuhn on the bench where they belong. Empty backfield, straight aerial attack. This is the first thing you do versus Washington and you keep doing it — 70/30 pass-to-run. Why not? You won’t beat Washington by running the football — you just won’t. You need to jump on Washington early and you can’t do that by running HB dives with Eddie Lacy and Starks. It’s time to go full board and attack through the air nonstop. I’d rather see Jeff Janis matched up with an outside linebacker than Richard Rodgers.

      At this point, there’s nothing left to lose. Why not?

      1. stickman January 4, 2016

        Well said. Screw Eddy Lacy, that fat mother sticker looks like a smaller version of Gilbert Brown running the ball. He gets any fatter they`ll have to name a burger after him. “The Eddy Burger”

      2. MMTTDCSUCK January 4, 2016

        Good points!

      3. icebowl January 4, 2016

        Revolutionary thoughts ‘Attack !

      4. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey January 5, 2016

        Agree except right now when we have a guard or center playing left tackle, the empty backfield will turn Rodgers into fucking tomato paste.

    2. Brewtown Packer Backer January 5, 2016


  11. gort January 4, 2016

    My prediction: 55% chance of beating the Redskins and a 1% chance of beating the Cardinals.

  12. PackAttack January 4, 2016

    You want to beat good teams with good offenses?

    Throw the fucking football.

    Washington, Arizona, Seattle, Carolina all throw earlier in games (before turning it over to their run game), all throw more on 1st down (30% more than GB). They all run 4 or 5 wide sets. They all run non-iso routes (weird). They all run crossing patterns out of bunched formations. And they’ve all amassed more completions, yards and better ratings across the board than GB. The Redskins clearly don’t need a running game to amass a better offense than Green Bay.

    Packers are ranked 23rd in total offense with a healthy 2-time NFL MVP at the helm. That’s laughably absurd. Even more embarrassing is their passing game, which is ranked 25th in the league. How is a team that has 6 losses (should have 7) ranked 18th in total passing attempts??? But in contrast they are ranked 12th in most rushing attempts? What the fuck is that? There’s your problem right there. How can you justify those numbers with an overweight RB you’ve had to bench multiple times and James Starks as your lead duo?

    I understand running the football has to be “part” of the game, I get it, you can’t throw every fucking down — but holy fuck let’s get rid of this 50/50 split shit. I don’t know how you justify James Starks getting 150 touches this year — that’s overwhelmingly absurd. James Starks couldn’t make the practice squad on 20 other teams let alone get 150 touches!!! The fact that McCarthy wants the ball in Starks and Lacy’s hands more than Rodgers is a clear indication of how massively fucked up he is. A lunatic in an insane asylum wouldn’t fuck up an offense this bad.

    Think about this. The Cardinals were 13-3 this year, they blew out four teams (ran down the clock in the entire 4th Q at least twice) and Palmer was benched/taken out early in 3 games. Yet Carson still ends up with just 5 less attempts than Rodgers and passed for almost 1,000 more yards than him (Rodgers actually had more completions) and Palmer had 10 passes of 40+ yards or more. Yet Green Bay (McCarthy) managed to run almost the exact amount of running plays as Arizona did. How can you explain this? How can anyone justify this type of offensive approach McCarthy has?

    Again. More justification for just how bad of a coach this moron is. Trying to establish the run while running iso-route running patterns and hoping it’ll finally workout. Doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results — that’ the definition of insanity people.

    1. icebowl January 4, 2016

      You’re on a roll, man !
      Agree with every bit of it !

  13. Richard January 4, 2016

    For as bad as Green Bay has looked, they should win this game at least. The Deadskins have the worst passing defense of the 12 teams left and they accomplished this with the easiest schedule of the 12 teams left.

    So long story short, expect 10 carries by Kuhn and 30 by Lazy as McMuffin tries to grind the clock out

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 4, 2016

      Lol! love the running scenario! Buffoon is nuts.

      1. PackAttack January 4, 2016

        I’m still waiting on an explanation as to why anyone thinks that running the ball as much as passing is an effective way to win games against quality teams.

        Running the ball wastes time and downs. When you don’t have a good RB (a RB who can break off big runs and stretch the field) what’s the point in running HB dives multiple times and ending up in fifteen 3rd downs through 4 quarters? Someone explain the purpose of that to me and why running with Eddie Lacy/James Starks (especially when you’re trailing) is an effective use of time and downs? If anyone thinks that two tight end sets and establishing the run is going to win big games in the postseason is out of their fucking mind. There isn’t a team in the NFL playoffs who’s afraid of a 250 pound fat ass and James Starks. Establishing the run is about as effective strategy as pissing into the wind.

        Someone also explain to me why this offense can’t go to more 4-5 wide sets? Why those formations can’t be bunched? Why the routes are all iso and never crossing patterns? Why (when a RB is in) the screen is used only 1-2 times per/game? Very few routes are ever run over the middle. Why can’t Randall Cobb run any go routes or deep routes? The guy runs a fucking 4.4/40 and is incapable running deep routes???? Why can’t Jeff Janis and Jared Abbrederis get into games?? Seriously go back and watch 2009, 2010 game film and look at the 4 and 5 wide sets and watch the routes being run. The Packers use 4-wide sets at times but very rarely, if ever, go with 5-wide sets.

        Did anyone notice on 3rd and 12 — when Rodgers fumbled (pass/fumbled that resulted in 6 points for MN) the routes being run? First off it was 3rd and fucking long and McCarthy is using a 3 WR set. John fucking Kuhn is running routes out of the backfield (John Kuhn couldn’t beat your mom let alone a LB in coverage) and 2 of the 3 WR ran routes short of the 1st down. What the fuck is this shit? Who designs these fucking plays? John Kuhn running routes out of the backfield? Are you fucking shitting me?

        If anyone has the chance go back and watch how fucking slow Richard Rodgers is on routes and how long it takes for him to break. Sending this guy off on iso-routes is like sticking your dick into a blender. His shit just gets fucking destroyed.

        James “hoodie” Jones. Wow. He ran a 4.6/40 in his heyday, the guy probably runs a 5.6 now and the hoodie holds him to 5.8. He’s fucking slow and bad. His routes are god awful. Whenever Rodgers leaves the pocket not only does James not improvise, he starts running in circles and hopes Rod can miraculously find him — surprisingly it actually seems to happen more often than not. How this guy has a job as an outside receiver in the NFL is laughable. Safeties absolutely dare Jones to beat them deep. HIs timing with Rodgers on the outside is laughably bad. Every time Jones is bumped or pushed off his initial route it’s over, Jones just might as well go and sit down because he can’t adjust.

        Randall Cobb is the enigma of this offense. He’s the fastest player on the field but never runs a go route, post route or any form of stretching the field. This is shocking considering how desperate this offense is for someone who can stretch the field — and yes Cobb can do this from the slot, Odell Beckham and Antonio Brown do the same thing. Even if he takes the CB and FS with him, it still opens up the middle of the field for Jones, Adams or even a 4th WR — but why Cobb isn’t even used for this purpose is mind boggling.

        Watching Rodgers and this offense on tape is mind numbingly painful.

  14. PackAttack January 4, 2016

    Mark my words right now.

    You try and “establish the run” and “win the battle in the trenches” in the playoffs — you will lose. There is no reason for a team with a two-time NFL MVP to be splitting the offense 50/50 with runs and passes. Rodgers should be throwing at 70% clip, if not more, with 4-5 wide sets constantly. You run the ball early and you lose games, it’s a fact. There’s no point in controlling the clock early in the game when you have no lead and no offensive momentum. Wasting time and kicking field goals doesn’t win games.

    No one on this planet will ever convince me the ball belongs in a RB hands more than a 2-time NFL MVP. I don’t care how porous the offensive line is — you find ways to get the ball to your playmakers hands and score points. Case closed.

  15. cd4packers January 4, 2016

    Lol, sad little kitten fan. Meow.
    Packers are forever great. Your pathetic rant over our misfortune reveals one thing, your just jealous!!!! Our legacy can never be taken away. So. You keep enjoying our loss because you know as well as I do the Lions are poop. GOPACKGO!!! :)

  16. Snarff January 4, 2016

    Smoke and Mirrors.

  17. MMTTDCSUCK January 4, 2016

    So here is a stretch for all you posters on here, What if, just for shits sake, what if this current football game that we have all grown up to love so much is nothing but a sham? Like WWF or whatever . . . where only a handful of players are in the know. They make dumb calls, overthrow WR’s easily, Take themselves out of the NFCCG (CMIII), drop passes, fumble on queue . . . you get the drift. This scenario (as ridiculous and irrational as it seems) would explain Buffoons’ and Buffoon V.2 (Clements) massively shitty play calling this year. It would also explain Rodgers abysmal (compared to his usual) stats this year. The 5 minute 100% bed shitting by all three phases of the Packers in the NFCCG last year! Not to mention that horrible call at the end of the SB last year Wilson throwing instead of giving the ball to “Beast Mode”. Rodgers attitude this year seems like it is mostly disengaged, and if this crazy scenario would be true, why wouldn’t he be? Also, the Packers betting line even through this losing “clusterfuck” has remained in their favor. Big money interests? For big payoffs? Just speculating. it appears to be the only reasonable way to justify such a grand fall from grace. Most certainly fantasy, but it explains it most comfortably to me as another possibility for the abysmal play by the Packers. I believe these games and this league to be fixed for profit by the gambling elite. I am seriously considering not watching the NFL anymore.

    1. icebowl January 4, 2016

      Whoa Dude, that’s bordering on treason !
      That’s like calling Patton a commie, saying the Dallas Cowboys are not “America’s Team”, and George Steinbrenner is a humanitarian ….

      1. MMTTDCSUCK January 5, 2016

        I thought some of you guys would get a kick out of the old “conspiracy theory” shit . . . Sometimes when things get out of hand it is easy to assume something nefarious. While I do not believe that it is happening, there is a small part of me that has little faith in people with “large amounts of money”! So it is easy to wrap your head around this scenario and use some confirmation bias to make things easier to understand or accept. Because I cannot understand otherwise how TT and Buffoon could shit the bed so easily. The answers are right in front of them, and they choose NOT to adjust. It just seems fishy to me. But then again, maybe those two are that fucking dumb . . .

    2. icebowl January 4, 2016

      Really Dude – WWF is not fixed !!!!!

      1. icebowl January 4, 2016

        …. please tell me it’s not !

  18. Calico January 4, 2016

    The writer must have been really bored today to go through that day dreamy thought experiment.

  19. joe January 4, 2016

    And why the hell are they handing the ball off to kuhn so we can here everyone say his name ????

  20. PackAttack January 4, 2016

    All Packer Fans —

    If you want any indication as to what Rodgers thinks is going on with the offense, listen to his interview and pay careful attention to what he says. He knows what the problems are. If you read between the lines he clearly isn’t on-board with the 2-TE establish the run bullshit play calling. Watch his reaction to the questions regarding the offense.

    “We played our best football in the 4th Q” — when the offense finally started to move the ball off 4-WR sets and throwing on 1st down. Clearly he didn’t think the 13 play opening drive with 10 runs to Eddie Lacy that ended in a FG was the offense’s best work.

    “We threw caution to the wind and started attacking in the 4th Q” — that statement right there indicates there isn’t a lot of trust in the QB/WR in who’s calling the plays and the fear they have turning the ball over.

    “When you be aggressive and attack down the field, good things happen” — This is as big of a fuck you as there is to McCarthy. Deep routes and aggressive play calling has been lacking all year and Rodgers clearly knows it.

    This is an offense who built its reputation taking shots down the field and being aggressive. Where that’s gone I have no idea but it’s lacked all season and Rodgers uses those words “aggressive” “shots down the field” more than a few times in this interview.


    1. icebowl January 4, 2016

      Interesting, picked up some of that while watching right after the ‘Queens beat us in the “ShiteBowl” on Sunday ….

  21. PF4L January 4, 2016

    In the picture above of this article, wtf is Lacy doing? Waiting to be mounted?

  22. TW January 5, 2016

    None of what ails the team is a Jordy Nelson related issue. McCarthy is the problem because he isn’t giving his team the opportunity to succeed. All human beings and animals are programmed to evaluate outcomes and apply what they’ve learned to similar situations. Implementing coreections based on what was learned is optional however, and that’s what we face now. Big Mac needs to come out firing on the very first offensive series and on the 1st play. There isnt any reason to do 3 and out to get the team warmed up. Whatever happens in that first series sets the tone for the game and because we know McCarthy doesn’t budge from that mode – good or bad, he needs to get the ball in the air. He’ll carry that through the game and we might be relatively happy Packer fans come Monday morning.