Jermichael Finley Has Been Watching

Jermichael Finley

Jermichael Finley

Former Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley has been keeping tabs.

He noticed when the Packers fired tight ends coach Jerry Fontenot, making the same observation we did. Fontenot had nothing but a garbage pile to work with.

Finley also apparently noticed when coach Mike McCarthy said he needs a big receiver to stretch the middle of the field.

We took that to mean a tight end and then pointed out the obvious — the Packers haven’t had that guy since Finley was forced to retire.

And Finley, never one to let things go to his head, just took that in stride…

Oh… wait a second.

No he didn’t.


That reminds me of two things.

  1. Jermichael Finley: still as master of verbal diarrhea.
  2. Hands down, the greatest ballad ever written.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

21 Comments on "Jermichael Finley Has Been Watching"

  1. 1265Lombardiave

    Finley was a big target, over the middle… but has he forgotten that he couldn’t hold on to the ball? Even I can drop passes like he did.

  2. Finley never dropped passes quite like what we saw this season from Adams and Cobb. Finley’s ability to stretch the field forced mismatches in coverage. Defenses were throwing more guys in the box because they didn’t respect us deep, taking away slants/crosses and hurting the run game.

    That said, Finley is a dumbass. I bet he blames Rodgers’ leadership or whatever he was whining about a couple years ago.

    • PF4L

      Couldn’t stand him and all the diarrhea that came out of his mouth.

      And for the 8th time Monty, did he ever collect on his ins. policy? Instead of watching Ellen, lets get to the bottom of that.

  3. Skinny

    Finley in 09 and the beginning of 10 was the best TE possibly of all time in football. Never saw a guy dominate his position like that. The athletic ability was ridiculous, couldn’t stay with him down the field because he could run like a deer, couldn’t out jump him, and he could block. Yes he was dumber than a bucket of shrimp at times but he could have been one of the best ever at his position if not for that knee injury.

    • jtmax

      Finley was Ricky Dudley 2.0. High potential guy who never reached potential because he has uncurable case of dropolitis. Everybody says he’s so athletically gifted but if you look at his combine it’s pedestrian with 40 time similiar to Richard Rodgers.
      Dropolitis+social media diarrhea=bad teamate.
      Remember we only managed to get to superbowl when he went on IR. A few drops from him would have cost us trip to Superbowl.
      Lesson learned. Cannot have receivers dropping balls left and right if you want to make a SB run. Dropping a ball for a first down is like a turnover.

  4. Phatgzus

    So what exactly are we missing J-Mike? Surely not a receiver who drops half the passes thrown his way, we have that. A TE who caught a max of 8 TDs per season in his career? We have that too. A loudmouthed prima donna with a decorative flower pot for a dome who thought he was 10x the player he actually was? Yeah, I guess you really don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. Huh…

  5. Feck

    What about that shark fin dance no one ever undersood. He didn’t see the endzone much so we mostly saw it mid field for first downs. WHO WILL REPLACE THAT?

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