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Another Mention of Discord Between McCarthy and Thompson

Ted Thompson

We first heard that Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy was unhappy with Ted Thompson’s approach to roster building just before the playoffs began.

What we heard then was that McCarthy and the people who worked under Thompson in the personnel department were fed up with the fact that Thompson only acquired players through the draft and undrafted free agency.

No free agency, no trades and no in-season moves, give or take a few guys here and there, in 11 years.

Now we’ve heard it again.

McCarthy, however, got almost no help from Thompson in 2015 other than the first five selections in the draft. According to several sources, McCarthy is fed up with his boss’ unwillingness to take a chance and reinforce the roster with veteran players that might be unknown to the Packers but have the talent to contribute.

That’s from Bob McGinn’s season wrap-up, which points out a litany of failures by the Packers as an organization in 2015.

I mean… we’re beating a dead horse around here. We’d actually prefer that dead horse was Ted Thompson.

We’ll just say, again, that Thompson is the man most responsible for wasting Aaron Rodgers’ best years up until this point by not surrounding him with enough talent.

We’re sick of saying that, though.

We’d be happy if Ted Thompson were shown the door, but that’s not going to happen.

We can only hope that what is now becoming public criticism actually has some effect. A lot of messages have been sent through the media over the years. A lot of those have been received and changes have been made by the person being criticized.

You listening, Ted?

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Mike January 24, 2016

    I really hope this opens teds eyes and he takes a chance or two this offseason. Not even asking for the big money guys but someone, anyone to help get the pack back to the super bowl. For example, Owen Daniels came in for a visit and we let him leave. So far today he’s got 2 tds in a conference title game. Dwight freeny, he’s older but has had a positive impact for az. They were available and didn’t break the bank to sign. Wonder how the season woulda gone with Daniels and another cheap vet here and there? Seems like you could say that at the end of every season and just shake your head and wonder what the hell is going through Teds head.

  2. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe January 24, 2016

    TT has made some good draft picks and some utter fucking garbage draft picks. But how is TT responsible for the shitshow which was last year’s conference game in Seattle? That was on McFatty turning into a pussy and being afraid to win. McFatty needs to get out of Golden Corral and go to the testicle shop and buy a pair.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 24, 2016

      Yep! MM shit his own bed last year and this year again when he took his foot off the gas after they got the lead again. Although TT needs to step away from the lithium, wake up, and grow a set of balls himself and take a few chances on some mid tier talent, if not a blue chip one if available and not priced too far from reasonable.

  3. cd4packers January 24, 2016

    I’ve had enough of both TT and MM. I’m anti-establishment. And they are snug as a bug in a rug in the entity we call the Green Bay Packers. We need to make the Packers great again! Lol

  4. Phillthy January 24, 2016

    This is fucking bullshit.

    We’ve got the talent and as much as Packer fans and I have clamored for free agents we can’t deny the depth and tenacity of this team.

    Other teams would kill to have a roster like ours coupled with the fact that we’re young and have low paying contracts.

    We say “in Ted we trust” because of the pieces he’s put together with this team. Sure a veteran wide out may have helped during the season, but so would playing the guys we have ala Janis and Abberdaris. That point was proven in the divisional championship game.

    Fuck McCarthy, it wasn’t lack of depth that lost that game, it was the second to last drive and his arrogance to run the ball repeatedly when our passing attack was working.

    A couple first downs would have sealed victory, but instead we run run run to no avail. We’re obvious on run plays with our stacked backfield, we have no ability of illusion on this offense.

    Fuck you McCarthy this is and has been your fault, Thompsons given you an elite QB, a depth of WR, our two headed runningback system, an offensive line of mid round picks that can be stout when pressed, a defensive line that’s now coming into its own, a line backing Corp of young and experienced warriors, and a secondary full of talent.

    Was it Thompsons decision to start Barclay at T? The only thing we really lack is a true and solid LT. Tretter proved solid, I’ll take him over Bahk any day. Was it Ted decision to hAve Janis contribute 1 catch all season? Was it Thompson who denied weight gain rumors on Lacy and then turn around and lash out come seasons end? No.

    Fuck you McCarthy this is your ship to steer, get hold of the fucking reigns and show some fucking discipline to these guys, hold EVERYONE accountable, not just the guys with low contracts.

    I wish we would get could get Coughlin, you think we’d be having blown special teams or secondary coverage with that asshole in charge? My opinion is no, I’m sick of McCarthys “wtf face”. You control this team dickwad, go prove it.

    1. PF4L January 24, 2016

      What team are you watching?

      “We’ve got the talent…” Really?
      an overweight, out of shape running back is talent, and if it wasn’t for 1 long run each of the last 2 games, Lacy was averaging like 2 yards a carry.. a receiver who drops half his passes is talent, was a Jarrett Boykin talent also?? A olb, that we have to switch to mlb, because Teddy cant find a decent mlb for years, is MM’s fault? Is it MM’s fault that Richard Rodgers is slow as fuck, and gains about 8 inches after a catch?

      Ted Thompson gives the Packers one of the youngest teams in the NFL, year in and year out. Yes, it makes the salary cap manageable, but you are going to have players making mistakes because their green, ie: playing out of position, missed assignments, ect.

      “An offensive line that can be stout when pressed” <–?
      What you should have said, was a offensive line that can be stout, when not playing a strong front 7. Who gave McCarthy Don Barclay? Was it big TED? Tretter, playing 1 game at left tackle is proof to you he is solid and should be starting ahead of Bahktiari?….Really?

      This secondary full of talent you speak of is young, and largely unproven, they make mistakes, because their young. they show flashes of talent, but lets not put them in the Pro Bowl just yet. Hell, our shutdown corner has 3 bunnys thrown to him, and dropped all 3, was that also McCarthys fault?
      Sometimes having a young secondary, and complex defensive schemes, don't go and in hand, but that's another subject.

      I'm not defending MM, because i wouldn't lose a second of sleep if both him and TT were shown the door.

      Lastly, no one has said "In TT we Trust" since 2011, there is a reason for that, because he hasn't done shit, and most fans realize that. So the next time you want to bash McCarthy do this…take TT's sausage out of your mouth, and think before you click "submit comment".

    2. Skinny January 24, 2016

      Yea, true. I’m kind of surprised Coughlins ass kicking coaching style isnt more highly thought off in todays game. The Packers seriously need a coach like that.

      1. Shawn January 24, 2016

        The problem is Coughlin is a moron.

        1. Skinny January 25, 2016

          You mean in an Xs and Os sense? Could be I guess. I personally think this Packers team needs an ass kicker now more than ever. Ive just been thinking how irresponsible it is that Lacy gets fat in the off season. I mean I know that’s on him, but shit where is the coach on his ass? How did they not know about that?

          1. Empacador January 25, 2016

            Coughlin was also a WR coach in Green Bay under Forrest Gregg in the mid 80s. Enough said. If the Packers want retreads, McCarthy is one too (1999). Dick LeBeau coached under Bart Starr in the 70s. He and Dom run the same scheme. Maybe the Packers could upgrade.

    3. MMTTDCSUCK January 24, 2016

      I agree with your assessment of Buffoon. TT however is marginal with his FA procurement. I believe he is way too conservative. QB1 needs better players. And the rest of the team needs an infusion of veteran insight more than occasionally. But I get it. Coughlin would not put up with much of what has been going on in GB for the last five years. One clusterfuck after another with Buffoon. TT and Murphy have turned blind eyes to the problem because they have had a winning team for quite some time now, and the “fans” have not been clamoring for their heads until now.

  5. Jschizl January 24, 2016

    We all sit here and cry for change. Fuck all you spoiled pisses. Denver and a team that beat us soundly is in the Super Bowl. Who was out there that we should have got that would have made a difference. This was one of the lowest graded free agent pools in recent memory. Please if someone points some one out let me know. This is a big free agent pool. Don’t you jerk off remember Joe Johnson that piece of shut from the saints we signed. Just signing someone to sign someone is like my ex who bought Shit just to buy Shit. Love these asshole who never suffered through forest Greg and Lindy infants bulls hit team where it was awesome if we got someone in the pro bowl.
    Why doesn’t ever put out there who we lost to other teams. Because we don’t we have the money to sign them.
    Y’all are like my ex easy to spend other peoples money with no consequences.
    If Denver wins the Super Bowl we were in every game with every other team except them. And mighty Tom Brady lost to them twice.
    It’s not like Reggie white was out there Peppers was a good sign. Woodson was great. Leroy guion was OK.
    Who was out there that was big name that wasn’t a bust.
    Could he do more probably. Is there discord I call bull shit. Just like I call bulls hit on you Jeff Janis fellating dumb ducks.

    1. billabong January 24, 2016

      Hey I agree its Big Mike who’s to blame!!! Ted is just wonderful…tell me, just how big is his closet?

    2. Big Gay Clay January 24, 2016

      Revis was out there. Just sayin…

    3. PF4L January 24, 2016

      I call bulls hit on everyone!! :)

    4. MMTTDCSUCK January 24, 2016

      Sorry that you had an ex wife that spent your money. I watched the fucking “Icebowl” were you around then? I have seen mediocrity, and this coach is taking us right back into it. Bob McGinn is writing about this pending implosion of Buffoon as we all post on this site. As far as Free Agents? Arizona picked up Freeney in October.
      NE picked up Jackson in December
      DEN picked up V. Davis via trade after half the season was over. Those are just a few. Other than Davis, how did Freeney and Jackson do? PRETTY FUCKING GOOD . . .

      1. MMTTDCSUCK January 24, 2016

        Oops! I forgot! V. Davis had 2 TD’s today! How is that working out? All three contributed to their teams success . . . Boooom!

        1. Deepsky January 25, 2016

          Richard Rodgers had 8 TDs this season and until the playoffs Vernon Davis had none. Davis basically played well in one game this whole year.

          1. MMTTDCSUCK January 27, 2016

            Yep! One game, the most important game that they played all year . . . One that Green Bay was not playing in.

  6. cd4packers January 24, 2016

    I don’t care about the discord. I only care about the Packers going all the way to the SB. Watching the majority of the Packers football games was torturous this season. And really the past few seasons. I don’t want to be average or second best. I’m sure the Packers don’t want that either. To be the best you have to have the best. And that includes coaches and staff. Being mediocre is no fun in the NFL. Leave that to the Vikings, Bears and Lions. The green Bay Packers need to have the SB game as their ultimate goal. Not just winning over 10 games as the goal. THAT’S BS!! Sometimes in order to achieve greatness, you must be willing to change.

  7. Mike January 24, 2016

    Lol looks like we have a tough guy here (jschizl). If only you had the balls to say it to my face. Anyways since that will never happen, the point is they don’t need to sign someone just to sign someone. However if there’s a need and a vet meets that need why not take a chance? Look at Denver, who scored both of their tds today? A te that gb had in for a visit and didn’t sign. What was one of gb biggest needs? Te! Who’s saying anything about spending on big names and ruining the teams salary cap? What people want is just some sort of activity to help improve the team. Inside linebacker and te are 2 of the biggest needs and not a single thing was done about it in the last offseason.

    Ted has built a solid foundation but to be elite, you have to take chances and fill voids with hungry vets. Pats did it with moss, revis, etc. Seattle with lynch. Don’t always work but if your not breaking the bank the risk isn’t much.

    I don’t think it’s being spoiled, I’m just not able to accept losing like you obviously do. Anything but a championship is a disappointment and I’m sure Rodgers and everyone else in the league would say the same thing. I know it can’t happen every year but to repeatedly fall short of even making the big game is ridiculous. Call it what you want but I’m not gonna sit here and say “well we had some guys get to the pro bowl and made the playoffs yay”

    I can easily see why your ex wisened up and left. She didn’t want a cheap loser.

    1. PF4L January 24, 2016

      Lets leave jnizzle alone. He has a lot on his plate. His ex who spent his allowance as soon as he got it. His parents, who are making him study for his GED exams in 2017. English can be a bitch. Be nice.

  8. Kato January 24, 2016

    Let’s put tretter at LT over bahktiari based on one game. Great idea.

    1. PF4L January 24, 2016

      That made me laugh also. Fans of any NFL team are in no danger of Jnizzle being made the GM of their team.

  9. gort January 24, 2016

    Maybe the feud between Brett Favre and TT was justified. Brett was looking for more weapons. I for one didn’t want to see Randy Moss in Green & Gold, but surely there were other free agent receivers on the market. Now we need offensive linemen. Surely there must be a serviceable free agent tackle on the market. Even if we don’t sing him, the team that does would take a bigger financial hit in a bidding war. Maybe the guy wants a chance at a ring and blocking for Rodgers at a slightly smaller paycheck looks better than blocking for somebody else at slightly more.

    1. PF4L January 24, 2016

      Now we need O lineman? Marshall Newhouse started for us at LT for over a season, because he was the best depth we had there. But that isn’t Teds fault is it? it wasn’t like Eugene Monroe or Micheal Oher could be had for reasonable money.

      1. gort January 24, 2016

        Serviceable, not all-Pro.

    2. Empacador January 24, 2016

      Favre would have still done what Favre did, no matter who they signed. Everyone lived and died based on what he did. No amount of free agents were going to remove the bonehead decisions and gun slinger mentality from Favre.

      1. PF4L January 24, 2016

        I was watching Palmer slinging it around today, can’t say he didn’t remind me of Favre, difference was, favre would usually smile about it after.

  10. gort January 24, 2016

    Dammit – “sign” not “sing”

  11. Packer Bob January 24, 2016

    It’s interesting that Thopmson gets blamed for wasting Rodgers but never any credit for drafting him.

    1. PF4L January 24, 2016

      He does get credit, but that was back 10 years ago dude. How about drafting a blue chip player sometime in the last 5 years we could give him credit for? Or was drafting Rodgers 10 years ago enough?

      1. PF4L January 24, 2016

        Shouldn’t TT also be praising Rodgers, for providing him job security?

      2. Phatgzus January 24, 2016

        Mike Daniels, Randall Cobb, Eddie Lacy (when motivated), perhaps HHCD and Randall. Those guys aren’t blue chip players?

        1. PF4L January 24, 2016

          Ahhh NO.

          1. Phatgzus January 26, 2016

            Daniels was the second highest rated defensive lineman this year behind only JJ Watt, so yeah. Lacy When motivated is among the top 10 RBs in the league. That’s blue chip.

          2. PF4L January 26, 2016

            When you call Lacy a blue chip rb, i know you’ve fallen off the deep end.

      3. Deepsky January 25, 2016

        Thomson had a few weak years drafting, but I think the decline in drafting had a lot more do to with Schneider, McKenzie and Dorsey all leaving within a span of a couple of years. He’s done better in the last couple of drafts than he did around the 2011-2013 time frame.

  12. Packer Bob January 24, 2016

    Someone doesn’t have the balls to say something to your face …over the internet? Ok, tough guy.

    1. Cheese January 24, 2016

      Same thing I thought. What is he suppose to take a plane across country so he can say something in person to some random guy on the internet? Lay off the ego bro..

  13. Packer Bob January 24, 2016

    So Randall, or Rollins, or Montgomery didn’t impress you this season? 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks this season.

    1. PF4L January 25, 2016

      Didn’t Jarrett Boykin impress a lot of fans in 2013. where is he now?
      Wasn’t everyone impressed with Davante Adams?

      My point is, and i shouldn’t even have to point this out, Let the rookies play more than one season before you crown them great picks. Lets hope they work out.

  14. Packer Bob January 24, 2016

    Sure thing, Mr. Trump!

  15. Mike January 24, 2016

    Lol. I’m saying we know that would never happen face to face. Its easy to fly off the handle cursing people out with your keyboard when they are simply giving an opinion.. You must be his daddy coming to his defense, he must be in the basement eating dinner. Rather than go off wasting my time on you two jackasses, I’ll get back to my point.

    Yeah Thompson drafted Rodgers but he fell right in his lap. I don’t think anyone on here said they weren’t impressive. They had their moments but they also had their mistakes. Wasn’t it Randall that gave up the backbreaking play in ot? Coulda had a sack and there were about 4 other missed tackles but who left their best guy wide open? The whole fucking point is yes he picks up talent in the draft and yes he picks up some nice undrafted players but that isn’t gonna be enough to keep up with other teams that are filling holes via free agency. The balme is not just on Thompson in my opinion. It’s on him, the coaches and players but it’s his responsibility to fill needs and improve the team and he never does. When are we ever gonna find a starting caliber inside linebacker? When clay retires and we need an outside linebacker as well? That’s just one example of where he’s failed to improve the team and waste Aaron’s prime years. Don’t get me wrong, I like his picks with Aaron, clay, Randal, Nelson, Cobb. Hate the sharrod, Harrell type picks. Bottom line is its not gonna kill him or the teams future if he dips in free agency once in awhile.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 24, 2016


  16. gort January 24, 2016

    Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes.

  17. mark January 24, 2016

    Why does everyone keep mentioning owen daniels? He has the same yards as Richard Rodgers this year and FIVE LESS TOUCHDOWNS!!

  18. mark January 24, 2016

    And there was no reason not to think richard rodgers was going to be good this past year. So why would you pick up an average tight end in free agency just because he was the best AVAILABLE tight end does not automatically qualify him as a team changer of any kind.

    1. Deepsky January 25, 2016


      Yeah, Richard Rodgers could be faster or break tackles better, but he’s only been in the league 2 years and was looking better at the end of this season. His 8 TDs ranks him 5th in the NFL for scoring.

      Adams had a sophomore slump at a bad time. So did Donald Driver and Jordy Nelson, but in their cases they were not pressed to be starting receivers their second year.

      1. Empacador January 26, 2016

        Richard Rodgers is Bubba Franks, 2.0.

  19. billabong January 24, 2016

    i like that slow ass DickRodge he took and that Khyrie Thorton guy (sp)….

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 24, 2016

      Yep . . .

    2. Deepsky January 25, 2016

      It’s easy in any draft to pick out the busts. The 2014 draft for the Packers still looks like a good one.

      Clinton-Dix is a solid player, possible future Pro Bowler.
      Adams had a bad sophomore year. I recall Nelson and Driver having drop issues early in their careers too.
      Richard Rodgers may not be burner but had 8 TDs, the 5th highest in the NFL this year. He is not a bust.
      Linsely – good pickup, starter material.
      Abbrederis – looks like he has a good future if he can stay healthy.
      Janis – star of an NFL playoff game.

      That’s a pretty solid draft.

  20. Mike January 24, 2016

    Let’s not forget worthy. PF4L hits the nail right on the head. Couldn’t agree more.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 24, 2016

      Yep . . .

  21. Howard January 24, 2016

    Bottom line is Ted is not going any place unless he retires. Reality is Ted is a deliberate person. I bet he has probably never bought a new car or house without pondering all the pros and cons for weeks. In some ways you can make the argument that is a good quality in a manager of a company. In the world of free agency being deliberate does not work well. Most of the time in free agency a team has to make an immediate decision or their opportunity is gone.

    As a scout Ted can be deliberate without consequences. You go from place to place see what someone has to offer, write a report ,and review tape. By the time the draft comes around you follow your board that has been deliberated for weeks. There are not many quick decisions that are made, unless there are trade offers. Ted does not make many player trades because they require quick decisions. Some will say Ted makes trades all the time during the draft. Ted looks at draft day trades as just trading picks not players. The one exception would be Clay Matthews, and Ted knew he wanted Clay no matter the picks needed to procure Clay.

    I believe a system similar to a draft board needs to be set up and followed for free agency (if not already in place) that makes those quick free agency decisions easier for Ted. A top dollar value needs to be assigned to each player or free agent (that is not red flagged) and updated as the season goes on. If a free agent is needed, passes a physical, and is within or is reasonable close to those upper limits then he gets signed and Ted does not have that final say, although Ted would have say in putting the board together and the dollar value assigned and updated based on salary cap etc. Ted just does not appear to be able to make those quick decisions. It is in Teds DNA to be deliberate. Murphy needs to help Ted make those quick decisions. Even though we all rightfully believe the Packers are by far the greatest team. We need to remember some misguided free agents do not want to play for the Packers, and screw them.

  22. Jschizl January 24, 2016

    Sorry to offend you sorry ass English teachers. Freeny would have been a good sign. For what ever reason he won’t sign most players over 30. Good for you and the icebowl. Good point though I’m not saying he’s right but we were competitive with no 1000 yard rusher or recievers and all number 3 running routes. James Jones was a 3 Cobb is a two maybe and Adams is a practice squad. It’s not all bad it could be better but it’s not reset button either. John Schneider will be the next GM anyway not Eliot wolf.

  23. Shawn January 24, 2016

    Vernon Davis did not catch a single pass today, actually, and Denver has gotten nothing back for that pick. Who knows? That pick could be Jeff Janis.

    Dwight Freeney can not play in a 3-4. He is a pass rush specialist as a 4-3 DE, only. He had 8 sacks all year, but 3 of those came against Don Barclay. Take those away and he had 5 sacks all year. Yeah, who gives a shit.

    TT should keep doing exactly what he’s doing considering the Packers have the second best win percentage in the NFL during MM’s time. They also continue to have the same number of Super Bowls as New England during that time span.

    The Packer are also the only winning team in the league with over $20 million in cap space and 20 starters already signed for next season. With that kind of space, expect TT to yes, actually sign some free agents this offseason.

    Finally, in the last 10 years, Tom Brady has 1 Super Bowl win. Peyton Manning has 1 Super Bowl win. Drew Brees has 1 Super Bowl win. Are we starting to see the idiocy of calling 1 Super Bowl win “wasting” a HOF QB?

  24. PF4L January 25, 2016

    To be fair Shawn, you like to cherry pick stats. How many Super Bowls have the Patriots been in, in the last 11 years?
    Winning 2 of them.

    How many Super Bowls have the Patriots been in, in the last 14 years?
    Winning 4 of them.
    See what i did there?
    Not sure about you, but i’d take that.

    Yes, the Packers have cap room, they have cap room every year. But that’s not where the problem lies.

    The problem is, when we have weak area’s of the team and we are 2 or 3 players away, he doesn’t want to spend it or make moves other than the draft or bringing in 150 UDFA’s. He easily could improve this team through free agency, doesn’t have to be a tier 1 free agent, could be a couple of tier 2 guys or whatever, anything to improve the team and/or it’s depth. The other Avenue is trades, or picking up someone off of waivers during team cutdowns.

    That’s all the fans want, is for him to be active and not have the attitude of, if he didn’t draft them, they aren’t worth having. sure he picked up Woody, Guion, Pickett, Peppers. Good for him, but over 11 years, that ain’t doin much brother.

    1. Deepsky January 25, 2016

      The Patriots cheat.

    2. Shawn January 25, 2016

      Starting 6-0 covered up the team’s weaknesses.
      I am not cherry-picking. If you want to criticize MM, then let’s stick to the years he has been coach. Since 2006, the Pats have gone to 3 Super Bowls and won 1. In the two they lost, they lost to the same team, the Giants, who beat the Packers in the playoffs. Therefore, the only difference between the Packers and the Pats in those two seasons was that the Pats play in the AFC and therefore didn’t have to play the Giants until the Super Bowl.
      So, yeah, in this case, I’m not going to give the Pats more credit for making the Super Bowl when the Pack didn’t.
      Aaron Rodgers did not play well enough for the Packers to be any better than a 2nd tier team this season. A couple 2nd tier FAs wouldn’t have changed that.

      1. PF4L January 26, 2016

        You were cherry picking stats, and i was criticizing TT. Yea Rodgers didn’t play well, GEE, i wonder fucking why? Any clue?

  25. Deepsky January 25, 2016

    I’m not really sold on free agents in the NFL anymore. When Ron Wolf picked up a bunch of free agents in the early ’90s it was because a hard cap had been established and teams were shedding players they really didn’t want to get rid of. Like Reggie White. Now teams manage the cap better and game changers without issues just don’t show up in the free agent market. Only one out of three big name free agents actually work out.

    People complain about Lacy’s weight. Would you really picked up a free agent running back to replace him? That was clearly a coaching issue.

    Tight end? Everyone expected Richard Rodgers to get to the next level and he didn’t. Again, probably a coaching issue.

    Receiver? I don’t recall any receiver being available after Jordy went down that would have been better than what we thought the Packers had with Cobb/Adams/Montgomery. When it became clear Cobb was not a primary receiver and Adams had the dropsies, who was available? No one. There was no Andre Rison coming to the rescue.

  26. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey January 25, 2016

    Ask New England how their big FA signing went. Hint: they won the Super Bowl.

  27. Kato January 25, 2016

    ^good post deepsky. People just don’t understand that no nfl team has depth at every position. Nearly impossible to do, especially when you have an elite an eating up 20 million of the salary cap. Teams like the patriots and Seahawks were lucky that they got the qbs they had that were able to be solid early in their careers with the pieces on defense and offense to have early success before those qbs had to be paid accordingly. Notice how even Brady has won only one super bowl since he signed a bigger contract. Yet to see the impact of Russel Wilson’s contract on the seahawks future success

    1. Shawn January 25, 2016

      And actually, Patriots failed to assemble a defense good enough to win it again until Brady started redoing his contract every year to give the team more cap space.

      1. Empacador January 25, 2016

        This is basically what I said in the other (James Campen) thread. The link Kato provided shows percentage of cap space for QBs who won. Those numbers are absolute. Doesn’t account for variables like leaving money on the table or giving back to provide cap relief.

  28. PF4L January 25, 2016

    John Crotts · General Manager at McDonald’s
    The pack is ALWAYS competitive! Why fix something that’s not broken! Let Ted do his thing and cross your fingers that all our favorite Packers stay healthy.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 55 mins

    Marcus Van Buren · University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh
    they’re compeitive due to one reason, Aaron Rodgers. he’s been able to mask the issues Thompson has as a GM. One thing that the final 4 had in common they all had mid teir free agents that stepped up to help get them there. you don’t need to break the bank for the cream of the crop. games are won by depth down the stretch.
    Like · Reply · 6 · 48 mins

    Ezra Tross · Salt Lake City, Utah
    The only stability that TT is bringing is being “just good enough” but not great. I’m sick of the Packers being “just good enough” with a 2 time league MVP as their QB

  29. Zwoeger January 25, 2016

    I think any good HC with some fire he can translate to his team an some ability to adjust
    could do with what TT has given. Helas we’re stuck with MM with the aura of a dipstick who has adjustment not in his dictionary and that constant look on his face of someone with someting stuck in his arse that won’t come out.

    1. Empacador January 25, 2016

      You know, maybe McCarthy can convince Thompson to sign some players who are considered busts. Vince Young comes to mind.

      McCarthy believes in his system and his abilities, hence his much touted QB school. He should be able to take a reclamation project like that, and coach him up. Fix all his flaws. Make Vince look good enough that someone, like say a Jerry Jones, will spring a couple of higher draft picks for his services. You know, fleece him.

      Then McCarthy would be helping his own cause by providing Thompson with theoretically multiple, higher draft picks to augment the team with. Win-win for both. Thompson gets his coveted draft picks, McCarthy gets a pool of players, all for the low price of a Vince Young. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  30. rebelgb January 25, 2016

    I do wonder how much the Packers being publicly owned has to do with some of that. Green Bay MUST keep a very large rainy day fund in case collective bargaining falls apart and revenue sharing either goes completely bye bye, or turns into the shit show that is Major League Baseball.

    Also its a shame TT is gay. He doesnt have any kids or grand kids to force him into retirement so he can sit on a beach with them. Really the guy has nothing else to do.

    Anyways careful what you wish for. Murphy is so in love with his dough boy MM that if TT leaves I wouldnt be surprised if they gave MM dual roles.

    1. Empacador January 25, 2016

      You would think they learned their lesson on dual roles after the Sherman fiasco.

  31. Bird January 25, 2016

    Bla bla bla bunch of blowhards who know everything,probably wipe asses at your local nursing home

    1. billabong January 25, 2016

      Nope, applied there but they weren’t hiring…you don’t like the comments section and arguing about the Packers i know just the place for you….right over there with pompous asshole Vic theDick Ketchman…right up your dark ally..

  32. the real jeff ircink January 25, 2016

    many of us have been beating this dead horse since b4 2007. but our pleas fell on deaf ears.

  33. cd4packers January 26, 2016

    The difference was Favre was typically successful when he slung it around. That’s why he was smiling. Check the records. Yes, I know, he had a lot of interceptions. But not really compared to his completions and TD passes. In the end, the chances Favre took paid off. Some screwed us I admit. But most won the game.