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Five More Thoughts on Packers’ 20-13 Loss to Vikings

Aaron Rodgers

It was anticlimactic, really.

Despite my speech about pride earlier in the day, we all knew it was going to play out like this. The Green Bay Packers — despite a great effort by their defense — just aren’t very good. There’s something more deep-seeded that’s wrong with this team, beyond personnel, beyond play calling, beyond the surface.

We’ll get into that another time, like after the Packers lose to Washington next week.

Sunday night, we laid the majority of the blame on Aaron Rodgers, when his bad season came to its fitting conclusion.

And now the Minnesota Vikings are NFC North champs. The Packers certainly didn’t deserve that title.

What is Mike McCarthy going to do now when someone suggests his team sucks? Prior to Sunday night he could still get all huffy and reply curtly, “We’ve still got the division title in sight. That was our No. 1 goal!”

What’s your goal now, Buffoon? Just going to turn it on for the playoffs, huh?

Like so many bad teams who backed into the playoffs before you. Just flip the switch and viola! You’re good! Just in time for the playoffs!

Sounds totally doable.

On to it.

Josh Sitton is no left tackle
The Packers moved left guard Josh Sitton to left tackle for this game because David Bakhtiari missed his second consecutive contest with an ankle injury. After Don Barclay failed at the position last week and Josh Walker proved he doesn’t even belong in the NFL while player right tackle, Sitton may have been the best of a number of bad options. Now, he wasn’t totally horrible, but having never played left tackle before, Sitton certainly had some issues with the edge rush of Everson Griffen.

Griffen had three tackles for loss, including two sacks. Just as important, he disrupted the Packers passing game all night. Rodgers was constantly expecting the rush from his back side and fairly often, he’d step up or out of the pocket before he needed to. There was obviously no confidence in Sitton from the guy who needs to have confidence in his left tackle.

Now, it had been suggested that J.C. Tretter might have been a better option. He’s listed as a center, but has also played guard this season and he played left tackle in college. Plus, he’s the Packers’ most athletic lineman. Tretter has played well at center in relief of Corey Linsley. Some believe he’s even played better than Linsley and you’d get no argument from us on that front. That doesn’t make him a left tackle, but just because a guy is a good guard doesn’t make him a left tackle either.

Ultimately, this is a failure by the personnel people and the coaching staff. They clearly misjudged the talent they had and didn’t equip themselves with a capable backup tackle. And so this is what you get. They should solve that problem by drafting a left tackle to replace Bakhtiari this offseason. He’s a subpar starter, but would be a capable backup.

Read ’em and weep
It’s a similar story every week, but it’s baffling nonetheless. Here’s the offensive comparison from Sunday night.

Packers: 350 yards, 75 total plays, 35:42 time of possession, 19 first downs, two turnovers.

Vikings: 242 yards, 49 total plays, 24:18 time of possession, 14 first downs, two turnovers.

With the turnovers being equal, clearly the Packers won that game! Except, laughably, the offense found other ways to bungle things. And it was the usual shit.

The Packers went 1-for-4 in the red zone, 2-of-15 on third down and 3-of-6 on fourth down. The Vikings weren’t markedly better in those areas, but they were better.

Those three things made everything else moot.

Another dud by Cobb
The Green Bay Packers should get their money back. They paid Randall Cobb like a No. 1 receiver last offseason and then when they actually needed him to be a No. 1 receiver, he shit the bed. Cobb hauled in six passes for 37 yards on Sunday night, giving him a season total of 79 receptions, 829 yards and six touchdowns in 16 games.

His 10.5 yards per reception was a career low. His six touchdowns were just two more than he had in 2013, when he played in only six games.

You know who led the Packers in receiving yards this season?

Not Cobb.

James Fucking Jones, who was cut by two teams in the past year and was playing on a one-year, minimum deal.

Why don’t the Packers find ways to get these guys open?
The Vikings were up tight on the Packers receivers most of the evening and the Packers obviously weren’t going to blow by that coverage with their reservoirs of speed. So what do you do?

You do what we were bitching about the Packers not doing earlier this season. Bunch formations, pick plays, crossing routes and so forth. The Packers used those things for about two seconds under Tom Clements and then, for some reason, they disappeared. Since Buffoon has taken over as the play caller, you see none of that stuff, with the exception of Randall Cobb occasionally lining up in the backfield to create a mismatch.

You know, because we’re the Green Bay Packers and we run offense only this one way, regardless of personnel!

Back to the drawing board
Anyone who thinks this season is going to continue for the Green Bay Packers for much longer either hasn’t been watching them play or doesn’t know much about football. This team is a disaster, from its construct on up.

There’s not one thing that can be corrected that will result in the Packers returning to winning football. The Denver Broncos exposed this team in week 8 and every other team has used that information to game plan accordingly (except, for some reason, the Vikings in Minnesota).

The Packers don’t have the personnel to do what they want to do offensively. They won’t deviate from that shitty offensive plan. The return of David Bakhtiari or Sam Shields isn’t going to right this ship and if you think otherwise, you’re just wrong.

The Packers need a reboot and that starts with critically analyzing each and every position and each and every coach. Egos need to be checked. Changes need to be made. The sooner that process can begin, the better.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. hubie January 4, 2016

    Everyone, including the kicker did everything to win, Everyone except for #12

    1. icebowl January 4, 2016

      Time top dust off the Green Bay Sweep – Saint Vince would be proud …


  2. ARS85 January 4, 2016

    Think back to the game early in the season vs the niners. There was a play in the red zone where Rodgers scrambled around and threw a perfect pass to I believe jj. Ever since that moment the offense went to shit. That in my opinion is when this team became exposed. I’m too lazy to go back and watch the game film but I wonder if the niners made an adjustment that worked and was then mimicked by every team after that to perfection. All I know is something is broke and it ain’t being fixed.

    By the way don’t worry about the redskins. Big Mike will have some special packages for John Kuhn that will bury the skins…

    1. Fritz fm WI January 5, 2016

      Deadskins have a special owner who has buried them all by hisself, LOL.

  3. Mike Deeeetka January 4, 2016

    It starts with QB#1 who SUCKS right now. It flows right up to MM, TT, and President MM. This offensive team is horseshit. I’d bench Rodgers and put in Hundley. What the hell do you have to lose. Receivers are getting open if you talk to people who were in the stadium. Rodgers either doesn’t see them, waits to long, or throws a poor pass. This is what an offense looks like when the QB play falls apart. And if you can’t throw the ball, why do you go away from your two fullback set with Lacy running, or from your I-formation. Same shit week after week. McCarthy is got to be a fool for going with the same game plan week after week. You watch next week. They’ll come out running with Lacy behind two fullbacks, shove it down Washington’s throat until they get inside the redzone, and then it will be three straight passes. And that will be the last time you see Lacy running behind fullbacks. From there on out, he’ll get the ball about 6 times when he’s the lone back, and he’ll average 1-2 yards per carry. This is so predictable, it’s painful.

    1. Skinny January 4, 2016

      Rodgers wants to be the qb for the new LA franchise.

  4. WRUFarve January 4, 2016


  5. NachoDan January 4, 2016

    You could tell by McCarthy and Rodgers body language in the post game press conference that there out of gas.

  6. lk January 4, 2016

    Thank you for having the courage to call out EVERYONE (although Rodgers?…..)!
    Let’s trade even up for Kaepernick, or get Hundley ready quickly. Or hire Chip Kelly?

    1. Achilles January 4, 2016

      You sir, are an idiot.

  7. MMK January 4, 2016

    The only thing you need to know about this game and this season is that Josh Sitton was playing tackle last night. That says everything. The line is shot to shit, so you have a QB who already can’t trust any of his receivers, getting hit hard on a regular basis. Who could succeed in that environment? Get Jordy back, find a suitable #3 receiver, fix the line, get a TE and Rodgers will be just fine. I’m totally open to the criticism of McCarthy and his staff, but all the comments about Rodgers being done are ludicrous.

    1. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey January 4, 2016

      I’m with you, there is only so much that can be done with that banged up, patchwork O line and these crumbumb “receivers” (so disappointed in Cobb, c’mon son.)

      That said, criticism of McCarthy is entirely valid. Guy has refused to change the gameplan for ten weeks now when it’s obvious that the gameplan doesn’t suit the limited skills of the players available. Personally, I think he’s been exposed as a fraud. Lucky as hell to ride the coattails of two back to back first ballot HoFers.

  8. Skinny January 4, 2016

    Don’t be surprised to hear Nick Saban’s name come up if McCarthy gets canned.

  9. Stubbyduck January 4, 2016

    “Let’s trade even up for Kaepernick, or get Hundley ready quickly. Or hire Chip Kelly?’ ”

    Possibly the stupidest comment ever. You must be a Viking fan for crissakes!!!!!

    I got nothing else, just stupid………

  10. Calico January 4, 2016

    Ik’s comment must have been tongue in cheek. Right?

  11. Icebowler January 4, 2016

    History has shown that 10 years for a head coach in one job is a burnout point. Let’s trade MM for Sean Payton. Both are SB winning coaches who need greener pastures and a new beginning. Payton wanted the Green Bay job originally.

  12. Kato January 4, 2016

    The situation is really bad, but some of this stuff is just plain stupid. Chip kelly? Colin kaepernick? Trade rodgers?

    There are some very unrealistic expectations of GMs in here, much less TT. Getting better tackles? no one has an actual fuck of an idea how how hard it is to get an elite LT in the draft. It isn’t easy to find an above average NFL LT. Especially when you draft at the bottom of the first round year in and year out. All of the top prospects at the position are gone in the top 5 picks. Why? Because they are hard as fuck to find. And even half of those guys flame out. You are probably the same people that don’t watch football unless it’s the packers. Are you not paying attention to other left tackles? The packers are not in bad shape with bahktiari. Better than probably at least half the league. Especially given his cap #.

    You guys all want top picks invested in ILB, OT, WR, OLB, ect. You only have ~7 picks per draft to fill needs. And then you clamor for free agency. Yeah, I would like to see TT dabble a bit more in FA, but do you not pay attention to teams that use free agency to build their teams? They end up in salary cap hell. Many flame out i.e. jarius byrd, whom many of you were jerking off to, and bushrod (a FA LT, that isn’t even good enough to start for the bears, and they paid him like $9 million to ride the pine!!!!)

    1. gort January 4, 2016

      I seem to recall a draft pick from a few years ago. It was a “can’t miss” selection for what some were calling a future HOF left tackle. Tony Mandarich! Draft and develop only works with wise use of your draft choices.

  13. Kato January 4, 2016

    That being said, in an ultimate nfl team that contends year in and year out, you have to draft and develop, and you need to hit on those draft picks. TT simply has not cut it. Not for a while. In fact this has been a bad pattern since schneider, mckenzie, and Dorsey left town. The packers haven’t had an UDFA that has stuck around to be a solid starter since Sam shields. Cobb, bahktiari, daniels, perry, Clinton dix, hyde, and lacy have been about the only solid picks 2011-2014. Jury is out on this class still. Even then, perry and Clinton dix are just solid starters or rotation guys, nothing more, nothing less. And lacy has had conditioning issues, you can’t lie to yourself about that. Far too many big misses like mcmillan, worthy, thornton, bradford, Alex green, dj williams, ect.

  14. Kato January 4, 2016

    Oh and Dimitri goodson, wtf was that? And you kept him a second time on the active roster, rather than Gunther, a guy that seemed to fit the defensive scheme well.

  15. Kato January 4, 2016

    And you guys saying the play call at the end of the game when Richard Rodgers was a bad play call by MM, no, it’s not necessarily. Play calls don’t call for the qb to throw to a particular reciever! Each pass play has a set of progressions, a hot route, which is the first look in a play design. Richard Rodgers was the final look in the progression, and ran a short route as an outlet for A-Rod to throw to if none of the first options are open or if he needs to get rid of it quick. If you actually pay attention, you will see by watching Rodgers head that he isn’t looking in that direction at all and is looking for people deep. No one got open, and was hoping for Richard Rodgers to get out of bounds to stop the clock, run another play, in which he failed.

  16. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey January 4, 2016

    Better to throw it away in that scenario, Kato. Stupid play no matter which way you cut it, you don’t have RR the slowest man on earth as the safety valve with less than 30 seconds on the clock and no time outs.

  17. ferris January 4, 2016

    Updated offseason (after next week) wishlist…2 starting tackles, a fast running back, a real punter (not one that everyone cringes when he kicks knowing it will be a shank) 3 receivers with speed faster than me and who can catch, 2 TE’s with speed faster than me walking and are able to catch and block a little, Linebackers that can tackle and cover someone…..and a coaching staff that knows how to game plan. That’s about it.

    1. icebowl January 4, 2016

      Just get some offensive linemen not made of porcelain……
      Interesting that MinnieSoda O-Line has stayed in tact since week 1 ….

  18. Big Gay Clay January 4, 2016

    Let’s just face it, we aren’t great at evaluating talent like some of the elite teams in the league. Pair that with a coach who’s game plan fucking sucks. It’s a recipie for disaster.

  19. Sawthatgongshowlive January 4, 2016

    Totally agree with Deeetka above… was at the game last night and seeing some plays develop, receivers were getting open. One play in particular in the red zone prior to oUr first field goal, God’s flipping Gifts was wide open for 6 and Arodg threw it away as if he didn’t even see him?!? I just don’t understand why the F buffoon calls plays that are 0-1 yard outs and then expects the receiver to gain 10 yards? A crap ton of plays last night were thrown to receivers at or behind the line of scrimmage and they are supposed to work miracles?… we all know our receivers can’t break tackles. Last tidbit I found interesting was while the jumbo tron constantly pumped the crowd full of propaganda and images of better days, many videos showed Arodg calmly analyzing the field and throwing darts;i haven’t seem him make that face or his eyes go through those progressions one effin time this season. Oh well… on to next year I guess. F. Let’s hope the seaducks annihilate the Queens this weekend.

  20. Chris Restivo January 4, 2016

    What’s up you fudge packing faggot bitches!!!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA SKOL VIKINGS!!! WE OWN DAT ASS! WE GONNA RUN THE TABLE! BYE BYE YOU FUCKS.

  21. Kato January 4, 2016

    Lynn dickey- completely agree. Aaron rodgers trusted Richard was going to get out of bounds, and that just ended up being a bad decision. What I was getting at was people were criticizing McCarthy for a bad play call when in reality I don’t really think the call itself is bad, and these people just flat out don’t know football. Like there is no way Richard Rodgers was the primary target on the play like people said. His primary purpose was someone close to the line of scrimmage for A-Rod to throw at in the event he was pressured and there wasn’t a smart throw down the field. Smart, because Rodgers was running for his life the entire game, and pressure was getting home quick, and, in case he couldn’t escape the pocket he needed someone to throw at to avoid an intentional grounding penalty. I think Richard Rodgers needed to get closer to the sideline in order to ensure he could get out of bounds in the event that he was left somewhat alone and A-Rod threw him the ball to hopefully gain some yards.

    Mike McCarthy has had some questionable game plans and play calling over the years, but this particular play isn’t one of those cases