Early Rundown on Packers Super Bowl Commercials

Packers Chunky Soup commercial

Packers Chunky Soup commercial

We’re not among them, but a lot of people get excited about Super Bowl commercials. And, we imagine, Green Bay Packers fans who get fired up about Super Bowl commercials get extra fired up about Packers Super Bowl commercials.

We’re sure there are going to be new spots featuring Aaron Rodgers — probably State Farm — and Clay Matthews — likely DiGiorno. However, we haven’t seen those yet.

Here’s what we do know.

The NFL is producing a Super Bowl commercial for the 50th anniversary of the game and it will feature six Packers fans. From what we gather, they’ll be singing Seal’s Kiss From a Rose, but the overall premise of the spot is being kept under wraps.

The other one comes from Campbell’s and is a spot for Chunky Soup. It’s called This One’s for Mom because, basically, the two things that get you to the NFL are mom and Chunky Soup.

How are the Packers involved?

Well, this player, who is actually you (yes, you!), ends up living every boy’s dream and playing for the Green Bay Packers.

Check it out. It’s pretty well done.

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          • Phatgzus

            Tucson didn’t specify they had to be head coaches, why is this a requirement for you? Do you think perhaps that there aren’t as many good black head coached because there aren’t as many black head coaches period? and that perhaps this lends a bit of credence to Tucson’s otherwise tongue-in-cheek remark? Not saying I believe this to be necessarily true, but its food for thought.

          • Big Gay Clay

            And why aren’t there as many black head coaches? Thats the highest level you can achieve in the NFL coaching world, that’s why I’m using head coaches as a requirement. There are a lot of black coaches in the NFL but there aren’t any great black head coaches. I was mostly making the comment to be funny but I forgot how sensitive people are now and days to race. Fuckin democrats

  1. Savage57

    Shitty commercial, shitty soup.

    How about a Packers-related commercial for Depends? Has a more relevant tie-in to the team with the recent problem of shitting themselves at the most inopportune times?

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