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Cardinals Get Some Help, Beat Packers

Jeff Janis getting raped

If we wouldn’t be accused of sour grapes, we’d have sworn someone wanted to hand that game to the Arizona Cardinals…

It’s almost as if Clay Matthews or Julie “White Shoes” Peppers was being held on every play there in the last four minutes on or we have no idea what constitutes holding. Oh, not both of them! Just one of them on at least, I don’t know… just about EVERY FUCKING PLAY!

But hey, the Green Bay Packers played their part.

They fought the valiant effort and came up short. And that allowed the Arizona Cardinals, the team the NFL wanted to move on, to move on.

The Packers had their chances.

I mean, they had to turn every opportunity into pure gold the way this game was called, but they had their chances.

We all knew the Packers wouldn’t get beat down like they did the last time in the desert. They rattled Carson Palmer, who, despite getting his first playoff win is obviously still a second-rate quarterback. They shut down the Cardinals’ running game (19 carries, 40 yards). They won the turnover battle (2-1).

And that’s the thing.

The Packers didn’t really do anything to lose this game, other than to lose it.

The difference was those eight penalties for 55 yards. And then the penalties that were obvious that weren’t called… on the Cardinals.

So let’s say the Packers were penalized as they were deserved. The fact of the matter is, the Cardinals weren’t.

But hey, someone wants them to go the NFC Championship, and that’s where they’re going.

So let’s pretend everything was equal here.

And let’s pretend the Packers didn’t get fucked…

Seriously, let’s pretend!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Who cares January 16, 2016

    Fuck the goddamn cards.that was our game to lose…and we did. Fuck this season

    1. Fritz fm WI January 17, 2016

      i now will root for the remaining nfc non-West div. team remaining: the Panthers [ugh!]

  2. Sheephead January 16, 2016

    Fuck the Pack. And the guy who wrote this looks like a bald Pee Wee Herman.

    1. Ender January 17, 2016

      Fuck off sheeptard!

  3. Mark January 16, 2016

    Tomorrow’s press conference; Jeff needs to work on his routes and earn Aaron’s trust.

    1. Paul January 17, 2016


  4. TyKo Steamboat January 16, 2016

    The heart & grit of this team (with their top 3 receivers & staring MLB out) showed a lot.
    McCarthy dialed a perfect game offensively. His challenge on the Fitz catch was terrible, however.

    Be it Belechick, Ariens, Reid or McCarthy.. EVERY coach makes a mistake or 2 per game. In a win, it’s forgivable. In a loss, the dopes overreact & call for their heads in the heat of the drunken moment. The Packers were a play away.

    Dom dialed a good scheme. Thompson put the talent out there & McCarthy took the initiative with the play calling late in the season.
    Considering that this team is located in the brown spot on the map…The Packers are a force for the next 5 seasons.
    Don’t be fickle. Go Pack, baby

    1. MrBobHarris January 16, 2016

      Well said sir.

      Go Pack.

    2. Phatgzus January 16, 2016

      I’ll third this.

    3. Fritz fm WI January 17, 2016

      r u kidding? look at the Pats game– they took the kick on the opening drive and didn’t even run the ball until Brady had passed about twenty consecutive plays!

      MM keeps wasting first down on almost every drive in the game with a RB up the middle or off tackle. what is the definition of insanity, er, stupidity? if it doesn’t work the first, second, or third, or, twentieth time, no problem, keep doing it over and over. Then Kuhn, the bonehead FB gets called for a false start which stalled another critical drive. when was the last time you ever saw a game where the fucking fullback jumps a false start! he’s got the best view of the snap of anybody! then he is laughing about it! that stalled drive was the difference in their season, you stupid fuck! Kuhn has got to be the dumbest white guy i ever saw play pro football.

      also, the pack, on the other hand, unlike the Pats, wins the toss, and elects to defer– if they had been keeping track of this strategem like i have, this loss adds to their streak of straight losses when they have done that and passed up a good chance to jump to an early lead– which is very important in a close aerial shootout.

      then to top it off, the D switches from a man to man blitzing pass rush on palmer to a zone defense in the critical phase of the second half?? are you kidding me?? that turned the whole game around for the heretofore anemic cardinals Offense!

      this coaching staff clearly can’t compete at a competent level, at least against West Coast nfc teams. also, if MM can’t find a competent OC assistant, what does that tell you about his abilities as a recruiter of coaching staffers? because he still sucks as a play caller and a complete dufus as a manager of two minute drills, as that idiotic time waster with AR running a play for a false start instead of spiking the ball??????

      another fucking choking meltdown against a west coast team in the post season! now they ALL have got their “number” until the Pack cleans house and gives AR a chance to win another SB before he turns into a punchy Troy Aikman [but at least with the Cowboys, they had competent HC’s who got Aikman 3 SB before he had to retire his concussed brain].

      1. MMTTDCSUCK January 17, 2016


      2. packtat87 January 17, 2016

        Please, by all means, go root for those teams then dipshit.

        1. Fritz fm WI January 17, 2016

          go tell me who to root for to my face, chickenshit!

          1. PF4L January 17, 2016


      3. Arcturus January 17, 2016

        Absolutely. Damn near every 1st down was wasted. They also need to give Lacy an ultimatum: get in shape and speed up or you’re gone.

        1. PF4L January 17, 2016

          fkn A

  5. anthony January 16, 2016

    i couldnt believe my eyes. i was yelling at the top of my lungs on every other play, hoping there would be a holding call against the cards. it was as obvious as buffoon’s buffoonery. but thats not the underlying problem here. the real problem here is the horrible play calling(as usual), the missed assignments while playing zone, the fat running back who looks more like a flat tire than an NFL running back, the missed opportunities to score in the red zone,etc. the refs should be the last thing on the list. as usual, the packers beat themselves.

    1. Shaun January 17, 2016

      Well said. Going to zone in the second half was totally misguided. Don’t understand it. We match up well man to man with that offense, and it showed early. Then we go away from it. WHY?

      Also, I have posted on here and elsewhere plenty of times that Casey Hayward is A STEAMING PILE OF COWSHIT!!!!!!! That guy can’t fucking do anything right. When he was on Fitz, he was chewed up and spit out. Then we put Randall on Fitz, and he came away with a pick. Casey Hayward is a fucking piece of shit. I hope he goes away in the offseason. Please, Ted, do NOT re-sign him

  6. dennis January 16, 2016

    These refs are total idiots. The fix was in from the start. The sad part is those same assholes can go home and will work another game next week.

    1. Ender January 17, 2016

      And where’s the supposed EXTRA ref in the box that the NFL said would happen in the playoffs to fix these stupid calls and NO calls?!
      Monty nailed it, the majority wanted the Cards to win, so they helped make that happen. I’m still feel sick about this game. FUCK this stupid system the NFL has with Refs BURN it all down and start over!

  7. Dan January 16, 2016

    Catch the goddamn ball Shields and save us 10 pts. But whatever, they didn’t do enough on offense. Ugh, bring on the off season…

  8. Gatsby January 16, 2016

    Hahaha!!! Never should have been there. Whiny ass little bithes!! Glad you lost, glad that prima Donna little bitch Aaron Rodgers is out of the playoffs!! Sick of you pieces of shit coming into Minneapolis for work like foreign refugees that can’t find decent work in your own state. Eat shit and die!!! Great game!!!

  9. Gatsby January 16, 2016


  10. Calico January 16, 2016

    Looking forward to Janis Jared and Jordy team up with AR next year.

    1. Arcturus January 17, 2016

      Holy shit, the holy trinity of white receivers.

  11. V January 16, 2016

    White Receivers rule the day in Green Bay! Tough loss but they played with guts and gave it all until the OT of course. Can someone explain how we draft 12 DBs early and can’t stop one HOF receiver, let alone cover him?!
    Great throw by Arod to take it to OT. And hey, how about that Janis kid we’ve all been screaming for???

    Here’s to the off season and Ted hopefully restocking the cupboard! Beyter luck next year!

    Go Pack Go

    1. Phatgzus January 16, 2016

      We did stop him, until that last play where he was wide open on a blitz that just couldn’t get to Palmer. He also had 30 yards on a perfect pass and then tore apart our zone (which was a poor decision to play, obviously).

      1. Savage57 January 17, 2016

        I sure hope you and PackAttack aren’t married or have kids/pets. Because if you are or do, after you two got done scratching each others eyes out here like a couple of bitches, you probably turned your anger on more accessible targets.

        Fuckin’ A, it’s a game played by millionaires who could give a shit less what you think or say.

  12. V January 16, 2016

    Were you watching? 8 catches 176 yards and a pitch for a TD!? If that’s called stopping the 32 year old I better get my eyes checked.

    1. Phatgzus January 16, 2016

      80 of that came on the last series of the game, 75 on a play where he was wide open because of a blitz. 30 came on a perfect play. That means for 4 quarters he had 66 yards vs soft zone coverage and 30 on a perfect pass. Can’t be much clearer than that.

      1. Phatgzus January 16, 2016

        Considering he’s having one of the best season’s of his career, the D did pretty fucking well for almost the entirety of the game. The DBs’ coverage is not the reason we lost.

        1. PackAttack January 16, 2016

          Phatass — shut the fuck up…..seriously. Your fucking embarrassing yourself and this board with your pathetic knowledge and understanding of the game.

          Larry Fitzgerald is 32 years old, he’s the slowest of the 4 WR on the field for AZ and he had 6 receptions for 100 yards going into OT! That’s not stopping someone. Then on the final drive he certainly wasn’t stopped — but holy fuck, you call 176 yards getting stopped? A career day is what you define as being stopped????? I knew you were fucked up but WOW!

          Ladies & Gentlemen — Quote of the Millennium. “We did stop him” by Phatfuckingidiot from his moms basement!

          So from your vantage point tonight the Pack….

          had great play calling
          stopped Larry

          SHIT! I wish we’d all see the game through your eyes — we could all live in that fantasy world with you. What times the game next week? Your house? Your Mom gonna bake us some pot Brownies? She must throw some good shit in there for you to trip out this much. Holy shit guy. Go the fuck away, please.

          1. Phatgzus January 16, 2016

            YOU’RE fucking entertaining, like a Monty Python “Twit of the Year” sketch. Keep up with the same shit, it really is hilarious, I needed a good laugh tonight and you provided it. Thank you, PackAttack.

          2. Phatgzus January 16, 2016

            And I provided a logical response to your invective riddled diatribe on the predictions page, where is YOUR LOGICAL rebuttal to that? Or are you just gonna keep on throwing the same shit-laden vicissitudes at the wall of your house of straw and see if one finally sticks, Little Piggy? Bring it, either way I’m gonna be laughing my ass off.

          3. PackAttack January 16, 2016

            This is good. grammar and philosophy lessons with a fucking moron who lives in his basement. And our rant wasn’t on the “predictions page” you fucking idiot. Your ass is 0-3 tonight and you’ve once again failed to answer one question football related —- we all know why.

            Give us all another grammar lessons, that’s why we’re all here.

          4. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            Way to These are*

          5. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            o-3, eh? I guess you need countin’ lessons as well.

          6. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            I never said WE stopped Larry for the entire game. I said the DBs shut him down UNTIL Capers went to Zone coverage in the 4th quarter after he had 2 catches for 50 yards in the previous 3. THEN I stated that the man who was supposed to cover him blitzed and that’s why he was wide open. Reading comprehension is a fantastic tool, I’d say stay in school but just stay on this site and I’ll teach you all you need to know my brain dead grasshoppa.

          7. Big Gay Clay January 17, 2016

            I’m siding with PackAttack here, Fitz is old as fuck and most of our linebackers are just as fast as he is. No reason he gets 170+ yards. Like I’ve been saying our CB’s are small. Shields isn’t worth the money we are paying him. We could get a top 5 corner with that money.

        2. PF4L January 16, 2016

          Doing pretty well for almost the entire game is nice, so are flowers and candy.

          But when the game is tied, goes into overtime and with a trip to the NFCCG on the line, it might be a good fucking idea not to leave Fitzgerald wide open with no Packer defender within 10 yards, no matter what defense we were playing.

          Who is the one playmaker on the Cardinals that can hurt you? You DON’T leave him wide fucking open.

          This isn’t that difficult.

          1. Phatgzus January 16, 2016

            Agreed, I’m just pointing out Fitzgerald didn’t dominate our DBs because they were up to the task, which was V’s original point.

          2. PackAttack January 17, 2016

            Phatgzus – We did stop him, until that last play where he was wide open

            Phatgzus – I’m just pointing out Fitzgerald didn’t dominate our DBs

            Larry Fitzgerald: 8 catches, 176 yards, game winning TD.

            But hey guys…..he was stopped tonight and he didn’t dominate our DB’s at all. Don’t worry. Someone else beat us tonight, it wasn’t Larry. Must be the guy handing out free grammar and philosophy lessons on the TotalPackers message board.

          3. MMTTDCSUCK January 18, 2016


        3. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

          There’s the grammar lesson you requested. Don’t feel obliged to thank me. Just make use of it in the future, that’s thanks enough.

  13. NachoDan January 16, 2016

    Hail mary full of touchdowns!!

    1. Ender January 17, 2016

      SERIOUSLY! lol, ALL of next years Offensive plays should just be Hail Maries! lol, no, j/k, but that was awesome to see happen yet AGAIN!

    2. Fritz fm WI January 17, 2016

      LOL. good point, i’ll bet MM never even took a peek at the other playoff games to see what other teams were unveiling for their post season “look”

      and what is with calling tails every time on the OT coin fllip? is that a queer thing or a california thing? they called tails on every one of their multiple post season OT coin flips and lost them all [including the games!]

  14. Mason Crosby January 16, 2016

    Nick Perry needs to remain. Sets the edge, is a bull. Untapped talent coming into his prime.
    Thank god the not-so-fast food train wreck that is Eddie Lazy is gone after next season.
    Janis, Abracaderis and Cobb are all average. Don’t be fooled by the supreme talent Rodgers bestowed upon them tonight.

    1. Phatgzus January 16, 2016

      Did you see that catch Cobb made? Abby runs great routes and has pretty good hands. He’s essentially a rookie who had all of about 2 practices coming into this season. The Packers didn’t draft him to become the next Jordy Nelson. Agreed on Perry, when healthy he is a major talent, both vs. the run and rushing the QB.

      1. PackAttack January 16, 2016

        Did you see that catch Cobb made?

        Ahhh no probably not, because it wasn’t a catch you moron. The play didn’t count.

        And did you see the ball he dropped two plays earlier? Because I think we all saw that one. The one where the ball hit him square in the hands and then hit him in the chest?

        Did you happen to see the shit season he had with 79 catches for 829 yards? For a WR1 getting paid WR dollars…..THATS….FUCKING….PATHETIC. In the real world you call that “not getting the job done” —- and you usually get fired. Randall Cobb was a Top 15 WR this year in most drops (6). So I guess that puts him in the non-average WR department?

        Get a fucking clue man. Seriously.

        Cobb is an average talent and he produces like one. Nuff said.

        1. Phatgzus January 16, 2016

          Mmmhmm, I’ll guess we’ll see when he’s not getting DCed every game.

          1. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            LMFAO, I did see the drop-he’s been doing it all year. Players have bad years, Cobb never had these issues before. And that catch speaks to his ability which is what we were talking about.

          2. PackAttack January 17, 2016

            Professor Phatass,

            Since we’re on a grammar binge let’s use the word “double covered” as opposed to “DCed” which isn’t an appropriate abbreviation for that word.

            And Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, AJ Green, DeAndre Hopkins, Odell Beckham……I can go on and on and on listing receivers who all saw more double coverage than Cobb did this year that all doubled his statistical output playing with inferior QB’s while dropping less passes (and most are getting paid half as much).

            According to Pro Football Insider — Cobb saw double coverage in only 29% of his offensive snaps, which ranks him 29th in the NFL for WR1, WR2 across the board.

            So your argument holds zero water and even for the GOOD receivers who did see considerably more double coverage than Cobb did in 2015 — they produced much more efficiently with inferior QB’s.

            Cobb. Is. Fucking. Average. And overpaid.

            Figure it the fuck out guy.

          3. PackAttack January 17, 2016

            Players have “bad years”???

            Does Antonio Brown have bad years? Does AJ Green have bad years? Does Calvin Johnson have bad years?

            I don’t know many true high paid wide receivers who are Top 15 in most dropped passes who can’t produce a 900 yard seasons.

            That’s overwhelmingly pathetic. Especially in an age where the NFL is a pass happy league.

          4. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            Did you see the year Rodgers had?There were 10 QBs that played as well or better than he, so there’s your inferior QB argument out the window. Cobb also was robbed of a long TD which would’ve boosted his stats. He’s also not the same type of receiver as Beckham. The Packers were playing against 7+ in the box for 10 games this season, that kinda takes the middle of the field away from the slot receiver, which is what Cobb is. So there goes your other argument. Keep trying though.

            Oh, and the Rollins/Shields page not Predictions, my bad, you fling your shit all over the place it’s hard to keep track of, Weekly World News regular that you are.

          5. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            FYI DCed is just a fine abbreviation, most any abbreviation of any word is fine so long as it remains true to certain tenets. Now I’m not going to go into that lesson with you just yet for fear you might get hurt. something to look forward to.

        2. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

          Did you see the year Rodgers had?There were 10 QBs that played as well or better than he, so there’s your inferior QB argument out the window. Cobb also was robbed of a long TD which would’ve boosted his stats. He’s also not the same type of receiver as Beckham. The Packers were playing against 7+ in the box for 10 games this season, that kinda takes the middle of the field away from the slot receiver, which is what Cobb is. So there goes your other argument. Keep trying though.

          Oh, and the Rollins/Shields page not Predictions, my bad, you fling your shit all over the place it’s hard to keep track of, Weekly World News regular that you are.

          1. PackAttack January 17, 2016

            Did you see the year Rodgers had?

            Yes. Green Bay receivers were statistically the worst unit in the league with more drops, worst ratio in creating space and least amount of broken tackles in the league. As we saw tonight — the 4th and 5th string WR were better than WR1, WR2 and WR3 all year. Rodgers is an elite QB in the NFL and most receivers would have career years with him. Cobb sucks.

            Cobb also was robbed of a long TD which would’ve boosted his stats.

            Almost isn’t producing. Who cares about “what ifs”. He sucked all year and didn’t produce. All that needs to be said. He couldn’t even crack 900 yards in 16 games! He’s being paid to produce — and when you make WR1 dollars you should have WR1 numbers. Case closed. He should AVERAGE 1,200 receiving yards EASY per/season. That’s 75 yards per/game average, not hard to do with an elite QB1.

            Beckham runs the slot in NY. Cobb runs the slot in GB. Yes, they are the same players dumbass. WATCH THE GAMES!

          2. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            Jordy Nelson ran the slot too, doesn’t make him a slot receiver in terms of size and speed-not hard to figure out. Rodgers also missed a lot of passes he doesn’t usually, just another example of a great player having a bad year, thanks for reinforcing that point for me.

          3. PackAttack January 17, 2016

            BART STARR!!!


            EVen a special player like Bart produced every fucking year! Not many guys are capable of playing 16 games and not being able to crack 900 yards receiving these days. Unless your drunk off your ass — which cobby might have been, i hope he was, that’s an excuse at the least —- but he was probably sober and just shitty — so fuck him and from all of us on the boards — fuck you too fag

          4. PackAttack January 17, 2016

            apparently 37 other guys in the nfl run the slot better than randall cobb

          5. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            What does that have to do with draft position? That’s my question. Answer it or be gone! evil spirit.

          6. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            YOU’RE not even trying anymore with that Cobb comment. It’s off ta bed with you now, youngin’!

          7. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            “Not many guys are capable of playing 16 games and not being able to crack 900 yards receiving these days…”

            Actually, plenty are-Larry Fitzgerald managed to do it.

        3. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

          Did you see the year Rodgers had?There were 10 QBs that played as well or better than he, so there’s your inferior QB argument out the window. Cobb also was robbed of a long TD which would’ve boosted his stats. He’s also not the same type of receiver as Beckham. The Packers were playing against 7+ in the box for 10 games this season, that kinda takes the middle of the field away from the slot receiver, which is what Cobb is. So there goes your other argument-Cobb has to deal with traffic on the inside along with DC, whereas X receivers, which every single one of the players you mentioned are, only have to deal with 2 DBs, generally smaller than themselves and there are spots in coverage between safeties and corners that aren’t available on the inside of the field. Keep trying though, ya cute little Desert Fox you.

          Oh, and the Rollins/Shields page not Predictions, my bad, you fling your shit all over the place it’s hard to keep track of, Weekly World News regular that you are.

          1. PackAttack January 17, 2016

            Why did you post the same message three separate times?

          2. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            I thought it might help you learn.

          3. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            I’m doin’ this all for you, girl. Gotta get you educated and shit, YOU’RE welcome.

        4. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

          LMAO at Brown and Megatron-so now we’re taking this argument to it’s logical extreme? OK. Fucking classic PackAttack, keep on moving the goalposts. Those two are very special players, Megatron is one of the bet receivers to ever play this game and he was the only passing threat on his team for almost his entire career so he got force-fed the ball even more than Adams did this year. Look at Fitzgerald’s (a future HoFer) numbers and tell me great players don’t have bad years, GTFO. And one more time for posterity’s sake, two completely different receiver types. Cobb has also been hurt all year, but let’s conveniently ignore that shall we (and no, injuries don’t magically go away during the season, and I DO know because I’ve actually played the game of tackle football).

          1. PackAttack January 17, 2016

            Megatron is one of the bet receivers

            bet receivers? Hey Professor dipshit. Let’s get our spelling right here. It’s hard enough to follow you as it is.

            Two very special players? Antonio Brown is a 5th rounder you fucking idiot, he’s the same type of player Cobb is. Same game. Same Size. Megatron makes the same money Cobb does but yet he’s never failed to produce a WR1 season his contract pays out for. I don’t think you follow shit too well, you need to pick up on the objective versus the fantasy world you live in. Last time I checked, Randall Cobb was the only option in GB too — and he sucked at it.

            The whole point of the argument is that when you get paid WR dollars you produce WR1 numbers. Follow the point moron, There are 37 other players who produced better numbers this year than Randall Cobb did — so pick one — and of those 37, only 9 receivers made more money than Cobb. The guy UNDER PRODUCED. Figure it the fuck out and stop looking like an absolute clown.

            And no, you never played tackle football. Your sitting on a message board at 3AM on a Saturday night. Your a stay at home loser living in his parents basement praying to God you can find something to pass the time with before you gotta hit the real world again. Your fucking clueless and a waste of time.

          2. PackAttack January 17, 2016

            logical extreme??

            Comparing one player who makes the same amount of money and comparing another who compares in size, weight and skill set and you call that logical extreme?

            Holy fucking shit kid…..go back to jacking off to internet porn. bwhahahahahahhaha holy shit your a joke. bwhahahahahhaha, logical extreme?

            Your a fucking clown man. You’ve done enough to embarrass yourself tonight — I keep getting texts from guys on the board just laughing their ass off at you tonight, keep it coming with the logical extremes, grammar, philosophy and abbreviation lessons. We’re all getting a good laugh out of you tonight while drinking it up…..keep entertaining us. We’re loving it.

            Seriously….keep it coming. We like hearing how great Cobb is and how ending up as the #37 receiver in the NFL is a better than average thing.

            Seriously. Your drinking entertainment for all us tonight. We’re out living it up and your sitting at home in your moms basement entertaining us…..love it!

          3. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            Oh no, a typo.

          4. Phatgzus January 17, 2016


            FYI, Tom Brady is 6th-rounder and Bart Starr was like a 17th-Rounder-what the fuck is your point? You find football players where you find football players.

            And trust me I’m not embarrassed, I imagine you would be but megalos tend to have no shame. Keep on impalin’ though, Vladdy baby!

          5. PackAttack January 17, 2016

            posterity’s sake?

            for future generations sake?

            Are you fucking kidding me guy? Your chucking out words out of the thesaurus tonight trying to sound intelligent.

            Don’t forget. Your the fucking idiot who said — WE DID SHUT DOWN FITZGERALD TONIGHT.

            The entire board is laughing tonight. We’re all loving it. Give us more before we pass out! Hurry up.

          6. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            Your sitting on a message board at 3AM on a Saturday night. Your a stay at home loser living in his parents basement praying to God you can find something to pass the time with before you gotta hit the real world again. Your fucking clueless and a waste of time.

            You’re on at 3 AM yourself. How do know where I live? Could be in Australia for all the fuck you know. But I’ve rebutted all your claims and you’ve run out of thoughts so it’s back to the old bag of ad hominems. Sigh, your writing style just betrays your age and/or intellect, you’ll grow up some day kiddo and maybe you won’t be so angry, or maybe you’re all grown up, if that’s the case, you’ll die some day (probably of an aneurism or MI) and then you won’t be so angry. Best of luck to ya either way. Peace.

          7. Phatgzus January 17, 2016


          8. PackAttack January 17, 2016

            nope this is the 20th century you dipshit. Im sitting on here at 3AM from a bad with 13 other people laughing hysterically at the shit you write. Keep up on the spell check stuff for us too — it’s great. i know one of the guys who runs the board, you aren’t in Australia. We got your IP address and we’re coming over soon. You mind if we knock or should we ring the door bell? The thing about these message boards is they save your IP address, it’s fucking sweeeeeeeeet.

          9. PackAttack January 17, 2016

            cool thing about this century is you can do all this stuff from a cell phone in a bar.

          10. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            LMFAO, you guys enjoy yourselves, kill those last few brain cells, that’s a good idea. You have friends, well good for you, miracles can occur. And yet YOU’RE raging at someone on a football blog at 3 in the morning while out at a bar with friends.

          11. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            Nah, don’t bother knocking, just come on in; hope you guys enjoy gimp suits and chain saws, bring your wife while you’re at it. We’ll have a season-ending partay the right way.

          12. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

            So where’s my IP address from, Carmen San Diego?

  15. jtmax January 16, 2016

    Just wish we went for 2 at end of regulation. I did not want to see last year’s seattle game repeated and it happened again. Luck and refs were not on our side once again. Difference was az had fitz and we didn’t have jordy.

    1. Ender January 17, 2016

      TRUTH! I was thinking the same, why did we just kick the extra point and no go for 2?! ugh, but had they not made the 2, then we’d be like, “why didn’t they kick the extra point?” and they better not play Jordy or Cobb in the next preseason! FUCK!! these injuries , and we need like an ankle strengthening coach, is there even such a thing? lol

    2. Shawn January 17, 2016

      I also was calling for a 2 point conversion. Defense is shell-shocked at that point.
      Even Belichick wouldn’t have the balls to call that though.

  16. MetsPackersRangers January 16, 2016

    Another OT loss the Cardholes. Yup another wasted year down the toilet.

  17. MetsPackersRangers January 16, 2016

    To* shit sorry drunk.

  18. Moolla January 16, 2016

    2 VERY favorable spots for 3rd down conversions, Fitz’s (somewhat) iffy catch not overturned, BLATANT PI not called at the end, Shield’s 2 int drops (that 4th quarter one especially wtf!!!!!) that tipped TD landing in Floyd’s arms, that flipgate…
    And ANOTHER HAIL MARY!!!!!!!!!!
    I think I had enough football to last a lifetime after that one.
    I’m sapped out of life for the foreseeable future…

  19. Salazar January 16, 2016

    Rodgers showed us what he’s made of today.

  20. PackAttack January 16, 2016

    Every year it’s always something….

    2011: 15-1 – Aaron Rodgers best season. Ends with a disastrous loss to NY Giants in the Divisional Round. Offense completely (and defense) collapses in Playoffs. No excuse for this one, most of this entire offense/defense unit was healthy except for Nick Collins.

    2012: 11-5 – Aaron Rodgers has another good season, very similar stagnant offense to 2015 with Jordy injured, no running back (Alex Green/DuJuan Harris), no 1,000 yard receiver. McCarthy & Rodgers stall in Divisional Round again, this time to San Francisco where the defense gets blown out by Colin fucking Kaepernick. Excuse was on defense.

    2013: 8-7 – Aaron Rodgers broken collarbone, 0-6 w/o him season. Again, another Playoff loss (Wild Card RD) to San Francisco and to Colin Kaepernick. Again the excuse was on the defense, no pass rush, no push up front, poor safety play, etc.

    2014: 12-4 – MVP season by Rodgers. Offense clicks all around. The Pack get to the NFC Conference Championship and instead of San Francisco (who Green Bay could never beat at the height of their power) it’s Seattle who McCarthy & Rodgers can’t beat. In an epic meltdown by McCarthy, his play calling, poor offensive play from Rodgers — the Pack go home yet again.

    2015: 10-6 – Rodgers & the offense have epically bad year, historically bad year for Rodgers. Davante Adams is the worst WR in the history of the NFL and the Pack lose Jordy in training camp. Lose the Division to the Vikings. Lose again in the Divisional Round, this time to Arizona. Green Bay blows another 2nd half lead in the playoffs and yet again loses in OT under McCarthy. Unlike ’11, ’12, ’13 the Packers defense actually plays “pretty well” for most of the year.

    So….new year, same fucking shit. Same pattern.

    Coaching, play calling, personnel, injuries, excuses.

    8 years with Aaron Rodgers, 2 MVP’s and one of the highest QB ratings in NFL history — and McCarthy has gone to ONE fucking Super Bowl with this guy as his QB!

    It’s time to change it up. Living in mediocrity with an MVP/Hall of Fame QB is as bad as it gets. Something needs to change.

    1. PF4L January 17, 2016

      Not one of the highest passer ratings in NFL history, THEE highest.

      Also, i don’t know if anyone replayed that OT Fitz td. But as Fitz was running north towards the end zone, Raji was running east, but then realized… (Hey, no one’s over here). so he then looked over his right shoulder to see where everyone was, which is when he saw Fitz, running towards the end zone, through his blocking lane.

      I’ll give Packattack this, he is right. every year it’s fucking something, usually something fucking stupid, like leaving fitz wide open, and it usually involves some degree of embarrassment in various forms.

      Something(s) does need to change, that shouldn’t even be a debate.

      1. PackAttack January 17, 2016

        Problem #1 – Mike McCarthy and his Play Calling. No aggressiveness. No killer instinct. We saw it tonight when Green Bay was up 13-10, he started the whole running out the clock BS — same thing he did last year vs Seattle. And of course it came back to bite the Pack in the ass. Red Zone efficiency was again brutal (first two drives nothing). Not punting on 4th down inside our own 40 essentially lost the game. Running HB dives with Lacy on 2nd and long with 3-minutes left and killing clock. These aren’t just mistakes, these are happening time after time after time repeatedly. These are habits, trends and hard facts now. Mike McCarthy is a very poor offensive coach and something needs to dramatically change here, he’s had his 8 years with an elite offensive QB and he’s been to one Super Bowl.

        Playing Davante Adams and James Jones over Jared Abbrederis and Jeff Janis all year is all you need to know when it comes to McCarthy’s mindset. The guy will just keep running out the same shit time after time after time (like his stagnant play calling methods) and just expect different results (the definition of insanity).

        Problem #2 – Ted Thompson – What weapons has he supplied to Aaron Rodgers in the last 5 years? Has he ever replaced Jermichael Finley? Ever fixed the offensive line? Ever helped get Rodgers a strong 3rd down back? Ever dipped into FA to help the offense when they’ve needed it? Ever actually made a move in-season to help the team?

        What’s next in the 2016 draft? More 6th round white middle linebackers with no speed?

        You can’t have one of the greatest QB’s of all time and go to ONE fuckig Super Bowl in 8 years and be considered elite! Especially whenever that QB is out — this franchise HAS ZERO chance of winning any games. Aaron Rodgers is this franchise and apparently that fact escapes McCarthy and Thompson.

  21. Calico January 17, 2016

    Packattack- the reply button doesn’t work right on the cell phone. It puts the reply at the bottom. You’re at no bar with your 13 imaginary friends.

    1. PackAttack January 17, 2016

      nope seems to be working just fine from my Iphone. And it’s not a reply button — it says “publish”….who are you and why are you involved in this?

      1. Calico January 17, 2016

        I’m “involved” because I enjoy reading this blog and I’ve been a Packer fan since Bart Starr was the coach (greatest Packer, not such great years). PackAttack you a are a net negative on the enjoyment for people who like to read it and don’t like to see it cluttered with the verbose screed of a person that can’t describe how to make a piece of toast in less than 2,000 words.

        I didn’t realize I needed you owned the site and I needed your permission to post a comment. You’re a strange dude.

  22. Calico January 17, 2016

    Oh, I guess you could go to the trouble of using the desktop version on your phone. But that doesn’t stop you being the most insufferable blowhard I’ve read here. At least other guys have a tinge of wit when they are slinging shit. Your comments are completely devoid of that.

    1. Casino Blitz January 17, 2016

      i think its funny when guys with the same IP address come on here disguised under different names try and say the same stuff to pick fights on a packers message board. Phatgzus is Calico under a different name. I highly doubt someone in their right mind would come on here and would honestly read these two dipshits 20 page rant above. Calico (Phatgzus) if you really took the time to do that your just as big of a clown as these two are.

      1. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

        Nope, 1 alias is enough, Go ahead and ask the mods if you don’t believe me.

      2. Calico January 17, 2016

        Casino, you’re just making shit up or guessing. Same IP address as Phatgzus? Please.

      3. Calico January 17, 2016

        Casino: You have a point about me being out of my mind to get involved with pack attack. I just hate seeing people ruin otherwise good boards with thousands of meaningless, repetitive words and ideas. I am out of my mind, because it won’t make a difference. They guy is deranged and no one is going to change that.

    2. PackAttack January 17, 2016

      “completely devoid”

      phatass under a different name…..if your goiong to hude under different names at least put the di citionary down for a few sen tnen ces .

      phatgeee fuck u

      1. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

        It is not allowable to have two user names with the same IP address, you should know that I don’t have 2 as those 2 usernames are under different IPs and I didn’t reset my MAC address, and even if I did super dick that you are, Tracy, you’d have figured that ut now wouldn’t you?

        1. Fritz fm WI January 17, 2016

          i second that; phats is a troll chaser, NOT a troll or one of those fucking stealth W coast/shithawks fanboy [alias] trolls like Al [Michaels] Hombre…

      2. Calico January 17, 2016

        Dude, “devoid” was just on my 7th grade daughter’s vocabulary list from school. Don’t think a normal person needs a dictionary for that.

  23. Big Gay Clay January 17, 2016

    Does anyone agree that they need to change the OT rules? I know they don’t do it like college because of the time constraints. I’m fucking tired of us losing the coin toss in the playoffs and then getting fucked raw by not getting a chance at offense. Happened the last 2 years. Fuck the NFL man… Seriously

    1. Ender January 17, 2016

      Ya they should do it like college to where both teams are guaranteed the ball, fuck the time constraints, start the games earlier or something shit. Maybe tell the NFL they can get more $$$ out of making the games longer, assholes.

    2. Cheese January 17, 2016

      Hold them to a field goal. Problem solved. It’s not the leagues fault that our defense likes to take royal shits in overtime.

  24. Dave The Lions Fan January 17, 2016


    One more time, CHOKE PACK CHOKE!

    1. Ender January 17, 2016

      lol, this asshole is funny, I can see his fatass as on the couch where Lions shit pulling for the Cards, lol, hey Dave, how does it feel pulling for some other team thats not yours in the playoffs? I’m sure your an expert by now, with how many seasons they’ve NOT made it. lol, they’ve only been to the playoffs twice, this century! LMFAO, keeps coming back Dave, I love talking shit about that lame ass organization, and so called team they have in that bankrupt shit smelling city. Hope they NEVER change!

  25. Nic January 17, 2016

    You guys are beating up on the players and each other while it is the coaches who should be the brunt of our frustration.imagine if Janis or Abby had gotten experience all year instead of forcing Adams down our throats.Imagine if we gave Gunther a chance to play instead of putting injured dbs on the field.things may have well turned out differently.

    1. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey January 17, 2016

      This guy gets it.

      1. Fritz fm WI January 17, 2016

        they were afraid of injury, but you are right, they have been snakebit by [fear of] injuries, like all the other teams in the playoffs welcome to the PED infested NFL!

  26. the real jeff ircink January 17, 2016

    was a great game. could have went either way. no sour grapes, please, Packer fans – it’s gauche. fin.

  27. Francesco January 17, 2016

    First of all, it’s time to change. Thompson and McCarthy have completely failed. But tonight we were beaten by referees. This is not football. In the last quarter Arizona did everything holdings pass interference etc with no calls. And in the third down the referee put the ball half a meter away from the real catch so it resulted as a first down!!!!! 6 years ago view stole us a while card with a face mask and no call now again. This football need to kick goodell in the ass or it will die

  28. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey January 17, 2016

    This team showed an incredible amount of guts and moxie. Proud of the boys and even the buffoons MM and DC. This one hurts but nowhere near as much as last year; it was house money and we almost won.

    Fuck the NFC West forever.

  29. Doh January 17, 2016

    Wow…you mouth-breathing jagoff. Chill the fuck out. You seem like someone who beats their wife because your team didn’t win. Hypothetically speaking of course — I’m sure you have no life, no wife — just a keyboard

  30. Mary January 17, 2016

    MM said a couple of weeks ago that they don’t listen to the media and fans because “We know what we are doing”. Obviously not when Abby and Janis didn’t get more playing time in the regular season. He only went to them for this game because he was forced to. Instead he kept putting Adams out there who couldn’t catch a cold.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 18, 2016


  31. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe January 17, 2016

    Same problem as last year.

    Take the lead against a team with a very good D, play not to lose, and we fall behind. Rodgers gets the team in field-goal range in about a minute.

    Take the lead against a team with a very good D, play not to lose, and we fall behind. Rodgers drives the team 95 yards in 1:55 for a TD.

    Why put ourselves in a hole and Rodgers is then let loose to be aggressive and win the game? McCarthy is too cautious, afraid not to lose, and we do loose. He has no killer instinct and with the QB in my lifetime, he is costing opportunities to win.

    1. Fritz fm WI January 17, 2016

      rite on! Brady and co. would pour it on right after they got a turnover, and this was noted by Fouts; also they would press the other team when the pressure on KC was greatest, like when they became desperate to “catch up” and exhausted themselves from panic…

      also, this is the opposite message MM sends to the opp. when he decides to defer the opening kickoff which says to the other team, we don’t want to give ourselves the best chance to take the lead, because we want to avoid an early offensive sputter, or turnover, or whatever chickenshit excuse we have to show we don’t have the belief that our Offense can score… WHAT KIND OF CHICKENSHIT MESSAGE IS THAT TO SEND TO THE OPPONENT AT THE OPENING OF A GAME?????

      1. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe January 17, 2016

        Belichick is the best coach in the league because he is probably the most ruthless coach. Once he gets the knife in, he’ll keep twisting, puts the other team in a coffin and keeps putting nails into it.

        McCarthy on the other hand lacks that killer instinct. Sit on a lead, play not to lose, fall behind, then Rodgers does his magic. Then on the first drive of overtime, the defense shits the bed and fucks the dog. Those last two drives show Rodgers’ capabilities, but McCarthy is too much of a fucking pussy to let Rodgers run riot.

  32. Kato January 17, 2016

    Packattack just keeps on being a tool and publishes shit without ch checking. Fyi the packers did NOT go 0-6 without rodgers…. Do you not remember Flynn leading a huge comeback against Dallas?

  33. Skinny January 17, 2016

    Depression has set in right on time again this year.

  34. ARS85 January 17, 2016

    This has probably been said. I’m too lazy to read everything. How the fuck did it take all of this to get Jeff Janis on the goddamn field? What a fucking joke. Anyone defending this teams personnel decisions is a moron. “oh why don’t you run the team” why don’t all you Ted Thompson defenders go fuck yourselves? High draft picks play to feed his ego. I don’t know if him or McCarthy is calling the shots but it’s a joke. Back to back ot walkoff tds and another year off Aaron Rodgers shelf life. It’s almost comical at this point

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 18, 2016


  35. Rebelgb January 17, 2016

    Proud of the boys. Fuck Sam Shields. Fuck shitty Refs.

    Draft a TE with speed. Draft a RB. Draft a Tackle.

    Give Arodge some weapons and our oline some depth and watch this team shine next year.

    1. Fritz fm WI January 17, 2016

      AGREED, except draft them in the reverse order you posted.

  36. gort January 17, 2016

    There were plenty of chances on the field. Penalties early, a few drops, short runs, missed tackles, blown coverage, hesitation, off target passes, miscommunication, etc. Off field choices and decisions were contributors too. Bottom line is that the Pack lost. 32 teams in the league, 20 get eliminated by the regular season, 11 get eliminated during the playoffs, one survives. Only 1 playoff team ends their season with a win. This year that team will not be the Packers. The draft is a cap shoot. Injuries are unpredictable. The elliptical orb bounces funny. The managers, coaches, players, and referees are people and people make mistakes. There will be a next year for Packers fans, but not for St. Louis Rams fans. It could be worse.

    1. Fritz fm WI January 17, 2016

      seven straight post season runs with the best team in the [nfc] playoffs, and only one SB appearance to show for it? YEAH, EINSTEIN, IT COULD BE WORSE, WE COULD EASILY HAVE HAD NOT EVEN A SINGLE LOMBARDI TO SHOW FOR IT!?!?

  37. gort January 17, 2016

    Life isn’t fair. The game is for entertainment purposes only.

  38. Kato January 17, 2016

    Packattack is a bit of a moron, but he brings up a good point. How was Janis not on the field more this year? I thought maybe he just wasn’t an nfl player, and his athleticism didn’t translate to the nfl. Wouldn’t be the first time, a lot of guys, 1st rounders even, came into the nfl with crazy 40 times and verticals, ect, and didn’t make it for whatever reason. Tony mandarich. Recent example was that Dri archer guy drafted by the steelers. I remember draft analysts drooling over him.

    But this game that Janis had, wasn’t really a fluke. Sure, the hail mary was kind of lucky. But the guy can play obviously. He isn’t #1 WR material, that’s for sure, he runs the wrong routes from time to time. And he doesn’t run the greatest routes. But he is a decent #3, and a very good #4. Packattack, and others have been right about that.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 18, 2016

      I am one of those guys that has been screaming for Janis to get time since last year, the guy is a gamer. How an armchair GM like me can see that and the GB brain trust misses this so badly just confounds me . . . Another reason for my frustration with MM and TT.

  39. Kato January 17, 2016

    Anyone know what happened to cobb? The way he was immediately ruled out after x rays tell me broken scapula……

    1. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

      Bruised lung was the report, so probably collided with a rib, lucky he didn’t puncture it.

  40. cd4packers January 17, 2016

    Oh boy, I finally got to the comment box. Took a while since I had to scroll past packattack and phatgus crap. Geez, give it a break you windy bastids.

    1. Fritz fm WI January 17, 2016

      and it took you so long to post that you forgot what you were going to post???

      or were you just trying to get to show us your tits? well, your avatar needs editing, because your tits were cropped off at the neck.

    2. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

      There’s a button on your keyboard titled “Page Down”, hold it down and you can scroll the entire page in 2 seconds. Technology is fucking crazy, eh?

  41. cd4packers January 17, 2016

    I am not upset with the Pack. At least not with the team. Not sure that MM and coaching staff were paying attention to certain things that could affect the outcome of the game. Like covering Fitzgerald. Simple things like getting the defence players on and off the field in time. I could go on. By the time you get into the playoffs you should have theses things figured out. Also, putting WRs in that have little playing experience? I don’t get that. Plus, the refs were shit. Same story, different day. Sure is getting old. Nonetheless, I love my team. I think they did pretty good. I’m satisfied with how Rodgers played considering his options. As always, GOPACKGO!!!

  42. cd4packers January 17, 2016

    Thanks for noticing Fritz. Lmao

    1. PF4L January 17, 2016


  43. cd4packers January 17, 2016

    One more thing. Teams have figured out that all they have to do is take Rodgers out of the equation. We’ve had the luxury of a QB who is smart, athletic, and unpredictable. A QB who could change the direction of the game on a dime. One that is not afraid to rush for TD if need be. One who is not afraid to go outside the pocket to make a play. Teams took that away from us this season. At least the last part of the season. That’s what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket.

    1. PF4L January 17, 2016

      They figured that out a long, long time ago cheese tits. They just couldn’t do it until the combination of receiver and 0 line problems presented themselves.

  44. hah January 17, 2016

    Green bay is declining. Minnesota has surpassed them. And it will be Minnesota who wins the division next year as well.

    1. Fritz fm WI January 17, 2016

      now THAT has got me LMAO, titface/cd4packers.

    2. Phatgzus January 17, 2016

      Yup, with a rapidly-declining AP and a never-to-be Teddy B, scary shit right there. Your team will be just good enough to be drafting in the 20s of the draft for the next 5-10 years, good luk finding a game-changing QB there, especially with your GM’s history of drafting QBs.