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Ugh, Richard Rodgers…

Our distaste for Richard Rodgers, AKA DickRodge, is well-documented.

The guy is pretty simply, awful.

We’ve made much of the fact that he’s somehow only averaging 7.3 yards per catch this season. If you take all NFL tight ends with 10 or more receptions at this point in the season, that yards per catch average ranks Rodgers at No. 53.

So you could say that DickRodge is only the 53rd best tight end in the NFL. And that might be a stretch.

You could also say he’s the second-worst tight in the NFL, since only one guy with at least 10 receptions has a lower yards per catch average. That honor goes to Oakland’s Lee Smith, who currently has 10 catches for just 48 yards.

Rodgers couldn’t break a tackle or gain separation if he were being covered by a statue.

So this made us laugh and cringe all at once.

It’s a credit to Aaron Rodgers that he delivered that ball into such a small window. He obviously had to throw outside, since DickRodge created zero separation.

Look at that route again. He may as well have just given up before he even made the cut.

Who did DickRodge think he was faking out with that stutter step?

What a joke.

Here’s the even bigger joke.

Rodgers played at 245 at Cal. The Packers have him listed at 257, but we’ve heard he’s closer to 270.

The idea here is that Rodgers needed to put on weight so he didn’t get consistently manhandled when he’s attempting to block. He’s still not a very good blocker, but he wasn’t going to block your grandpa Joe at 245.

Well, you can see how slow he is with the added weight.

So basically, Big Ted drafted a guy to play tight end who can’t block at his optimal weight and can’t run at the heavier weight the Packers want him at.

That was some good thinking, guys!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. JD December 1, 2015

    Yep, the more you watch the video the slower it is, thanks Monty. Do you laugh or cry. You think moving Kuhn to tight end would be an improvement?

    1. Claude Hugleman December 1, 2015

      Choosing to cry… I can’t laugh at that fat tub any more.

  2. John smith December 1, 2015

    I call him Richard Faggat Rodgers. The guy’s route running is fucken horrible. Even Troy aikman pointed that out.

  3. Big Gay Clay December 1, 2015

    Two words, Colt Lyrela

  4. chaka December 1, 2015

    They would have an impact TE with Colt Lyerla. It would cost them nothing to bring him in.

  5. Howard December 1, 2015

    There are no great options on the street including Colt, whom I will add is a known quitter. He quit on his college team. As a player you do not quit on a team and team mates mid season! Even grade schoolers know that.

    At tightend there is Perillo, Quarless, Rodgers, and maybe Henry Mitchell, (speed! Blocking?) if they want to bring him off the practice squad. Not many other options wandering the streets that know the Packer offense.

    1. Big Gay Clay December 1, 2015

      Yes but did we exactly give him a chance in GB? Dude got injured and then cut so we don’t know how exactly how good or bad he is. Maybe he did quit on his college team but does that necessary mean he would do it again? Most logical people would say “He quit once so he would again” but those people forget to factor in that it would be his JOB to play, meaning he gets paid for it. Really what would we have to lose if we had him in for a tryout?

  6. Icebowling December 1, 2015

    So, what is the deal with Perillo?

    1. Big Gay Clay December 1, 2015

      He’s and UDFA from Maine, thats what the deal is. When have you ever heard anyone from Maine playing in the NFL. Oh wait I have… Jerron McMillian. TT is such a genius! Maybe next year we can get Maine’s MLB whe he goes undrafted then turn him into our starter!

  7. Shawn December 1, 2015

    Rodgers first responsibility was to pick up the blitz there, thus the hesitation in going out for a pass. And if A-Rodge throws him the ball on 3rd and goal before half or if he was on the field for the 4th down play, game might have been different.
    The Packers’ refusal to get Kennard Backman on the field is somewhat similar to the mysterious deal with Jeff Janis.
    Despite what these coaches say, football is not a complicated game. You run up field and catch the effin ball when it is thrown to you. It isn’t rocket science.

    1. PF4L December 2, 2015

      Rodgers 1st responsibility is to find an empty booth at Golden Corral when him, Lacy, McCarthy and Raji put the feedbag on.

  8. Andy Pants December 1, 2015

    There it is again! Colt Lyerla! Lol. Colt Lyerla plays rugby. In America. Not CFL, not on anybody’s NFL roster, not on a practice squad. Nope. Nobody wants him at all. But the TP commentariat wants the Packers to take him. That’s a terrible idea, and it’s obvious.

  9. V December 1, 2015

    If I was your GM, you’d have Travis Kelce and Owen Daniels.

    Good enough?

  10. jtmax December 2, 2015

    He was not the first option. It’s just a delayed route so he can be the checkdown if he does not have to do blitz pickup. He did his job. Our receivers can’t get open so AR has to dump to him. The only receiver not hurt is Janis and since they don’t let Janis catch the ball, our receivers can’t run or catch.

  11. Savage57 December 2, 2015

    Richard Rodgers offered this in his defense:

    “I might be slow, but I sure am fat.”

  12. Deepsky December 2, 2015

    When Perillo gets on the field, gets open and makes plays it says two things: 1) Richard Rodgers is horrible 2) it validates that the real problem with the offense is the receivers not getting open

  13. Kato December 2, 2015

    Can we please let the lyerla thing die? Jesus. This isn’t a case of the packers being ignorant. The fact he isn’t even on an nfl practice squad is pretty telling

  14. Richard December 2, 2015

    This roster is stacked with quitters, so I doubt that’s the reason. They are avoiding Lyerla because of the legal issues, most likely

  15. John Nielsen December 4, 2015


    Following Richard Rogers catch vs the Lions last night from Aaron Rogers, saving the Packers’ season, you might want to pull this article!

  16. Jim December 4, 2015

    8 catches, 146 yds, season-saving TD catch.

    Bring back Lyerla!!!! -Packers fans

  17. D90 December 4, 2015