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One Game, a Season or Career Does Not Make

Richard Rodgers catch

We know you clowns are out there. Just waiting to come in and stick it to us after Richard Rodgers’ big night.

We’ve taken note.

But here’s a news flash, morons. One good game does not make a good season or a good career.

Richard Rodgers had a career night against the Detroit Lions, catching eight balls for 146 yards and a touchdown.

Good for him, good for the Green Bay Packers, good for us.

Quite frankly, we would love it if old DickRodge put up similar numbers every week. This is not the norm, though. Thursday night’s performance was far and away the best game of Rodgers’ young career.

He had his most receptions (by two) and most yards (by 88) in a single game.

If you do the math there, then you realize this was also Rodgers’ first game over 100 yards receiving. It was actually much more than that, though. It was his first game over 60 yards receiving!

On this gigantic night, Rodgers averaged more than 18 yards per reception.

That raised his 2015 season yards per reception to a still below-average 9.1.

But listen, at least it’s above 8 yards per catch again!

Rodgers has caught 48 balls for 439 yards and six touchdowns, this year. The guy just produced a full one-third of those yards in last night’s game.


You get the picture.

Anyone trying to float the theory that Richard Rodgers is suddenly a great tight end can go right ahead and stuff that theory up their ass.

Rodgers needs to put up more than one game like this and it remains to see if he’s capable of doing that.

That said, we did notice one thing about Rodgers on Thursday night that was different. He’s always had good hands — probably the best hands of any Packers’ pass catcher right now. Catching the ball was never his issue. What he hasn’t been able to do is get separation or gain yards after the catch.

Well, the first thing hasn’t changed. Rodgers isn’t fast and he’s never going to be. The second did change, though. At least for one game.

For the first time this season, Rodgers actually gained some yards after the catch. He even broke a tackle or two.

Maybe that speaks to the ineptitude of the Lions or maybe DickRodge finally got tired of us riding him and played angry. Who knows, but maybe there’s some hope for the kid.

We’re skeptical, but maybe…

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. I steal fish December 4, 2015

    most of us are just enjoying the moment man. we know he’s not the next gronk. stop trying to shit in the sugar already, damn.

  2. mark December 4, 2015

    you people are wrong and rude so often! Richard Rodgers CATCHES the ball!!! This is a LOT MORE then Adams, Jones and Cobb have been doing! THE MOST IMPORTANT THING HE DOES IS BLOCK AND CATCH! WAKE UP!

    1. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey December 4, 2015

      Yeah, he can catch. As we’ve seen, so can Raji. They are both slow as shut.

      Oh and you say he has two jobs. Too bad he’s the worst blocker on the offense.

  3. pastordad December 4, 2015

    A catch…a catch….!! Wow….what a catch. Now shake it off ….get healthy and let’s beat the Cowgirls!!

  4. Cheese December 4, 2015

    R.Rodgers himself said in an interview last night that he’s not the fastest guy around.

  5. Skinny December 4, 2015

    How about Richard Rodgers lateral pass back to Aaron? Game of his fucking life for sure.

  6. Nacho Dan December 4, 2015

    I don’t give a fuck if he catches a ball again, that catch was glorious!!

    1. Fritz fm WI December 4, 2015

      right on. and TP is wrong about “one game”…

      1 – if the icebowl had turned out differently, the entire history of the NFL would have been different. The Lombardi trophy would have never come to be, it would be named after nobody, or at the very least, the Lamarr Hunt trophy…

      2 – Forevermore, the lore of this sport will be adorned with memories of the legendary games:
      a – there was the “Music City Miracle”, only a warm up to: “The Motor City Miracle” this will flower into myth and legend, AR and RR may even attend my Broadway Play premier of: The Motor City Musical”
      b – ringing down the centuries to come will be the awesome myth of this single play, known only as “THE Throw” an irregular shaped pigskin object tossed over a trajectory topping 100 yards+ in the air, landing softly then disappearing into the massive body of this now most famous TE [to be]. the prettiest sight ever beheld by player and fan alike… like a star approaching the event horizon then disappearing into the wormhole, out of site, until the receiver has emerged from the scrum…

      before i die, i just hope to be able to hit a GOLF BALL that high and far, as well as that straight…

  7. MetsPackersRangers December 4, 2015

    It doesn’t matter if he never catches another ball ever again. He had the most glorious catch ever in Packers galore. Now let’s go take care of business and play angry and destroy Dallas.

  8. John Mbengi December 4, 2015

    Sounding real salty bro. Who’s side are you on? Give the man his props and move on. The offensive game plan is clearly not built around him. He has a promising future with the organisation. More productive than Quarless and will only continue to get better. Sounding like you want the of packers to fail week in and week out. I’m starting to question the writers of this site.

  9. Kato December 4, 2015

    Monty, seriously, fuck off. It is obvious he isn’t a great tight end. He isn’t the fastest guy, that is known. You obviously are a fan of the game, but know nothing about football. He has caught 6 tds, not too bad, probably places him in the top 5 tight ends in that category. He doesn’t drop passes. So fucking what about his YPC? Look at Wes welkers YPC. Not really a whole lot more than dick rodg. His niche in that offense is a red zone target and a safety outlet for Rodgers when the receivers don’t get open (which has been quite often). And he fulfills both duties very well.

  10. Savage57 December 4, 2015

    You know those YTD numbers for RR you posted? Those are about what the great YOTTO bullshit-slinging, ‘matchup nightmare’ wanna be FinMe’s career averages were.

    Except for TD’s. FinMe averaged 3 per season.

    So STFU and get off Rodgers back, at least for a week. You’re starting to sound like you have the same kind of chubby for RR that Wolfie had for Favre.

  11. xlvordie December 4, 2015

    So instead of calling out Jones or Adams for going about 2 months now without getting open (and dropping it when they do)..you talk shit about the guy who caught the game winning catch? Not to mention R.Rodgers had a damn good game even before that play.

    Adams just caught his first TD of the season in week 13!!!! He was targeted 71 times this year by #12 and has 1 touchdown!!!!
    So lay off the YPC stat on R.Rodgers that you are so concerned about.

  12. PF4L December 4, 2015

    We all know, that the dude is slow, and goes down at 1st touch. But……This dude is the hero of the week, he deserves it, he earned it. Let the guy have his day in the sun.

  13. Andy Pants December 4, 2015

    This article shares a theme with many articles on this site, Monty. You take something small, insignificant, or something that nobody actually said, and you turn it into something bigger, something that it actually wasn’t meant to be (straw men) so you can attack it. If McCarthy says something like, “Winning isn’t guaranteed,” you attack that. If the Packers promote Crockett to the roster, you attack that move as if they thought that would solve all of their problems, even thought that is certainly not what they thought they were doing. And here, some people say that Rodgers played well and might not be as bad as he is accused of being, and you attack that because Rodgers isn’t great, which, of course, I don’t think anybody said.

  14. Andy Pants December 4, 2015

    Here’s a fact. Richard Rodgers is 23 years old and is in his second year as a pro. Again, nobody thinks he’s going to be some legendary great, but at 23, he can certainly continue to develop into an adequate, if not respectable, TE.

  15. fred December 4, 2015

    Monty he had a good game are you even a packers fan cause your acting like a whiny bitch

  16. ay hombre December 4, 2015

    Yeah not sure why Monty has such a hard on for the guy. He’s not fast and doesn’t break tackles, but he catches the damn ball.

  17. Remedy December 4, 2015

    He needs to lose some weight. Like, he actually does, I’m not trying to be a dick. His size isn’t helping him break tackles or be physical, so slim down a touch and be a little quicker

  18. Howard December 4, 2015

    RR is better served running straight line routes. When you are not the fastest it does not help to run quick outs. RR and the other TE’s down the seams allows them to not have to make quick cuts and then try to turn upfield after the catch. AR looked for the TE seam routes more last night. The TE running down the seam helps both, and may I add the other receivers on their routes by occupying a lb, making a safety pay attention to someone other than a WR, and hopefully clearing the middle of the field.

    1. PF4L December 4, 2015

      Exactly, good observation howard.

  19. Richard Cranium December 4, 2015

    You (writers of this site) are the most negative d-bags I’ve read. Get you head out of your ass and write some real articles.

  20. jtmax December 4, 2015

    You are just digging a bigger hole for yourself. Admit that you’re wrong on Richard Rodgers already. A 40 time does not define a TE. In fact, he pretty much had the same 40 time as Finley. What’s more important is that he can catch the ball. He’s the most sure handed receiver on our team right now and in the 2 years he’s had a lower drop percentage than any of our starting TE’s in last 7 years. If you drop the ball, that is 0 yards even though it does not affect your yards per catch average. So you using his yards per catch to dog him is pathetic. If he continues this for rest of season you will still dog him for being too slow?

  21. chaka December 4, 2015

    Colt Lyerla would be better for the packers.

  22. Andy Pants December 4, 2015

    Yeahhhhh!!! Colt Lyerla, everybody! He’s the ANSWER! Hahhahhaa.

    1. Fritz fm WI December 5, 2015

      Colt Lyeria??
      Dolt Hysteria!

  23. Andy Pants December 5, 2015

    Fritz, I don’t know if it’s some kind of running joke around here or what, but every few days some jackass decides to tell everyone that Colt Fucking Lyerla should be playing for the Green Bay Packers. Again, maybe it’s a joke that’s going over my head, but different people keep saying it. This Chaka even said the Pack would have two more wins with Colt playing.

    On an unrelated note, people have also been asking if Cam Newton is better than Aaron Rodgers, and if Newton should be MVP. Here’s a question. Would Cam Newton make that Hail Mary play?

    1. Fritz fm WI December 5, 2015

      Gee, that’s a tough one Andy P… i’ll have to ponder that one, maybe get my Air Intelligence mensuration tools out, etc. etc.

      but right now it appears to me that the chance Cam could heave a pigskin that far, is about the same likelihood for me to throw Cam Newton from one end zone to the other, banking his body off the dome roof in the process.

  24. Phillthy December 5, 2015

    Comment section is wild.

  25. chaka December 5, 2015

    Packers would have at least 2 more wins with Colt Lyerla.

    1. Fritz fm WI December 5, 2015

      well, at least we are down to personality trolls…

      altho irritating not nearly as annoying as the Shithawks and Bears trolls we shook off last year LOL…

  26. Monty's Balls in Mouth December 5, 2015

    Monty you are a clown. I too can cherry pick stats and somehow argue that you’re a competent writer just as how you’ve cherry picked stats to dismiss Richard Rodgers. And don’t lump the rest of “us” into the rest of your sad camp when you mention that he might have had a good because of “us riding him” you arrogant turd. I’d like to think that most of the fan base are actually supportive of our players.

    I just don’t understand your utter disdain for this young TE who is obviously improving his game. Did he ignore your emails? Did he turn you down when you asked him out to prom? Are you upset that he won’t respond to your unrequited love while you quietly masturbate in the corner of your dimly lit one bedroom apartment staring at his espn profile pic you sick bitch?

    Yes, I get it He’s not the fastest, he’s not the greatest blocker, he’s not this and that. But that’s not to say that he won’t carve out a role in the offense and enjoy a productive career much like how your antagonism and poor grasp of the English language has allowed you to carve out a place on the shitlord spectrum of the Packers blogosphere. Here’s an idea: why don’t you remove that Colt Lylera molded dildo out of your ass and go start blogging for the Vikings camp where you style of derision will be much better appreciated?

  27. Kato December 5, 2015

    ^not sure if joking or serious

  28. Kato December 5, 2015

    In response to chaka

  29. Andy Pants December 5, 2015

    Yeah, I’m not sure if Chaka is joking or not. There some fools who have seriously brought up Colt Lyerla a few times though, so he’s either one of them or, hopefully, also just making fun of them too.