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Predictions: Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers

Dez Bryant says that was a catch

Shawn (7-5, 7-5 ATS) — Fortunately for the Green Bay Packers, the Hail Mary momentarily pulled them out of their nosedive and kept me in mine. I am almost afraid to pick the Packers since the only games they’ve won in the last six weeks were games where I picked them to lose.

Still, with the Matt Cassell-led Dallas Cowboys coming to town, and the Packers coming off an emotional win and two straight home losses, the Packers are definitely the pick here.

Ironically, the Cowboys come to town with the opposite kind of team that they’ve had in recent years. This is a team that actually plays defense and stinks on offense. They are capable of running the football and have some pieces on offense, but their quarterback play has fallen short of what it takes to win. So, basically, the Dallas Cowboys are now the New York Jets.

Some could say equally ironic, the Packers look to defend their turf with a similar team. They expect to play good defense and only hope to get production from their offense. It was the offense that fell woefully short in the last two home defeats against the Lions and Bears, and neither of those defenses rank as high as the Cowboys.

Obviously, Aaron Rodgers is two MVPs and one Hall of Fame better than Matt Cassel, but he is also having his worst season as a pro in completion percentage, yards per attempt, and third down percentage — three categories where Rodgers is usually among the best in the league. Rodgers, by the way, has NEVER lost three straight home games, either as a pro or college quarterback. The Packers have not lost three straight home games since 2006.

I don’t expect the Packers to win simply because they are playing at home or because of any of the above history. I expect them to win because if they can’t beat a Dallas Cowboy team without its starting quarterback at home, then they don’t even belong in the playoffs in the first place. My confidence in this game largely springs from the defensive side of the ball.

I think the Packers defense can contain the Cowboys and perhaps force a couple turnovers to help the offense. I don’t see the Cowboys scoring over 17 points and that shouldn’t be enough for the Cowboys to win — at least it better not be.

The Cowboys can win by getting their running game going and then benefitting from continued ineptitude by the Packers offense. The Packers have been off-and-on against the run, so your guess is as good as mine there. They rank 20th against it, which is probably exactly where they deserve to be. If the Cowboys can run, they can definitely win this game.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers offense picked up where it left off the first half of the game against the Lions, meaning in the toilet. However, as I thought in the last two home games, the Packers should be able to get the running game going a little bit. Dallas is better defensively against the pass, though that might just be because teams haven’t really needed to throw the ball a lot against them. If the Packers can actually get Eddie Lacy or James Starks or both going, then it will just come down to third downs for them.

As I have said before, the Packers might get Ty Montgomery back on the field this Sunday. If so, I don’t expect him to save the offense, but he might make the difference in a couple third down conversions, which might be the difference between scoring a TD or kicking a field goal.

I don’t put a lot of stock in the intangibles typically, but if I did, I could argue that the Miracle in Motown and the resulting celebration and release of emotion afterwards finally cured the Packers of doubts that have lingered since the trauma of the NFC Championship game last season. That single play might have helped this team rediscover something it had lost, and if so, we might see a different looking team on Sunday.

We can only hope.

I am not ready to believe yet. I see a close defensive game until the Packers score a late touchdown to put it away.

Packers 24, Cowboys 13

Monty (6-6, 6-6 ATS) — As you can see by my now average record, I have no business picking these games anymore. But why would that stop me?

The Packers are currently 7-point favorites. That number was higher earlier in the week, so the money is flowing toward the Cowboys. Here’s a Cowboys team that I look at and think, boy, what a pile of shit.

I mean, look. They have a really good defense. I will say that.

However, every time I watch them play, they just cannot put up any points. It took next to a miracle for them to beat that garbage-ass Washington team last week. I walked in during the fourth quarter and that game was 9-9 or something like that.


The Cowboys have put up less than 15 points four times this season. They’ve put up less than 10 in two of those games.

This team really sucks on offense and that’s primarily because of the quarterback play. Matt Cassel is no Tony Romo.

Unfortunately, the Packers offense isn’t much better and their defense isn’t as good as Dallas’. That should lead you to believe this will be a close, low-scoring game.

And it very well may be. However, I think (or maybe HOPE is the right word) the Packers got something going there offensively in the second half against Detroit.

I’m not talking about the Hail Mary itself. I’m talking about the 21 second-half points they scored before that. That’s a decent half of football and I’m going to go ahead and expect it to continue this week. Maybe even for a full game.

What’s the catalyst here?

Same thing I’ve been harping on for weeks. Hand the ball to Eddie Fuckin’ Lacy.

The guy clearly got the message after last week’s chicanery. A rejuvenated, focused Ed Lacy is a force to be reckoned with and I think he’s carrying this team as far as it’s going.

That starts now.

Packers 31, Cowboys 20


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. Vano Lucas December 12, 2015

    It looks like we’ll be playing in rain and slop. Who knows how that might impact the game? But I hope both of you are right.

  2. PF4L December 12, 2015

    Both Monty and Shawn have chosen the Packers…We’re doomed.

  3. billabong December 12, 2015

    that wet ball will be like a greased pig in the hands of Big Eddie….yikes

    1. Fritz December 12, 2015

      Big eddie will be like a greased pig when running with a wet ball…

  4. Phatgzus December 12, 2015

    So long as he keeps it wrapped up when extending plays he should be fine as that’s usually the only time he fumbles.

    1. Fritz December 12, 2015

      So long as he does not fumble as during the game is usually the only time he fumbles…

  5. icebowl December 12, 2015

    “I expect them to win because if they can’t beat a Dallas Cowboy team without its starting quarterback at home, then they don’t even belong in the playoffs in the first place.”…

    My sentiments exactly Shawn.

  6. Fritz December 13, 2015

    You do better in the long run by flipping a coin. Even better is the MM coin toss method: if MM wins the toss and defers it is almost certain they will lose.

    1. ay hombre December 13, 2015

      Basing this on what? Your own perception? Everyone defers and should.

      1. Fritz fm WI December 13, 2015

        i have been tracking that ever since they blew the one game in their going perfect season at Kansas Shitty in 2011. when MM was asked why they didn’t give their dreaded offense out to jump to an early lead, seeing as how they were such dreaded front runners, MM only mumbled something about “i don’t know, Lovie Smith, who i admire, does it, and anyway we had such a great practice beforehand…”

        you do the math, my friend…

  7. Harry Hood December 13, 2015

    Nice optimism!

  8. ay hombre December 13, 2015

    The under is the play. Get set for a major bore-fest.

    13-10. Who knows who wins. Doesn’t matter. My goal will be to stay awake.

  9. rebelgb December 13, 2015

    Shawn that was one awesome write up of your prediction. Man you are so over qualified for this site.

    I have a picture from a friend of Eddie Lacy’s car in a Handicap spot at BW3’s last night getting wings for take out. Thats using a Handicap spot the night before a game to fatten up on wings. Eddie Lacy is a fat blunder.

    Hopefully Starks has a big game and they give the ball to Crockett some. His speed is something our offense has been missing.

    Today is my 30 day anniversary of giving up booze. This game has me wondering if I should be celebrating my accomplishment; or regretting that I cant get drunk during this horrible game. This game reminds me of the mid 80’s Tampa Bay / Packers games. I mean my God!

    Aaron will be all kinds of sloppy today, and Adams will drop at least 2 passes. That being said they are going up against Matt Cassel who couldnt even keep his job against Alex Smith. Dez Bryant is the biggest cancer to a football team since, well, he IS the biggest cancer to a team in football history.

    Green Bay wins this one in a messy, penalty laden, turnover extravaganza: Pack 17 / Dallas 13.

    1. icebowl December 13, 2015

      Good points rebel….
      Congrats on the 30 days.

  10. Howard December 13, 2015

    The Pack O needs to get their shit together and this game needs to be the start. The third down completion rate has to increase. Who are the players that will make that happen? If the Pack O stays at their current 34+- % it will be a close game. Close to or above the mid 40% this game will not be close.

    We all know how the recent home games have gone. The Pack needs to get out to an early lead with the O being productive throughout the game. The Cowboys need to be convinced early that their season, and the game is over. Have the Cowboys played in a bad weather game this year? Although a bad experience for the Pack, advantage Pack. Enduring adversity and adverse conditions can be a benefit as the season goes on.

    Finish Strong! GO PACK!

    1. PF4L December 13, 2015

      Your post should have started with….”the Pack 0 line needs to get……..”

      1. icebowl December 13, 2015

        You’re both right

        1. PF4L December 13, 2015

          One follows the other imo.

  11. PF4L December 13, 2015

    “You can go ahead and praise James Starks and even John Crockett, if you like, but this team is going as far as one Ed Lacy takes them.”- Monty

    DEAD WRONG….This team will go as far as the 0 line can take them, no hole to run through, and Lacy is stuffed in his tracks. It is what it is.

  12. Steve barns December 13, 2015

    Is Dez a cancer? He just seems like a guy who loves to play football and wants to win real bad!