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Mike McCarthy Has No Idea Why Mike McCarthy Does Things

Mike McCarthy

We got some vintage Buffoon on Monday. That’s when Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, AKA Buffoon, tried to explain his reasoning on playing time.

When asked why receiver Jared Abbrederis — who we have continually heard has earned more playing time — only played 14 snaps, Buffoon stated that his second-quarter drop contributed to his limited action.

“Well, Jared Abbrederis had some opportunities,” McCarthy said Monday. “Had the dropped ball on the big play there. However the substitution patterns go for each position group after that is usually based on performance and things of that nature.

“Obviously our production in the offense wasn’t really — it was poor. I don’t think this is really the time to talk about snaps.”

Yup. Nothing to see here. Let’s move along.

Typical Buffoon.

Except, maybe the local media is finally as sick of hearing this shit as we are.

Someone had the balls to press on, pointing out that Davante Adams has dropped a shit ton of passes and yet, he still plays. That dumpster fire got 51 snaps in Arizona.

What did Buffoon have to say about that?

Duh… well… uhhhhh….

“Who plays, where they play really has no concern, really is not even a topic in here,” McCarthy said. “Those decisions are football decisions. For me to get into every ‘if and but’ of why this guy played and why this guy didn’t play, and your opinion based on this player vs. that player — I’m not saying Jared didn’t play because of that one play.

“But that’s just the way the rotation came about, and really a lot of that is based on communication on the headsets, things we’re getting to, things we’re trying to do, and each position coach at the end of the day is responsible to make those substitutions.”

Oh, yes. That makes it clear.

Clear that you have either no idea why things are being done or have totally lost control of this situation.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Packer Bob December 29, 2015

    What you call buffoonery I call taking the high road. Despite fans clamoring for Janis and Abbrederis to get more snaps and magically fix the Packers offense neither of them have really made any real impact yet. Why do you think they keep throwing the ball to Adams? I doubt McCarthy is thrilled about that. But unlike you, McCarthy has to face the players he would publicly criticize everyday and he’s choosing keep that criticism in-house.

    By saying he’s “lost control of the situation” you’re implying that McCarthy is responsible for the banged up offensive line, the wide receiver drops, the inability to beat man on man coverage, etc.

    But I get it. We hate McCarthy and we want him fired. Because that’s always the solution. We want to fire a coach that has given us five consecutive playoff appearances, four consecutive division titles (and possibly five), and a Superbowl. Sorry, not good enough.

    I really doubt it will ever be good enough. If the Packers fire McCarthy we’ll criticize the next coach. If they win the Superbowl we’ll criticize them when they don’t win it the next year. Same shit, different season.

    Hey, that’s fine. It’s your choice to be miserable. Enjoy it!

    1. Eman210 December 29, 2015

      How can you say that they have not made an impact if they have been given a chance to. Abbrederis has only dropped one pass this season and has 9 with over 110 yards on his extremely limited playing time.

      1. Eman210 December 29, 2015


    2. Paul December 29, 2015

      this was a good comment from a good person

    3. icebowl December 29, 2015


    4. Shawn December 29, 2015

      The Packers have SEVEN consecutive playoff appearances, bro.

      1. PF4L December 29, 2015

        And during that time McCarthy has had 2 MVP’s, a SB MVP, and a TD-int ratio that most QB’s can only dream about, not to mention the leagues best passer rating in that time.

        Oops, i meant Rodgers…my bad

        1. bob December 30, 2015


      2. Cheese December 30, 2015

        You can thank the inept NFC North for that statistic. Grabbing the division title with an 8 win season is less than pathetic, and says nothing about McCarthy being some sort of masterful head coach.

        1. Shawn December 30, 2015

          The NFC North has put 2 teams in the playoffs every year during Rodgers’ tenure except for 2013. That means, except for that year, you had to go 10-6 or better to win the division. You can’t say the same thing about any other NFC division.

          1. Phatgzus December 30, 2015

            Logic burn, nice.

  2. MMTTDCSUCK December 29, 2015

    Every time this tool opens his mouth your can hear the animus in his voice for reporters asking him questions regarding his hypocrisy. This guy is lost, over his head and angry about it. TT has provided VERY LITTLE HELP with his poor attempts at player procurement. Buffoon is on an island and not diggin’ it . . . He shows that he can not even remember his recent statements! And when called on it, becomes recalcitrant. Time for Green Bay to move on from this ne’er do well.

    1. icebowl December 29, 2015

      Agreed !

      …. and kudos for the use of “recalcitrant” – that’s gotta be a first on TP.com….

      1. Fritz December 29, 2015

        TP is a .com? I thought it was a .CON lol

        1. icebowl December 29, 2015

          Freudian slip…. ?

    2. Ted Hawthorne December 30, 2015

      Once again you are correct on the sorry MM. His meandering
      speech betrays an unclear mind.

  3. CO Bob December 29, 2015

    McCarthy/Rogers combo is fine with me. Historically good. Decent team every year.
    Need better receivers and tight ends. Not a TT hater here, but hope those positions get fixed.

    Enjoying what’s left of the season….
    Maybe they have a few tricks up the sleeve and all this is a pre-payoff mind fuck for the other teams. (yes I’m laughing a little)

  4. Nic December 29, 2015

    I can see Vince rolling over in his grave it’s okay guys we were really good this year even tho we didn’t make it to the super bowl

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 30, 2015

      Time for MM to hand out player “participation” trophies . . .

  5. Nic December 29, 2015

    Yeah we have to coddle twenty something year olds making hundreds of thousands of dollars

  6. SoCal Pack Fan December 29, 2015

    Prime time already stuck a fork in us, and Prime Time knows cuz he’s Prime Time.

  7. billabong December 29, 2015

    listen up dipstick…I’m listening to lemma’s “till the end” r.i.p and if that fuckin pop up comes on one more time and ruins my experience i will find who ever puts all this shit on this website and wreck motor head havoc on them…speaking of buffoons who runs this piece of shit adware site…

    1. billabong December 29, 2015

      even ketchmans site is cleaner running…hahaha..

    2. Phatgzus December 30, 2015

      RIP, Lemmy.

  8. Howard December 29, 2015

    Since this article is about not playing guys. Mulumba cannot get on the game day active list. Why not waive Mulumba and bring up one of the two practice squad O lineman. Unless they are worse than the current crippled offensive tackles, or the replacement guards that are imitating tackles?

    If the practice squad guys who supposedly are OTs are worse than what trotted out on the field against Arizona, not sure why they are still on the PS. If nothing else it appears there needs to be one more game day active O lineman. Not sure the new long snapper will cut it if needed.

  9. gort December 29, 2015

    Why does 84 get benched when he has a drop, but 17 stays in the game when he has multiple drops? That decision rests with the head coach and he must answer to the team owners for that decision. Since I am an owner, my one share demands an answer to that question.

  10. Shawn December 29, 2015

    I have the simple answer for MM.

    We play the guys who we think give us the best chance to be successful on every particular play.

    Next question.

    MM got off script and then went politico-speak on us. Sort of got lost in the woods for a moment there while trying to say nothing.

    Meaningless. Packer Bob is right. None of these guys are tearing it up. And ultimately, it is Aaron Rodgers who decides who gets the ball thrown to them. Rodgers keeps throwing Adams the ball, regardless of his drops, so, that makes MM answering this question pretty much irrelevant.

    1. PF4L December 29, 2015

      Until you formulate snaps played into the equation.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK December 30, 2015

        Yep, MM should be benching “Oil Hands Adams”! That would PRECLUDE the motherfucker from Aaron Rodgers biased considerations . . .

  11. gort December 29, 2015

    I see your point, but we all know that one definition of insanity.

  12. Fritz fm WI December 29, 2015

    MM knows that AR has been concussed for at least a couple weeks now. it is difficult for the people on the field to detect it, because his natural facial expression is a vacant stare, which caused the ref in AZ to stare at him for almost a minute whole, after that last brutal sack.

    that is why AR was so popular playing a dufus in the Hans and Franz ads, it is his natural acting character

    if MM knows what’s good for this team, he will bit the bullet and sit a whole shitload of players vs. MN, to include AR after a brief start. then prepare for the playoff road trip as a WC with an easier playoff schedule, esp. if panthers lose to bucs and AZ take #1 then they have a chance to avoid AZ altogether if the other WC does not advance.

    1. Fritz fm WI December 29, 2015

      more precise to replace my last “IF” with “UNLESS” but i am sure most here can do the math.

      btw TP, is being blocked by Bing, the Microsoft search engine! Bing returns a TP link, and i can read the articles here after clicking thru Bing, BUT, get this:
      the site returns a server error when i try to post a comment!!! when i go thru google, there is no problem.

      connecting dots, i note that Bing is a Microsoft service, which is a Shithawks owner’s service! can it be more than coincidence????

  13. Phillthy December 30, 2015


  14. Phillthy December 30, 2015

    Fucking bullshit reply button on mobile. I was referring to Nics first comment.

  15. Deepsky December 30, 2015

    I wouldn’t be asking why Abbrederis is not on the field. I’d be asking why Adams is still on the field.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 30, 2015

      Yep . . .

  16. ARS85 December 30, 2015

    While I agree it probably wouldn’t make a huge difference to give more time to abbredaris or Janis and less to Adams, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that Adams was drafted significantly high and this is how the packers operate. Anyone who denies that is naive. TT will give every opportunity (warranted or extremely unwarranted) to his high picks in order to save face for himself and his scouting personnel. All that being said this offense is a dumpster fire regardless. Rodgers looks worse than he did his first full season. This guy used to play like superman he was unstoppable, now he can barely complete a pass and is losing confidence by the day because the packers just don’t have enough talent on this offense. The only solution is running the ball and controlling the clock but the egos won’t allow for that to happen. And a couple of side notes….. Slot receivers cannot be number 1’s and Cobb is painfully proving that and devante Adams doesn’t care about playing professional football and will be out of the league within two years based on his play, development (or lack thereof) and everything I’ve read and heard about his game preparation.

  17. ARS85 December 30, 2015

    Oh…. And remember everyone jumping in to defend Richard Rodgers after his “breakout game” in Detroit? Where are those people now? Has he even played since that game? Because if he has I must have missed it

  18. MMTTDCSUCK December 30, 2015

    RR runs like a strongman pulling a truck . . .

  19. Robert December 30, 2015

    Lets say Adams was a car. This car looks nice, it was well reviewed before purchase, but generally doesn’t start on cold mornings even when you have to be someplace very important. What do you do? Of course most intelligent people will get a different car that starts! There are two cars that show promise in the garage, use them and put away the bad car!

    1. Ted Hawthorne December 30, 2015

      Adams is a Jaguar?

      1. MMTTDCSUCK December 30, 2015

        More like a Ford Pinto . . .

  20. John Mbengi December 30, 2015

    McCarthy isn’t the problem. It’s actually Rodgers. This perfect image he has of him self is his down fall and will take all of us down with him.
    The offense is the same offense he has won a super bowl under as well as gaining two nfl mvp’s. Nothing has changed except his personnel and if he can’t adjust than he is not who we think he is. He is too sheltered and I’m sick of it. It’s not all on the receivers or the line. They are plays where the guy simply misses or clearly ignores. What’s the point of having pin point accuracy if you can’t apply it when it matters most. You have tall and physical receivers. Give them chances. Brady plays with average receivers almost every year. Cam leads NFL in scoring with an average core. Shit Alex Smith is operating a red hot chiefs O with an average cast. The B.S needs to stop. He is out there like a spoiled qb hissing and rolling his eyes at everyone except him self.
    McCarthy has his flaws as a coach but he I think for the most part he dials the play calls very well. The players need to play and the qb needs to lead through the good and the bad. His decisions at times are questionable but then again I seen belicheck choose to kick to the best wr duo during ot so that is to go with out saying. Quite frankly I think 12 is bored with the team, the staff and the organization. You can see it in his eyes. The spark is not there.

  21. icebowl December 30, 2015

    Grab Chip Kelly for OC job ! Dump MM and have Chip transition to HC next season …

    1. Zwoeger December 30, 2015

      Please, let Chip learn elsewhere how to run a NFL team.

  22. RC December 30, 2015

    Brady has Gronk, and when he doesn’t the patriots struggle and most times lose. I’m with the Rodgers has an attitude but I’d be frustrated too—if it’s not the WR’s– it’s the line– when it’s not the—line the running backs are missing blocks or fumbling. Whole thing is a mess, I don’t have any answers and obviously they do not either. We will lose the next two games and try to get it figured out in the off season. It’s coming sooner than we thought!

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 31, 2015

      Nice points RC! I believe much of the mental stuff is due to the coaching not running as tight of a ship as is necessary these days. Give me my money! You mean that I have to work for it? . . . I believe that this is everywhere in the NFL, but it seems as if some coaches have a better approach at mitigating the behavior(s) than others do.