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Hey, Let’s Manufacture a Running Back Controversy!

Eddie Lacy

That appears to be what the local media wants to do.

The thinking goes something like this. Eddie Lacy has underperformed and/or is in the doghouse. James Starks deserves a role. And now rookie John Crockett is everyone’s favorite spark plug.

So are you ready to turn on the assembly line and put together an A-1 running back controversy?!

I bet you are!

It has been suggested that Lacy will now have to compete with Crockett for carries. And of course, the tired refrain of Lacy being fat and slow has also come up again.

We’re sure you know how exhausted we are of hearing that. And now this “controversy?”

Right up there with the dumbest things we’ve heard this season. And believe me, we’ve heard some downright top-shelf idiocy from the tools who cover the Packers, this year.

Let’s break this down in a little world I like to call reality.

James Starks is real nice backup. We know he’s been a starter at times for the Packers this season, but that doesn’t make him a No. 1 running back. If you were to ask any personnel man in the league that question — Is James Starks a No. 1 running back? — you’d get a “no” every time. You don’t have to look any further than the offseason of 2014 to find that out.

Starks entered free agency that offseason looking for a shot to start. He obviously wasn’t going to get that in Green Bay, so it would have had to come with another team. Starks never got that offer and ended up returning to the Packers on a two-year deal worth a little over $3 million. That’s total, not per season.

So argue all you want about how good Starks is, the rest of the NFL told him he wasn’t even good enough to compete for a starting job right there.

The problem with Starks is his production relies almost exclusively on big runs. When he has big games, such as he did against San Diego (10 carries, 112 yards), he ends up breaking off a 60-yard run or so. Those runs don’t come very often and, if you’re an NFL team, you don’t want to have to rely on them for your top back to have a good day.

What you want, is a guy who can gain yards after contact or make guys miss. An Adrian Peterson, a Todd Gurley, a Marshawn Lynch, an Eddie Lacy…

Oh, wait! We’ve got one of those!

We’ve been over this time and again. The evidence is irrefutable.

If you feed Lacy the ball, he performs. If you don’t, well, surprise! He doesn’t!

Four times this season, Lacy has gone over 80 yards rushing in a game. Guess what all of those games have in common.

Lacy has carried the ball at least 15 times.

Here they are:

  • at Chicago: 19 for 85
  • at San Francisco: 18 for 90
  • at Minnesota: 22 for 100
  • Chicago: 17 for 105

You probably know that two of those games came in the past three weeks.

And what happens when Lacy doesn’t handle at least 15 times? Why, if you said he doesn’t gain many yards, you’re right!

His game-high for rushing yards is 46 against Kansas City if you throw those four games above out. In that game, he only carried 10 times, but that was still a healthy 4.6 per.

So, I mean, really. This unoriginal “Eddie Lacy is fat,” shit?

Stuff it up your clenched assholes, media dickwads.

Was Ed too fat two weeks ago when he was blasting through the Bears for 105 yards and 6.2 per carry?

We get it.

The Packers had to make an example out of Lacy for missing curfew this past week. That’s why he wasn’t involved in the game plan and that’s why he only got four carries against the Lions.

But it’s a completely ignorant statement to say the guy didn’t perform when he was only handed the ball four times.

History tells us that Lacy needs more carries than that to make an impact. When he gets them, he does just that.

Now, as for Crockett, we really like the kid. We liked him in camp and you could see he brought a little spark to the offense, Thursday night.

But let’s not get carried away here.

Crockett is an undrafted rookie who couldn’t make the opening-day roster. He has five rushes and 22 NFL yards to his name.

He shouldn’t be taking away Ed’s touches. Neither should James Starks, for that matter.

Hopefully Big Mike feels he’s made his point and we can get back to business. With the passing game in the state it’s currently in, Eddie Lacy is the only thing that can carry this offense.

And therefore, the Packers will only go as far as they’re willing to let Ed take them.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Aaron December 6, 2015

    Thank you. This is exactly what I thought when saw all of the anti-lacy articles. Completely over analyzing the situation.

  2. Shaun December 6, 2015

    Dude…Preach. This article is so good I may go beat off while thinking about the perfection of this article. Monty, you are 100% correct with this. I don’t know why Big Mike can’t see what is so blatantly obvious…LACY IS ELITE, Starks is decent. Ed needs to be the workhorse, and I personally feel that Crockett should take carries from 44. Starks should only be used in screen game

    1. icebowl December 6, 2015

      Agree with you Shaun…. great analysis Monty !

      …. though I won’t follow you’re lead Shaun on the extracurricular stuff….

  3. xlvordie December 6, 2015

    “We set the goal to give Eddie the ball 15 times today, thought that was an important goal for us” – sounds familiar

    You compare lacy to lynch, Peterson and gurlry? The difference is those guys are effective all game. Sure, they too might get better with more carries, but their production isnt dependent on it.

    Also with the current offense we cant wait around and waste downs in hopes that after lacy gets a dozen carries he is magically going to turn on. We have a hard enough time in the fist half lately, and we cant rely on our site defense to keep the game within reach every week like they have.

    Give the ball to whoever is getting production immediately.

    1. The Money Mike December 7, 2015


    2. MMTTDCSUCK December 7, 2015

      I have to say that I agree with XL on this. With the other backs they sometimes falter out of the gate, but more often than not they hit it right away. That is the glaring difference. If Lacy does not, it is usually a long day. So as much as I dislike Buffoon and Buffoon V.2 they may have something here. But wait! I actually do blame them for giving Lacy shitty “schemes” and plays to run off of . . . either way, something is off, and I will say that it is most definitely not Lacy’s fault to begin with. But whatever the reason, it stops the run game in it’s tracks because they need to produce points sooner than later this year to stay competitive. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t . . .

  4. Sam D December 6, 2015

    This was my favorite read in awhile. It’s made me sick the way the packers have treated Lacy this year. It almost seems like they’re still treating him like a rookie instead of the 3rd year pro that he is. Like they forgot that he’s pretty much the only reason we won the north in 2013. Not to keep repeating myself, but it’s perplexing the way they handle him. The guy is a superstar, and it’s not “when he feels like it” because lacy does care about winning and about this team. He’s a superstar when the packers feel like letting him be one. Whenever this clown show coaching staff figures that out maybe the offense will be watchable for 60 minutes again.

    1. John Smith December 6, 2015

      Yeah, It almost seems like Mike McCarty doesn’t like Lacy, as a player and as a person. Eddie Lacy carried the team in 2013 and picked up the slack the second half of the season last year. It also doesn’t make any kind of sense as to why Lacy is losing carries to a dude they just picked up, or is getting less than 5 carries a game.

  5. Big B December 6, 2015

    The guy has been slow to the hole most of the season. He just loves running up the backs of the oline for some reason this year. He also missed curfew. You may know him better than anyone else, but he sure looks to me like he doesn’t care like you say… Now whether it’s him on the inside or due to coaches, I don’t know. But the guys a f’n pro making millions. He should be giving 110% every play. He can play all the f’n video games he wants during the off season!

  6. bd December 6, 2015

    Spot On. Great article! RunLacyRun

  7. John Smith December 6, 2015

    Mike McCarty has something against Lacy. The guy gets treated like shit from the team’s coaching staff, THEY WOULD RATHER LET A DUDE THEY JUST PICKED UP CARRY THE TEAM THAN LET EDDIE LACY, A 3RD YEAR RUNNING BACK WHO HAS PROVEN HE CAN CARRY THE TEAM ON HIS BACK. This isn’t about the stupid ass curfew that was mentioned, Mike McCarty has been pulling this crap on Eddie Lacy the entire season.

    1. icebowl December 6, 2015

      That’s harsh, JS.
      Where do you get your intel – TMZ ?

      BTW : I wouldn’t exactly say that “A DUDE THEY JUST PICKED UP” carried the team !

  8. xlvordie December 6, 2015

    Fuck Eddie lacy
    Fuck john smith

  9. Kato December 6, 2015

    Apparently no one else has seen what I have seen this year. Lacy is noticeably slower this year. I am not seeing the acceleration that i saw in the past. He still has had some nice games, and the run game has been abandoned at times. He is about 15lbs overweight, I think that is obvious

  10. Howard December 7, 2015

    Everyone on the offense has underperformed from last year except maybe Lang. That includes the coaches.

    Get the offense healthy and things will get better with one exception. It is becoming harder to see any wide receiver step up. All the more reason that the team needs Lacy to produce.

    Lacy will be the same Lacy in the stretch run as he was last year. Will the coaches ride that horse properly to the finish line.

  11. Big B December 7, 2015

    John Smith – the curfew is the lastest culmination of a lot of things going on with Lacy. He’s noticeably slower (if he’s not fat or hurt then it’s in his head). To me, he looks like he doesn’t want to be in there – my opinion, I haven’t talked to him personally. You honestly believe a head coach of a pro team (or any team) wouldn’t play their best guys because they don’t like the kid? Fucking stupid comment! Or is it more logical they aren’t playing him because it’s Lacy who doesn’t give a shit? And regarding the “stupid curfew” these guys are pros – they make more in one year than most people ever will… Get to fucking bed on time! Not too much to ask.

  12. The Money Mike December 7, 2015

    So when he gets 5 carries for 4 yards, suddenly he is going to average 9.6 yards on his next 10 carries to get to 100? Bitch please. He would need a big run and that basically compares him to Starks!

  13. Andy Pants December 7, 2015

    John Smith, after Lacy received five chances to run more than a fraction of a yard (0.8) per carry, with the team trailing by multiple scores in the third quarter of the game, and with Starks performing poorly as well, McCarthy decided to give his third back, Crockett, a try. What a scandal!

    Luckily, Crockett picked up a couple first downs in the same amount of carries (five) that Lacy had, but, again, it’s all just a conspiracy to punish Lacy because you know for a fact that McCarthy just doesn’t like him.

    What does McCarthy “have against” Lacy? In what ways does the coaching staff “treat him like shit”? What does the curfew have to do with his 0.8 yards per carry?

  14. knucklehead December 7, 2015

    “And believe me, we’ve heard some downright top-shelf idiocy from the tools who cover the Packers, this year.”

    You must have been drunk and started reading your own posts Monty.

  15. knucklehead December 7, 2015

    And Monty, 99% of what you do is manufacture controversy. So give everybody a fucking break.

  16. rebelgb December 8, 2015

    This article is crap. Lacy is good if the Packers have a lead and can feed him the ball; have you seen our offense this year? Um yeah we havent had many leads. Not enough to give away possessions by running on 2nd and 3rd and long.

    Also in case you havent noticed our oline sucks ass the last 6 weeks. Lacy is great if he can break the line of scrimmage behind a olinemans block. He doesnt create space or his own holes. Starks can sometimes, and Crockett with his speed certainly has the ability. So Lacy is shit behind this oline. I mean for fucks sake Rodgers cant even find room to shave in the pocket our line gets pushed back so far up field, you expect 300 pound Lacy to get a head of steam up?

    I love Eddie Lacy. I have his jersey, a picture of him above my desk, and a Plaque with his name plate on it. No lie. But damn right now the problem is our oline, our offense AND Lacy. There is no conspiracy.