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Four Possible Playoff Seeds Still Lie Open for Packers

Mike Daniels

With game time for the penultimate game of the season approaching, the Packers could still find themselves as four different seeds for the 2015 playoffs.

Even with a playoff spot already wrapped up and just two games to play, the Packers’ seeding is still largely to be determined because both of their remaining games are against teams that will be in the playoffs.

This afternoon’s tilt should eliminate one of those options. The question remains whether that option will be the 2nd seed or the 6th seed depending on victory or defeat for the Packers.

Put simply, here are the possible paths still open to the Packers.

The Packers get the 2 seed if they win out and Arizona loses to Seattle in Week 17.

The Packers get the 3 seed if they win next week but either lose this week or Arizona wins out.

The Packers can not get the 4 seed since they’ll finish with a better record than the NFC Least winner regardless of what happens.

The Packers get the 5 seed if they win this week but lose next week, or if they lose out and Seattle loses to Arizona.

The Packers get the 6 seed if they lose out and Seattle wins out.

As things currently sit, the Packers will most likely play the Vikings in the first round of the playoffs with the Week 17 result determining where. However, a win over Arizona today would change that.


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. icebowl December 27, 2015

    Looking like #6 seed right now against Zonies, close to turning off after #12 INT in endzone to keep score at 10-0.
    Defense only reason it’s not worse [email protected]

  2. Woodbury December 27, 2015

    This offense is an embarrassment.

  3. Big B December 27, 2015

    Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?

  4. The Money Mike December 27, 2015

    Is this real life?

    1. Phatgzus December 27, 2015

      Nope, just a dream, a horrible, horrible nightmare of a dream. Its really the eve of the Packers 3rd preseason game and Horry Nelson is healthy. Time to wake up, Neo.

  5. Phatgzus December 27, 2015

    I feel awful for Aaron Rodgers; for all you David Bakbtiari haters, maybe he isn’t SO bad after all, eh?
    This team will be lucky to heat Minisoda once, let alone twice playing like this.

  6. Skinny December 27, 2015

    Doesn’t matter this team is done in the wild card. McCarthy is gone, gonna be big changes finally at least. Rodgers is full of shit too, got a lot to think about this off season.

    1. Phatgzus December 27, 2015

      Another 10+-win season, sorry, not gonna happen, no matter what your opinions are of MM; pretty sure he just got a new contract this last off-season. Shiny, ain’t it, Captain?

      1. Skinny December 27, 2015

        Contracts are made to be broken. I guarantee that in 2-3 weeks here when this season ends in disappointment again that where will be big changes, and this time Mike wont be able to fire his ST coordinator to cover his own ass.

        1. Phatgzus December 27, 2015

          You “guarantee” it? Are you so sure that your he willing to bet money on it? Because I’ll gladly take you up on that offer, seriously-i’ll wager $100.00 that Mike McCarthy is the head coach of the Green Bay Packers next year. Ball’s in your court, McEnroe.

          1. Phatgzus December 27, 2015


  7. Kato December 27, 2015

    I am with phatgzus. So how bad exactly are bahktiari and bulaga?

  8. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2015

    They are fucking awful . . . but the replacements are a fucking joke! Same as Campen is as the O Line coach! What a train wreck . . . lol! Geesh I saw this coming, and so did the rest of you.

  9. gort December 27, 2015

    Lost 1, most likely now is the wild card slot.

  10. Azpackerfan December 27, 2015

    It will be hard to go to work tomorrow . McJackass is an embarrassing coach. No answers for the issues that we have. Can’t wait to hear about schematics and pad level. So sad to see ARod piss away his career with this guy

    1. Phatgzus December 27, 2015

      You mean the fucking injuries? You can only do so much until you have to rely on your players to, ya know, do their multimillion dollar jobs. The players shot the bed against a great team at their house for the second time this year, particularly the o-line, chief among them Don Barclay and poor Josh Walker.

  11. Feck December 27, 2015

    All Mike McCarthy’s coach speak spiel about accountability and fundamentals and trust is going to sound like silly BS if he keeps giving Adams opportunities. What does it take to get get put in the doghouse if Devante hasn’t done it yet? Getting flagged for excessive celebrating for a single routine pass finally going undropped basically sums it up. There is no doghouse. If McCarthy turns into a toothless dog I will think it is sad.

    1. Phatgzus December 27, 2015

      He was flagged for delay of game not excessive celebration, Archimedes, he wasn’t celebrating shit. And you have to put your best players out there, as terrible as Adams has been this year Janis has been worse.

  12. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2015

    MM plays favorites! he always has . . . No wonder they play like they do, what message has this been sending to the other players all these years? Buffoon sucks.

    1. Skinny December 27, 2015

      Should be an interesting Ask Vic tomorrow.

  13. Azpackerfan December 27, 2015

    Dave Adams needs to have his ass benched permanantly. He has never been a good reciever but the MM and TT game plan is to keep playing the top draft choices no matter what. Welcome to reality Feck, the nut less dog rules the roost for some unknown reason

  14. Feck December 27, 2015

    Also it appears to me that since Cobb is at X, no slot routes with hot reads?

  15. V December 27, 2015

    $100 that’s weak. Why not $1 milllllllliiiiiiooooonnnnn dollars!?