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Five More Thoughts on Packers’ 28-7 Win Over Cowboys

Eddie Lacy

The Green Bay Packers maybe got back on track offensively in beating the overmatched Dallas Cowboys 28-7 on an unseasonably warm day at Lambeau Field on Sunday.

I was at the game and I’ve never been to another football game like it. It’s December in Wisconsin and I don’t think the temperature dropped below 50 degrees all day. It also rained all day, so it was wet.

Real wet.

And for once this season, the Packers actually did something that made sense offensively. And right there, you have the difference between Mike McCarthy and Tom Clements calling the plays.

At least that’s how I’m going to look at it.

So, on with it.

Run the football, stop the…
Well, the Packers got half of that right on Sunday. They ran the football plenty and they ran it well. The Packers totaled 230 yards on the ground, with Eddie Lacy getting 124 yards on 24 carries and James Starks adding 71 on 11. They really didn’t do much to stop Dallas from running the football though, at least on defense. The Cowboys had 171 yards rushing on just 20 attempts. That’s 8.5 per carry. Darren McFadden had 111 of those yards on just nine carries. So you can see what happened here. The Packers couldn’t stop the big gains. McFadden ripped off a 50-yarder and Robert Turbin had one go for 22. On that McFadden run, Clay Matthews was the guy who needed to stop it at the line of scrimmage, but he got shoved to the outside, which created a huge hole. This type of run defense isn’t going to get it done in the playoffs. Luckily, the Cowboys were playing from behind and they didn’t have the luxury of running the football.

By the way…
Eddie Lacy carried the offense, just like we said he was going to. So the next media hack who suggests Lacy isn’t getting it done because he’s fat, I am going to personally come to your home and punch you in the kidney until you piss blood. That narrative is beyond ignorant.

Sorry, Dez
It certainly seemed like the Cowboys were looking to feed Dez Bryant the ball on Sunday. They threw it to him six times, but he ended up with just one catch for nine yards. That’s a hell of a job by the Packers’ secondary. First, it was Sam Shields. Shields suffered a concussion in the first half, which put Quinten Rollins in. Rollins and fellow rookie Damarious Randall manned the two outside spots the rest of the way. That’s shaping up to be a formidable secondary.

The return of the hoodie
James Jones hasn’t had a good game since the Packers played at Minnesota. That’s also the last time he wore that ridiculous sleeveless hoodie under his jersey. After topping 100 yards against the Vikings, Jones caught one pass for 19 yards over the next two weeks combined. So he must have figured he needed the hoodie to play well. Jones didn’t really set it on fire, but he did increase his production, catching four for 49 against Dallas. As far as we’re concerned, it’s hoodie weather from here on out.

Back to reality
Or by the way II. A lot of you were jumping on the Richard Rodgers’ bandwagon last week after his career-best game. Some of you even derided us for pointing out the fact that a single good game does not a season or career make. Well, well, well… Where was your fucking boy DickRodge on Sunday? I’ll tell you where. M.I.A. One catch, three yards. And things are right back to normal. Please, regale us with tales of how DickRodge is a top-tier tight end again.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L December 14, 2015

    In regards to Lacy, you slam fans for stating a single good game for DickRodg, does not a season or career make. but then, Lacy has a good game, and you act like that catapults him into mvp status. Lets see him do it somewhat consistently against better run defenses. With that being said, Lacy is fat, he needs to take his career more seriously and get in NFL football shape. This is where i think McCarthy had his “Come to Jesus” talk with Lacy, it wasn’t just about missing curfew.

    Sidenote to keyboard tough guy…You aren’t going to personally punch anyone in the kidneys until they piss blood. Don’t talk so stupid.

    1. MMK December 14, 2015

      …except Lacy hasn’t had “a” good game, he’s had several good seasons. He’s proven.

    2. Arcturus December 14, 2015

      Thanks for consistently posting some of the dumbest comments on this site. Pro tip: You don’t like the writing here? Go the fuck somewhere else.

      1. PF4L December 15, 2015

        Don’t like it?…Don’t read it, shit for brains.

        1. Arcturus December 15, 2015

          What a clever fellow. Hey remember that time when you weren’t going to post here anymore? That was awesome.

          1. PF4L December 20, 2015

            No i dont, why dont you show me it.

  2. xlvordie December 14, 2015

    Lacy is still fat and you spend to much time hating on R.Rodgers.
    Focus the hate on Adams please

    1. jtmax December 14, 2015

      I agree. AR did not throw one decent pass at Richard Rodgers and when there was a screen thrown to him, he broke some tough tackles to gain 8 yards to be called back on stupid holding penalty.
      Monty, give it up already.

  3. Vano Lucas December 14, 2015

    I wonder how many times Richard Rodgers was thrown to. I still regard him as a strong potential guy who could be very solid in the future. If he didn’t get open, get separation, then he was pretty much like all our other receivers. And a keyboard tough guy is sure as hell comical.

  4. Zwoeger December 14, 2015

    About that running game. Almost every team sets a team/season record with that against us.

    Hyde is a bad punt returner waits to long to start
    and bad decisions for the direction. Lets try Janis here too.

    Janis is never late .

    After the TD of Lacy I saw something in the eyes of Lacy when going helmets with Rodgers. Don’t know what but it looked like I don’t take you serious.

    Arod: some throws good but more off. He has to do better.

  5. Kato December 14, 2015

    Never once on here have I seen someone state that Richard rodgers is a top tier tight end. And btw, that one catch was a TD. Not too bad.

    1. Fritz fm WI December 14, 2015

      i stated before, in my comment to a previous article on the Motown Miracle, that “our TE situation is resolved”

      so to further cement my response your query as to why no one has said it before:

      I, Fritz fm WI, now state before all the world. being of right mind and sober, do hereby attest to the fact I saw a top tier TE playing for GB in a number of recent 2015 games, and his name is: Richard Rodgers [and no, it is not the famous composer/lyricist of Oklahoma! fame].

  6. knucklehead December 14, 2015

    Well Monty, as usual you show your true colors as nothing more than closet Packers hater. Over the past two wins, you can see you were angry you had to rewrite your latest ‘shit-the-bed” article and begrudgingly admitted the Packers won.

    Now that you have accepted that A. Rodgers is straight and can never be with you, the TE Rodgers has become your proxy for the rage in your man-lust loins.

    You and your pseudonym “E. Wolf” should take a trip to Thailand and spend your money on a Lady Boy who will wear a #12 jeresy and love you for an hour or so for a reasonable charge. Your mental outlook will improve and maybe your writing.

    1. Andy Pants December 14, 2015

      Knucklehead, how do you know that Monty is “E. Wolf”? That’s interesting.

      1. Fritz fm WI December 14, 2015

        knucklehead is a troll. he is Al [Michaels] Hombre’s secret alter-handle…

    2. Arcturus December 14, 2015

      Let me guess: You’re also butthurt about the “war on Christmas” too?

  7. xlvordie December 14, 2015

    Did your wife cheat on you with a man named Richard? It really baffles me why you’re so critical of him. Seems more like a personal bias than anything else.

    Every week you blast the shit out of Rodgers. Adams had 2 catches and Jones had 4. And you actually go as far as to point of jones’s production? 4 catches under 50 yards is expected from a WR who plays every down.

    I hope Richard Rodgers personality comes to your home and beats the fuck out of you.

    1. PF4L December 14, 2015

      Sometimes he has a negative obsession with men who are unattainable ie: Aaron, DickRodge, Mathews, ect. Time heals all, it’s a process.

  8. UpNorth December 14, 2015

    This is just strange for sure, it’s like pulling the string on a doll and getting a random response every time from this website. Lacy, as far as I can tell, was much more indecisive and lax earlier in the year then he is now. I think that benching in Detroit helped wake him up to the realization that this is truly what he loves doing. Hell, he says that himself in the post game interviews. The O-Line did much better blocking but still has MASSIVE difficulty running stretch runs rather then inside where most of our damage was done.

    As for Richard Rodgers, I really don’t get why you keep using him as your pin cushion. He is not a world beater Tight End and most likely never will be, but he is becoming much more consistent and demands attention. He was targeted maybe three or four times in a game where running the ball was the primary focus, as it should be in a wet game. He caught a touchdown pass on a rather poor throw from Rodgers and also made several impressive blocks in the run game, something he was struggling with before and is only getting better at.

    I get that you will always need something to rag on but seriously, Adams is far more worthy of such disdain then RR is.

  9. xlvordie December 14, 2015


  10. JD December 14, 2015

    How ’bout some thoughts on how Janis on special teams and Ryan at linebacker, they made plays.

  11. MMK December 14, 2015

    This site is far from the only source that is tough on R. Rodgers. I think it’s pretty commonly accepted that he is sluggish and struggles to create separation. Maybe not by the comment section cheerleaders who treat any criticism of the team as treason, though.

  12. Skinny December 14, 2015

    You know who else was a special teams god? Vince Fuckin Papale at 30 years old.

  13. Andy Pants December 14, 2015

    Absolutely nobody “regaled you with tales of how DickRodge is a top tier tight end.” Once again, you’re creating something out of nothing. Some did in fact say that perhaps the criticism of R. Rodgers was premature and that he could develop into a decent right end.

    In case you didn’t notice, they used Kuhn a lot more to assist the running game, which reduced his snaps.

  14. uralldumb December 14, 2015

    DickRodge caught the only ball thrown his way for a TD – and it was a nice body adjustment for a big guy to get it done. Obviously wan’t a big part of the game plan this week – But nice try Monty, ya ignoramus!

  15. MMTTDCSUCK December 14, 2015

    This game showed a few things. While the running game was much better, the passing game is still in the shitter. The plays, the execution or whatever the fuck was wrong, was still so apparent in the 2nd and 3rd quarters during this game that it begs for dialogue. I mean they had how many drives ending in punts? Something still stinks. It will become more evident as we enter into the playoff season. Whatever it is . . . the Packers need to fix it soon!

  16. packattackinmpls December 14, 2015

    Monty is a closet Queens fan..

  17. DJ December 14, 2015

    The run game was solid yesterday but that was against a bottom tier run defense….so lets not think we’ve established something….our run game is still inconsistent and cant be trusted. Even with McCarthy holding the sheet, and he’s one of the best aerial play callers there is, the passing game sucked…so lets dispense with that BS too.
    The fact remains this team will go as far as #12 can take them and right now, that isnt very far. People aka players make plays & play makers win games. We have no play makers on the perimeter. We are not winning on the perimeter. WE NEED HELP THERE. It is that simple.
    Jordy is gone FOUR MONTHS now, we’re $12 mil under the cap, yet we have done NOTHING to address it. Instead, we’ve given our first ballot HOF QB a hurt rookie, a 2nd yr slump guy, two injury riddled projects, an aging recently cut WR, and a decent slot guy who doubles as a RB…to throw the ball to. Its not fucking rocket science. This is the NFL. You get what you pay for & our front office is as arrogant & cheap as they come. Its embarrassing not to mention unproductive. This team has “first rd flame out” written all over it & that fucking pisses me off because our defense is FINALLY playing well enough to win it all.

    1. Shawn December 14, 2015

      Maybe the most prevalent and misguided myth about current Packers’ management.

      Money being paid to players this season- Packers – $137 million, Seahawks – $127 million, Patriots – $122 million.
      So, how are the Packers cheap again?
      Answer: They aren’t. Not in the least bit. Actually, the Packers have ranked in the Top 10 in player salaries every year since the cost-cutting season of 2005.

      1. DJ December 15, 2015

        Come on, Shawn. Fixating on one word doesnt alter reality. It is apples & oranges anyway. Overall long term payroll and the willingness to admit to, identify & aggressively react to unforeseen, short term flaws/events have NOTHING to do with each other. This regime has & has had the means & cap space to address an ongoing issue months ago but are handicapped by their arrogance & allegiance to their draft & develop model and their distaste of in season free agency & trades. And/or they are unwilling to spend the money. Both drive each other & you know that. Bottom line: Our WRs have struggled to get open for 13 weeks now & nothing has been done to address it. And you wanna spar over “cheap?” Come on, man.

    2. Andy Pants December 14, 2015

      DJ, I’d like to hear your thoughts on a few things. First of all, your comment is dramatic, hysterical, and inaccurate. It’s really bad, and I’m embarrassed for you. The Cowboys were not a bottom run defense, and Shawn pointed out that your facts about “getting what you pay for” are completely inaccurate.

      Obviously, you think all of the receivers are bad, and that something should have been done by now to “address it” because it is not “fucking rocket science.” So what is it? This is your chance to show us all how “simple” it is. Who should be on the roster? Who should not be on the roster? How should Thompson have addressed it?

      1. DJ December 15, 2015

        lol Andy, why should I engage in a conversation with a laughingly condescending asshole who is too insecure & probably unknowledgeable to offer any of his own insights but still has the keyboard courage to pass judgment on others? I’ll tell you why. I believe in charity. And, obviously, you qualify.

        The Cowboys are a bottom tier run defense, as are we. Maybe I couldve said “half” instead of tier. Either way, they are not Seattle, NYJ, Carolina, Denver or any other top 16 rush defense. Thus, my point about our run game remains as valid this second as it was 24hrs ago when it skied over your head.

        Second, it doesnt matter what I think about our WRs as a group or personally. What matters is what opposing defenses think about them, which, judging by the coverages we’ve seen & the production they’ve generated, isnt very much. Meaning, a ton of Man coverage freeing up bodies to bring pressure. MM says we arent winning enough on the perimeter. ARod’s stats & qb rating are hovering around career lows. Meanwhile, 4 of our 6 remaining WRs have little if no experience. Literally. Home losses to Chicago & Detroit. Seattle & Carolina are getting better & we arent. *NEWSFLASH* None of those are good things & all tied to our ineffective pass game.

        There are/were plenty of veteran WRs who would love to come to GB & chase a ring. Yet Nov 3rd came & went and we did nothing. One or two veterans would stabilize the loss of Jordy & bring competition to a group that needs a push. No guarantee it works nor am I saying I am right. But we didnt even try (!) when we all saw the pass game struggle out of the gate & we all know how close we are to a championship. Did we do everything possible to minimize the impact of losing Jordy? Or did we just hope for the best? The answer is obvious. I guess what I call “common sense” some people call embarrassing or hysterical. Hence the need for charity. Your welcome.

  18. Salazar December 15, 2015

    I want to see a lot more of Janis and Abrederris on the field next week. They’ve earned it, just as Adams has earned a pine seat with his name on it. Seriously, fuck that stone-handed cocksmoker. Where the hell is Ty Montgomery?

  19. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey December 15, 2015

    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Richard Rodgers is not a good TE. He can catch, but he is slow and can’t block. There are three things a TE needs to be able to do: get open, block, and catch the ball. He can do one of those three things consistently.

    He’s a red zone threat but he stinks between the 20s. Does anyone remember Andrew Quarless? I feel like he’s not even listed on the injury reports, did he ascend to Heaven in some kind of The Leftovers event and we all missed it?

  20. Kato December 15, 2015

    But andy pants there is a receiver they could pick up in the arena league! Has huge upside! He could be a difference maker on the outside that no other team in a passing league has noticed! Either that or trade for an aging Calvin Johnson and his albatross of a contract. That way we have 35 million wrapped up in three receivers salaries. Yay!

    1. Andy Pants December 15, 2015

      Kato, do you mean the future first ballot Hall of Famer, COLT LYERLA!?

  21. icebowl December 15, 2015

    Gotta admit that third quarter blitz score by Dallas had me squirming……

    This was a good tune up game for tough remainder of 2015 season….

    Raiders no push-over, Cards gonna be too tough to beat, Queens to finish season…

    Pack goes 2-1 to win division and #3 seed…

  22. Kato December 15, 2015

    Hahaha yes Andy pants! Colt lyerla! Why hasn’t he been brought back yet?!?!?!?! And we should treat this like fanduel. They have $12 million in salary cap space, they should trade Adams and draft picks for Julio jones!!!!!!!! It isn’t rocket science!

  23. FITZCORE1252 December 15, 2015

    “Did your wife cheat on you with a man named Richard?”

    Haha, everyone knows Montaaay plays the meat flute.

  24. Kato December 16, 2015

    Ok DJ, you seem like a big man/master tough guy behind the keyboard/aspiring GM. You never answered Andy’s question. What move would you have done? What specific move would you have done? What free agent receiver on the street would you have pulled in that was better than who is on the roster? Who would you have traded for? Since you are such a wise ass. Way to type a bunch of nonsense about “what teams think about our receiever” rather than directly answer his question. It’s not rocket science!, in your words. Besides, how do you know they didn’t at least inquire teams about receivers before the deadline? Just because it was published doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.