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Five More Thoughts on Packers’ 27-23 Win Over Lions

Aaron Rodgers celebrates

Well, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything like that. The Green Bay Packers pulled off an improbable 27-23 win over the Detroit Lions on a Hail Mary on the game’s final play.

I saw a lot of people saying this saved the season and, well, I couldn’t disagree more. Win or lose, the Packers were most likely going to be in it until the end.

The Vikings hold just a one-game lead (now a half a game) over the Packers and have games against Seattle and at Arizona coming up. They then finish the season at Lambeau Field. If the Vikings and Packers finish with the same record, but the Packers sweep the season series, they’re division champs.

At any rate, this win does put the Packers in much better position for the division crown.

Despite playing some of the worst football I’ve seen since the 1980s over the past month, the Packers are still somehow right there in the thick of things.

We’re not going to call this the turning point of the season because, let’s be honest, Green Bay was beaten for 60 minutes on Thursday night. They should have lost that game, which would have been five of six.

And you know what? Only Detroit.

The one person I know who’s a Lions fan was texting me during the game. After the final play, he let loose a maniacal laugh and, probably rightfully, questioned the facemask call that gave the Packers that final play.

All I could say was this.

“I feel like if we were playing anyone other than the Lions, none of that would have happened. You’re cursed.”

And with that, let’s get it on.

So long, running game!
We’ve established — over and over again, in fact — that the Packers need to make a commitment to running the football in order to actually establish a running game. Specifically, they need to hand the ball to Eddie Lacy 15 or more times during the game. They can hand it to other guys, but Lacy needs the touches to get going and if he gets going, he can carry the offense. The Packers sorely need someone to carry their offense right now because no one in the receiving corps is capable of doing so.

Lacy was coming off consecutive games of 100 yards or greater. So what did the Packers do? They handed the ball to Lacy only five times, went back to James Starks as their lead back and played rookie John Crockett more extensively than anyone expected. The Packers rushed for just 67 yards, 27 of those coming from quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

That’s all probably just coincidence if you ask the Packers coaching staff, though.

This bullshit of not playing Lacy for whatever made-up reason has got to stop. I don’t care that he fumbled last week. He was also the only reason the offense moved the football at all. The ignorant dicks directing this offense need to get that through their thick fucking skulls. Unless Lacy fumbles three times in a game AND plows your wife on the field at halftime, he needs to be in the goddam game!

Oh, that’s right, nothing has changed…
It was amazing to me, watching the Packers lose last night’s game (right up until they didn’t), how inflexible and idiotic the coaching staff is. The team had lost four of five. Most teams lose four of five, they make some changes. Maybe in staff, maybe in personnel, maybe in play calling, maybe in scheme, maybe in all of it. Not the Green Bay Packers, though. Helllllllllll no! They just come out and do the same old shit with the same old people and assume the results will change.

The biggest thing that sticks out to me was the play calling. Once again, awful. It’s as if some of the plays were designed to lose yards. Love those slow-developing runs and those three-yard outs, Tom. String together eight of those in a row, we might get a first down. You know, as long as they give us eight downs to gain 10 yards. You’re a real dynamo with a play chart in your hand.

The personnel also comes to mind. Eddie Lacy is on a roll, let’s get him to the bench. Davante Adams is just plain awful, let’s feed him the ball again. Jeff Janis could be a difference maker, so let’s say we’re going to play him more and then not do it. I could go on and on about this.

This year, Mike McCarthy has started to remind me of Mike Shanahan. They’ve both won Super Bowls. McCarthy has costed on that for a while. Shanahan did too. Like McCarthy, he was considered an offensive genius. The thing is, after a while, Shanahan started to fail. You could say it was because he didn’t have John Elway and Terrell Davis anymore. I’d argue it was because he insisted on running the same system, i.e. doing the same thing, year after year. He wasn’t flexible and didn’t adapt. Kind of like Mike McCarthy.

Hey, listen guys. We’ve got a plan and we’re going to stick to it! Never mind that it isn’t working. That’s not what’s important here. What’s important here is the program. We’ve built this program and I’m proud of this program. Love the program. Love the plan. Death before deviation!

Receiving 101
This is simply pathetic. I cannot believe this has to be said, but it obviously does. Have you noticed anything weird when Aaron Rodgers escapes the pocket?

This is when the Packers are supposedly playing schoolyard football. Receivers break off their routes and run to an open spot. It’s supposed to be when Rodgers is at his improvisational best. Just one problem with that. The Packers receivers are a bunch of idiots.

Every time we saw Rodgers scramble out of the pocket on Thursday night, the receivers all just kept running downfield. That’s probably fine is you’re Willie Gault or White Shoes Johnson, but these assclowns can’t run by anyone. So these slow-ass, dim-witted sons of bitches are doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing.


You come back to the ball not just because you’re slow, but you come back to the ball because it puts the defensive back on his heels. The receiver gets automatic separation. The receivers gets OPEN!

But not the Packers receivers. They’ll just keep running that fly route all the way to hell, tightly covered.

Well, it’s about damn time…
Okay, I know. The coaching staff did make one change going into the Detroit game. They replaced Nate Palmer with rookie Jake Ryan at inside linebacker. Ryan responded with a team-leading 10 tackles.

Because you know what?

Of course he did.

Palmer has been playing like ass all season. What the hell took these morons so long to make this move is beyond me. Two guys who currently have similar skill levels, you always play the guy with the higher ceiling. That’s Football 101, guys.

Banged up and beaten down
It’s a good thing the Packers have a long week and will get a few days off before coming back to prepare for Dallas. They are clearly an injury-riddled football team.

Damarious Randall, T.J. Lang, Bryan Bulaga — all inactive Thursday night. Corey Linsley, David Bakhtiari, Quinten Rollins — all left the game, at least for a bit, after getting hurt.

The Packers are not going to come back next week fully healthy, but if they can get some guys feeling better, then maybe they can get some guys playing better.

If you’re looking for hope that this is indeed the turning point, there’s the sliver of it we’re going to leave you with.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. MMK December 4, 2015

    If there’s any shred of a turning point, it should be #12 coming to the realization of “Fuck it, I’m still me. I’m going to hurl the fucking ball around and make defenses beat ME.” That’s the only thing that could make the season interesting is forcing other teams to deal with an unhinged Aaron Rodgers.

  2. uralldumb December 4, 2015

    Monty you are such an ignorant f-tard.

    Did you see Janis on the fly route? He’s an ambulatory disaster. He turned too early to look for the ball, but lost a quarter of his speed doing so. The ball was thrown perfectly.

    And your boy Ryan vacated his gap on one play and forgot to cover his man on the next. 50 yards and a TD in two plays. Not that I mind him on the field over Palmer, but your cool-aid commentary is sad.

    And how ’bout some love for your favorite DickRodge who had a pretty good game, hail mary aside. Shocking you didn’t mention it.

    I love this site. It’s hilarious.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 4, 2015

      I noticed the Janis error as well. However, I still believe that he has potential to succeed. He has been CATCHING FOOTBALLS FOR A LONG TIME, I am certain that the play in question is more an aberration than an absolute. The more a high ceiling athletic talent plays, the better they become. Until Adams pulls his head out of his ass, they need to feature other receivers out there running routes as well.

    2. Deepsky December 4, 2015

      If I had to make a choice running Eddie Lacy into 8 guys at the line and getting 0 yards vs throwing to Janis a couple of times that are incomplete but Janis has a step on the guy, I think I would take the latter as it would make the defenders at least respect the Packers passing game.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK December 4, 2015

        That is how I see it as well. The safeties respect speed, show it often enough, then they have to respect it. Which in turn helps to open up the middle.

  3. Cheese Tits December 4, 2015

    He needs to start taking more chances downfield. Who cares if you get picked off? Most of gingers punts only travel about 30 yards anyway.

    1. PF4L December 4, 2015

      Maybe you need to start showing us your tits.

  4. dawg December 4, 2015

    What a complete IDIOT you are! Lacy ran the ball and SUCKED giant hairy balls doing it. Captain CHEETOS is too fat and slow to hit the open holes.

  5. gort December 4, 2015

    Monty got it right. The players won despite questionable (yeah, I am trying to be a bit nice) coaching decisions.

  6. Ted Hawthorne December 4, 2015

    Brilliant analysis, Monte. Your right on Palmer,
    Lacy, Janis, and DickRodge. I’d only add that Jayrone is the quickest pass rusher–so, of course, MM has him on the bench on 3rd and long. I love your website because you tell the truth about our Packers.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 4, 2015

      Yep, they continue to mismanage their personnel that is for sure . . . Glad we won, but they did not look very good doing it. Another game of offering up the same “tired schemes” for the majority of the game. A Rodgers willed that win. Richard Rodgers played his best game as a packer last night. He made a difference as well. I have to give him the benefit of the doubt on that, his hands and YAC were solid. And Ryan? still waaaay too inexperienced. Made some awful decisions last night, while making some decent ones as well. Not sold on him, but he appears to have a higher ceiling than Palmer. ILB’s (even lousy ones) tend to have 6-10 tackles a game! so that stat is bullshit. But he seems to have some good energy, so I will keep watching. Good win! Ugly as fuck though . . .

      1. Andy December 4, 2015

        Yeah jake ryan made mistakes, that cost us big plays, but so did our veterans. Things like peppers lining up in the neutral zone in such a crucial spot and crosby missing the field goal early, also hurt us badly, but he got back in there and showed some effort, and the way this team is laying at the moment, that’s all I can ask for, show me you’re fighting for the goddam team.

        1. Fritz fm WI December 5, 2015

          i noticed another bright spot in all this:
          they are playing more disciplined, esp. the banged up O line who actually had fewer penalties than, like, last week when the veteran starters were all intact.

          now that we got our TE situation resolved, we are set to actually start PEAKING at playoff time this year, and this will be the first time that has happened since the SB season. i guess they just need to get a little DISrespect from the rest of the nfl and sports media to give them that “kick in the pants” running start into the playoffs?

  7. Andy Pants December 4, 2015

    First of all, I’m a big Lacy fan, but Crockett outplayed his ass, hands down. So fuck that shit. We have no idea what is really going on either Lacy. They were running behind an 8th string O-line, and Crockett was the only man who could get it done.

    Second, they did make some changes. One of them, promoting Crockett, you openly mocked. And then Crockett, who evidently did not require “15+” carries to get going, provided a huge spark. And who is Jake Ryan?

    Third, after being down 0-20, they fucking came back and won. You can bitch all you want about how they “should have lost 4 out 5 games,” but they fucking didn’t. You weren’t saying they should have won the last Lions game after the botched field goal, you didn’t say they should have won the Bears game after 1st and goal, and you didn’t say hey should have won the Panthers game after having a chance in the red zone, either. No, those were all losses. Yesterday’s game was a win, that they deserved just the same as those close losses.

  8. Remedy December 4, 2015

    Lacy looked extremely slow again last night. He had zero fire, guy looks depressed

    Crockett has the quickness and skill to hit the smallest holes and make an awful oline work. So, fuck it, roll with him

  9. pastordad December 4, 2015

    FINALLY….someone catches a ball at a crucial time!!!! Also, have been reading and wondering…ya think somebody has a offense, kind of figured out….Crockett will help change somethings up.

  10. Zwoeger December 4, 2015

    Was I happy after that hail mary? Yes I was. My throat is sore and I broke some things slapping my away hat around.
    And then I realised again nothing is going to change with MM and TT at the helm. And as that lucky SB win this lucky win will have them in their driver seats longer then I hoped for.

    1. Andy Pants December 4, 2015

      That’s the spirit, Zwoeger. They won the Super Bowl by luck, just like 31 other teams unluckily did not win it that year. It was all just an accident. Just like they’ve been lucky to win the division every year since then, and just like they made the NFC championship game three times as well. It’s just a bunch of luck that they are so successful. And here they are at 8-4, ready to make the Playoffs again, but it’s just luck. Every year.

      1. Andy December 4, 2015

        I actually think we won the super bowl, by going on the road and outplaying the best teams in the league that year like the eagles, falcons, bears and steelers. you could argue that we win the division each year and make the playoffs because we have a completely inept division, but all the same to do it 6 consecutive years is not luck at all.

        1. Shawn December 5, 2015

          Not sure how you can argue we have an inept division when this division has sent at least 2 teams to the playoffs every year since 2008, except for 2013 when Rodgers was injured.
          And yes, it was obviously lucky for the best team in football and the team that won 19 consecutive games, going an entire calendar year without losing a game, completely lucky for that team to win the Super Bowl. Luckiest Super Bowl ever!

  11. Zwoeger December 4, 2015

    Actually that hat is a cap.

  12. Skinny December 4, 2015

    Ketchman just wrote in his mailbag this was the single best coaching performance he’s ever seen, ha. That guy is so full of shit, I had a good laugh, I knew he would write something like that today.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 4, 2015

      I have nearly stopped reading that shills’ crap. He is just a paid storyteller for the Green and Gold. To keep the masses coming and believing. Repugnant.

      1. Skinny December 4, 2015

        My weekly ask Vic question. How much do the Packers pay you to kiss their ass every week? He never responds.

    2. Big Gay Clay December 4, 2015

      I go on Packers.com all the time mostly to watch interviews. I made the mistake one time to click on the “Ask Vic” segment. I’ll say that I haven’t made that mistake since then, that dude is the definition of a tard.

      1. Ted Hawthorne December 4, 2015

        Packers.com is the “Pravda” of the Packers and
        Ketchman is its voice. No matter how severe
        the famine the harvest is always at an all-time

  13. fred December 4, 2015

    Monty the packers wouldnt win any games with u as coach. Lacy looked terrible when he was in and the playcalling looked better. There was some good calls like the fake reverse screen.

  14. ay hombre December 4, 2015

    I heard on the radio that Lacy might have missed a meeting. However my guess is he was given a weight goal to meet and missed it.

    As far as Crockett, the only thing the Packers failed in that regard was keeping him in the game and giving him the ball. He created a spark without question and had big lanes to run through.

  15. Zwoeger December 4, 2015

    Another thing I noticed when the first time out of the 2nd half was taken MM took over and Clements was a bystander, looked a bit like I know nothing Zook . Maybe MM could be play caller under the supervision of a real HC.

  16. Big Gay Clay December 4, 2015

    I have to give credit to D. Bak, hes a tough SOB. The very first play our backup was in Rodgers got smoked. D. Bak came back in the next drive with an injury because we needed him. We wouldn’t have been able to come back if he didn’t come back in the game.

  17. scott December 4, 2015

    ba hum bug, monty mcmahon

  18. Packer Bob December 4, 2015

    “We’ve established — over and over again, in fact — that the Packers need to make a commitment to running the football in order to actually establish a running game.’

    No fucking shit, Einstein. You have everyone else on the planet. Stop acting like you’re the only fucking person the planet who understands that.

  19. ARS85 December 4, 2015

    I was at the game and the offense looked like a steaming bag of shit for the majority of the game. The run game needs to be more effective and used more simply for the fact that our receivers can’t get open at all. The defence has been solid and keeping us in every game. Jake Ryan was very noticeable out there live, all around the ball and all over the field. All of that aside that was maybe the greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed live and to be able to stick it to all the lions fans after 60 minutes of suffering made it all that much sweeter.

  20. DJ December 4, 2015

    A couple of things. First, Monte is bending logic to justify his narrative. He knows that 3/5 of the OL were out yet still feels compelled to bitch about Lacy not getting touches & a lack of commitment to the run game. Because we all know that the run game prospers when back ups are forced into the game. Retarded. Just stop.

    Second, I think he can also dispense with his Glenn Close Fatal Attraction with Richard Rodgers. That has run its course & is bullshit. It was BS before the hail mary and BS after. Move on.

    Third, I really liked Crockett coming in and giving us a change of pace. Lacy is power, Starks is slashing, and Crockett gives us some scat back quickness. Even when Randall runs out of the backfield it is almost always a positive play. We need that type of dimension in our run game WITHOUT taking our best remaining WR off the perimeter. Franklin gave us that asset a few yrs back & it was effective albeit he was fumble prone. I am still perplexed as to why we didnt try to replicate it sooner since our run game has never been consistently stellar.

    Lastly, the passing game is mixture of toxic futility on several fronts. Yes, guys arent winning on the perimeter enough but as Shawn has pointed on on Rewind…the open windows are there albeit for shorter time periods. Thus, the ball has to come out!! But that is because of Rodgers & the OL. There is no trust there. Watch ARod’s feet…they’re happy & insecure the second he plants on his drop. He’s throwing off his back foot or off balance more than I’ve ever seen him….and his accuracy & confidence are suffering for it. He’s having to adjust in the pocket…or thinking he has to adjust when he doesnt have to…and missing the windows that are available. We HAVE TO fix those two seconds when he plants his right foot into the ground & get him throwing off his front foot where his accuracy is unmatched….as opposed to moving laterally or backwards. It is those two seconds when the ball comes out that make him effective in the pocket & thus makes the scramble/2nd play so lethal. As is, he’s mentally going straight to scramble and it aint working. This has to be addressed on multiple levels…play calling, OL, ARod, and the WRs. Our season hinges upon solving it….and we’re running out of road. Damn proud of the defense, though.

  21. CO Bob December 4, 2015

    I read this site because of the unabashed critiquing, and the application of foul language. Some of it is trolling. Fine by me. Savage57 and Lynn Fuckin Dickey are two of my favs.

    Fun win. Had my Packer hat on at the local bar, and scored about 5 free shots from total strangers.

    If the offense doesn’t get in gear, they’re going to be fucked in the playoffs.

  22. Andy Pants December 4, 2015

    @Andy, I’m not sure if my sarcasm came across, but rest assured, I agree with you.

  23. G December 10, 2015

    Dude you are spot on on everything. The only dock i have on you is you’re too easy on McCarthy and too PC. It’s beyond comprehension to me they keep playing Adams and Jones (probably runs. 5.1 now) and wonmt give Janis a chance. It’s bs white WR stuff of i’m not comfortable with how you move. Dude just makes plays…does he not? Before his 60+ and 70+ returns, when is the last time that happened? And moron McCarthy and crew “reward” him with saying he’ll be their returner the next week. Fk joke. I like Jones a lot from his past, but he’s done at the NFL level. Adams, he is a 1/2 ass everything dude and therefore a sht WR in the NFL. They get every chance and it doesn’t work. Wake the f up! Please, someone. McCarthy is wasting Rodgers best years and we should have 3 SBs. Capers sucks, is an idiot and never changes. He has serious talent this yr, that’s why the D has been playing well, not scheme. Took an act of god to play Jake Ryan when Palmer blows, etc.. I gotta go but these coaches are a joke and there is zero talk of firing them.