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Aaron Rodgers’ Bad Season in Perspective

Aaron Rodgers

Is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers having a bad season? Well, not if his name were Teddy Bridgewater.

But yes, Rodgers is having a bad season. The worst of his career, in fact.

And there can really be no debate about it.

Here are Rodgers’ current numbers: 3,530 yards, 60.4 completion percentage, 6.7 yards per pass, 30 TDs, 7 INTs, 93.7 rating.

If you’re looking at those numbers in a vacuum, they look pretty decent. When you compare apples to apples — Rodgers to Rodgers — they don’t look so decent anymore.

Rodgers’ lowest yardage total in a non-injury season was 3,922 in 2010, when he played 15 games. So Rodgers would need 16 games and have to throw for 392 yards on Sunday to match that total.

The completion percentage will be the lowest of Rodgers’ career. His previous career low as a starter was 63.6 in 2008, which was his first year as a starter. That’s the only other season in his career he’s connected on less than 64 percent of his passes. This season, he’s well below that mark and well below his previous career-worst.

The 6.7 per pass is a similar number. The previous career low was 7.5, again in 2008. This will mark just the third time in Rodgers’ career as a starter that he’s been below 8 yards per pass. Obviously, it’s the first time he’ll be below 7.

The 93.7 rating would also be a career low. However, Rodgers can change that with a good game on Sunday. His lowest rating to date was 93.8, which also came in 2008. This will be just the second time Rodgers’ has had a QB rating below 100.

The touchdowns and interceptions are the two things that aren’t way, way off. His career low for TD passes in a season is 28 (2008 and 2010) and high for picks is 13 (2008).

That paints a pretty dark picture, but don’t worry. It gets darker when you compare Rodgers with the rest of the league.

Rodgers’ passing yardage total has him ranked 17th in the league, behind guys like Blake Bortles, Ryan Tannehill, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston.

In rating, Rodgers ranks 13th. In completion percentage, he’s 27th. In yards per pass, he’s 31st.

You know what that is right there, folks?

That’s a pretty average quarterback.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Cheese December 30, 2015

    Yards per pass, 31st in the league. Harsh….

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 31, 2015
  2. Zwoeger December 30, 2015

    As I said before let’s hope he has a Crosby year and we all know Crosby made a remarkable come back. However we need more then that as in change of GM > HC > coacing staff/trainers.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 30, 2015

      Fucking A ^^^^^

    2. [email protected] December 30, 2015

      If our MVP QB was executing at just his average season level rather than so poorly, our HC and GM would look much better. Shawn’s total view article this week very thoroughly illustrates how much of the offense problems are located between Rodger’s left ear and right ear. He used to hit those timing passes dead one, all the time. Now, he won’t throw them. The routes are open, watch the tape. What’s going on in there???

      1. PF4L December 31, 2015

        Get a clue

  3. V December 30, 2015

    Can you see that this guy has nobody to throw to? His best receiver is doubled all of the time and the other “guys” are either slow or have a case of the dropsies or quit on routes. Of course he’s going to try to limit the mistakes by throwing the ball away, taking sacks, etc over risking throwing into tight windows as Favre did. He actually should be credited for our record being what it is (10 wins) despite the fact that stubborn ass Teddy won’t restock the cupboard or ever admit to making a mistake (ex. Adams) in the draft. If Rodgers didn’t play it safe this year, we’d be last in the division and looking at a possible top 10-15 pick. I would not be opposed to that possibility if we had a different GM in charge of that pick. However, as it stands, we don’t.

  4. Robert December 30, 2015

    It all comes down to coaching. If Rogers isn’t doing his job, then sit his ass down for a game. I don’t think that is too harsh. If receivers aren’t getting open, sit them down and let others try. Also call plays that allow receivers the best chance to get open…

    1. Phatgzus December 30, 2015

      Wow, just wow. You do not bench AARON RODGERS, especially when he’s in the prime of his career, playing in the last game of a NFL Playoffs-bound regular season, fighting for seeding and match-ups. Unreal.

      1. PF4L December 31, 2015

        Agreed Phat…but i think he was talking in general terms, not just the next game. But he’s delusional nevertheless. Sit Rodgers, mainly because receivers cant get separation, and the 0 line in it’s current state is in shambles. Sounds reasonable.

    2. deancee January 4, 2016

      There is indeed some outside issues but Rodgers simply is not hitting the targets, in some cases not even close. The more accurate he is the more catches, the more catches builds confidence and more openings…Rodgers is missing even the open targets and not seeing the field well because he’s not seeing the open targets when present.

  5. Big Gay Clay December 30, 2015

    Again it starts with Teddy’s inability to draft impact players on offense. No size or speed at our WR positions. And he is too stubborn to partake in free agency.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 30, 2015

      That is right on BGC.

    2. Shawn December 30, 2015

      Now TT can’t draft WRs? HAHAHAHA!!!!

      1. Phatgzus December 30, 2015

        No shit, nor RBs, nor QBs, nor TEs.

      2. Big Gay Clay December 30, 2015

        Who do we have outside of Jordy? Sure RC is a great slot receiver but this year proved he will never be anything more than a No. 2. Our boy Adams fucking sucks, there is no positive way to describe him. Abby is OK if he can stay healthy but doesn’t have the size or speed to stretch the field. Janis is still raw and won’t see anymore playing time. JJ is slow and now we are seeing why the fucking Raiders and Giants cut him. Would you like me to keep going Shawn?

        1. MMTTDCSUCK December 31, 2015

          I’m with you on this BGC. TT has dropped the ball on drafting, sometimes not even addressing pressing needs. Will not go FA before the season starts, nor during the season. Draft and develop is OK when you have solid position players ahead of them. Otherwise you are inviting trouble because the “Draft and Develop” guys are hit and miss, up and down, or worse . . . a bust! Hey but we still had 10-12 mil. in cap! TT “the frugal GM”. Wasting a potential HOF QB’s prime years because he is smarter and more frugal than other GM’s . . . smeh

    3. Deepsky December 31, 2015

      I don’t think its the drafting, I think it was the decision to make Alex Van Pelt the receivers coach. Edgar Bennett, a guy who was a great receiving back, did a far better job. These guys all played much better under Bennett.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK December 31, 2015

        I agree that Bennett may be a better WR coach, but TT has not filled up the team with the players we needed. This holds true for the past as well.

  6. RC December 30, 2015

    It will all be over soon… The misery of the off season begins in less than two weeks and the count down to another miserable Brewers baseball season begins. FMSportingL

    1. Phatgzus December 30, 2015

      “…Misery”? you sure sound as though you’re looking forward to it.

  7. MG December 30, 2015

    Some of those who post here act like playing quarterback is an individual pursuit, when it’s anything but. We’re conditioned to seeing AR play nearly flawless football, week and week out for the last 7 years. And yes, his stats are way down, but watch the games. He has, perhaps, the worst TE in football, though a nice guy who caught the Hail Mary. His line has been banged up, and mostly ineffective, and his receiving corps is about the worst in the league as well. Add and inconsistent running game and unimaginative play-calling, and how is he supposed to put up big numbers? I don’t think anyone, including Brady, would be able to do as much as Rodgers has this year. (I’m also a Brady fan, and they’ve had injuries, but just having Gronk most weeks and some weeks of Amendola and Edelman is much more than AR has.)

    1. PF4L December 31, 2015

      The voice of reason. THANK YOU

    2. icebowl December 31, 2015

      That makes sense, though seems he’s had more off-target passes than in the past – I guess you attribute it to frustration…..
      Still think there’s a shit-storm brewing in the club house which is adding to bad play all around….
      Just not seeming to see the fire on the faces of the GB players that you see even watching “third” rate teams playing for nothing but bragging rights at this time of year… (See Atlanta beating Carolina)

  8. Calico December 30, 2015

    Rodgers just not right guy for this receiving crew this year. To score points with these receivers, you have to take chances and trying to thread the needle. That’s one thing that made #4 great and gave you a chance to win even when no one getting open. Yeah, high INTs, but more often then not just threw the ball so hard only his guys could catch it instead of waiting for perfect situation and then going down or throwing ball away. Might as well throw a 30 yard INT and call it a punt.

  9. PF4L December 31, 2015

    So Rodgers hasn’t been threading the needle since 2008? Do you even watch the games? BTW football scholar, Favre threw the ball a lot to receivers who weren’t open. That’s how you set records, like the interception record.

    I’d like to see you casual Packer fans experience Green Bay Packer football the last 8 years WITHOUT Rodgers The Packers wouldn’t have won as much, but a lot of you might be whining less. Misguided whining. Learn it takes a team. Learn one player can’t fix all the problems on the team. Learn football.

  10. Deepsky December 31, 2015

    If you take all the problems the Packers have right now and fix all of them but don’t change Rodgers, his stats (and the Packers record) would be significantly better.

    The team needed Adams to step up this year, but he is going through a sophomore slump, I believe largely because Alex Van Pelt is his receiver coach. Ditto Richard Rodgers. Add in Eddie Lacy’s slump.

    The offensive line has been bad all year and now Rodgers has the yips. Even though he’s one of the better QBs at avoiding the sack, he’s the 5th most sacked QB, by far the worst pressure he has ever faced.

  11. John Mbengi December 31, 2015

    Cobb was the last good receiver he drafted that actually developed. The development of Jennings, jones, and nelson took couple of years so Idk if that’s what TT is going for and if so we’re assed out. Maybe Montgomery could of helped who knows. But I do know he has too much pride so don’t expect him to draft a wr this off season.

    1. Phatgzus January 1, 2016

      TT has drafted 3 receivers sine Cobb, only one of them above the 5th round…

  12. Calico December 31, 2015

    Jeez, no need to get so personal PF4L. I do watch them all, though I’m not a football scholar. Rodgers is great, he did thread the needle (until this year), Favre threw a lot of interceptions, and I’ll say Rodgers 3 best years were likely better than any of #4’s. I’m a huge fan of AR. Only argument was with this slow bunch of receivers, taking chances might be only way to win. Favre took chances. AR doesn’t, which with even average receivers and OL, works great.