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38-8: Packers Embarrassed in the Desert

Mike Daniels' interception

The Green Bay Packers traveled down to Arizona to continue a familiar trend this season. When the Packers travel to play a team considered to be in the NFL elite, they get pummeled in convincing fashion.

This game was as ugly as the score, with the Packers being both embarrassed and humbled on national TV. As we’ve seen in other games this season, the Packers offense was completely outclassed by the Arizona defense. Even during a brief moment of hope after Mike Daniels stepped in front of a Carson Palmer screen pass to set up the Packers offense at the Cardinals’ 15, the Packers were no threat.

Not only did the Cardinals turn away that threat when an Aaron Rodgers’ wing-and-a-prayer pass for James Jones was intercepted in the end zone, but Palmer and the Cardinals then tore through the Packers’ zone before half to get out to a 17-0 lead.

The second half would amazingly be even worse. As it turns out, this game was over when left tackle David Bakhtiari was ruled out on Saturday.

I have been insisting since the preseason that Don Barclay is not a tackle, and yet, Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson apparently remain unconvinced.

Amazingly, instead of switching Bryan Bulaga over to the left side, which would have allowed Barclay to play the less demanding right side, the Packers felt Barclay was up for the task at left tackle.


A statue of Forrest Gregg would have blocked better than Barclay today. Against perhaps the most blitz-happy defense in the league, the disaster went from Defcon 2 to Defcon 1 when Bryan Bulaga got a booboo on his knee and limped off the field.

I know, big shocker.

That left the Packers with zero offensive tackles on the field instead of the one they played the first half with. Sure, Josh Walker came onto the field to play the right side, but all you have to say about Walker is that he is behind Don Barclay on the depth chart. Consider that and be dismayed.

The result was NINE sacks of Packers quarterbacks for a staggering loss of 78 yards. Throw in around half a dozen holding calls, many declined because they came on sacks, and you have well over a hundred yards lost on sacks. That is a pretty rough mark in the red when you have been running an offense barely in the black for the past two months.

Oh, and did I mention, a third of those sacks resulted in fumbles, two of which went directly into the hands of Cardinals defenders and were promptly taken to the house. So, in another exciting stat for the Pack, the Arizona defense outscored the Packers offense 14-8.

Some thought that the Packers might have a chance to both stay in the game and keep their quarterback upright by running the football. Mike McCarthy appeared to give that about two seconds thought.

After Eddie Lacy bulled his way for a first down on the second possession of the game for the Packers, MM promptly replaced Lacy with James Starks. After a Packers’ punt ended that series, of course, the Packers would throw the ball on the next 14 of 16 downs, or try to at least.

That and the score in the second half would open the proverbial flood gates.

The Cardinals would sense blood in the water and unleash the hounds for the remainder of the game. The Packers looked inept or lost on offense while the defense played valiantly at times, but ultimately gave up too many big plays to stem to the tide. The result was a complete ass-whooping that left no question that the Packers have no business being considered among the best teams in the league.

The Packers offense is worse than without direction at this point. It is hopeless.

MM and Rodgers have found no way to free up Randall Cobb, the one playmaker they have. They have been unable or unwilling to commit to the running game, and Aaron Rodgers has been inaccurate when his receivers have needed him to be more accurate than ever.

And ALL THAT is assuming the offensive tackles can come back healthy enough to play.

The defense is decent against the pass, even with two safeties who aren’t making enough plays. Get Sam Shields back to go with Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins and you’ve got something.

However, the run defense is still a weakness. With Clay Matthews being slowed by injury or exhaustion, I don’t know what, the Packers’ old issues at inside linebacker have reappeared. In another odd choice, the Packers chose to rush an ineffective Matthews and leave Jake Ryan to cover backs out of the backfield.

As Iron Man once said, “Not a good plan.”

Ironically, even as the Packers were taken behind the woodshed and relieved of any chance at the No. 2 seed they obviously have no business competing for, the Seattle Seahawks lost at home to the Rams. In doing so, they removed the No. 6 seed as an option and guaranteed the Packers will get no worse than the No. 5 seed in the playoffs.

Yes, it hardly seems to matter at this point, but there is that.


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. Charlie Martin December 27, 2015

    DEFCON 5 is peacetime. DEFCON 1 is the most serious.

    1. Shawn December 27, 2015

      Good call. Corrected. Somewhere during the 80s, I went astray. Apparently need to watch War Games again.

  2. icebowl December 27, 2015

    Shawn, great job capturing my feelings in more discreet manner than what I would have chosen,

    Par example :

    Favorite Line :
    “A statue of Forrest Gregg would have blocked better than Barclay today.”

    Add to that one of Bart Starr …

  3. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe December 27, 2015

    Does Don Barclay have a contract which gives him a bonus every time he allows a sack? If not, he was sure playing it.

    1. icebowl December 27, 2015

      That’s a great question !

    2. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe December 27, 2015

      “like” it.

  4. icebowl December 27, 2015

    But wait, why are we being so negative, they won 10 games….
    Fuck that ! I’ve not been so embarrassed to be a GB fan in a long time (almost 12 months ago after the meltdown vs. Seattle ….)

    1. PF4L December 27, 2015

      “You can take this negativity and flush it, i’m tired of it…” -MM

      Translation = Don’t fucking question me, EVER!

      1. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2015

        Fuck that Buffoon . . . the MOST OVER RATED coach in the NFL. As well as TT at his position . . .

    2. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2015

      Yep . . .

  5. gort December 27, 2015

    Hey Mike, now is it OK to criticize a 10 win team?  They over-achieved to 6-0 and since then we see their true colors.  I was going to write a bunch, but then had a “Captain Obvious” moment.  

  6. Azpackerfan December 27, 2015

    Another great MM game plan. When can we get rid of this ignorant tool and give ARod and us another chance at a Superbowl

  7. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe December 27, 2015

    The only brights spots: the fake punt and ARod getting pulled to spare him from damage.

    I don’t know how true it is, but supposedly ARod called Flynn’s game against Detroit, the one when he got 480 yards and 6 TDs. Yet McCunty can’t create a game-plan worth a fuck unless his game plan is not helping out two shitty tackles to protect the franchise with tight-ends or trying to get the run going.

    How much for Gruden as HC?

  8. Woodbury December 27, 2015

    Good call gort. I was disappointed Wilde didn’t ask that question in the presser.

    1. Howard December 27, 2015

      Yes and I was surprised no one asked Rodgers why he finds it necessary to try and show up his head coach. Rodgers had no business acting like a spoiled kid when McCarthy rightfully did not throw the challenge flag on the out of bounds, non catch by Jones in the first quarter. Way to set a tone no.1 QB. MM, and AR need to get there conflicts out of the road, if possible. Fucking punch it out if that is what it takes. Most of the time you gain some respect for your foe when they show some fight. I do not believe the Cardnals have any respect for the Packers players or coaches.

      1. rebelgb December 27, 2015

        True dat bro. True dat.

      2. icebowl December 27, 2015

        Right on !

  9. Skinny December 27, 2015

    I’m waiting for a 3-6 seeded playoff bound team somewhere in weeks 14-16 to just take a forfeit in a situation like the Packers were going into this week. Think about it, Christmas week, long trip against superior opponent, Just take a forfeit, get yourselves another late season bye, then hit the last game of the regular season and playoffs hard. Seems like something Belicheck would do.

    1. bob December 27, 2015


  10. 13time1265 December 27, 2015

    Total pos performance!

  11. ARS85 December 27, 2015

    Seattle losing just compounds this disaster. There’s a very realistic chance they come to Lambeau in the wild card round. And that will be 1 and done. Take this dog out back and shoot him….. He’s very very sick

    1. ferris December 27, 2015

      It does not matter who they play in the playoffs, it’s over. Even the Native Americans would beat them.

      1. icebowl December 27, 2015

        very much agree

  12. ay hombre December 27, 2015

    I’ll say it again.

    Trade Rodgers. Trade McCarthy. Have five first round picks in two years. Roll with Hundley and build the D behind your two young corners.

    Have a big bag of money for Bill Cowher and a couple free agents. Build from the defensive side of the ball.

    SB in 3 years.

    1. Fritz fm WI December 27, 2015

      fucking troll. read his past posts. this four foot tall “hombre” is one of the west coast punks we chased out of here last Jan. comes back with a new handle and a new demeanor; very funny punk, we’ll wait for your sore ass from last year to cool down while we ignore your dogshit posts, troll-twat…

    2. Packers fan March 5, 2016

      You sound like Chip Kelly why would you trade Aaron Rodgers? I understand he struggled this year but he is still our franchise QB. Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers. So get out of here with that crap and rout for another team like the Patriots.

  13. Big Gay Clay December 27, 2015

    Well this game honestly reminded me of the Denver game, zero fire for a team that had a chance at a 2 seed. I didn’t expect us to win this game but I also didn’t expect the greatest loss in ARod’s history as a Packer. It’s time for some changes, what a fall from grace in the sense that we were one play away last year from making the Super Bowl

    1. bob December 27, 2015

      it’s not that the players have “zero fire”… it’s the fact that in this game and in the Denver game, our offensive line got completely outclassed by their competition. They have plenty of fire but they just aren’t as powerful as the elite defensive lines.

      1. Big Gay Clay December 27, 2015

        Arizona has a great defense but I’d have to give most of the credit to their secondary. I mean any team could have exposed the two worthless back up tackles that we had. That loss is on TT and MM, TT has been exposedin the sense he cannot draft backup lineman along with relievers. It’s like we were never prepared for our starting tackles to go down. And MM game planning has been exposed, our offense was fucking pathetic and there is no other way putting it. Besides the first defensive series we had no fire, we allowed the cardinals to score on 2 of our offensive plays. I’m literally shocked MM didn’t give Vance Walker (or whatever the fuck his name is) any protection on our passing plays. This was a terrible loss and I have zero faith in our team this year. Here’s to Jon Gruden to becoming our next coach!

  14. ferris December 27, 2015

    Draft needs….2 starting caliber tackles, 4 receivers that can actually get open (one yard of separation) against man coverage, 2 TE’s that can run faster than a defensive lineman and catch the ball, a slot corner, 2 inside linebackers that can tackle…as Bubba would say after naming all the ways you can prepare shrimp….that’s about it.

    1. PF4L December 27, 2015

      It’s true they need better receivers, but i think it’s also true they need to adjust the offensive philosophy regarding the scheme, you can run short post routes and back shoulder passes every season, but it’s apparent they don’t have the personnel(speed) for it and defenses know it’s coming. What happened to slant routes? MM rarely runs them anymore.

      Is it just me, or does it seem the receivers had no yards after the catch today(season), sans Lacy’s td. Catch, go down, catch get tackled, catch, go down, catch, get tackled, repeat, repeat, repeat.

      1. Deepsky December 28, 2015

        I don’t understand the play calling either. The complaints are Rodgers holds on to the ball too long, but on plays where he is holding it, every receiver is running an outside pattern and he has no option to dump it off, no option for a crossing route, no slants. The middle of the field is basically.

        Also, I need to amend your description of the passing game because you forgot to add drop between every catch.

        1. Deepsky December 28, 2015

          The middle of the field is basically wide open.

    2. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2015

      With that nit wit TT drafting? Forget about it . . .

  15. wisconsinfan December 27, 2015

    Team cheesehead for the win, totalpacker fantasy champ, good season guys

  16. MMK December 27, 2015

    If it’s any consolation, I believe they are simply outclassed in every phase, staff and player position by AZ right now. That’s a super bowl caliber team.

    1. rebelgb December 27, 2015

      Good call and yes. Good post.

  17. rcd December 27, 2015

    Wasted Favre, now wasting Rodgers.

    1. rebelgb December 27, 2015


  18. Azpackerfan December 27, 2015

    How can you get paid so much and not give a shit so much at the same time. If we lose after leaving our nuts on the field than so be it but this lackluster don’t give a fuck attitude drives me nuts. Not how I was raised.

  19. eduardo December 27, 2015

    I just flat out fell on the floor laughing when that ball flew though Adams hands in the end zone. Did you read Rogers lips after that?

    1. Big Gay Clay December 27, 2015

      I laughed at that too, what did he say though?

    2. Shawn December 27, 2015

      You can see Lang ask Rodgers why he threw the ball on that play. Replay seems to show Lacy might have scored if Rodgers would have handed it off, as the play was designed. Lang pissed Rodgers threw it. Rodgers pissed Adams dropped it. But should Rodgers have been surprised? Kind of an iffy play to begin with. If defender turns around, it could be a pick 6.

      1. Big Gay Clay December 27, 2015

        Thanks for clarifying that, I remember now. It’s hard to blame Rodgers though, the man got fucked up that game. It seemed like he couldn’t even get a play action fake in without getting drilled. But Rodgers does need to stop calling audible plays directed to D.Adams, that dude couldn’t catch a cold. He also can’t drag two feet for a catch but he has a mean spike. That first down he got her celebrated like he had scored a touchdown ha

    3. icebowl December 27, 2015

      Only one of a plethora of issues

  20. PF4L December 27, 2015

    So, MM is asked how this team can compete in the playoffs, he responds that they have to fix the things that need fixing, the reporter asked a follow up question, where MM states the team still has 10 wins despite enduring the same problems that have been plaguing them all season.

    So i ask this…….Which is it Mike? If you couldn’t fix the problems that have been there all season, what makes you say you can fix them before the playoffs?

    I really haven’t been down that much on MM. But i think this dude is full of shit, and he’s a pretender.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2015

      Welcome to my opinion . . . I have believed this for years, stated the same for years, and have been called many names and even on some boards ostracized . . . but it has been plain as day for years that this fucking Buffoon is exactly that . . . A Buffoon. He plays favorites, makes little to no adjustments and has about the same game plan each fucking week. You can not teach stupid, this guy is stupid or insane or both. When armchair QB’s all over the country can see and can say what needs to change each and every game, and it shows itself to be true week after week, year after year, the old adage of repeating the same mistake over and over usually signifies insanity . . . Welcome to MM’s world! He is fucking nuts. And the fact that TT “The Frugal GM” does not go out and get respectable replacements with 10-12 million of cap space tells you everything else you need to know about this current clusterfuck. We need to get rid of these “ne’er do wells” after the season.

      1. icebowl December 27, 2015

        Amen, bro

  21. K December 27, 2015

    this abortion of a season cant end fast enough

  22. SoCal Pack Fan December 27, 2015

    Couldn’t said it any better myself. “We’re still in the playoffs” yea, we’ll be one and done against whichever team we face. It’s gonna be yet again another long offseason.

    1. icebowl December 27, 2015


    2. icebowl December 27, 2015

      I believe we’re looking at the dawning of a long off-era ….

      1. Ivomitonvikingfans December 27, 2015

        I hope not but can’t really disagree. Status quo will reign with this crew. They will assume a 31 year old receiver coming off a major knee injury will be enough to put them back in contention. That and the inevitable second year jump we keep hearing about every year. Because as we all know if Ted drafted him he’s gotta be good.

        1. icebowl December 27, 2015

          Agreed – Jordy can’t help this team – it’s a political-ego mess comprised of uncompromising, past-prime coaches and primadonnas who seem only to be interested in making money doing stupid TV ads ….

          The other NFC North teams have all made moves focused on futures, all three have dumped their coaching staffs and upgraded to proven leaders, capable of running tight organizations…. Lions were only a hair away from contending and Vikings are shy a good O-line addition or two to float to the top. Bears are trending upward with best coach in the division – need to have better luck with injuries and draft/acquire a good QB and start phasing out Cutty….

          Many of you stated at the beginning of the season when everyone picked them that this may GBs last chance to get to SB… Looks to me like that train left the station this afternoon…..

  23. Feck December 27, 2015

    Even though the O-line sucked, you don’t get 8 sacks if you throw the hot read. This offense has no route trees with hot reads. Supra genius. McMike looks at Clements, Clements looks at Bennet, Bennett looks at McMike. Three Assistant Offensive Coordinators no one thought hot reads were their job.

  24. billabong December 27, 2015

    So who’s fault was it that Rodgers threw to Adams in the end zone where Lang and Sitton got mad…was it the play called or did they want Rodgers to switch to a run…word is that Rodgers won’t switch plays anymore, probably in spite, whats called is whats run….”Things Fall Apart”….”why did you throw it to him”..hahahaha…these guys are funny!!!

    1. Shawn December 27, 2015

      The play as called was a run. Rodgers threw it instead of sticking with the run.

      1. billabong December 27, 2015

        and you know this how?? Special insight? I thought it was the play called but Lang thought it sucked…which it did…pretty obvious though that shit aint good between our superstar QB and our mashed potato Mike…east coast/west coast thang, bro….

        1. Shawn December 27, 2015

          The offensive line run blocked. It is pretty simple. But Rodgers usually has the option to throw if he likes something. He took a shot. Poor choice.

  25. PF4L December 27, 2015

    If anyone was wondering what play Lacy got hurt on, it was the sack fumble. Redding picked up the fumble at the 35, Lacy had him easily from behind, but instead of tackling Redding, Lacy thought a strip was a better idea than a tackle at the 30. After feeling someone grabbing at the football, Redding took his left arm, and pushed Lacy on his ass like he was a 10 year old girl (watch it). Result = 7 points. The level of incompetence goes from A-Z on this team sometimes.

  26. gort December 27, 2015

    I am starting to jump on the MMTTDCSUCK bandwagon. The “best” from Mike, Tom, and Dom ain’t making it. For years we have been hearing about their wonderful planning and great team depth. From a couple seasons ago 2 words come to my mind: Seneca Wallace.

    1. icebowl December 27, 2015

      Ugh – the Jon Hadl of the 21st century !

    2. ferris December 27, 2015

      You mean Uncle Rico? That was one of the best comparisons ever. I really feel bad for what happened to AQ family but he is still Yosemite Sam to me.

      1. icebowl December 27, 2015

        LOL – thanks for reminding me of that – that was a great comparison….. I remember the videos showing their very similar throwing styles

    3. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2015

      I feel somewhat vindicated . . . but would rather be wrong in my assessments’ of these fucktards, but I have seen this ineptness for WAY TOO FUCKING LONG! Just like the rest of you! The problem was, I was just crazy enough to type it out each week. I wish we could have done better! I do not mind eating crow about my opinion . . . I would have gladly eaten it today . . . I love the Packers! but I have never liked these three fucks as coaches/GM.

  27. icebowl December 27, 2015

    Too much R-E-L-A-X-ation !!
    Gotta be a pad level issue !!!

  28. gort December 27, 2015

    The Vikings just went up 28-3. Looks like a replay of a certain afternoon game.

  29. gort December 27, 2015

    My bad – 29 to 3.

  30. Cdr December 27, 2015

    So. True.

  31. gort December 27, 2015


  32. gort December 27, 2015

    The SNF game really does look like a replay! G-Men score, onside kick recovered by V, short field, TD Vikings.

  33. Ted Hawthorne December 27, 2015

    This one is on the coaches. No Plan B. Hell, they didn’t even
    have a plan A. Buffon called no draws, slants, or shovels. When
    he finally, too late, called a screen it went for a TD. These are
    all obvious plays to slow down a speedy, overly aggressive
    defense like AZ. Where was Janis on a post play? Instead they
    throw to RR for a two-yard out? What the hell’s goin’ on out-
    there! No wonder Aaron is pissed–he’s smarter than Buffon,
    and he knows it.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2015

      Amen on all counts . . .

  34. Matt December 27, 2015

    I miss the glory days when the Packers were a multi-tiered offensive juggernaut. Eddie Lacy and James Starks have the potential to be so much more than just rb’s on 15% of the plays and extra blockers looking for assignments the other 85… Why isn’t A-rod dumping the ball off to them when he can’t find a wr downfield? And what happened to the screen pass? It was our bread and butter in the mid-late 90’s and 2000’s. The Pack is simply not capitalizing on their offensive talents, and in a season when this is a short list already, the good teams and good coaches will beat you every time.

    I’m tired of watching the best quarterback in the league (maybe all time)–our quarterback–fail to carry the entire offense on his back. Even when he’s at the top of his game, if you want to go anywhere in the playoffs, you need a multi-tiered offense with rb’s getting more carries AND 4-8 catches for 40-80 yards per game.

  35. Fritz fm WI December 27, 2015

    they will have a better schedule in the playoffs as the #5 seed WC. Then they would go to Minny first round, and on to Carolina if the #6 seed loses at Wash., assuming panthers retain #1 with a win vs. Bucs next week. This would be the best schedule for them matchup-wise.

    also they could sit and rest their banged up starters next week and let Vikes take the div. of course, that means MM has to let go of his dream of a sixth straight champions of the weakest 4-team div. in history! LOL, they shouldn’t even HAVE div. ch. trophies until they get at least expanded to five teams per div., no?

    1. Howard December 27, 2015

      MM would believe that is the way a loser thinks. I think if the Pack does not get their O line healthy forget about it. If the Pack rests, or do not have there tackles against Minnesota then you almost need to rest Rodgers, or stand another chance of getting him killed. I do agree the 5 seed is a better draw. The 5 seed, however would get Washington in the first round not Minnesota. Minnesota would play Seattle.

      1. Fritz December 28, 2015

        U R rite my friend. I was just making as brief a point/post as poss. With TP popups pl. havoc when i use my ipad!

        That said, odds are the #6 will get easiest opp. If both WC advance!

  36. PF4L December 27, 2015

    Why is it, 2 or 3 times a year, we have to go through this kind of embarrassment, usually on National TV? Game of the week?..whatever…FUCK…..

    1. icebowl December 27, 2015

      Just saw they flexed Vikes @ Lambeau to Sunday Night Slot ….
      Another chance PF …..

    2. Howard December 27, 2015

      Agree, and we get to see the opponent set some sort of new all time defensive or offensive record against the Pack during the embarrassment. It is one thing if your the jags, Texans, or panthers. It is another when the team has almost 100 years of history.

  37. V December 27, 2015

    The Packers honeymoon appears to be over. I love when my friends, also Packer fans, tell me to appreciate the fact that we win mediocre division all of the time so that I should be happy. Well, I’m fucking not! Next week I will travel to Green Bay and call for Teds head to be fired. This is all about personnel people. Did you see how many Pro Bowlers they had vs us? I mean, that was a helluva football team they’ve built out there in the desert.

    This game, like all sports really, comes down to the talent… The players…to compete at the highest level, you must be obsessed with acquiring as much Pro Bowl caliber talent as your wallet will allow. We are seriously lacking in that dept because the regime in charge of acquiring that type of talent, consistently, does not exist at 1265.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 28, 2015

      Amen!!!!! TT is a fucking poser.

  38. Bo Stanley December 27, 2015


    Packers are an absolute joke and have no business being in the playoffs. This team has squeaked by all year and have beaten nobody.

    I’m glad AZ blew them out so Packers fans can finally wake up and see just how bad this team really is.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 28, 2015


  39. knucklehead December 27, 2015

    Much prefer your writing to the “shit-the-bed” guy Shawn. Tough loss.

    I think they made an error by not returning starks just to make a point. He might of been the weapon they needed out there.

    I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that Rodgers is calling pass audibles out there. I’m pretty sure of it now.

    It seems every time he gets a couple of receptions he’s like a losing gambler who got a taste of a win and then wants to double and triple down on the next bets to make back his losses.

    Or in my case, stock options.

    We are in the playoffs and have a couple of weeks to try and right this ship. That’s the positive that’s left. Hard loss.

  40. V December 27, 2015

    I’m glad some fans see what I’ve seen ALL along. Don Barclay is a solid run blocking GUARD in the NFL. He is NOT, I repeat NOT an NFL Tackle (either side).

  41. Taken Cherry December 28, 2015

    Maybe Clay handed out Percocet to everyone that he had bought from “Sly”.

  42. eduardo December 28, 2015

    He said “are you fucking kidding me”

  43. jtmax December 28, 2015

    Rodgers cannot be holding the ball forever with backup tackles. This is old movie. Tackles always hurt. Need to draft fast TE or receiver in first round who van get open. Then tackles in next two rounds. Bulaga is done. He’s too broken. Always hurt.

  44. Tom Brown December 28, 2015

    I don’t think we’ll see that hoodie again.

  45. Kato December 28, 2015

    Yeah, pretty ugly. This is basically the same team as the one that nearly went to the super bowl, sans jordy nelson. I still think there is something internal going on. It isn’t all personnel problems.

    MMTTDCSUCK- so what was Ted supposed to do with that cap space? What free agent receiver was out there after jordy went down? What players in general should they have gone for?

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 28, 2015

      I would venture a guess there were a few. Are you wanting me to name names? LOL! I am referencing getting FA’s’ in general in a few of the positions that needed it. Do not be intellectually dishonest KATO “servant of G Hornet” we all can speculate! The problem smart ass, is that HE DID NOT DO IT at all. And almost never does. Do you believe that there were not any FA or UFA’s that Green Bay could have made attempts to get before and during this season? I for one FIRMLY believe there were many.

  46. Kato December 28, 2015

    Name one since you are so smart. Michael crabtree? He hadn’t had a good season for a few years and coming off major injuries. No one saw his comeback to relevance coming this year. Hakeem nicks? Lol. Don’t even bring up moss or terrel owens. I think if anything, TT made a mistake by releasing Myles white, but hindsight is 20/20. Going into the season, WR was a position of strength, or at least thought to be so. They still had cobb, established veteran James Jones, and then some young guys, including davante Adams who was supposed to make a jump this year. I love the way when you get defensive when I make you try to answer a question when you criticize TT without offering a solution other than “HE SHOULD HAVE SIGNED SOMEBODY!!!!” A more plausible statement would be he botched his draft picks at receiver. Which again, drafting isn’t an exact science, but he hasn’t been as strong with that lately

    1. Shawn December 28, 2015

      With the way your QB is playing, doesn’t matter what WR you bring in. Packers’ need a speedy WR who can separate? Apparently they disagree since their fastest receiver sits the bench.

    2. MMTTDCSUCK December 29, 2015

      Personally, TT has failed at his drafts regarding both lines, TE, ILB. If those had better results, I believe that we would not be worrying about a damned WR . . . Those UDFA linemen and super late round linemen on Offense are where the problem lies. Rodgers can not even get off a good fart before the opposing D lines’ get to him.