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Packers, Raiders Look Eerily Similar, But Aren’t

Eddie Lacy

After steamrolling the Dallas Cowboys in week 14, the Green Bay Packers are sharpening their cheddar for the Oakland Raiders this weekend. Following that last second Richard Rodgers’ Hail Mary pulldown in Detroit for the win, the Pack has laid it on thick.

Eddie Lacy was fantastic this past weekend, putting up 124 yards on 24 carries with a touchdown. He and the rest of the team have turned their game around at the perfect time. They are once again the favorite to win the NFC North, and +500 contenders to take the NFC Championship.

Oakland, meanwhile, come in having halted the magical Brock Osweiler win streak at three games, last Sunday. They beat the AFC West leading Denver Broncos 15-12 and have now won two of their last three.

Green Bay has also won two of their last three, so these teams are heading in the same direction.

However, gamblers still love the Packers. Against the Raiders, they opened at minus-3 and that has stayed steady all week long.

These teams stack up well together, which should make this a pretty fun game to watch. The Packers offense is currently ranked 18th overall in the league, with 348.6 yards per game. The Raiders, meanwhile, are only two back at 20th, with 344.5 yards per game. However, over the past three games, the Pack lead the way with ease on the ground.

Green Bay has averaged 158 yards per game over their past three, while Oakland has only mustered up an average of 70 rushing yards per game in that same span. In turn, the combination of Eddie Lacy and James Starks have taken a lot of pressure off of the passing game. Aaron Rodgers has averaged a QB rating of 97.9 in his last two outings. It’s the first time he’s had a rating in the 90s since early November.

The final feather in the cap for the Pack is that they are 4-2 on the road. Not to say that they’ve been plagued at home overall, but the team has played pretty badly at times.

As visitors, the Green and Gold haven’t suffered a loss since November 8. All the while, the Raiders are 2-4 and they haven’t posted a home win since November 1.


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  1. billabong December 19, 2015

    HOLY WAH, THE SITES BACK UP!!! still bloated with pop-ups and ads but at least its accessible today….just win baby!!! Thats all they gotta do….and put Montgomery on IR or something for god’s sake….enough about that friggin ankle…

  2. Phatgzus December 19, 2015

    Say what you will about the Raiders but the game this week scares me. Were traveling out West where we haven’t played well since the NFCCG and 4 years ago at San Diego before that. We have 2 of our best defensive players questionable or out, our o-line is still banged up, No Cash has a very talented duo of receivers who will be facing 2 talented but rookie CBs, one of the best pass dusters in the game who is on fire, a great defensive mind at HC, and most importantly a potentially elite QB who just may be better than Dandy Andy Luck (but not A-Rodg, not even this year).

  3. Howard December 19, 2015

    The Packer special teams are better. Expect a big play or two by Packer STs. Carr did not look good in a rain game a couple of weeks ago against the Chiefs. If it is going to rain during the game advantage Rodgers and the Pack. GO PACK!