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Wade Phillips Takes It Back, Okay?

Wade Phillips

Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips trolled the Green Bay Packers on Twitter, on Monday. We figured that was fine, since old Puddin’ and his boys just handed the Packers’ their own ass and said, “Would you like a side of go fuck yourself with that?”

Such is the nature of a beatdown.

The person or persons doing the beating get to say what they please. The person or persons receiving the beating get to shut the fuck up and plot their revenge.

Some people, apparently, were unaware of those rules.

Them and their weak-ass constitutions took offense.

So now old Puddin’ is taking it back, okay?

You see? It was just about cheese.

Not about the Packers.

Frankly, I am offended now. Cheese is delicious. And what has cheese ever done to you, Puddin’?

How dare you insult cheese! Take it back, mister!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Cheese November 5, 2015

    Eat all the parmesan cheese you want fat boy. It doesn’t change the fact that we got your ass fired.

  2. Chad Lundberg November 5, 2015

    This is like seeing two extreme fighters going head to head and one of them has a heart attack in the middle of the fight so his opponent starts bloating that he was victorious.

    Yeah Wade, you beat the Packers but you beat a Packers team that was handicapped by the lack of Jordy Nelson, hampered Davante Adams and a double teamed Randall Cobb. James Jones can’t do it all by himself either.

    Seriously, this is one troll remark that just breaking bothered me. Mostly because it’s from someone who I didn’t expect it to come from. If it were Carroll then at least I knew to expect it from such a low-grade butthole, but Wade?

    And then on top of that, he denies he ever trolled, which in itself is just further trolling imo.

    I hate this because I consider myself such a fan of Peyton Manning, and if the Packers absolutely HAVE TO not win the Super Bowl, then I want Manning to win it. But now I have to deal with the fact that this fat fuck will also get a ring. Blow me Wade.

    (For those of you wondering why I want Manning to win, well the fact that you don’t want him to win is exactly why I want him to win. I am SICK TO DEATH of hearing people say he’s one of the most overrated QB’s ever. Seriously, I don’t buy that bullshit for a minute, at least winning another Super Bowl will finally shut that crowd up for a while. And keep in mind I didn’t say I want him to win and for the Pack to lose. I just want him to win if the Packers can’t win it.)

  3. Ivomitonvikingfans November 5, 2015

    They don’t win that game even with Jordy.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 6, 2015

      Correct, they do not win that game with a few others as well. The O line, the D line, Hayward, Hyde and the offensive and defensive schemes are fucking jokes. This team needs a serious re-boot . . . Shameful showing last Sunday.

  4. Richard November 5, 2015

    Well you don’t have to worry about Peyton winning the super bowl. Once Denver finishes the regular season with an even better defense than Seattle had the last few years, old fivehead manning won’t have any excuses when he chokes again at home in January. Unfortunately for Denver, they won’t get to play GB every week so their offense will stay ranked around 20th where it belongs

  5. mike November 5, 2015

    Give it a rest Chad they got spanked! Man up and admit it… Winner ges to talk a little trash so what? Can’t believe so many people want to play the what if game after watching that train wreck. I’m glad they got punched in the mouth let’s see them adjust and take it to the Panthers!

  6. The Money Mike November 6, 2015

    Meanwhile the Bengals are 8-0, gee wish we could have drafted Tyler Eifert, 9 TD’s in 8 games with red rocket as his QB…but in Ted we trust right…

    1. Fritz fm WI November 6, 2015

      WTF? did you look at the 2013 draft? GB would have still had to have Favre as their QB in order to have a worse record than the Bengals, and to get a higher overall pick than 13th overall which is what the Bengals earned with their record.

      do you even know how the draft works? or are you drunk, and this is why you post this duplicate comment everywhere on this site?

  7. CO Bob November 8, 2015

    They put Bowlen’s name in the ring of honor that night. No chance we were winning. Certain games are likely fixed.

  8. The Money Mike November 8, 2015

    Fritz you mean the 21st pick