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Game View: Panthers 37, Packers 29

Here is the ugly film breakdown of the Green Bay Packers’ offensive and defensive breakdown against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.



  • James Starks


  • Nick Perry
  • T.J. Lang
  • David Bakhtiari
  • Randall Cobb
  • Davante Adams
  • Damarious Randall
  • Jake Ryan


  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Josh Sitton
  • James Jones
  • Richard Rodgers
  • Julius Peppers
  • Clay Matthews
  • Demetri Goodson
  • Morgan Burnett
  • B.J. Raji
  • Datone Jones
  • Mike Daniels
  • Mike Neal
  • Nate Palmer
  • Micah Hyde
  • Mason Crosby


  • Bryan Bulaga
  • Tim Masthay


  • Corey Linsley
  • Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
  • John Kuhn
  • Eddie Lacy



Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. T. Jervey November 11, 2015

    You messed up….Clinton-Dix should have gotten an F-

  2. jtmax November 11, 2015

    Nate palmer and burnette were g-

  3. Niko November 11, 2015

    What happened to Total View game summaries? They were very well written and didn’t require watching a video…please bring that back

    1. Shawn November 11, 2015

      The Total View involved an equal amount of time spent on film review and then about another 3 hours to write the summary.

      I appreciate it that people liked the Total View enough to miss it, but I have no immediate plans to bring it back. Sorry.

      If it helps, I am hoping to make these videos shorter. They are not supposed to be this long.

  4. SIM November 11, 2015

    Please don’t shorten, love the analysis and would hate to lose any of it.

    1. bob November 11, 2015

      Agree! Size does matter, and longer is better. I’ve learned a bunch from you about the Packers and about football in general. Thanks for that. Keep it coming or else I’ll be like ^that guy^ (somewhere up there) complaining about Total View.

  5. PF4L November 11, 2015

    A “C” is average right? Julius Peppers had 2 assisted tackles, 0 sacks, 0 run stuffs. Not quite average for a player of his stature being paid blue chip money. Although i’d agree, that was about an average “C” game for Raji. He had 0 tackles, 0 sacks, 0 everything. I understand homerism, but holy shit.

    1. ay hombre November 12, 2015

      I understand being an outspoken asshole who should start his own blog, but holy shit man. Take a day off.

    2. Shawn November 12, 2015

      Game stats don’t always tell the whole story, or PFF wouldn’t exist nor spend hours watching game film to grade players.
      I can give specific examples of good and bad plays for Peppers if you want the grade justified. Based off the film, he deserves a C.
      And homerism is why I gave HaHa and Eddie, two of my favorite players on the team, F’s. Good call, judge.

      1. rebelgb November 12, 2015

        Ha ha OWNED!! Great job on the video Shawn and great job on shutting down the haters!

        PS What the fuck was Ha Ha doing out there? I mean it was crazy bad safety play. Also by the look of the tape it would seem that Raji was mostly single blocked. Thats a problem.

  6. Deepsky November 12, 2015

    The main problem is the offensive play calling. You an offensive minded head coach in McCarthy who doesn’t call plays, another person in Clements who calls the plays but is NOT THE OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR, and another coach in Edgar Bennett who is offensive coordinator but doesn’t call plays.

    This is really an odd arrangment and is basically offensive scheme by committee. I think therein lies the problem.

    1. rebelgb November 12, 2015

      I blame that on Rodgers. He wanted more control and I think they gave it to him. From what I have read, Clements and Rodgers meet every week to go over the game plan. Rodgers is a QB, he should just shut his mouth and execute what he is told to execute. His opportunity to game plan is at the line of scrimmage, NOT in a meeting room on Wednesday afternoons.

    2. ay hombre November 12, 2015

      This is a great point.

    3. knucklehead November 13, 2015


      This is execution. It doesn’t matter the play, if you violently and perfectly execute it.

  7. knucklehead November 13, 2015

    I really think this is the best thing on the web or anywhere else about the Packers. I always learn so much…just really valuable. Thanks for doing this Shawn.

    I agree with all the others. Please don’t shorten this! The longer the better. I look forward to watching this every week.

    In fact, it’s probably what keeps me coming back to this site. Keep up the good work bro!