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Say Hello to Rodgersface

Sometimes, the Green Bay Packers get their asses handed to them. Sometimes the reason they get their asses handed to them is because the offense isn’t up to par.

Inevitably, at some point during those games, you’ll look over at the sideline and see Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wearing a look of displeasure on his face.

Like these looks of displeasure he was wearing last Sunday.

Aaron Rodgers face

Aaron Rodgers face

The Manning boys have Manningface…

Petyon Manningface

Eli Manning face

So now we’ve got ourselves some Rodgersface.

Sunday wasn’t the debut of Rodgersface, either. Here’s Rodgers during the Packers loss at Detroit, last season.

Note that he’s showing similar levels of distaste for his situation.

Aaron Rodgers


It’s real and it is not spectacular.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. ay hombre November 4, 2015

    Cowherd is right. When do you ever see Aaron Rodgers on the sideline engaged in a conversation with a teammate or teammates? Oh sure it happens from time to time but almost always it’s Rodgers sitting on the sidelines by himself or with Tom Clements and that’s it. There’s never any rallying of the troops or morale building or any of the typical Ra-Ra stuff you might see out of the other guys. Rodgers just goes to his spot on the sideline and sits there. Yeah he did that when he was tearing it up too, but maybe he could afford to. Right now he can’t miss any time to communicate with his wide receivers.

    Is Randall Cobb about to join the likes of Driver, Jennings and Finley by calling Rodgers out publicly? I’m thinking we are not too far from that point.

    And believe it or not, this is exactly the metamorphosis that took place with Brett Favre and Charles Woodson. Each of them eventually got to believe they were bigger than the organization and bigger than the team and eventually that’s when the organization started to look for a way to part ways.

    We may not be there yet, but Rodgers is approaching dangerous ground.

    1. OJ Simpson November 4, 2015

      I was thinking pretty much the same… remember the time somewhere between when Mike Three was the QB coach and Mike Two was the GM, and Favre started being uncoachable? I’m going to officially start disliking Mr. Rodgers if he doesn’t start just throwing the damn ball instead padding his personal stats.

  2. MMTTDCSUCK November 4, 2015

    I have been feeling the arrogance for a few years now. I guess I was not alone in my assessment . . .

  3. icebowl November 4, 2015

    Showing some shades of Cutler classic “Doooon’t Caaare” Look…..

    1. Cheese November 5, 2015

      Exactly. I thought the same.

  4. MMTTDCSUCK November 4, 2015

    When you make millions, got a hot girlfriend, everybody kisses your ass. Everyone tells you how great you are . . . this is the result. TV, the press, the people, his cup runneth’ over with accolades! I AM CAESAR!

  5. Packer Bob November 4, 2015

    Wow, it’s amazing how quickly fans turn on their own. No loyalty, no patience, no support. The NFL really is a “what have you done for my lately” league.

    1. OJ Simpson November 4, 2015

      Quickly, no- not at all. This has been developing since Craig Jenkins left and Mr. Rodgers started to have to learn how to get along with new playmates.

    2. ay hombre November 4, 2015

      I’ll bet dollars to donuts you were a Brett Favre apologist when it all went down.

  6. WINTER IS COMING November 4, 2015

    Well obviously all of the band-wagoners are coming out of the closet, if you don’t feel like supporting your team then feel free to go hop on the New England bandwagon, they accept all level of scum over there.

    And I am pretty sure everyone has a pouty face when they are frustrated, so grow up and try to report something meaningful.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 4, 2015

      Screw you asshat! I have been a fan since the early 60′! I have seen shit worse than this! But when you keep seeing trends, if you are not a fucking homer, you question these things!

      1. icebowl November 4, 2015

        Ditto that MMTT ….
        Recent nightmares of John Hadl and of Fridge scoring TDs….

        1. MMTTDCSUCK November 4, 2015

          The days of mediocrity . . . I believe that none of us want to go back there.

  7. rebelgb November 4, 2015

    Agreed about Brett and Charles. Aaron has been slowly approaching pre-madonna status for a while now; this off season with all that he was involved in and the media accolades he has finally crossed the line.

    Brett was that way too for his last 5 years. I didnt like it, but I was willing to accept it if he won us another SB. Same thing with Arodge.

    As far as yelling on the sideline or meeting with his teammates; well when do you EVER see the Packers doing that? They are a reflection of their head coach. MM preaches precision and execution and does NOT believe rah rah prep talks or screaming at players wins football games. He has admitted he rarely ever addresses the team at halftime he lets his assistants talk to their respective areas. MM believes execution and pad levels win football games, not emotions. I would say 75% of the time he is right. However the players are human too, and to say that emotion has no place in the game is to me, ridiculous. Always was my biggest complaint about MM; always will be.

    1. icebowl November 4, 2015

      Caught by the Usage Polizia, rebel

    2. Arcturus November 6, 2015

      Pre-Madonna? I’d hate to see him when he reaches madonna.

  8. Andy Pants November 4, 2015

    rebelgb, I have nothing of substance to contribute to your point, but I feel compelled to point out that this has nothing to do with Madonna. It’s “prima donna.”

  9. Salazar November 4, 2015

    Reminded me of Cutler on Sunday. Not a good look.

  10. Achilles November 5, 2015

    Holy shit, people.
    They are 6-1, aren’t they?

    1. WINTER IS COMING November 5, 2015

      Agreed, bitching about this and that isn’t going to fix anything, only thing that we has fans should be doing is being supportive and hoping for the best.

      Unless you have played or coached in the NFL, you do not have a right to point the finger at anyone.

      1. Fritz fm WI November 9, 2015

        hmmm… Winter, are you an NFL owner?????