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Packers May Now Understand Davante Adams is Terrible

Davante Adams, meet failure

Judging by the comments since the Green Bay Packers lost to the Chicago Bears, it appears some people on the team may now understand that receiver Davante Adams is a walking sack of shit.

During his postgame press conference, quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn’t specifically single Adams out, but did note that he’s not on the same page with certain receivers.

“I’m obviously going to have to make sure my preparation is as high as it’s ever been because we need to get on the same page, the passing game,” Rodgers said. “We’re just on different pages. When you miss throws, when I’m throwing at a certain depth, when receivers are running at certain depth — we’re obviously on different pages.”

Rodgers could have been talking about James Jones, Adams or both there. Jones was targeted six times and caught zero balls. Adams was targeted a team-high 11 times and caught just two.

Meanwhile, Randall Cobb caught six of the seven balls thrown in his direction, so he’s likely off the hook.

Rodgers is clearly frustrated and we’re leaning toward Adams as being a huge part of that frustration. If you recall, the interception Rodgers threw Thursday night was on a ball that was going to Adams. Except Adams got knocked off his route because he sucks at running routes.

That’s something coach Mike McCarthy noted, as well.

“Didn’t look like it was a very good route,” McCarthy said. “I didn’t have a very good perspective on it. There was a collision with the defender about 6, 7 yards down the field and that’s the result of it.”

McCarthy also offered this assessment of Adams’ performance.

“Didn’t have a very good day today,” McCarthy said. “The consistency we’re getting in certain areas needs to pick up.”

It certainly appears that the head coach and quarterback are on the same page — they can’t win with Davante Adams.

The question now becomes, what can they do about that?

Unfortunately, there’s not an easy answer, at least until Jared Abbrederis and Ty Montgomery are healthy again.

It’s not clear if either will be available to play next Thursday.

While we would assume Montgomery is close to returning, the Packers can’t just replace Adams with him. Montgomery is a slot receiver and probably isn’t going to do the Packers any good outside.

Abbrederis might, but it has been indicated that he’ll likely miss at least another week.

Do you know who else could play outside?

Jeff Janis.

The Packers refuse to give that a shot, though.

So, we might just be stuck with Davante sucking up for the rest of the season.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. MMTTDCSUCK November 27, 2015

    What in the hell does this team have against Janis? He appears to have heart and seems to be a “gamer” when he does get the ball. Adams must have pictures of Rodgers . . . but seriously WTF? Montgomery has a high ankle sprain, those sometimes never get better. Abbrederis seems very good, but is prone to injury. It seems like a slam dunk, give Janis the fucking ball!

    1. Big Gay Clay November 27, 2015

      It would be nice to see them run a wr screen to Janis, he’s got the speed to take it to the house! Hopefully Janis gets his shot this week against a depleted Lions secondary. Or will we see the same ol’ story? I’m going to channel my inner Jets fan and say this about the Bears game “That was the worst loss I’ve seen… Since about two weeks ago!”

  2. Franklin Rizzo November 27, 2015

    My theory is Rodgers Hollywood girlfriend banged Janis, or else at least said he’s cute.
    what else would make Rodgers such a prick in not throwing to him.
    even the LAST Play last night Janis had his much smaller guy boxed out. Was easier throw too. Never looks his way. INTENTIONALLY. WHY?

  3. Dave November 27, 2015

    Not really a depleted secondary yet. If Quin doesn’t play then yes, depleted. If Quin does play, his secondary should be fine. Lots of good young DB’s in Detroit and a great defensive play caller in Austin.

  4. John smith November 27, 2015

    The only reason why Janis isn’t starting is because the packers front office doesn’t like late rounders to start over high draft picks. They are too fucken High on themselves. This is a team that kept Justen Harrell for 4-5 seasons BC he was THEIR guy in the draft. Adams right now is their guy.

    1. Skinny November 27, 2015

      Yea they do attach their nuts to certain guys. Im pissed about that too.

    2. Ted Hawthorne November 27, 2015

      Bingo! To do otherwise would be to admit their
      own initial misjudgement, something no administrator (in any sphere) will ever do.
      Also, don’t underestimate TT’s obsession with
      getting his money’s worth out of a player; and
      the higher choices are paid more.

    3. DJ November 28, 2015

      Agreed. Its not just Janis but the entire position. They’ve known what we have there & what we dont. If Janis was so great…he’d already been playing. He has done nice things on special teams but his only big play was on a dink pass & run. How can JJ be expendable one yr….and then supposedly Jordy’s replacement the next? They’re different players. They knew that when they let him go. THAT is why they let him go!! The simple fact is we lost our only REAL deep threat going on 4 mos now and have done NOTHING to address it. We fixed what wasnt broken….signing an intermediate/possession WR when the ENTIRE corps is already like that. $12 million under the cap and we dont even try to replace what was lost. The arrogance of that is offensive & the logic absurd. And the result? Ineffective offense. And the consequences? Home losses to Det & Chi so far. Home Field advantage gone. Division title in jeopardy. Playoff berth hanging by a thread. This flame out is on the front office. Plain & simple.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 29, 2015

        Good points. However I do believe that they are not giving some of their players enough chances. Gunther, Janis and Elliott (although he is getting more opportunities than most) to name a few. I believe that some of you guys hit the nail on the head when you mention that TT and MM play their high draft picks ahead of logic and output . . . That is one reason that I am not a believer in anything MM or TT . . .

  5. Sean November 27, 2015

    Man…Janis must really stink up the practice field for him not to be playing.
    You think he would be a great red zone target with his size and speed.
    He is definitely not impressive with the snaps he does get.

    1. bob November 27, 2015


  6. Icebowler November 27, 2015

    Even if Janus was just a decoy, taking a CB real deep, and drawing a Safety in his direction, it would open up routes underneath. We need to “stir the stew” and shake thing up in our passing game!

  7. bill DeGenaro November 28, 2015

    The fact that the team is unwilling to develop Janis’s great talent speaks to a real coaching problem. The problem is made even more obvious by continuing to play a weak and incompetent player in Adams.
    Time to exhibit some executive authority and play any talent that may trigger a break out. If Janis catches only a third of attempts he will produce more yardage that the all the others combined.

  8. Bob @ 83 November 28, 2015

    and the play calling is all screwed up. no crossing patterns, no reverses – hell I can call a defense for them, yes Janis needs a shot. and we need some plays with some imagination –
    I went through this years ago, lets not revert back.

  9. bill DeGenaro November 28, 2015

    not only do receivers have trouble catching the ball but not enough strength to do much after the catch

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 29, 2015

      Richard Rodgers is nearly a catch and drop player . . . I would like to see the YAC for him this year, It has to be way below the NFL average for TE’s.

  10. icebowl November 28, 2015

    Really missing Jordy Nelson – tho troubles are much deeper than that …

  11. Fresno CheeseHead November 29, 2015


  12. Tundraboy November 29, 2015

    So true. Made me sick reading it.