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Packers Apparently Have a Video Game Problem

Davante Adams in Madden

Did you catch this last night? The Green Bay Packers — or some of them — apparently have a video game problem.

According to NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth, the team had a players-only meeting prior to the Vikings game to address the issue.

“They had a little players-only meeting this past couple weeks ago before that Minnesota game,” Collinsworth said midway through the third quarter of Green Bay’s 17-13 loss to the Bears on Thanksgiving night. “I don’t think Aaron Rodgers was too happy with the preparation schedule of some of the young players on this team. A few too many video games being played and not enough homework.”

So apparently that worked for Minnesota, but not on a short week with Chicago coming to town.

Had to get that Madden time in. Gotta score some touchdowns with myself in a video game because I can’t score any in real life.

Seriously, which players do you think are shirking preparation duties to play games?

And a better questions is, why? Are you not getting paid enough to go out and play a game for your job?

Is too much being asked of you?

No wonder the team sucks. Some of these idiots are more interested in video games than winning football games.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Skinny November 27, 2015

    McCarthy really runs a tight ship doesn’t he. I told you guys last year after the Seattle game he’s gonna lose this team. Guys are gonna start checking out. Video games, trips to Mexico during bye weeks, who the fuck runs the show over there, the players?

  2. MMTTDCSUCK November 27, 2015

    No fire, no passion. Half of the players have checked out . . .

    1. bob November 27, 2015


  3. Bearsnake November 27, 2015

    This sickens me. You have to imagine that underachieving cunt Davante Adams is one of the chief offenders.

  4. icebowl November 27, 2015

    It’s gonna go viral :


    Adams is a liability – assuming with that much practice he’s probably doing a better job playing himself on Madden 2015 ….

    Time to man up Davante ….

  5. brad November 27, 2015

    Time to get rid of the boys on the team, and acquire some men. And then I would get one of those ball-throwing machines, crank it up to high, and make the pussy receivers catch until their tender hands bleed.

  6. Richard November 27, 2015

    Wow, what a bunch of fucking amateurs. Too bad 7-9 won’t yield a decent draft pick, but they’d just blow it on a 320 pound halfback or another receiver with JPP hands anyways

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 27, 2015

      And then promptly sit the hidden gems on the bench . . .

  7. John smith November 27, 2015

    This season , Mike McCarty, Clements and Rodgers prove why they are certified losers.

    1. PF4L November 27, 2015

      Nothing wrong with critiquing the team, but fuck you.

      Why don’t you go find another teams winning bandwagon to jump on? The Panthers are looking for bandwagon fans, maybe then you can lobby for that dipshit Cam Newton for MVP with his 80 passer rating, because he’s a “winner”.

      1. icebowl November 27, 2015

        Hey MMTTDC…. looks like we have a winner !

        1. MMTTDCSUCK November 27, 2015


  8. PF4L November 27, 2015

    If true, this is the kind of shit that needs to stay in the locker room, and dealt with in the locker room. If that means some veterans like Peppers, Mathews, Sitton have to grab their phones and throw them at the wall, so be it. If that still doesn’t work, being choked out on the locker room floor is always an option. BE LEADERS!!

    Always having one of the youngest teams in the league also has it’s negatives, for example, this kind of shit, on field growing pains, and not fully knowing the playbook.

  9. Richard November 27, 2015

    I’m actually glad this was made public. It could shame them back into playing winning football, but I doubt it will happen. If losing to Detroit at home wasn’t enough to shame them into playing better, I don’t know what it will take.

    1. Cheese November 28, 2015

      Or losing to the Bears at home on Thanksgiving night with Bart Starr in attendance and a chance to tie the series.

  10. Deepsky November 27, 2015

    I still think these drops, poor route running and receivers stopping and watching when the play breaks down are all because Edgar Bennett is no longer the receivers coach, Alex Van Pelt is the receivers coach.

  11. xlvordie November 27, 2015

    You might be on to something there deepsky.
    So since edgar Bennett is now the OC with no play calling authority maybe he should step up and take back control of the receiving group

  12. Joe Nor Cal November 27, 2015

    Someone on the O has to be a leader and that has to be Rodgers. Although their coaching staff and its organization is terrible. Bennett is the OC but doesn’t call plays? What? MM is a gifted play caller but gave that job to TC, who is an assistant head coach.

    Here’s the most damning proof. At the end of the season, no teams go after GB coaches. Nuff said. Rodgers needs to get pissed the way Brady got in the faces of his O line thurs night.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 30, 2015

      Very savvy point regarding other teams going after our coaches! They got all of the good ones within a few years after the 2010 SB. This one fact should be a glaring statement regarding this coaching staff of Buffoons.

  13. Icebowler November 27, 2015

    If we lose at Detroit next Thursday, it’s over. I think it’s time to have as many padded practices as possible before then. No extra time off for these losers! Let’s get serious! It’s now or never!

  14. Bob @ 83 November 28, 2015

    hey – your barking up the wrong tree – TT runs the show, it’s his way with who he picks, and tow the line or you’re out. and no other team will have you, because you don’t know shity.

  15. Roger Dier November 29, 2015

    Bizarre that we’re talking about video game distractions for professional athletes. There’s a new book out about Lombardi’s Packers that is available on Amazon. Salve your wounds with “Green & Gold Memories – Growing up in Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay.”

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 30, 2015

      Shameless promotion brother . . .

    2. MMTTDCSUCK November 30, 2015

      Why don’t you write another one about all of the “Wasted Years” for A. Rodgers by this Buffoon and his “Frugal GM”? Could be a really twisted book . . .

  16. Arcturus November 29, 2015

    Gotta be Cobb. His attempts to get open are just pathetic on 90 percent of his plays. Hey he got his 13 million, he’s set for life, fuck trying too hard now.