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Mike McCarthy will Not Be Taking Back Play Calling Duties

Mike McCarthy

We know you’ve been wondering. We’ve heard this very question being asked.

So, in light of how badly the Green Bay Packers are playing on offense, how long before Mike McCarthy takes back play calling duties?

The answer, it appears, will not be during this present campaign.

“That’s not a good structure,” McCarthy said on Wednesday. “You don’t just abandon the procedure when something bad happens. There was a lot to learn from the last game. we had a chance to look at the tape collectively and had a chance to apply to it.”

That’s the answer we expected and that’s just fine.

There was much made of McCarthy’s decision to hand play calling off to Tom Clements this offseason. This season is first time anyone besides McCarthy has called the plays since McCarthy has been the Packers’ head coach.

There were bound to be some bumps in the road.

Of course, McCarthy’s assertion that the Packers’ last game was the only bump is way off.

In two of the Packers’ three games (San Francisco and St. Louis) prior to the debacle in Denver, the offense put up only 17 points. And that’s fine if you’re the ’85 Bears, but this team clearly doesn’t play that kind of defense.

So the Packers are left looking for an offensive spark.

It won’t be coming from McCarthy, though.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. john smith November 4, 2015

    “That’s not a good structure,” McCarthy said on Wednesday. “You don’t just abandon the procedure when something bad happens.

    What the fuck ? You HAVE to abandon shit that does not work. Since week 1, their offense has not got shit together.

    1. T. Jervey November 4, 2015

      Look what happened to DiCaprio when he didn’t abandon ship in Titanic. Stayed for a piece of ass and he drown like a mothafucka.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 4, 2015

        right on!

  2. xlvordie November 4, 2015

    Your crazy if you think McCarthy would be any better at making adjustments. Talking about a guy who said his target was to run the ball 20 times in the 2nd half of last years playoff disaster, that was his reasoning for not calling the plays more aggressively.

    1. ay hombre November 4, 2015

      And don’t forget…

      “We thought that was a very important target for us to hit.”

      That he predetermined this completely asinine “target” still really pisses me off.

      When he said it at the post game of the NFCCG I almost threw my laptop out the window.

  3. Kristofer November 4, 2015

    Oh ok, I see what u are sayin T. Jersey—> the packers are fucked….

  4. xlvordie November 4, 2015

    At least they accomplished that target..lost the game but got those all so important 20 runs checked off

  5. MMTTDCSUCK November 4, 2015

    MM is a great facilitator. But simply a lousy motherfucking game day coach period. I agree with you guys about the 20 runs target! WTF? That is as fucking obtuse as it gets. Connect the fucking dots fucktard! If the other team is catching on . . . MAKE ADJUSTMENTS! . . . But, but, but, I have to hit my targets . . . Wow! Clements seems like another dense sporty coach. Good lord help this team. If I did not care, I would just turn off the game and do something else on Sunday mornings! But watching THE SAME FUCKING PROBLEMS EVERY GAME, EVERY SEASON is almost (not quite) as amusing as trying to figure out how these guys get away with having their jobs after continually shitting the bed ad nauseum. There! I got it off my chest for a few more hours! lol!!

  6. billabong November 5, 2015

    Take more chances, “throw the guy open”..hahaha…yup turn the ball over more and hand things over to Capers defense…lets calm down at least for a week and see what the coaches come up with…that perfect shit-storm that happened in Denver can’t possibly happen again…can it?? Cam with 100 yds rushing…ugh, don’t even think it…CM3 will waste the whole game shadowing Cam, maybe it won’t be a waste!!

  7. rebelgb November 5, 2015

    See my post on Shawns game review article. This is EXACTLY what im talking about.

    I went to the Weidner center and listened to Mike during “A Night with Coach Mike” event they had there. The guy is one of the most arrogant son of bitches ive ever heard talk. He believes 110% that everything he teaches is gold and does NOT need to be adjusted for weather, location, or the team they are playing. The players simply need to execute better. His plan will always work if players “just execute.”

    I know im gonna get flamed for this, everyone is sick of hearing about Tom Brady and Belichick, but those guys look at the team they are playing and they scheme to beat them. They are known as the best in the business when it comes to adjusting to beat a team. Play up in the box against Brady, he will audible deep and take shots down the field. Come out playing Zone when all season you have been playing press/man? Bill will go 5 receivers and flood your zone.

    I saw NONE of that against the Broncos. Yeah we are 6-1, but we arent going to the Super Bowl with this coaches mindset. Maybe if we were just soo much more talented than everyone else like we were in 2010, then you can excert YOUR will against any team. We arent that talented anymore. Too much parody in this league, you have to be a good game time coach to win now.

      1. Fritz fm WI November 6, 2015

        well put. the reaction to this debacle is troubling. it is the exact opposite reaction that we saw from Tom Brady and co. last year when NE ran into a very similar shit-storm in KC. unlike the GB leadership, NE put Tom Brady out there to publicly apologize for the poor prep and performance, and assured his fans that they would work ever harder to fix the problem/s and promised better results improvement going forward [as it turned out to a season ending world ch. win].

        i am getting frustrated with this season already, as it start to look like the past four seasons.

        i would hope the poet laureate of Total Packers writes a football version of a famous baseball poem: “Casey at the Bat” [There is no joy in Mudville, er, GB, tonight!].

    1. DJ November 6, 2015

      Well said. The sad fact, however, is that the entire football side of the organization is infected with arrogance from TT on down to MM. If that arrogance were truly merited…if the personnel & coaching & systems were that good…then ARod would be expendable. Jordy would be expendable. Guess what? They’re NOT!!

      You reference Belichick and rightly so. The man had Matt Cassell under center in ’08 when Brady got hurt…..and went 10-5. Meanwhile, we limp in at 2-4-1 without ARod. Draw your own conclusions as to whose coaching acumen & systems are superior.

      Jordy’s been gone for two and half months. Yet we have done NOTHING to address the loss of that specific skill set. James Jones isnt a deep threat, he’s an intermediate guy with good balls skills…he doesnt merit safety help. I just described our entire WR roster. If Janis was the answer, he’d already been playing. And guess what? Defenses have adjusted. Dont take my word for it, just look at our pedestrian production. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I am fucking sick of the priority NOT being do whatever it takes…from personnel to scheme…to win. Instead, its all about placating the egos of TT & MM. $12 million under the cap and we’re holding our dicks in our hands & running the same shit. It sucks.