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James Jones’ Hoodie was Legal

James Jones hoodie

James Jones is quite the character.

At my house, we always make fun of him because he’s got that stupid mock turtleneck on under his jersey. Whenever Jones makes a play you say, “Looks like turtleneck weather in Wisconsin!”

Because when James Jones is on the field, it’s always turtleneck weather.

Well, Jones upped the ante quite a bit on Sunday. Not only did he have his stupid turtleneck on, he also wore a fucking hoodie. That dude was layered the hell up!

Jersey, over hoodie, over turtleneck.

When we saw this nonsense, we came to the logical conclusion that a hoodie must be some sort of uniform violation. After all, this is the league where guys get fined for making personal statements about breast cancer with their attire during breast cancer awareness month.


Somehow, Jones’ hoodie was perfectly legal.

The better question is probably why did James Jones feel the need to wear a hoodie on Sunday?

“When I went out there for warmups, I was warm,” Jones said. “It’s a short-sleeve hoodie. I practice in it every day. I was like, practice how you play. It was team-issued colors, so I felt kind of swagged up out there with it. So I’m like, let me go out there and play with it. I was just hoping nobody would grab me from the back because they might treat it like (dreadlocks).”

Right. Totally logical.

It’s a short-sleeved hoodie and you were cold…


The dude led the Packers with six catches for 109 yards. If wearing a hoodie equals that kind of production, then wear the hoodie whenever the hell you want, James!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. ay hombre November 23, 2015

    $1000 bucks says next time he wears it…if he does, that badboy will be tucked in now that everyone knows the rule on it.

  2. Feck November 23, 2015

    My favorite JJ look was the photo from when he and Greg Jennings spent the bye week on Jordy’s farm. Shoulder length latex glove, checking the heifers.

  3. Cheese November 23, 2015

    Next someone is going to wear a winter jacket under their jersey and sport the recess football look.

  4. Andy November 23, 2015

    I thought it was funny as hell, sort of looked like they found a drunk fan in the parking lot threw him a helmet and said get in there son. But if you can get that kind of production, wear what you want

  5. Savage57 November 24, 2015

    Wear it JJ, but while you’re at it, go ahead and strap some grab-handles around your waist, too, so DB’s have more to grab onto. Lord knows they need it with that blazing speed and all.

    $2000 bucks says MM tells him to leave that shit in the locker, put on some high-tech sweatshirt and wear a hat on the sidelines if his punkin gets cold.

  6. Harry Hood November 24, 2015

    Oh my god something to grab onto. What. Are we going. To do.