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Bob McGinn Rips Packers New Asshole, Is Right To

Rob Davis and B.J. Raji

The Journal Sentinel released a report on Green Bay Packers defensive end Letroy Guion’s questionable history with domestic violence last Sunday. The report did not paint a pretty picture and the Packers’ brass, as we have come to expect, refused to comment.

That is, until Monday when coach Mike McCarthy called it “garbage,” while, it should be noted, also refusing to comment.

The report made the Packers organization look stupid. Simply, they either failed to sufficiently look into Guion’s past before signing him or they were aware of what appears to be a troubling pattern and swept it under the rug in hopes that no one would find out. Then they decided that hey, how dare you question us. We do no wrong and therefore will refuse to address the matter.

And of course none of their local media lap dogs pushed the issue. Why would they? They’re on the inside, livin’ the dream!

And that’s typical. There’s no one to hold the people who run the Packers organization accountable. There’s no owner upstairs signing the checks and the team’s actual owners have no say over anything. The organization is run in a vacuum where those in charge can do whatever the fuck they want and not have to pay — or even answer for — anything the rest of us may find questionable.

And in a clear example of much they look down on their fans and “owners,” those in the upper tier of the organization at once talk about the “Packer way” and how they only look for high-character guys and continue to employ guys like Guion and gun-toting, foliage aficionado Andrew Quarless.

Look, we’re all for second chances, but we’re also for accountability. It sure as shit isn’t too much to ask someone in a position of power to explain themselves and expect an answer.

Today, Bob McGinn dropped another bomb on the Packers leadership. McGinn also writes for the Journal Sentinel and has covered the Packers for a long time. Unlike most of the scrubs who cover the team, here’s a guy whose knowledge of the game, ability and writing we actually respect.

He isn’t afraid to write it as he sees it.

McGinn’s piece details how the Packers — like most other teams — take on character risks all the time, despite all their talk about the Packer way. He lists Colt Lyerla, Johnny Jolly, Guion and Quarless.

He also details the lack of accountability at the upper levels of the organization.

We were well aware of these things. We’ve pointed them out many times, but it’s nice to see someone else take notice of the hypocrisy.

The really damning part of the report is this, however.

On Monday afternoon, the Journal Sentinel’s Michael Cohen, one of the two writers on the Guion story, was on the sidelines covering practice. Rob Davis, the team’s director of player engagement since 2008, continually gestured and stared in Cohen’s direction.

When Cohen was looking down at his roster taking player attendance, Davis came over and placed his head about a foot from Cohen’s head. Startled, Cohen introduced himself to Davis and extended his hand.

“No, we haven’t met,” said Davis, refusing to shake Cohen’s hand. “And I don’t want to know you.”

Later, Davis told me he confused Cohen with another reporter. That’s a reporter he has known for about 20 years and outweighs Cohen by at least 50 pounds.

“I got nothing to say about that,” said Davis. “I wasn’t messing with him … why would I be angry? I’ve got nothing to be angry about.”

Davis, a one-time bouncer for Dennis Rodman, is part of the team’s inner circle and a first contact for players, wives and girlfriends on all types of issues. One interpretation is Davis bullied Cohen, and in a league with many anti-bullying initiatives his actions were regrettable, to say the least.

Now, that sure sounds like some bullshit on the Packers part.

Did someone put Davis up this or did he act alone? We probably won’t ever know, although the ham-fistedness of it suggests it’s probably Davis acting alone.

Now that this has been reportedly publicly, we will know what the Packers will do about, however. The organization’s M.O. up to this point suggests they’ll just pretend there’s no issue and wait for people to forget about it, safe in the assumption most people think they can do no wrong.

However, we think it’s safe to say that if this happened in any other workplace, the perpetrator would be suspended if not fired. In fact, I’d be willing to bet if something like this happened on any other team, the perpetrator would be suspended at the very least. I’d bet there would also be some sort of public apology.

Will that happen in Green Bay?

We’ll see.

But know this.

The Packers organization can do wrong and someone has to hold them accountable for their bullshit. There isn’t anyone else to do it besides you, me and the Journal Sentinel.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Theresa November 1, 2015

    Monty, your language tells me who you are. You carry no credence. Clean it up, you might be more credible.

    1. Brewtown Packer Backer November 1, 2015

      If you can’t take the fucking language, try espn.

      1. the real jeff ircink November 1, 2015

        you’re just now figuring this out, monty. i laugh. and brewtown – this site appeals to the lowest form of GB fandom. look at the mirror.

        1. Brewtown Packer Backer November 2, 2015

          Thank you, Jeff. I took your advice and all I saw was the back of your mom’s head bobbing up and down.

          1. the real jeff ircink November 3, 2015

            thanks for proving my point, brewtown. what an easy target. i win. “bobbing up and down”? i thought you were a girl. i must have you confused with someone else. nevermind.

  2. MMTTDCSUCK November 1, 2015

    Big business, big attitudes. The bottom line is affected by stuff like this. Big business does not like to lose even a penny. They want all of your money. it most likely has ruffled some feathers. Reporters are not supposed to report on actual facts, they are expected to only print what they are told to print . . .

  3. MMK November 1, 2015

    Well put. Packers should be held to a higher standard if we’re all going to continue thinking of the organization the way we do.

  4. Skinny November 1, 2015

    Ill tell you this, I respect the hell out of McGinn, No fluff pieces from that man. You want fluff, you want fairy tales, go read company men Wilde, Dougherty or Ketchman.

  5. Troy November 1, 2015

    He didn’t do any of that shit in GB and has had no off field issues while in GB during the season so it’s a nonissue to me. Digging up the past is really stupid and a waste of time!

  6. C3P November 1, 2015

    Some director of player engagement. I understand being pissed off about the article but he is the last person that should act that way. I hope MM and TT also consider Davis’s action garbage. It’s time to take the trash out!

  7. Cheese November 1, 2015

    What I want to know is why the flying fuck is there a Carrie Underwood spam ad about losing weight with ducktape placed over her mouth on the front page disguised as an article???? As if the onslaught of ads on here wasn’t bad enough now you’re going to start mixing them in with articles? Fucking ridiculous. If this shit keeps up see how long people stick around. Seems kind of hypocritical of the person who constantly talks shit about the Packers about being greedy and exploiting events for money and advertising, all while his website is overflowing with garbage pop ups to the point where it’s almost impossible just to get to the damn “content.”

  8. Jimbo November 1, 2015

    What exactly are you complaining about at 6-0? Please.

  9. Packer Bob November 1, 2015

    Haven’t you referred to the Journal Sentinel as the Urinal Sentinal? And now it’s up to you and them to keep it real, eh?

  10. Inside Info November 1, 2015

    Guion will have his driver’s license revoked for 5 years as a habitual traffic offender on Tuesday. Perhaps Rob Davis and Mike McCarthy can takes turns giving Guion a ride to and from work. Unless of course traffic laws do not apply to “Packer People.”

    1. Ben November 1, 2015

      Why is there a picture of Raji on an article about Guion. I know they’re both big black guys but come on

      1. D-wing November 1, 2015

        The other dude in the photo is Rob Davis.

  11. Fred November 1, 2015

    This is how the JS boosts readership. Create a controversy where none exists.

  12. Andy Pants November 1, 2015

    While McGinn and Cohen have pointed out some obvious discrepancies in the Packers’ purported “Packer way” of doing things, I haven’t seen any evidence that shows the Packers are worse than other teams in character, conduct, or measurable categories such as arrests. McGinn is going to bat for the new guy, Cohen, here, and I don’t think he’s wrong for having done so. I do think most Packer fans know that there is still some BS going on, and there always has been. For example, I remember when Najeh Davenport took a dump in a dorm room–not exactly a shining example of the “Packer way.” As most other Packer fans, I will continue to mostly not give a fuck.

    I found a site called pointafter.com that shows NFL teams’ arrest records. I’m not sure how comprehensive or accurate their records are, but comparing the Packers to the other organizations, the Packers (21 arrests) are slightly better than the league average (24.9 arrests), going back to 2000. Importantly, the shitty VIkings (48 arrests) are #1 in this category.

    Arrests since 2000.
    Rams 12
    Texans 12
    Giants 14
    Eagles 15
    Cowboys 17
    Jets 17
    Patriots 18
    Lions 18
    Bills 18
    Cardinals 19
    Panthers 19
    Falcons 20
    49ers 21
    Packers 21
    Redskins 21
    Raiders 21
    Saints 24
    Seahawks 24
    Stealers 24
    Chargers 26
    Ravens 26
    Browns 29
    Chiefs 30
    Dolphins 30
    Bears 31
    Colts 32
    Jaguars 32
    Buccaneers 35
    Titans 35
    Bengals 43
    Broncos 45
    Vikings 48

  13. billabong November 1, 2015

    i don’t like these guys like Mcginn or Albom, they think they are so goddam smart and never wrong…what does he want, a friggin Pulitzer Prize….of course the Packers are no different plus they live and play in a fish bowl of a small city like Green Bay…hey, ya don’t like them so much, theres always the Cowboys….

  14. billabong November 1, 2015

    so your sure that these two journalists are telling the whole truth hey…they would never embellish anything would they??

  15. chaka November 1, 2015

    They should still re-sign Colt Lyerla, the TE’s they have are garbage.

  16. billabong November 1, 2015

    yes, find him and sign him!!! I don’t care if they have ten guys from the Milwaukee county jail on the roster as long as they win the SuperBowl….i don’t hold football players up as idols or people to emulate (emulate?)…its a violent dirty sport not the Salvation Army, Packers are cleaner than some teams good enough for me….Journalists are a pretty scuzzy bunch themselves if you look around at what some write….some even think they are Hunter S Thompson with their “rough and tough” style…so the more swearing ya fucking use shows how smart you are i guess hey Monty…

  17. E. Wolf November 1, 2015

    This is the guy who wrote that the Packers would be a playoff caliber team in 2013. He has also stated in chat that the Fail Mary was correct, that the camera does not see all.
    He is an overrated hack.

    1. Savage57 November 2, 2015

      I think you should start a website.

    2. E. Wolf November 2, 2015

      *playoff caliber team in 2013 w/o Aaron Rodgers.

  18. Jimbo November 1, 2015

    Making an issue where on doesn’t exist. I guess when a team is undefeated it takes a little digging to create some controversy. This seems to be an anti-packer site.

  19. Salazar November 1, 2015

    I like how you put that “Look, I’m all for second chances…” bit in there, just to cover your ass in case this story is bullshit. No matter how this supposed Guion controversy turns out, we can expect an “I told you so” from Monty.

  20. Remedy November 1, 2015

    You know who just got a new asshole ripped


    The flawed team that will not win a SB the way it is right now

    I care far more about fixing those problems, than ostracizing those that are part of the solution

  21. icebowl November 1, 2015

    Fuck all that…
    Whole team got new asshole ripped in a clinic taught by Peyton and his band of merry Horseheads
    What an embarrassment….
    Vikings only 1 game behind and they need to play them twice…

  22. PF4L November 1, 2015

    I thought the Nationally televised games that were such an embarrassment the last 4 years were over.

    Apparently i was wrong….Holy shit.

  23. PF4L November 1, 2015

    As far as this article….Iv’e been saying that middle and upper management will not hold themselves accountable for years (in this forum). when the hack reporters of the Green Bay Gazette dare to try, they will be put on the blacklist by the Packers, after being shouted down by McCarthy.
    Unless of course you are a reporter outside of Wisconsin, then McCarthy puts on a kinder and gentler face, like tonight. What it boils down to, is that the Green Bay reporters are afraid of McCarthy’s shadow because that’s the way the Packers want it. Do you think that young green pea Wes Hodkiewicz is going to throw some hardball questions at McCarthy, Capers, or TT?

    If you want to hear reporters coddle to the Packers and lob softball questions in the direction of the Packers, then read Packernews.com.

    In other news, will Capers make himself available after the game for questions? Silly question isn’t it? Apparently, according to the Packers and some of you in here, you can’t ever question the Packers because the’re 6-1. So in that vain, they don’t have to be held accountable, because they win(usually). when in totality, they win because of Aaron Rodgers. If Rodgers wasn’t our QB, A LOT of employee’s working at 1265 Lombardi Ave, wouldnt be employed there today. Just my opinion.

    So i guess we have to talk about that shit game for a week, i guess we wont run out of material.

  24. Shawn November 1, 2015

    1) Hit piece by McGinn that leaves tons of extenuating facts out. Well below his standards, and frankly, beneath him.

    2) McGinn makes no mention of the timing of the article. JS deliberately held this story for the bye week so it would get max attention. The word from inside the Packer organization is that the timing pissed a lot of people off, NOT the content.

    3) What Rob Davis did was minor and he-said-she-said scenario. Not worthy of suspension. No big effin deal.

    4) Guion, Lyerle who was on the team for like 2 months, and Andrew Quarless who has 1 arrest in six years with the team. Those are the hardened criminals worthy of hysteria over the Packers being accountable? Ah, okay.

    1. Fritz November 2, 2015

      Here in DC we use REAL criminal creds… That is how the Ravens earned the moniker: Murderers of the Midway…

  25. CO Bob November 2, 2015

    Cohen just dug up old shit about Letroy to try and make a name for himself. Didn’t look like Letroy was convicted of a lot of that stuff anyway. Pure garbage. Happy with what Davis did. Bullshit bush league writing by Cohen that has no bearing on anything currently. Even the weed bust ended up not as bad as everyone thought. Leave Lefeoy alone, Cohen can fuck himself. Could care less what McGinn has to say.

  26. Mckin November 5, 2015

    Until the media and society in general holds women equally accountable for domestic violence then i honestly couldn’t care less about accusation of domestic violence by men. Hope Solo gets a free pass, Megan Welter(cheerleader of the Arizona Cardinals who committed Domestic Violence) got a free pass, Brittney Griner Jennifer Capriati among others..and as for Bob McGinn..he’s a journalist..i.e. a professional bully and instigator and ruiner of lives..so i have no sympathy for him for how the Packers treated him even if the Player was guilty. Journalist are scum of the earth..at least a guy who hits a woman did it because he was provoked..Journalist just like to start stuff because it gets them money and ratings