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Big Mike is Tired of Hearing About That Denver Game

Denver Bronco

So the Green Bay Packers got their asses handed to them by the Denver Broncos last week. Have you heard?


You have. So has everyone else.

The theme around Green Bay, at least with the assclowns who cover the team, is a focus on what’s wrong with the Packers and just how they got dominated by the Broncos.

We’ve tired of that narrative and so has Mike McCarthy.

“It’s just a matter of getting back to your identity, playing faster. This is how it goes, that’s part of the challenge. We’re focused on Carolina. You guys are doing a good job trying to distract our players from the Carolina game talking about Denver,” McCarthy told reporters today at his presser.

So, enough already.

There’s nothing to do about Denver. The Packers have another formidable opponent this weekend in the 7-0 Carolina Panthers.

What’s more, this game actually means something.

Sunday’s winner will have the coveted head-to-head win advantage under their belt for playoff seeding.

That essentially gives the victor a two-game lead over the loser.

If the Packers were going to shit the bed, doing so against an AFC team was the time. If they shit it again against Carolina, then we’ve got some real problems.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. WINTER IS COMING November 5, 2015

    Yeah Monty, we are tired or the narrative, so stop with all the bashing of Rodgers and the packers, you are distracting the players! How about some positive uplifting news for once, or go bash the Bears, everyone likes that.

    1. John Smith November 5, 2015

      stfu, aren’t you tired of the same old shit every fucken year. Every year they go out in a new fashion, that be going 15-1 and being a one and done, first time in NFL history also. OR allowing a QB to run for like 200 some yard, or how about losing a 12 point lead with 5 mins left ???!?!?!? What is it going to take for people like you to open your eyes and see that Rodgers and the packers are fucken losers. They always will be, the only way it will change is if RODGERS STEPS UP AND BE A LEADER. BUT WE KNOW THAT IS NOT HAPPENING, BECA– USE RODGERS DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THE GAME BUT HIS PRECIOUS STATS.

      1. John Smith November 5, 2015

        You go go ahead and cheer for Rodgers all you want, the guy IS going to put up big numbers, when just wait until playoff time comes. This dude IS NOT and WILL NOT step up.

        1. Big Gay Clay November 5, 2015

          John Smith I agree with being tired of the same shit. Losing in the playoffs in embarrassing ways has been the trademark of this team for the last 5 years. Thats not all on ARod though, TT needs to take the blame for assembling a piece-o-shit defense and refusing to take part in free agency to put this team over the edge. Imagine if we would have signed a 1 year deal on Revis or another pro-bowl caliber defender. Yes we signed Peppers but he’s 35.

          1. John Smith November 5, 2015

            Ted Thompson, Mike McCarty and Dom Capers would not have a job right now if Aaron Rodgers didn’t magically dropped in the draft back in 05, a draft. Aaron Rodgers ability to play in the regular season makes up for the flaws in the packers, but when they get beat down, if it’s offense, on defense or special team, no one takes the blame. Aaron Rodgers gets so much credit for running the offense…when it’s firing on all cylinders, but when it gets shut down, it’s the WRs not getting opening, it’s Eddie Lacy not running the ball good enough, or the o line is not blocking good enough. It’s never Aaron Rodgers fault, even when the guy throws 77 fucken yards…lets just blame the WRs. In the NFC game, the guy is the NFL MVP, puts up monster ass numbers in the regular season…BUT once he plays a good team, the guy fucken folds…

          2. John Smith November 5, 2015

            Ted is wasting the packers supposed ” Glory Years “. This dude would do anything to save a few dollars, even if it means wasting Aaron Rodgers career. Ted needs to write Aaron Rodgers a Thank you letter for giving him an opportunity to still be a manager in the NFL, and Aaron Rodgers needs to write Charles Woodson and Donald Driver a Thank You letter for winning him a Super Bowl AND giving him advice on how to be a leader.

          3. Big Gay Clay November 5, 2015

            Ted is wasting our glory years. We were so close last year and what does he do to put us over the edge? Nothing, drafts projects and neglects the MLB and TE positions. And yes he would be out of a job if ARod hadn’t fallen into his lap. I think most logical packers fans would agree with you there.

  2. John Smith November 5, 2015

    You know what I am tired of ? Aaron Rodgers and the fucken Green bay Packers always giving mediocre ass performance in big games. They can go win in Carolina 35-21, whatever the hell they want, but shit isn’t going to change when playoff time comes. Because this team beats down on weak ass teams and when they face BIG TIME teams, they would play down to competition. Whenever in the playoffs, I had never seen the packers play their own style of football, except for that one time in 2010 vs the falcons. It’s always them playing the football game that suits the other team. For the last 4 years, this team always goes out in the playoff, in the BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT. 2011 , they go 15-1, just to be a one and done team. Then in 2012, Colin Keap and the 49ers fucken puts an ass whoopin on them and in 2014, they put on one of the most embarrassing collapse in NFL history. This team does not want to win, and I honestly believe they don’t know how to win. Their 2010 super bowl run was because of CHARLES WOODSON STEPPING UP AS A LEADER and putting everyone in check. Rodgers is going to go out and put up big numbers, but at the end of the day, this dude is not a winner.

    1. WINTER IS COMING November 5, 2015

      Yeah you don’t belong on the Patriots bandwagon, you sound more like a ginger with no soul, so the Cincinnati bandwagon sounds just the right place for you and your sore vagina.

      1. John Smith November 5, 2015

        I bet you were once a bears fan back in 85, dispute one thing in my comment that was wrong…..YOU CAN’T !! Because it’s all true.

        1. WINTER IS COMING November 5, 2015

          unlike your whiny ass, I support the packers regardless of what happens. you can write all the two page letters you want, it does not mean you understand anything going on within the team or the organization.

          1. John Smith November 5, 2015

            Okay bitch ass, DO YOU know what’s going on within the organization ???? No, then maybe you’re the one that should shut the fuck up, when we the citizens are FORCED to pay for the packers renovations with OUR tax money, WE CAN SAY WHATEVER THE HELL WE WANT ABOUT THEM.

    2. Skinny November 5, 2015

      I agree, which is why I don’t care about this team until playoff time. They seem to lack preparation and focus in the post season in recent years while other teams seem to rise up and know our tendencies backwards and forwards. If it happens again this year, I gotta call for some more coaches to be fired, don’t you?

  3. WINTER IS COMING November 5, 2015

    @ JOHN SMITH, No I do not know what is wrong/going on in the organization, so I am doing what you should be doing and not pointing fingers and playing the blame game. Instead you open your mouth and spit out bullshit that has no substance to it what so ever. The only people who have that right are people in the organization. So shut your mouth and stop embarrassing yourself.

    1. John Smith November 5, 2015

      The only people who has the right are the people in the organization ? Then why the hell are we even watching football then and cheering for them ? If they can do no wrong and we are just clueless mindless fans watching the game, cheering for whatever the hell they do, then what is the point of even being a fan ? Just to give support ? Sorry dude, but when the packers pulls shit like, lets say….going one and done after a 15-1 season…OR losing a 12 point lead in 4-5 mins. Yes, I think I have the rights to criticize, bc you know what, there IS NOTHING to support. It’s not even like they went down trying to win, they just lose like they were freaken rag dolls on the side of the road. That’s the thing wrong with most of you fans, you guys never hold anyone accountable, always attacking people who actually points the finger. YES, I am pointing the Finger at Aaron Rodgers, I’m not saying he isn’t good, but for too long, I had proclaim this dude as the greatest QB to ever played the game and year after year, He always tries to prove me wrong, and I’m always backing him up that it’s not his fault that he folds agaisnt good teams or in big games, but im starting to realized that the guy is not a leader, he doesn’t care about big time games. He is a loser when playoff time comes…This dude is the second coming of Peyton Manning, good in the regular season, a fuckin joke in the playoffs. Lets just hope someone on the team steps up in the leadership role, so they can put everyone in check and take them to the super bowl.

      1. WINTER IS COMING November 5, 2015

        Lets agree to disagree, I got better things to do.

  4. billabong November 5, 2015

    well they could do what the Lions are doing and fire everyone i guess…other than that take a chill pill…how many teams don’t even ever get a sniff of the playoff?? And didn’t people sorta vote on where that tax money goes to?? Maybe not since Wisc has that failure of an idiot Scotty Boy Walker running things…haha even the Koch bro’s fired him…but your right, you can babble on with your tough guy foul mouthed shit all ya want…

    1. John Smith November 5, 2015

      That’s the thing, the packers are UNDERACHIEVERS. They should have at least 2 super bowls right now, but they don’t. Do you know they always lose in the playoffs in the most epic way. Anyways about the super bowl, they should have 2, if not in 2014, then 2011. But again, that’s what happens when you have a winner QB in the regular season but once playoff time comes, he becomes a loser. This is what I’ve notice about the packers, when playoff comes, something gets funny about their game, they don’t seem to be playing at the level they do all season. And it needs to stop

    2. Big Gay Clay November 5, 2015

      I’d rather not make the playoffs than get embarrassed when it counts the most. Fuck at least we could have gotten a few good draft picks instead of picking in the last 6 picks of the first round every year. We better make it to the SB this year and beat those cheating bastards in the north east. I’m tired of all this Tom Brady GOAT talk when our QB has a way better talent. TBrady is a leader though not gonna lie

  5. Miah Maloneh November 5, 2015

    John Smith- it is not just Rodgers fault. It’s everyone’s fault. A crippled Rodgers beat a really good Dallas team. A crippled Rodgers nearly beat a team that is very hard to beat at home. It’s not Rodgers fault that the defense allowed a Hail Mary touchdown to Eli Manning before halftime in 2011. Don’t put blame solely on one person. Piss poor play calling and being conservative has cost this team. When they are aggressive they are impossible to stop. I- unlike you will stay confident just like I did in 2010. And to be honest with you. They played like total shit at times in 2010. Relax- unless your cheating like the Patriots it’s very hard to win a Super Bowl every single year.

    1. Big Gay Clay November 5, 2015

      Our 2010 team was a lot different (obviously), that team had the fight, we never trailed in a game by more than 7 points that entire season which is an NFL record

    2. john smith November 5, 2015

      Rodgers is to blame. He has to be the one to get blame. BC every time the offense clicks, he’s the reason why, right ? So now that they suck ass, why can’t he ever be the one at fault ? In 2011, you can take that hail Mary away and the score would still be 30-20, but the refs gave the packers huge breaks in that game, it should really been 37 gaints, 3 Packers, and the ref gave the packers 14 points with their bias ass calls.

  6. Andy Pants November 5, 2015

    Lol! The Packers haven’t won a Super Bowl in 5 years, and they lost in the Playoffs each year since, so they are chokers! Hahhahaha! Ok, so the Packers and at least 27 other teams completely suck. A bunch of losers and chokers, all 27 other teams are. Glad we got that out of the way.

    It’s so simple, I mean the PT commentariat know better than Ted Thompson, who just won a Super Bowl 5 years ago (but that doesn’t count anymore, like, obviously). Why doesn’t he just get a couple of street free agent pro-bowlers to fill in at linebacker, tight end, left tackle, running back, and punter? I mean, a TP commenter already pointed out to him that Colt Lyerla is available! I mean, that’s so brilliant that not a single NFL GM had even thought of getting Lyerla, right? Bunch of idiots. And Rodgers sucks because he only almost beat the Seahwaks on one leg in the NFC Championship, but for many unfortunate plays on special teams and also defense. And Rodgers hasn’t won three road Playoff games in a row in 5 years, nor has he won a Super Bowl since then. What a choker!

  7. Big Gay Clay November 5, 2015

    There is 32 NFL teams Andy Pants

  8. Fritz fm WI November 5, 2015

    i just want to know: did MM use the two weeks off to get them out to the Denver area at least a week early to practice in the thin air?????

    looked like AR was overthrowing most of his passes by a LOT!

    also, seems like there were more injuries on game day after the two week bye rest, then there were after the SD game. i also noticed they went out and got the likes of Perillo et. al. to replenish the “decimated” roster. WTF?

  9. Fritz fm WI November 5, 2015

    The coaches are the real leaders of a FB team, or they are supposed to be. They show leadership by knowing when to go for the win and when to play not to lose. This has been the main problem with their performance trajectory every season since a hungry AR led their offense to a SB win, a very close game as it was.

    but every season since then, it seems like their talent launches them on fire, but as the season progresses, the superior coaching and leadership of the playoff teams they face leads to a big game where the opponent has a peaking performance and confidence trajectory, while the packers coaches have not provided motivation to keep working hard and keep improving so that they are also peaking at playoff time. this seems to lead to a heartbreaking loss at some point in the post season, usually a close game where the motivation and confidence instilled in their nemesis by the opposing Head Coach has provided the slight superiority in leadership and will to win that gets them over the hump and past the Packers; and almost every year the nfc team that takes out the packers post season is the same team that goes to the SB, if not winning the SB!

    Players like Woodson were effective cheerleaders and did help the leadership instill motivation/inspiration in the rest of the team, but the ultimate leadership is in the hands of the head coach and his assistants. but Dummy assistant coaches usually are a sign of a dummy head coach, i.e. a time worn maxim: “dummies hire dummies”.

    [cf. the long overdue revamping of the GB coach staff following the nfc game debacle of last year. this is a long overdue move to address a problem that only surfaced after several years of disappointing post season losses as the overwhelming favorite to win it all, per most FB analysts. it took GB mgmt several years of recurring PS disappointing playoff results to realize that it could no longer be attributed to a “fluke”].

    If GB coach/es cannot keep AR motivated and hungry to win, then they can not be expected to motivate the rest of the team either. This is why Tom Brady somehow manages to a- get to the SB and b- manage to win most SB, because they are in constant improvement regimen. As a famous shiekh said in “the Arabian Nights” – “keep the dogs hungry and they will follow you!”

    bottom line: if the pack craps out, again, in the playoffs this year, expect to finally see a major cleaning house in the off season. and I am not talking about losing a big game due to bad luck. i am talking about blowing/choking a game where they had all the breaks but blew it through bad coaching/play calling etc. as has been evident for the past four years. If Belichick can keep a Tom Brady lead team motivated, and hungry, and continuing to improve right thru to the SB, then our coach/staff must achieve the same or they won’t be able to compete against the best coaching and leadership; as they will have to get lucky and draw teams with inferior leadership to GB’s own, as happened only once before, their “wild card” road trip to the SB win against a mediocre-coached Steelers team in 2010.

  10. Andy Pants November 5, 2015

    Big Gay Clay, I was doing the math on Super Bowls since the last time the Packers won it. There have been 4 or 5 now since then, so 32-5 would be 27 other teams who are in the same position as the Packers, i.e., a bunch of epic failures and chokers, all of them.

  11. Andy Pants November 5, 2015

    I’m sorry it wasn’t presented as clearly as I intended it, but the point is that there are a lot of Packers fans here who seem to think losing in the Playoffs four out of the past five years is evidence of a team that chokes. Yet, the simple math shows that the Packers are better than almost every other team in the league.

  12. Andy Pants November 5, 2015

    I apologize for the multi-post, but, outside of the Patriots, how many teams have been better than the Packers? A couple years ago, there were complaints that the 49ers should be emulated because they beat the heck out of the Pack a couple times. Then it was the Seahwaks. Now the Broncos beat them. Yet the 49ers now suck, the Seahwaks are becoming irrelevant, and the Broncos won’t remain on top for long either. Yet, the Packers remain, every year. Sure, the Pack could sell out to “win now,” but there’s (1) no guarantee it would work, and (2) I think it would put them in a position like the Seahwaks or 49ers in a year or two. You don’t see these teams winning multiple Super Bowls, either. The Packers already won one, but they remain relevant year after year. Personally, I’ll take that. We don’t need Colt fucking Lyerla, broken ass Vernin Davis, or Maxx Williams. So what is the standard the Packer should be emulating? Ok, maybe the Patriots… now who else?

    1. bob November 5, 2015

      wise ass

    2. john smith November 5, 2015

      You don’t get it. It’s not that they lose in the playoffs that gets me angry, it’s the way they lose. They always seems to save their dumbest games for last. 2011, 2012, 2014. They lost in those year, in the most embarrassing way possible in the sport of football. Name one team that can lose in the plays by, going 15-1 and get blown out by the giants. Then get fucken manhandled by the 49ers and I don’t have to remind you about 2014. Think about this, all year, they don’t ever play a game as badly as they do, only until the playoffs is when they truely play their worst game of the season. It’s the same old BS. No leadership, no motivation to win, they don’t care about winning, if they did, they wouldnt be giving half ass mediocrity performances in the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers us a fucken loser in big games.

  13. Kato November 6, 2015

    Wow. This is the dumbest fucking shit I have ever read. I now have an inoperable brain tumor. Thanks total packers. Thanks to mostly John smith. You do realize that Tom Brady went ten years without winning a super bowl? And they went 17-0 the one year only to “choke” against an Eli manning led team? He has lost to the likes of Joe flacco and butt fumble Sanchez as well? Jesus the packers are a bunch of losers.

    1. Fritz fm WI November 6, 2015

      we are not talking about relative talent levels here. we are talking about the contrast of leadership that we see nourished in the Patriots organization vs. the quality of leadership [complacency?] we see in GB.

      a perfect illustration of this: compare the reaction of the Patriots leadership [i.e. the public apology/presser of Tom Brady et. al.] to the debacle NE suffered in KC last year, to the recent public reaction of the GB leadership [MM et. al., see Monty’s article above] to a very similar situation this year after the Denver “collapse”.

      It is the seasonal trend we are concerned with here, not so much the ups and downs of good/bad fortune on the field on any given sunday. the trend is not our friend, my friends, if it is the same repeating pattern of falling just short of a season ending world championship.

    2. john smith November 6, 2015

      I know you may be slightly stupid, but allow me to clarify things for you. The Green Bay Packers is a good team and Rodgers is a good player, but they don’t show up in big games, especially Rodgers. Tom Brady did go 10 years without a super bowl win, but the effort he gives in the Play offs is 10x of what Rodgers the Loser gives. The guywould literally save his dumbest games for the Play offs, dude is a straight up fucken Loser and he needs to admit that he fucken sucks….only when playoff time comes. Brady went to the Super bowl in, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2011, 2014 and played on the AFV titla games, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. Thats consistency. While the packers gets fucken manhandled every playoff lost, its the half ass effort they give in the playoffs that makes my blood boil. It’s Fucken Rodgers not stepping up in big games, but you can go ahead and dismiss all of this BC according to you,Rodgers and the packers Can never do any wrong and they should never be blame for any loses, even when they go 15-1 and lose their first playoff game, or lose 44-31 ( somewhere around there ) against the 49ers, OR lose a 12 point lead with 4 min left. NO, the fucken packers CAN NEVER BE WRONG.

  14. The Money Mike November 6, 2015

    Meanwhile the Bengals are 8-0, gee wish we could have drafted Tyler Eifert, 9 TD’s in 8 games with red rocket as his QB…but in Ted we trust right…

  15. Achilles November 6, 2015

    Not sure what’s worse while reading this board;
    A 6-0 team that finally lost one,
    or losing all the time, year in and year out.
    What would you rather have?

  16. the real russ letlow November 6, 2015

    I think the acquisition of AJ Hawk has pushed the Bengals over the top.

  17. V November 6, 2015

    League MVP every year should just go to Tom Brady, he has already proven he’s the greatest QB of all time, not Aaron. League MVP Tom Brady in a walk.