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Aaron Rodgers’ New Theme: Preparation

Aaron Rodgers

This isn’t the first time this has come up. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers feels some of his teammates aren’t as prepared as they could be.

It came out last week, when it was revealed that the Packers supposedly held a players-only meeting to tell some guys they were playing too many video games. That meeting apparently never happened, but at the same time, no one has denied that a conversation of that nature took place.

So, again, we’re back to this. Some guys aren’t taking preparation seriously.

“It goes back to what you’re doing in your spare time and what you’re doing with your time in the facility,” Rodgers said. “Being a pro is all about making sure you’re as ready as possible by the time the game hits. I think that’s the important thing for guys to remember here, especially young guys.

“We’re 15 games into the season, counting preseason. That’s a long grind for those guys, especially the rookies. This is the time where they really got to get through that wall, and the vets — the vets have had some [missed assignments] as well. So we’ve got to buckle down our preparation and make sure we’re ready to play.”

It’s interesting that Rodgers points not only to the rookies, but also to the veterans.

We all know about the rookie wall. Regardless of sport, guys don’t play as many games in college as they do in the pros. As such, some rookies reach a point in the season where their performance drops off, they lose focus, etc. They hit the proverbial rookie wall.

Veterans, on the other hand, shouldn’t be hitting any sort of wall.

And it shouldn’t be necessary for Rodgers or anyone else to be giving speeches about preparation at this point. I mean, this is your fucking job and you get paid handsomely to do it.

All this tells us is the Packers have guys on this team who shouldn’t be.

We’re confident in saying that, because preparation issues certainly have not come up in past seasons.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Big Gay Clay November 30, 2015

    I don’t know how often this happens or if it does at all in our club but ARod needs to spend extra time after practice with his WR.

  2. doreldrpphs November 30, 2015

    I have been saying for ten years now that McCarthy is the wrong coach for the packers. Seattle’s coach would be ideal. a gun ho type coach. Someone that is vocal on the sidelines at the officials. McCarthy will ever lead the packers beyond the talent they have. On defense look at the names; Peppers, Raji, Matthews, Shields, Ha Ha that is half a defense that is pro-Bowl types

  3. Kato November 30, 2015

    I have taken a step back from posting any overreactions or making rash posts to take a step a back to properly evaluate the situation. A couple things: I am starting to wonder if this team has stopped responding to coaching. Maybe McCarthy is losing this team. The packers have been flat out outcoached. I have barely seen any noticeable adjustments. Datone Jones to OLB has been a fairly positive move. But I am talking more schematic moves. The play designs are very vanilla. Nothing designed to take advantage of a players talents. There is zero excuse for Jeff Janis to not be out on the field. The guy averages like 40 yards per touch. I don’t care about how he tests out in practice. Some players do better in game situations. I think they are beating a dead horse doing what they are doing. Cobb, jones, and Adams are the slowest trio of receivers in the league. Put Janis on the field to get more speed out there. Teams respect his speed.

    2: Why has this team shown so much patience with capers? While defense hasn’t been the major issue with this team, and has at times played well. But given all the playoff meltdowns, and the same old shit defending the read option, why when it was known that Vic fangio was leaving San Fran, wasn’t there an effort to get him? It is a fairy similar defensive scheme. Especially given Chicago’s improvement on defense despite the lack of talent, I think it is very obvious of his coaching abiity.

    3: I am really beginning to wonder how good of a GM Ted Thompson really is. He has missed a lot on draft picks in recent years. Taken a lot of guys in questionable spots. Khyri Thornton, jerel worthy, jerron McMillan, Richard rodgers, Carl Bradford ect. He drafted THREE WR’s last year. And not a single one has contributed in a significant way. Adams has show flashes, but overall has struggled. I wonder if he was more a product of the guys around him like Schneider and Dorsey. While Dorsey was ultimately fired by the chiefs, he built the core of that team into the perrenial contender it is now. Schneider built a great team that uncovers gems like Russel wilson, Richard sherman, kam chancellor, and Bobby wagner. Reggie McKenzie has accomplished a lot with an Oakland team that was in football purgatory.

  4. Kato November 30, 2015

    People that think Rodgers hasn’t played as well are nuts btw. Yeah he has missed throws. He always has. Every qb has. Watch the game last night? I watched brady miss a few throws, a couple that could have very well put the game away. His misfires are just accentuated by the offenses struggles. He has a lot less room for error. The packers offensive coaching staff is still erroneously counting on the packers receivers to get open on their own. This has been the worst group of receivers the packers have had since 2005-2006

  5. MMTTDCSUCK November 30, 2015

    MM, TT, and DC suck. They are overrated as this Packers brain trust. I have been bitching about MM since before the 2010 SB. He does not get it. He has a few good qualities I am certain. Game preparation, game time adjustments, playing the correct personnel at all times and stepping out of the standard coaching “box” are not part of his skill set period. TT has watered down this team year after year with less than desirable drafts, while almost never dipping into the FA market to fill a need(s). DC? chronic playoff woes year after year, after year . . . These fucks have been riding Rodgers coattails since 2010. It is time to jettison them!

    1. knucklehead December 1, 2015


      Thanks for your post crack head.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK December 1, 2015


        I love it when self deluded smart asses come up with insipid posts. First off, if I was on crack, I wouldn’t give a fuck. Second, much of what I have posited over the last few years has actually happened. Where have you been? Why the HATRED?? Just because I have the balls to say what I see while watching this train wreck unfold the last 7 weeks? I have always given credit to players as well as thrown blame. Just because I am not a homer, and I call things differently does not give you license to hate. I am not a public figure getting paid millions to shit the bed. Those are the people that you need to aim all of your animus towards! lol! Not me you fucking Hillbilly! How does that feel? Nice? Are you a Hillbilly? Anyway, enough of that! Do you believe these three guys have things under control (just like they did in the NFCCG last year?) this year? Ask yourself that MR Pom pom green and gold forever lemming. It is people like you that are in denial that are the real Band Wagon fans! Let these arrogant assholes know how bad that they are running this team! Perhaps then, THINGS MAY CHANGE!

  6. Deepsky December 1, 2015

    If this is Rodgers opinion, then its Alex Van Pelt’s opinion too. Van Pelt is the new receiver coach this year, his first year ever at that position. I suggest Van Pelt is putting too much pressure on the receivers and getting worse results than Edgar Bennett, the previous receiver coach.

  7. MMTTDCSUCK December 1, 2015

    New theme “Preparation” . . . H