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Green Bay Packers Are Still the King of the North

Randall Cobb

If anyone said they saw this coming after the Green Bay Packers lost to the lowly Detroit Lions at home last week, well… they’re a liar.

The Packers and their beleaguered offense marched into Minneapolis and took out the division-leading Minnesota Vikings with perhaps their most complete effort of the season.

When I was predicting the Packers to lose on Saturday, I said if they had any chance to win, they’d have to do two things — run the football successfully with Eddie Lacy and get to Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater with the pass rush.

The Packers hadn’t registered a sack in the previous three weeks and have only given Lacy more than 15 carries twice all season. So, fat chance of that, right?


Green Bay reversed course and did both of those things.

Lacy, who had been demoted to second-string, carried 22 times for 100 yards.

In the three games Lacy has carried more than 15 times this season, he’s gained a minimum of 85 yards.

So, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The problem with the running game is you’re not handing the fucking ball to Eddie Lacy enough.

Can we put the talk of the guy being fat to rest now?

As for the pass rush, we’ve discussed this before as well — the Packers defense is built around the pass rush. When they don’t produce one, the defense cannot succeed.

They produced and then some against the Vikings.

The Packers rang up six sacks, including two by Datone Jones, who was moved to outside linebacker a week ago.

Those two developments alone downed the Vikings and sent the message that the NFC North still runs through Green Bay, despite the Packers’ recent struggles.

There are still issues with this team, but the defense has now put together two solid efforts in a row. In addition to the reappearance of the pass rush, the Packers held Adrian Peterson to just 45 yards on the ground.

More importantly, they held the Vikings to just 13 points on the scoreboard.

The Packers offense wasn’t nearly as good, leaving a lot of plays and points on the field. However, they did put up 30 points, the first time they’ve done so since they put up 38 on Kansas City in week 3.

That’s encouraging.

There’s more work to be done, but thumping the scumbag Vikings on their home turf is about as good as it gets.

Crawl back into your holes and die, Vikings fans!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Carlos Goodman November 22, 2015

    You TMZ pussies can shut the fuck up now.

    1. Phatgzus November 22, 2015


  2. Remedy November 22, 2015

    Hated to see Hyde get hurt, but I didn’t miss him. There was Sackmaster sighting too. Datone kicked ass

    Janis needs more fucking opportunities

    1. Phatgzus November 22, 2015

      I like Hyde, but out of all of the people labeled as so, he is JAG (outside of punt return, granted not this year).

      And whoever kept pissing in our pockets and telling us it’s fucking raining in regards to Datone Jones being a bust can kindly piss off-dude maybe average against the run but he’s turning into a helluva a QB nightmare.

      1. Fritz fm WI November 22, 2015

        and how about crapping on other players, just because they are having a bad game or two, e.g., I read in an earlier article that “JJ had lost the magic” WELL, today JJ had the magic, and it was COBB who would have been the goat. but Cobb will step up as needed for sure in a future important game.

        and while we’re at it, leaders should be the only ones to take blame and understand it goes with the territory. the scapegoating of the TE Bostick last season was disgusting to me. come to think of it, if they are going to let Favre back into the fold, how about taking Bostick back? it would show the other players that the coaches can admit when they have done wrong and sinned against e.g., and innocent rookie whose only mistake was not having a better ST coach who ensure all ST players were well drilled on the onside kick assignments.

        it is a principal of military armies throughout history: a good General must know that he must treat every individual on his merits, whether a subordinate, or a superior, regardless of his background, his personal relationship, etc. etc.
        This is how morale is maintained in a fighting unit, and when the sierra hits the fan, an army can lose the battle simply because of trust eroded. Poor morale is a symptom of trust eroded. The Packers got some medicine for their previous deteriorating morale.

        that is why this victory is more important for their season than merely tying [w/tiebreaker] for the div. lead.

        1. ay hombre November 23, 2015

          You have jumped the shark. I will skip everything you write going forward. Well done.

  3. MetsPackersRangers November 22, 2015

    Bwahahahahahaha EAT SHIT Viqueens!!!!!

  4. Big Gay Clay November 22, 2015

    Yes!!! Finally a game won with dominance. Clay shut down AP, that was awesome to see. Now before we get too excited the Queens have the worst passing offense in the league. Good win but let’s not get too cocky my fellow packers fans! On to the Bears!

    1. Fritz fm WI November 22, 2015

      i posted this somewhere before, but it addresses your question of their getting complacent and/or cocky anytime soon:

      It sure was good to see them play like their old selves again. the recent shit-storm was strong medicine, but as a famous U.S. President once said:
      “if it don’t kill ya, it’ll make ya stronger”

      in my book this talented team passed the “Lombardi character test” today; i.e., to paraphrase a Viking HEAD coach of long ago:

      even AR threw his “relaxed” mien to the winds in the postgame buttonholer’s interview. HE WAS EXCITED, as excited as five years ago when they came through donnybrook after bloody donnybrook in their improbable WC “road trip” of 2010, bowling over city after city in their mad, miraculous “bull rush” into SB XLV.

      So TO HELL WITH R-E-L-A-X” and why? because victory is so much sweeter when you know you’ve earned it, the other team was playing their best so far to date, and they saw you coming into THEIR house, spitting up your own blood from recent sword wounds and cuts. For the first time in five years, they didn’t expect the opponents to wilt and flop over like stale Pansies at the sight of the mighty fearsome unbeatable Packers.

      NOW they need to keep that long lost but recaptured team mien for the rest of this season. If i was the HC i would give the players a full week’s rest to meditate on how they defeated the most dangerous enemy of all: their own demons…

      as another U.S. President once said: “We have met the enemy and they are US”…

  5. ferris November 22, 2015

    Where is Viking fan Dave? …..Oh there he is…. that fat drunk guy in a chili stained Favre jersey, that he got at Goodwill, screaming at the TV as the child beater fumbles, just like he screamed when Bert threw that pick in the NFC Championship game. Just like every year the Vikings are not going anywhere…until next season of course.

  6. PackAttack November 22, 2015

    Good win….but Minnesota fucking sucks. They are the most overrated team in the NFL and they won’t be a factor the rest of the way with their schedule — they aren’t even worth the effort.

    Can we please get Rodgers, Cobb, Richard Rodgers and the rest of these receivers on the same page???? Cobb dropping balls, routes run the wrong way. Yes, a win is a win, but these are the things that plague this team into the postseason AND THEY MUST GET FIXED. Packers shoulda won this game by 30 points. We need to get the offense figured out….it’s no where near as potent as it should be!

    1. Andy November 22, 2015

      YEah for sure, I remember buck saying at one point that rodgers and cobb werent on the same page as each other. No shit! Rodgers isnt on the same page as anyone at the moment. Cobb inparticular has to work his shit out at the moment.

      1. Fritz fm WI November 23, 2015

        well, Joe Buck needs a new pair of glasses, too!

        E.g. last week he reported that the winning FG kick was “blocked” [it wasn’t, as postgame show proved], and this week he credits Casey Hayward with the back-breaking strip-fumble when in fact it was Clinton-Dix who actually clawed the ball loose from the RB’s grip; then, with the ball resting on the back of AP’s hand, CH punches the ball, sending it flying. this play sealed any Viking chances of getting the needed 3 scores in the remaining clock time.

        maybe Buck and Akman don’t like the Pack very much, and they instinctively turn their eyes away when something bad happens to the Pack’s opp.?

  7. packers4 November 22, 2015

    D-line was in Beast-mode DB’s were hitting Clay seemed to be everywhere. NICE! O-line-Bakhtiari needs tobe benched totally SICKS11 cobb and rodgers not on the same page.Did you notice on the over throw to Janis 3db’s were with him. I hope MM picks up on that.Game Ball Crosby 5 for 5 nice.

    1. Phatgzus November 22, 2015

      Bak-T had 2 so-so holding calls and a bad false start against a highly-touted D-linemen, he hasn’t played very well the past few games but he was prett ysolid today, it was Bulaga and Linsley who were getting their lunch money stolen.

    2. Andy Pants November 23, 2015

      It’s easy to say, “bench him!” But it not so easy to replace a player with somebody who is actually better. Who would you replace him with? As packers4 mentioned, Bak probably is about average anyway, so the odds somebody better is just waiting on your bench are slim.

      1. Andy Pants November 23, 2015

        Sorry, the reply was to packers4. Phatgzus mentioned that Bak was otherwise solid, aside from a couple bad plays.

  8. JSchizl November 22, 2015

    Hope you Rodgers haters enjoy your crow sandwiches. What are you ship jumping pussies going to bitch more the my old lady this week about. Whats up with Cobb? I was wrong about Janis they should play him more. Datone Jones is quietly having a good year. What is encouraging to me is they are not playing there best football yet. This game meant so much more to the Vikings who did not play like they have been there before. I think the Vikings window is short as AP career.

    1. PackAttack November 22, 2015

      Minnesota is a nonfactor….they fucking suck

    2. Fritz fm WI November 23, 2015

      like i posted elsewhere, there is nothing wrong with this team that good leadership could, and DID, fix this week. So JJ was the goat last few weeks, but Cobb is the “goat” today, this is fan chatter, it is useless. only team leaders and coaches should be addressing player issues, in private.

      if Babe Ruth doesn’t hit a home run in every game, so what? if Ruth goes 0 for 4, 4K’s, but Lou Gehrig who has been slumping hits the GWRBI, nobody cares, nor should they. This team wins when they coalesce as a TEAM, which is what MM finally figured out and addressed to the players this week.

      if Cobb or whoever must never experience a slump, then maybe they should trade him? that kind of thinking is just insane, and soon our team would look like the work of the stupid owner of the Deadskins, er, Redskins. [their erstwhile/released K Gano, is a perfect example of that kind of thinking put into prx].

  9. jtmax November 22, 2015

    I got so frustrated to see the same crap for previous 3 games from Packers so I decided to go to Packers.com and posted comments on their blog hoping maybe somebody would read it from the organization. Interestingly they’ve done everything I asked. Just a coincident but happy to see it happen. Two big things I pressed on was stripping Peterson to rattle him as he has been a known fumbler throughout his career especially in bad weather. Then, I felt that Lacy will finally get his legs under him after being crippled with various injuries and he should be given plenty of opportunities to carry the load. Finally, I pressed on Max Protect and short dumps to minimize hits on Rodgers and it seemed to work well.

    The only thing I’m pissed about was Cobb and Adams not being able to catch balls they should. Jones needs to give them a lesson on concentration.

  10. flynn4ever November 22, 2015

    The packers must gave won because phatgzus felt inclined to comment.. and what do you know he’s once again defending baktiari’s shitty play.

    1. Phatgzus November 22, 2015

      Uh oh, someone sound like they;re butthurt. Bak-T is an average LT, you dumb fucks need to figure that out and accept it for what it is.

  11. Kato November 22, 2015

    Fuck you you two faced faggots that were leaving the packers for dead

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 23, 2015

      I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but I am not two-faced. I simply do not like ineptness from professionals. How do you lose to Detroit AT HOME? this team is schizophrenic to say the least. I am super happy that they one though. I was there at the TV set screaming my ass off motherfucker. I am NOT satisfied that they have turned the corner on offense at all. J Jones played great. MM was still playing Fav’s until one of them got hurt, then he put J Janis in as a returner. What happened? he broke off a large return, and was also a catalyst on offense for that one drive! because he is better. I saw more Elliott out there on D more often as well. They threw more screens and dump passes. Theses things I had been screaming for! Guess what, these things were the difference. Did they listen to me? Hell no! But I was one of the “jerks” that was screaming for these things. Rodgers and company still seem off however. Not sure what to make of this. I am now certain however that the ViQueens are over-rated. Will I eat crow? certainly! But this Packers team IS FAR FROM OUT OF THE WOODS. Go Pack Go!

  12. flynn4ever November 22, 2015

    Jones has his own issues to sort out before he hands out any lessons to other wide receivers

  13. Sam D November 22, 2015

    Like I said before, I’ll criticize when I need to and praise when it’s due. This week is 80% praise. Mostly to a defense who showed that they’re still a solid unit when they aren’t on the field for most of the game. How many packer defenses can say they held Adrian Peterson to 45 yards against them. Personally, I think we owe that shitbag one. Notice how he was getting in people’s faces early on? Seemed like he gave our defense some added motivation and it showed.

    Moving to the offense, first things first HELL YEAH EDDIE LACY. Now that that’s out of the way, for the first time in awhile I didn’t feel ashamed to watch our offense on the field. Rodgers played a very good game against a solid defense, and he did it on the road. That’s encouraging more than anything else. After how bad he’s looked, he finally decided to air it out, and trust his receivers a little more. Unfortunately today, that trust didn’t always pay off, still way too many drops by our top pass catchers. For a guy who’s being paid more than Jordy Nelson, Cobb sure hasn’t been playing up to that contract at all. Regardless. The offense was efficient, hopefully we’ll see more of a commitment to the run in the future, and here’s to a packers win everyone! Now let’s all have a beer and get ready to ruin Chicago’s thanksgiving!

  14. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey November 22, 2015

    Anyone seen the retard, Chris Restivo? Put the gimp mask back on, feggit.

  15. Shawn November 22, 2015

    HUGE win for the Packers. The Vikings face a tough road now from here on out and really needed to win that game if they wanted to win the division.
    Offense was shaky at times but made up for it with big plays and Eddie Lacy’s sudden reemergence. What a huge difference he makes. The guy loves playing against the Vikings, what can you say?
    Teddy Bridgewater isn’t there yet. The Packers took AP away and Bridgewater really could only make plays against the blitz. Offense hanging onto the football instead of 3 and outs was a big key to containing AP. The defense and Mason Crosby were the MVPs, though James Jones was huge too.
    Randall Cobb, get it together, bro. Team needs more from you.
    With the way Linsley had been playing, him being replaced with JC Tretter might have actually helped the cause.

    1. rebelgb November 22, 2015

      Agreed. I like Lindsey but he has really been struggling this year. Tretter was supposed to be the starter anyways 2 years ago. I can see Lindseys injury “laggin on”.

  16. Andy Pants November 22, 2015

    Wait a second, what happened? I thought Lacy was done, too fat, etc. And the Packers were supposed to be doomed as well. So what explains the convincing win?

    This is why you don’t panic about the short term. This is why small sample sizes need to be taken into context. What are the odds the Packers don’t continue to win and improve throughout the rest of the season?

  17. billabong November 22, 2015

    good game now a brutal turn around for a Turkey day game, luckily the Turkey’s will be “Da Bears”….put that pass rush on Cutler next week please…he’s more savvy than Teddy but more likely to cough it up…another huge game coming up…hope Cobb and Adams catch everything that comes their way next week….seems strange watching Cobb drop easy passes…

  18. John smith November 22, 2015

    Aaron Rodgers NEEDS to play better, he CAN play better, but he hasn’t shown it….yet

    1. Phatgzus November 22, 2015

      Aaron Rodgers wasn’t the problem today, he had one bad pass. Randall Cobb needs to step it up, and I believe he will. Wee this video, which never gets old:

      1. Phatgzus November 22, 2015


  19. Ed west November 22, 2015

    JC Tretter will be the starting center. Played well

    1. Phatgzus November 22, 2015

      He did play quite well, and Linsley has had his ups and downs this year, wouldn’t be surprised to see Linsley’s injury “lasting longer than we thought” unless until if/when JC starts struggling.

  20. Eddie Lacy killed it. JC Tretter stepped in and dominated. This O-line was put on notice and they responded. Helluva job, Pack!

  21. flynn4ever November 22, 2015

    Not at all phatgzus. I just think its funny how you only comment when they win. And then throw your opinion around like your a fucking sports writer

    1. Phatgzus November 22, 2015

      Nah, I comment when they lose, just not this year, doe with all you brain dead Chicken Littles, go back through the years and you’ll. What the fuck does being a sportswriter have to do with anything? We all have our opinions, smart guy-any schmuck can be a “sportswriter” take this blog for example.

    2. Phatgzus November 22, 2015

      Don’t like what I have to say or the way I say then that’s tough titties for you, sounds like a personal problem.

    3. Phatgzus November 22, 2015

      Funnily enough, I never see you here after the Packers win, the sword cuts both ways, Damocles.

    4. Phatgzus November 22, 2015

      Oh, and fyi, it’s “you’re” as in you are, education is fucking priceless.

  22. Skinny November 22, 2015

    And Capers stayed aggressive the whole game. Holy fuck, was Buddy Ryan up in the booth with him today? Yea Dom, blitzing does work. Being creative on defense works too.

    1. Phatgzus November 22, 2015

      Didn’t work vs. Manning or Rivers, and you don’t blitz a QB who likes to run like Cam Newton.

  23. TyKo Steamboat November 22, 2015


    1. TyKo Steamboat November 22, 2015

      Monty, I expect to see you on the slopes in your Datone Jones jersey this ski season

  24. TyKo Steamboat November 22, 2015

    Hard to believe Rodgers was 16-34. If I knew that before the game, I’d say we’re doomed…

    1. Fritz fm WI November 23, 2015

      lots of banged up players had a lot to do with it.

      but the nightmare is over; i can go to sleep tonite dreaming about old-time “Viking Hunter-Raiders” salivating when they come across a wounded Boar’s lair. Then “shock and awe” when the long tusks are ripping through their testicles…

  25. PF4L November 22, 2015

    If anyone said they saw this coming after the Green Bay Packers lost to the lowly Detroit Lions at home last week, well… they’re a liar. -Monty

    A liar? Let me tell you something sister. I saw it coming, so did others in here. Vikings were over rated, you stop AP and you stop the Vikings. The Packers were in a rut, but how long did you expect it to last, the rest of the season? When was the last time the Packers lost 4 in a row? IDK either, maybe 1980 something? This Viking team was just what the Packers needed. The only people to dump on the Packers this week were delusional Viking fans and people like you. You can call some of us in here liars, that’s fine with us. But we proudly wear our green and gold and give you a great big salute…of the middle finger. Pick the Vikings again in week 17, and we’ll see how that works out for you and your brethren Viking fans.

    1. Andy Pants November 23, 2015

      Well said, PF4L. I personally did not predict that the Packers would stomp the stupid Vikings, but, like others here, I did think that the Packers were still a good team who would start winning again. They did not go 6-0 by accident.

  26. Shawn November 22, 2015

    Lost 5 in a row in 2008 and probably more than that in 2005.

    1. Phatgzus November 22, 2015

      Packers never lost more than 4 in a row in ’05.

    2. PF4L November 23, 2015

      I said i didn’t know the last time it happened, but thanks for looking it up, but you clearly missed the point.

      1. Shawn November 23, 2015

        Nah, just remembered they ended 2008 on a losing streak. You should have remembered that. Not that long ago.

  27. V November 22, 2015

    I just farted from excitement.

  28. elafave November 22, 2015

    Fuckin’-A. “Damocles”… Get ’em phatg. Fair weather fucks. They can all swallow the sword. Half these fun boys don’t know shit about foozeball to begin with. This is a long, arduous, brutal journey. Teams in Jan. rarely resemble the squad they fielded in Sept. LEARN THAT SHIT. WE’RE THERE EVERY GOD DAMN YEAR. Yeah, I expect better results, but things happen… Philbin’s boy died, Aaron had a TORN calf muscle.

    For all you toys that are jealous of Brady and Bellichick (or however the fuck you spell it), we got our own kings of the grid iron to support. If you ain’t with us, you’re against us. If you whine, you ain’t a soldier. Roll or get rolled over.

    1. Farmer Fran November 23, 2015

      So your jumping back on ship because they knocked off an average Bridgewater led Vikings team?

  29. the real jeff ircink November 23, 2015

    PFAL – you “saw this coming” as in you “knew” GB would beat MN or you had a “feeling” GB would beat MN? please clarify…

    1. PF4L November 23, 2015

      I’ll gladly clarify…I saw it coming, does not mean i knew it 100%. I’m not all knowing. That’s why they call it a “prediction” asshat. Do you have any other moronic questions i can help you with?

      1. the real jeff ircink November 23, 2015

        i asked a simple question, PF4L. you clarified it – albeit in a manner befitting most commenters on this site. and i would’ve left the word “prediction” out of your response because “prediction” means the same thing as “knowing” – Prediction is “a statement about the way things will happen in the future.”

        ask Santa for a dictionary….

        1. PF4L November 23, 2015

          This, from the guy who keeps saying he doesn’t follow the Packers anymore, but keeps coming in and posting on a Packer website. Let me guess, This season you’re a Patriots fan, amirite?

          1. the real jeff ircink November 27, 2015

            didn’t you say that already? running out of material, i see. i keep me eye on the Vikings as i have since Favre played for them but that’s. and i root for whoever’s playing GB – like last night.

    2. Phatgzus November 23, 2015

      Vikings get boned and in the stink
      And thus returns Jeff Ircink.

      1. Phatgzus November 23, 2015

        “Vikings get boned in the stink”

        no and

  30. PF4L November 23, 2015

    I’ll gladly clarify…I saw it coming, does not mean i knew it 100%. I’m not all knowing. That’s why they call it a “prediction” asshat. Do you have any other moronic questions i can help you with?

  31. flynn4ever November 23, 2015

    Actually I have commented after most wins this year, so please correct your ignorance.
    Lmfao YOU correcting ME is priceless!!!! Keep it going phatgzus YOU’RE the fucking man.

  32. MMK November 23, 2015

    PF4L you are a very strange and angry man. Maybe another site would be better for you.

    1. Andy Pants November 23, 2015

      MMK, this is the site for angry people.

    2. PF4L November 23, 2015

      idk mmk…Monty seems angry and strange at times, should he go find another site also?

      How about you go ask your Mommy for a cookie, maybe you’ll feel better.

  33. Kato November 23, 2015

    God this is beautiful. The doubters can shut up for now. Shun the non-believers. I think this team plays at its best when their backs are up against the wall

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 23, 2015

      You know Kato was a follower of a leader . . . an ASSistant. Whether or not, you may be correct about playing with their backs against the wall. Great place to be! . . . with your back against the wall! with your own gameplay and coaching to blame for it! Great positive confirmation bias Kato “the assistant follower”! That is truly something to sink your teeth into . . . meh! Go Pack Go.

      1. Phatgzus November 23, 2015

        God I love people who throw around logical biases yet have not a single fucking clue as to what they actually mean, especially seeing as they apply the biases themselves on a regular basis, it’s fucking priceless.

        You sound angry, MM, maybe this isn’t the site for you.

  34. MMTTDCSUCK November 23, 2015

    Actually I do know what I am talking about. You guys are the ones that year in and year out rationalize the bed shitting by this brain trust. My calls are usually within reason. Yesterday was atypical. An apologist I am not. I leave that for homers like you (smiley face). As well as some of your blatant cognitive dissonance that you throw out into the mix as well. while I am NOT a glass half empty or a glass half full kind of person. I see ineptness for what it is. Sometimes you guys do not. And it bursts your little self deluded bubbles when people like me call this team out. Which in turn pisses some of you off. I am not angry, nor am I a misanthrope. What I am is a realist. You are not. Perhaps YOU should leave the board if me typing out my frustrations’ offends thee . . . you do not offend me, I actually wish that I could be so homer blind about my favorite football team like some of you! But I AM NOT. It would be so much easier on the both of us. Geesh . . .

    1. Phatgzus November 23, 2015

      Because 74-31-1, 4 division titles, and a Super Bowl in the last 7 years (including this one) is “ineptness”.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 24, 2015

        Thank you homey homer . . . Now break those wins down! How are they in the playoffs (sans 2010)? Last year was a great example of ineptness on the NFCCG. The rest, other than the MN. game? What? one and done? Those are the games that really separate the men from the boys. Keep using those numbers for your “confirmation bias” I stand firm that when the “rubber meets the road” that they shit their pants. If all you want is for them to be just good enough to make the playoffs each year, then this is perfect for you. If you strive for more, not so good. That is empirical. Not some fucking “bias”. meh . . .

        1. Phatgzus November 24, 2015

          No sans anything, you don’t get to fucking pick and choose which stats you want to count. How are the Patriots in the Playoffs in the past decade sans last year? Not a whole fucking lot better in a much weaker conference.

          1. Phatgzus November 24, 2015

            And keep throwing around confirmation bias when you’re the one using it, fucking hilarious how mental scrubs like you will glom onto a single intelligent sounding term like a life raft in a perfect storm.

          2. MMTTDCSUCK November 29, 2015

            Didn’t you just choose your fucking stats you hypocrite? Besides that, we are talking about the Packers! not the Patriots! Who is picking and choosing now smedley . . . geesh! rhetoric 101! get over your self inflated sense of being you pontificating numbskull.

  35. Andy Pants November 23, 2015

    You simply cannot argue against MM. His expectations are so unrealistic that he is guaranteed to be majorly disappointed almost every season. You can say the Packers almost won the NFC championship game last year, yet he will say they choked and that it demonstrates great flaws within the organization. You can say that they made the Playoffs six years in a row, and he will say that they choked and that they should have won more games (“one and done,” you know). Three NFC championship games in McCarthy’s tenure… not good enough–he’s still a “buffoon.” You can say that they actually won the Super Bowl a few years ago, and he will say they should have won it more times.

    His standard is the Super Bowl, and anything less can and will be used as evidence that the Packers are chokers. He and others simply say, “I told you so,” if the Packers do not win the Super Bowl. For those of us who think the Packers are and have been relatively outstanding, regardless, well… we all must be wearing green and gold lenses.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 24, 2015

      So Andy, I’ll ask you this, do you strive for greatness in your life? or are you just happy to sit in your chair and pound beers? What? what? . . .

  36. xlvordie November 23, 2015

    I am a packer fan, have been for a very long time.
    I hold season tickets.
    Mike McCarthy is an idiot.

    What does this make me? A realist I would think. But by some of your logic a band wagoner? A non believer?

    No I do believe they can win. I just believe they could do so much more efficiently with a different coach. But since the idiot is still in charge I still plan to don my gear every sunday and root them on regardless since its out of my control.

    Do people who are critical of politicians mean they hate the united states? No. It means they give a shit about whats happening in a country that they care about.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 23, 2015

      Thank You! exactly!

  37. Andy Pants November 23, 2015

    MM, when you assert that the Packers are annual bed shitters, that they’re inept, you make these assertions with no relevant comparison or standard to measure against.

    The question you don’t answer is, “as compared to what (or whom)?” If this question is answered, you’d be forced to acknowledge that every other team in the league is just as “inept” and “bed shitting” as the Packers are. So you’re really not saying anything at all.

    You are failing to see the forest because all those damn trees are in the way.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 23, 2015

      I do not enjoy the complacency. Keep shooting for the stars . . . Go ahead and pile on. Green Bay won yesterday I know! But you know what? I probably enjoyed that win more than you did!

    2. Phatgzus November 23, 2015

      He has no answer.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 24, 2015

        That is a hypothetical. Greatness does not come around to be picked. You must strive for it . . . there is no simple answer . . .

      2. Phatgzus November 24, 2015

        Irrelevant word salad yet again.

        1. MMTTDCSUCK November 25, 2015

          Ditto! back at you . . .

  38. stickman November 23, 2015

    I liked what I saw on defense. They played with attitude. Now the coaching staff should take the hole team to the film room and show them Chuck the “Heat Seeking Missile” Cecil game film. That should show them what attitude is all about. Sports are 90% mental.

  39. Andy Pants November 23, 2015

    One more defense/rant for us “homers.” For the record, with regards to yesterday’s win, many of us simply stated that the Packers are and were a good team, despite the losing streak. My main contention is that the Packers are likely to continue winning, and hopefully improve into the Playoffs. I think injuries have been a big factor that contributed to the losing streak. This is not to say that the Packers are without flaws or that they didn’t look terrible, or even that yesterday was evidence of perfection. For example, I thought Lacy was playing poorly because he was injured. We all know how important he is to the team. Lo and behold, Lacy is healthier, and he smashed the Vikings yesterday. These are the kinds of things we homers expected to see happen. We homers are not saying the Packers “will” win the Super Bowl, but we were unwilling to go along with the “realist” drama and panicking about the season being completely over because of a three game skid. Well, guess what realists, once again, the season isn’t over yet.

  40. MMTTDCSUCK November 23, 2015

    Also, while we are at it, I love the fact you will ask me to leave, while you continue to read similarly written material from some of the authors! You rock buddy! You are quite silly! Get angry with someone else! As far as clueless regarding bias’? Good God man! Just continue to attack my posts through non sequiturs instead of attacking what I actually write. Understand? You lose your point if you do not make a point, and just go after the post with hyperbole / rhetoric. That is debate 101. Reach a bit higher next time.

  41. Andy Pants November 23, 2015

    Forest for the trees. Inept? Bed shitters? As compared to what? Which teams are not?

    While I think your latest comment is not directed at me (because I have not indicated that I am angry, nor have do I care if anybody leaves or stays here), the fact remains that the Packers are an exceptionally good organization as compared to the other 31 teams in the NFL over the past decade. They have problems, and they could be better, as you, MM, identified. You’re not necessarily wrong about a lot of this stuff. But you never provide context, and that is the problem with your perception that the Packers are inept bed shitters. When you call an organization shitty because they don’t always win the Super Bowl, you’ve described the Packers and every other team in the league. In other words, you’ve only shown that you have unrealistic expectations for the Packers.

    1. Shawn November 23, 2015

      You’re wasting breath, brah.

      You had it about right on in the first place.

      Learned that years ago with this site being evidential exhibit #1.

      Haters are untied and undefeated. When proven wrong, they simply move the goal posts. Even Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have haters.

      If someone calls themselves a realist, that is code for hater, likely with some personal grudge to grind, most oft originating from #4’s exit. Sometimes from a desire to be contradictory, and sometimes just simply because they don’t like MM’s face (see rebelgb).

      I remember some MM haters telling me how smart Marc Trestman was and how great it would be to have an intellectual like him as coach, versus MM’s blue-collar block-headedness. Yeah, well, that is another coach down in the NFC North while MM just keeps winning.

      If you judge MM and TT on Ws, THEN you are realist. That is the only thing that matters in this effin business.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 24, 2015

        What is this “DOG the Bounty hunter” trailer trash BRAH thing? lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. MMTTDCSUCK November 24, 2015

        I really find it repugnant when some of you “talk” about how “some people” are just silly. Knowing that your purposeful indignance is being read by the same people you are admonishing without calling them out by posting to them directly . . . kind of silly eh?

  42. xlvordie November 23, 2015

    Were judging them on what we think their capabilities are..
    Im sure that is what the “bed shitting” and what not is referring to. Yes they have won a lot of games but they have had potential for alot more than just divisional round playoff seasons.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 24, 2015


    2. Phatgzus November 24, 2015

      “…on what we think their capabilities are”, exactly, your expectations are out of whack with reality. Go view what the other 32 teams have done in the same stretch. This is the NFL and the Packers aren’t the only damn good team in existence.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 24, 2015

        Fine! your reality! Go get em’ tiger! If you do not expect much . . . you sometimes do not get much . . .

      2. MMTTDCSUCK November 29, 2015

        “Go view what the other 32 teams have done in the same stretch. This is the NFL and the Packers aren’t the only damn good team in existence.” Here is an example of just accepting something “as is” and not striving for something greater, as you use this to justify your position . . . A perfect example of true confirmation bias you smart guy! lol!

  43. PF4L November 23, 2015

    Let me try to end this for you fine people, xlvordie has it right. Fans complaining about the Packers deficiencies is not a problem, as a matter of fact, to me it shows someone who is usually football knowledgeable. It also shows someone who cares about the Packers winning. they are not “hating”. Rather, they are showing love and passion, deal with it.

    Here’s my “realistic view” of the debate above…Since 2011, the Packers are a winning franchise who have underachieved in the post season. It’s that simple.

    If some fans want to vent about it or discuss the reasons why, don’t call them haters, that’s completely ignorant. Show me a fan who’s pissed off they lost a playoff game, vs. the guy who just says “we’ll get em next year” and i’ll sit and drink at the bar with the guy who is pissed off.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 24, 2015

      Bingo! thank you PF4L for actually saying it better than I have attempted to. I was over the moon Sunday afternoon when they won! But they really sucked at times as well. What is so wrong with seeing things, and venting about ineptness in aspects of the Packers world? I just want them to fucking play strong each week. We all have to at our respective jobs and at life! Why the fuck do they get ridiculous passes for shitting the bed? Focus baby focus!

  44. xlvordie November 24, 2015

    So do you think they are not capable of winning championships?

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 25, 2015

      I think they have some very good players, some blue chip, and many serviceable ones. The problem I believe is that they play some out of position. They play favorites while sitting better quality athletes and have very few schemes in the passing game to avoid having to use ISO routes. This team could win a few more SB’s if Rodgers would push for more screens, bunch routes, crossing routes etc. Also TT cannot draft ILB’s, TE’s DT’s or O Linemen to save his life. His FA’s are awesome sometimes, but everyone “hits” on them sometimes. DC plays fav’s as well, why else would Hawk play over Bishop? or why was Hyde getting more PT when it is obvious that he struggles? Elliott should be out there 60-70% of the time. This is just a chronic case of mismanagement. What happens then IMHO is that the Pack is good enough to make the playoffs every year, but then suffers with their high draft number, never really getting an opportunity to pick a true blue chip player. You combine that with TT’s MO for FA’s and trading picks DOWN to get more LOWER picks, then what you have are a bunch of “projects” who may be great but make more mistakes for longer periods, creating unstable output on O and D. The “base” talent of the Packers system is then watered down each year from when TT took over. Weak 1st rounders’ and “projects” become the “base” . . .

  45. xlvordie November 24, 2015

    Phatgzus you sure make some dumb contradictory comments

    1. Phatgzus November 24, 2015

      Please do explain.

  46. elafave November 25, 2015

    Show me where I jumped ship, and lick Ragnar’s armpit. Clown. I live this shit.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 25, 2015


  47. elafave November 25, 2015

    Show me where I jumped off ship, clown. If you can I’ll lick Ragnar’s armpit.

  48. xlvordie November 25, 2015

    im with you mm..I was directing that Question at the idiot

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 25, 2015

      Thanks xl, as much as people pile on the inconvenient truths I posit, I am quite unsure at times who is who! lol! Hell I love this team as much as anyone else! I just have a more discerning way of looking at chronic problems which many on here tend to run away from or sweep under the rug, trusting that by doing so, the boogyman may just go away . . .

      1. Ted Hawthorne November 25, 2015

        Yes, you do, MM, make trenchant points. Your comment #102 above was incisive.
        The problem is the mindset of TT. He follows a
        set of rigid and wrong assumptions: Don’t trade
        up. Quantity over quality. Receivers are a dime
        a dozen. Don’t pay proven veterans. FA is a
        mistake. Draft and stay with your failed choice.
        These rules amount to an ideology. That’s always
        a mistake. The alternative approach? Plug your
        holes, and leave no weaknesses in the line-up.
        THAT’S what championship teams all have in
        common. NO WEAK SPOTS. Do whatever it takes
        to achieve this.

        1. MMTTDCSUCK November 26, 2015

          Thank you TH for acknowledging and quantifying my “less than flattering assessment” of what I believe I see as a Packer fan and observer. I just wish more saw it this way. It is the usual trend 15% against the 85%. You see it everywhere. Sad kind of . . .