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Your Latest Reminder that Charles Woodson is Washed Up

Charles Woodson

Yeah, that’s right. Charles Motherfuckin’ Woodson is the AFC defensive player of the month.

What did he do in October?

Three games, 12 tackles, four passes defended, three picks.

That’s fucking awful, isn’t it Ted!?!

Oh yeah, Charles is the third guy in NFL history to record a pick at age 39. The others are Darrell Green and Clay Matthews Jr., the Packers’ Clay Matthews’ father. Those other guys only had one pick when they were 39.

Wood already has four in six games.

Washed up, I tell you!! Right Ted!?!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Andy October 29, 2015

    man when he was a packer he was so fun to watch, he really set the tone for that defence that won us the superbowl.

  2. jtmax October 29, 2015

    he crushed the hopes of alot of QB’s trying to mount comebacks against us over the years. He was a game closer.

  3. Salazar October 29, 2015

    Woodson’s place in Packers legend is unquestionable. Wish we would’ve kept him around!

  4. Packer Bob October 29, 2015

    This post shows just proves once again how ignorant Total Packers is when it comes to NFL. You have no understanding of the salary cap or youth. And clearly, you don’t want to either. You just want to shit down Ted Thompson’s throat.

    Keep fucking that chicken, Montey.

  5. V October 29, 2015

    Will retire a Raider despite his great years in Green Bay.

  6. knucklehead October 30, 2015

    I second Packer Bob.

    Unfortunately P-Bob, they also don’t understand the importance of credibility in writing either. Even when Monty is trying to do a serious post I don’t trust him anymore.

    I’ve seen far too many times, him twisting facts and just blatantly lying so they can make up a headline for people to click on.

    And as the little comic to the left shows, they just don’t care, because they are so fuckin’ rock-n-roll…sigh.

  7. Phillthy October 30, 2015

    Packer Bob and knucklehead calm the fuck down.
    This is a fun Packer site, if you want something more serious take your ass elsewhere.
    This is a fan run site with a guy who says some of the shit we wanna hear and wears his fan on his sleeve. Not everything is gonna mesh with you but this guy gives us a fucking forum to debate and topics that can be debatable.
    If yall just gonna suck the fun out of it go eat a dick.

  8. chaka October 30, 2015

    Who are the Raiders playing? Top notch matchups against quarterbacks like Rodgers?

  9. MMTTDCSUCK October 30, 2015

    Fuck homers . . .

  10. David October 30, 2015

    Three points to make.

    All three of these interceptions were easy to see as Charles is playing deep centerfield, is not in coverage and is essentially cherry picking very bad throws. He’s not covering anyone/he’s got no field responsibility other than covering the deep man.

    1st Video: That’s underthrown/misthrown as the ball heads toward the safety rather than landing on the sideline.
    2nd Video (2 gifs): The first gif is a total gift. The second one is impressive as holding onto the one that he got spun around on and landed awkwardly is the only impressive one. Actually being there to make it isn’t that impressive.

    QB’s Josh McCown and Payton Manning. One overestimates his ability and the other has a dead arm.

    1. Phatgzus October 30, 2015

      He also picked Cutler as well, pretty good play but if Old Cutty was throwing off his back foot or wasn’t, ya know, Jay Cutler that’s a long completion.

  11. Kato October 30, 2015

    Love woodson. But the packers made the right choice. Easy choice really. Packers have a good group of safeties on the roster that cost a fraction of what woodson would have.

  12. Andy Pants October 30, 2015

    Article summary, “Woodson was released by Ted Thompson. Woodson is having a very good season, despite his old age… Take that Ted Thompson (you dummy)!”

    So what?

    I don’t understand what I am expected to know from reading this article, except that the author implies that Thompson made a very obvious mistake. At least MMTTDCSUCKS seems to like it.

    Consider this. Brett Favre, at an old age, had a borderline MVP season after being released by the Ted Thompson… Discuss amongst yourselves how stupid Thompson was for that as well…