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Packers Sack Kaepernick and Smother 49ers

Oct 4, 2015; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) prepares to throw a pass against the Green Bay Packers in the second quarter at Levi's Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers earned their second victory on the road by stuffing the San Francisco 49ers all day long in a 17-3 win that vaulted the Packers to 4-0 for the first time since the greatest streak in franchise history in 2011.

Most were pretty confident the Packers would go to San Francisco and get a win today, but most were confident because of Aaron Rodgers and the Packer offense. Wrong. From the very first play of scrimmage, when Rodgers rolled to his right and threw deep to a streaking Ty Montgomery only to have the ball bounce harmlessly off his hands, we had the feeling it was going to be just one of those games for the offense.

Drops, holding penalties, inaccurate throws, and Don Barclay all conspired to give the offense fits. Even Mason Crosby shanked one before half to join the fun. However, in the second half, the offense got the running game and the short passing offense going. Eddie Lacy’s 90 yards on 18 carries, and James Jones, Randall Cobb and Richard Rodgers with 5 catches each were enough to lead the Packers to scores on their first two possessions in the 2nd half.

The defense took it from there.

Packer Nation has been waiting for a defense that can win games when the offense is off, and today we saw it. In fact, if I could have found a picture of Dom Capers giving the middle finger to the haters, I would have.

Can’t stop the read option? Check out the 2nd half of this game when the Packers smothered it. Can’t stop Colin Kaepernick? It wasn’t even a fair fight today. The Packer D harassed him all day, sacked him 6 times and got a pick from Sam Shields.

How about these stats? The Packers rushed for 162 yards. The 49ers rushed for 77 with Kaepernick getting 57 of it, most of that on the read option in the first half. The 49ers totaled only 196 yards all game. I can’t even remember the last time the Packers held a team to less than 200 yards. A quick internet search suggests December of 2012.

The Packers’ front 7 is for real. Carlos Hyde never got going, suffering the same fate as Marshawn Lynch and Jamaal Charles before him. He finished with a mere 20 yards rushing. Meanwhile, every outside linebacker on the Packer roster got a sack. A suddenly bullish Nick Perry got two. Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, Jayrone Elliot and Mike Neal all got one each. HaHa Clinton Dix led the team with 7 solo tackles and had his best game of the season so far.

It helped that Colin Kaepernick was as scattershot as a drunk with a 12 gauge and also had the mysterious tendency to hold the ball and run around aimlessly until sacked. But whatever. That is San Francisco’s $114 million problem. Chicago and them can join a focus group together or something. Regardless, that is a dominant defensive effort on the road.

At this point of the season, it is all about Ws, and that is 4-0 for the Packers.



Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. Big Gay Clay October 4, 2015

    I like what I’m seeing, our pass rush is legit

    1. Skinny October 4, 2015

      Terrific LB play overall, they might get a nick name yet if they keep doing this.

    2. Deepsky October 5, 2015

      Right now the Packers are 2nd in the league is sacks … Rams are third, and they come into town next weekend.

  2. Remedy October 4, 2015

    Our dline is serious, it starts there. Praise be to Drill Sergeant Daniels and Thin Raji

    The Sackmaster is for real, and we’re getting real ILB play

    We miss Jordy badly. It has come to fruition

    But man, we have a dline. It’s incredible to say that. Defense is playing angry, with a big chip in their shoulder. If it can continue all year, we win it all, simple as that

    1. TyKo Steamboat October 4, 2015

      Datone Jones is getting better. He doesn’t show-up much on the stat sheets but he gobbles-up blockers & wreaks havoc.

  3. MMK October 4, 2015

    I will admit to having a couple fits in the first half watching Kaepernick do the same old shit, but it was great to watch them fall apart after that. Defense looks totally different this year in many ways.

    I wish Montgomery hadn’t dropped that first pass, and sincerely hope that doesn’t hurt his rapport with rodgers.

  4. Packer Bob October 4, 2015

    You mean Dom Capers giving you the middle finger?

    1. shawn October 4, 2015

      No, not me. I have been fighting the good fight for Capers and the defense for years. You got the wrong horse.

    2. PF4L October 5, 2015

      Looking for Dom to give his haters the finger? Really?

      After years of ineptness, he should be happy he’s still sitting up in his climate controlled coaches box.

      They beat Klapdick and the 49ers 31st rated offense which averages 12 points per game. Let this season unwind and see what we have.

      The defense is doing well so far this season, and they deserve credit for this win, especially with the 0 line folding like a cheap tent in a hurricane.

  5. billabong October 4, 2015

    defense wins this game…nice!!! I hate those 3rd and very short calls with no Lacy in the backfield and a long pass…unless it works, which it didnt today….they miss Nelson very badly, sure hope one of the other guys (Abracadabra or Janis) learns the playbook and earns Arods trust cuz teams are slowly starting to shut the offense down…Adams healthy would help if he ever gets healthy this year…Cobb took some hard hits and looked pained…and last but not least how do you shut that very annoying music and video off that starts up when on this site…more pop-ups on here than any other site…

    1. Phatgzus October 4, 2015

      AdBlock Plus

  6. jtmax October 4, 2015

    Linebackers and dline finally healthy. Im not surprised. Always had the talent but never healthy especially neal Mathews Jones and perry.

  7. Chad Lundberg October 4, 2015

    Packers proved their defense is one the rise. They’re going a to be a top 5 unit at some point, if not already. Just one stat: they held Carlos Hyde to just 20 yards!

    Don’t worry about offense, it will rebound as always. But they definitely need to Don and David into shape, those two are playing just plain TERRIBLE. Say what you want about PFF, they were right about their grading these two players. They’re BAD. Bulaga can’t come back soon enough.

    Good to see Rodgers finally take a shot down field, with Ty Montgomery no less. Trust is starting to really build their it seems. Richard Rodgers becoming a bigger player by the week.

    Seeing Colin Struggle was the most satisfying thing of the entire game for me. Hate that little punk. Matthews biceps kiss was highlight of the entire game. So long 40 whiners!

    1. TyKo Steamboat October 4, 2015

      Offense was fine IMO. Something about the Packers in the McCarthy era, once they feel they can control & beat a team, they get comfortable but not to a fault. Good examples are the numerous wins over Chicago over the years & games like today
      But overall, we ran ok. We threw very well & we controlled the ball with no lousy fumbles. Good showing in a Conference road match.

      1. Chad Lundberg October 4, 2015

        That is one good theory. It almost seems as though MM knows that his defense is going to shut down the opponent, so instead of pulling out his best plays, he experiments and tinkers around with the offense instead.

        1. PF4L October 5, 2015


  8. Howard October 4, 2015

    Punk is correct. He always has been. I know he gets paid so he must be a pro? If you want to see how a pro QB should not look see his post game conference. If a QB is suppose to be the team leader and the face of the organization, that team is in trouble and good for them. Do the 9ers even have a clue putting Kap in front of the press looking like that. The team owner should fire someone.

    It is great to be a fan of a team that respects the game. Go Pack!

    1. PF4L October 5, 2015

      Agreed Howard….If anyone wants to see what a D Bag looks like, look no further than Klapdick in front of the camera. He gets a big contract, he plays like dogshit, then appears in front of the media wearing a long gold chain, his dork headphones, and his hat ass backwards. I loved how Mathews put that punk ass in his place. the bicep kissing had me rolling on the floor lol.

  9. Moon blast October 4, 2015

    The Packers played like a very self aware team today.. They experimented with offensive formations and play calls as well as using a different type of snap count, they also seemed to be a bit more injury conscience than they were last week

    Take it for what you will but in my opinion it seemed like McCarthy and Co used today’s game as a Guinea pig of sorts for the “bigger picture” road games

  10. UpNorth October 4, 2015

    Rather frustrated by our tackle play and the pass offense, but that’s just a small nitpick as I’m too happy with the defense. Though, if Kap had his head on a straight at all their were various opportunities against our secondary. Play of the Dline and Linebackers was terrific though, best I’ve seen in years.

    On the side note, Masthay…..seriously man travel to some secret shrine and rediscover how to punt properly in this league. Thankfully our defense made his awful kicks tolerable.

  11. jtmax October 4, 2015

    Cobb dropped a td pass and critical 3rd down pass. Need to rest his shoulder. He’s not right. Ty has been solid until this game. Lots of dropped balls today. Dick rodgers was bright spot. Catches well and hammers tacklers after the catch. Rodgers need to get rid of ball faster if he has empty backfield. Barclay cant block for long. More playaction would help open things up. Rookies randall and rollins really stepped up. Played hard and disciplined. Shields should be our receiver. Amazing hands and speed.

    1. Phatgzus October 5, 2015

      He was getting interfered with on that potential TD pass, and unfortunately, if we rest him, James Jones and Ty Montgomery are our starting receivers with Jeff Janis and Jared Abbrederis the next men up. Barclay had an AWFUL game, he was good enough the last 2, the rest of the o-line wasn’t much better; hopefully it was do to a short week and a long trip. Unfortunately, play-action requires more protection time. RichRodg is looking better every game, his locking is really coming along-love seeing his effort to get downfield and block for receivers-he definitely is a load to bring down as well. All of the CBs looked good today, granted Englebert Kraepperdink definitely helped in that area. Randall made a fantastic play in the endzone right after he got burned on that perfect deep ball-that was impressive. Shields did play receiver at The U, so you never know, let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point.

  12. Arcturus October 5, 2015

    Abbrederis never saw the field today did he? We could have used some real speed down the sidelines on a few plays.

  13. Deepsky October 5, 2015

    The Packer defensive line looked pretty good, but really this win was all about Kaepernick and his receivers making mistakes more than it was about the Packer linebacker and secondary play. There were many 49er receivers wide open all day, but Kaepernick looked like the worst NFL quarterback I’ve seen in years.

  14. icebowl October 5, 2015

    Great D, O meh !

    Great summary Shawn….

    Best quote so far this season :

    “It helped that Colin Kaepernick was as scattershot as a drunk with a 12 gauge and also had the mysterious tendency to hold the ball and run around aimlessly until sacked….”

    Keep them coming young man….

  15. Kato October 5, 2015

    Not sold on the defense yet. I still have past playoff performances in my head. I just can’t trust them still.

    1. rebelgb October 5, 2015

      Agreed. I hope they play well all year, BUT, until they are dominant in a playoff appearance I will hold my enthusiasm.

      1. Fritz October 5, 2015

        I M feeling alot of love on this site rite now.