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Nothing Official, But Players Talking Like Richardson is Done

Sean Richardson

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy has refused to talk about safety Sean Richardson since news broke on Friday that the defensive back had suffered a second spinal injury. His teammates are saying plenty, though.

And it doesn’t sound good.

The Packers haven’t made a final determination on Richardson, who previously had spinal fusion surgery in early 2013. It is assumed both the team and player are seeking second options and weighing their options. However, it appears Richardson’s season — if not his career — is over.

Cornerback Casey Hayward, who also played with him at Vanderbilt, says he’s dedicating his season to Richardson.

“It’s tough. I’ve been playing with him for eight years now in a row. I’m going to play for him, we’re all going to play for him,” Hayward said. “Hopefully we can win the Super Bowl and he’ll be a part of that.”

That’s not really how you talk about a guy who you think has a chance of returning to the field.

Hayward went on to pronounce Richardson’s season over, so if there was a cat or a bag, the former is out of the latter.

“That’s like my brother. So I feel for him,” Hayward said. “You feel for any teammate, any brother who goes out with any injury, but especially as severe as his injury. I just try to keep him in high spirits, pray for him and his family. Ultimately, it’s bigger than football.

“I think he’s making the right choice of being out for the season. I don’t know the diagnosis of everything, but the most important thing is just getting him healthy – outside of football.”

It appears the only question now is if Richardson will ever play again.

We’re guessing not, but one thing we are pretty sure of is the Packers will have more say in that than the player will.

Just ask Nick Collins.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. UpNorth October 13, 2015

    It was practically a miracle he came back after the first injury granted how often it ends a player’s career for good the first time. Double miracle that it was TT that brought him back. I wish him all the best, always thought he was a great cog on the team. All we can hope for is that it fires up our secondary to really play out of their minds for the rest of the season, and with how they are already playing now, that would be a sight to see.

  2. Cheese October 13, 2015

    If they can bring Richardson back once they can bring Collins back once. Come on TT, sign the man.