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Here’s Jeff Fisher’s Latest Gimmick for Beating the Packers

Jeff Fisher's awesome mustache

When the Green Bay Packers played the St. Louis Rams back in 2012, Rams coach Jeff Fisher had a sweet gimmick t0 ensure his team victory.

Clay Matthews was the flavor of the month at that time and Fisher wanted his boys to be aware of Matthews at all times. So, he slapped a blond wig on one of his scout teams guys during practice so the dummies on his squad knew to watch out for the guy with the long hair.

The Packers won 30-20. Matthews sacked then-Rams QB Sam Bradford once.

So you could argue that gimmick worked for shit.

Jeff Fisher will not be deterred, however.

Packers-Rams on Sunday. Gotta dream up a new gimmick!

This time around, said gimmick focuses on quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Fisher is worried about Rodgers’ hard count and the resulting free plays it often gives the Packers.

So Fisher has taken to blowing an air horn in his defensive linemen’s ears during practice this week.

“That’s just a message to the D-line on the hard count,” Fisher said. “No one uses the hard count better than Aaron. … He pulls them offside two or three times a game. So I woke them up in their meeting room this morning with the horn, just to send a message.”

That’s not all, either.

Fisher is also blasting this piece of mid-90s garbage at practice so the Rams are ready for the Green Bay crowd noise.

Yeah, don’t pretend you don’t remember the dance. We know you do.

Anyway, what we would like to know is this. Does Fisher do stupid shit like this prior to facing all Rams’ opponents? Or is this crap just reserved for the Green Bay Packers?

It certainly seems like the latter.

So, I guess we’re flattered?

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Big B October 9, 2015

    Jeff Fisher is the most overrated coach in the league right now. He is an engaging interview and knows how to work the PR, but his record is surprisingly awful for one as long tenured as he. In 21 seasons he has had just 6 years with a winning record, and none of those are in the last 6 years. Lifetime his winning percentage is 52%, which is bulked up by a couple killer seasons with the Titans. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

  2. Phatgzus October 9, 2015

    Nice GIF, in regards to the video-Dem Asses! Dayum.

  3. PF4L October 9, 2015

    If anyone watched that for more than 20 seconds , you may want to buy a gun and just…………………….

  4. TyKo Steamboat October 9, 2015

    I am a man that has been to Lambeau 8 times. Its quiet. Never particularly loud. Coach Fish has nothen to worry about at Noon.
    Relax, Fish. worry about the sweet moustache trim, bro. I’m jeally, BTW.

  5. Deepsky October 10, 2015

    I read a more disturbing article about how Gregg Williams has told his players that if they get caught offsides to keep charging at the QB in the hopes the play will be blown dead as the player would be unabated and thus any big play would be nullified. The Rams usually lead the league in Roughing the Passer calls, so this,does not surprise me.