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Five More Thoughts on Packers’ 24-10 Win Over Rams

Quinten Rollins

The Green Bay Packers are at 5-0, but they aren’t getting a lot of style points this week after beating the St. Louis Rams 24-10 on Sunday.

This was really just a case of one team having more talent than the other. Both teams made their share of mistakes. The Rams just happened to make more.

A lot more. Four picks and 1-for-4 on field goals are the primary indicators. Although the game wasn’t ever really in question, if you’re a gambler, then you were sweating the hell out of that 10-point spread. In the end, if you took the Packers like I told you to, then it did indeed work out.

On with the show.

Different looks, same result
The offense hasn’t been impressive for two weeks in a row now. In San Francisco, the 49ers played two-deep safeties and took advantage of the Packers weak pass protection. This eliminated big plays and had Aaron Rodgers running for his life. Result: a meager 17 points. The Rams used a different formula. Crowd the line of scrimmage, limit the Packers running game and short passes. Result: a meager 17 offensive points. Fortunately for the Packers, they have enough weapons to compensate. In San Francisco, they gave the 49ers Eddie Lacy and he came out with 90 yards. Against St. Louis, Lacy was bottled up and the Packers had to rely on occasional big passing plays. Those were few and far between. In fact, if it weren’t for a guy falling down (the James Jones touchdown) and a blown coverage (the Ty Montgomery touchdown), they could have been nil. Limiting the Packers offense to 17 points is a pretty good day and it’s happened two weeks in a row. It’s pretty clear the loss of Jordy Nelson is being felt. We’re not sure about Davante Adams and we’d really love to have a tight end who’s worth a shit, but these things are what they are. Tom Clements needs to find a way to combat these defensive looks, especially the one the Rams just showed. For the most part, that was extremely effective.

On the other side, big difference
You certainly could say the Packers defense carried the team for the second week in a row and we would say that. Let’s try that again. The Packers defense carried the team for the second week in a row. Sounds weird. Just not quite right coming off the lips. That’s probably because we can’t remember the last time we said something like that. Maybe 2010? It’s happening right now, though. If the offense can get back to putting up 35 a game again and we’d say that’s a big if at this point, then this may be Mike McCarthy’s most well-rounded team.

The importance of Raji
You saw it in the second half. When Raji wasn’t in the game, the Rams were able to run all over the Packers. We’ve pointed out on numerous occasions what a great year Raji is having. How he looks better than he’s looked maybe ever, but at least since 2010. And there you see the difference he makes. You would think the Packers could plug in Letroy Guion or someone else in the middle and not miss much. You can see that’s clearly not the case. If Raji is out for any period of time, the defense is going to have a tough time stopping the run again. You can bet on that. It starts with Raji.

There was the first Rodgers’ clunker
Every year, Aaron Rodgers has a handful of garbage games. Last year, it was at Detroit, at Buffalo and in the NFC Championship game. The Packers lost all three of those games. Here was his first of 2015 — 19-of-30, 241 yards, two touchdowns, two picks. You know, that’s not a horrible line if you’re say, Mark Sanchez, but this is Aaron Rodgers. Higher standard. That second pick he threw was an uncharacteristically poor decision. The good news is, Rodgers wasn’t good and the Packers still won this time around.

And here’s what we’re talking about at tight end
Yes, we beat the shit out of Richard Rodgers — DickRodge — around here. He deserves it, though. DickRodge only blocks some of the time. On Sunday, he was charged with a penalty that took three points off the board. Then there are the receiving stats. This week, DickRodge had six for 45 yards. That’s a pathetic 7.5 yard average per reception. This clown has 19 catches for 155 yards on the season. That’s an average of 8.2 yards per reception. The only guys for who it’s acceptable to average less than 10 yards per reception are running backs. It’s indicative of the fact that a player can’t do anything with the football after catching it. Simply, that they aren’t a playmaker. And so this is why we continually point out the fact that the Packers tight end position is garbage.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. knucklehead October 12, 2015

    Clay was really sucking it up out there again, wasn’t he Monty?

    You could really see the selfish prick that he is out there, just like you said.

    He sure isn’t a leader, just like you said.

    He sure was looking out for #1 as usual, just like you said.

    He sure wasn’t giving his all out there, just like you said.

    Wow! You sure proved yourself right, again. I’m going to listen to everything you say from now on.

    I promise.


  2. E. Wolf October 12, 2015

    I do not know how that second pick was not trapped. Whatever, it had to happen sometime, and we still won, rather convincingly.

    1. bob October 12, 2015

      Agree – it was trapped by the ground and you could clearly see the ball get knocked loose by the ground. Should have been called back but, oh well. The W is what matters.

  3. Kato October 12, 2015

    Most of these packers fans are self entitled fucking pussies. Seriously, wtf. They won by two tds. You guys are acting like Aaron rodgers had fractured both his femurs and will never walk again. They beat an nfc opponent that has beaten seattle and Arizona this year. Yeah, it wasn’t pretty, and I love when they blow teams out, it’s fun. But ultimately at the end of the day, they won the game. They have won games a few different ways this year, with rodgers, running the ball, and smothering defense. This is most well rounded team I have seen since 2010.

    1. MrBobHarris October 12, 2015

      I think Shawn said it best in his game wrap yesterday – “Style points at this point in the season mean exactly nothing”.

    2. Packer Bob October 12, 2015

      You must not hang out with these types of Packer fans. The ones that bitch all year long about Ted Thompson’s tight bunghole when it comes to free agency, the “Buffoon’s” stupid play calls, Clay Matthews not being a team player, FIRE CAPERS!!, and how we’re wasting Rodgers’ best years. I can’t think of many fan bases that use the word “uninspiring” to describe a win week after week. Perhaps they just don’t have the stomach to watch a full 60 minutes of football unless the outcome of the game is decided by half-time.

      When all you care about is winning Superbowls then you miss out of all the great football that gets played in between them. This is a golden age that most fans dream about their whole lives, and one day they will be gone forever.

      1. Shawn October 12, 2015

        Here! Here! Packer Bob.

        But there will always be Haters.

        If we ever have a nuclear holocaust, the cockroaches and Haters will be the only things left.

        They should try crying to Bears fans. Unless they are Bears fans…

        1. PF4L October 12, 2015

          So there you have it…never say anything negative about the Packers, be a good fan and just shut your mouth. lol

  4. UpNorth October 12, 2015

    It was a good gritty win, and it is still early in the season, but the offense needs to find a better way to combat the defenses they will be looking at the rest of the season.

    The game against Denver will say a lot about where our offense will be going. It will be after our bye so we should be pretty healthy by then….but yeah if the offense is still struggling by that point we will have a long second half.

    Yeah Rodgers was pretty human this game, but it was more on the receivers then him, the protection was pretty solid considering the line we faced. I do agree that that second interception should have been taken away, no idea why the officials missed that. All things considered….if you take all of Rodger’s INTs you can say half of them are either redirected off receivers hands or caused by some amazing defensive play like his first interception off that bated ball yesterday. Gotta like winning 3/4 against the NFC West so far….just Arizona left.

  5. Fritz October 12, 2015

    1st semester report cards are out:
    D line, B+
    LB, A-
    Secondary, A-
    ST,, C
    K, A
    Oline, B+
    RB, B+,
    WR/TE B+
    QB A-
    Coaches A
    Trainers B+
    GM, A+

    1. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey October 13, 2015

      (pssst hey Fritz, semester means “half.”)

  6. Fritz October 13, 2015

    I put them out one game before the bye week, cause next game before the bye aint gonna change anyrhing.