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Aaron Rodgers Wasn’t Happy with the Play Calling Either

Aaron Rodgers

Yeah, we’re hammering this home today. Tom Clements — craptacular play calling on Sunday. Nonsensical is the nicest way you could describe it. Well, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers seemingly didn’t think much of the play calling either.

Rodgers didn’t specifically call Clements out, but he was clearly frustrated after the game.

“We had 49 [offensive] plays tonight; that’s far below our standard. They had the ball for 38 minutes,” Rodgers said.

“At this point, we don’t need to win pretty every week. We’d like to, and we’re going to get graded to that standard. You set the bar pretty high with the pretty wins. But when you have a game like tonight, 49 plays, the inefficiency in the passing game, it’s not going to be the best meeting room coming back next Monday. But they all count the same. We’ll take ‘em all.”

Like us, Rodgers also pointed out Eddie Lacy’s lack of involvement. That’s on the play caller.

The Packers called only 17 designed runs on Sunday, four less than the pass-happy Chargers. And clearly, that would have helped with that time of possession disparity.

Rodgers also noted how badly the Packers need Davante Adams back. That’s the second time he’s mentioned Adams’ importance. The receiver has been sidelined for three weeks with an ankle injury. Adams practiced all week leading up to the San Diego game and the coaching staff still decided to keep him on the shelf.

That comment by Rodgers is a clear message to his receivers, though.

“You’re not getting open enough.”

And they aren’t.

No one on the Packers had more than two receptions on Sunday.

Rodgers could be seen pacing the sidelines on Sunday.

The combination of the poor play calling, the subpar play at receiver and a defense that couldn’t get the hell of the field made it a brutal game to watch. We understand his frustration.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Cheese October 19, 2015

    Hard for the defense to get off the field when your offense goes three and out.

  2. MMTTDCSUCK October 19, 2015

    Two things that I noticed that I believe played into this offensive offense . . . Why run Lacy when he is still hurt and running like shit? BTW, has he put on some weight or what! Why not keep Starks going? He was tearing up the field. Why not stay with the hot hand? Second, A. Rodgers does not play good at all versus cover 2 period. His stats SUCK versus cover 2. Clements needs to get screens and short dumps to TE’s when they face cover 2. That would open up the field, and that I believe is what is needed. Clements is a mere pawn in the Buffoons’ gallery. He appears overwhelmed out there. But I am just speculating. His running plays in the 2nd half (very few) were so obvious that a middle school defender could have picked them up. San Diego was ALL OVER those runs, way before the RB even got the ball . . . the veiled statements from Rodgers need to bite harder than they do. It is time to put the foot down.

  3. Shawn October 19, 2015

    Hard to complain about not running the ball enough when it is third and an effin foot, and instead of handing the ball to Starks, when you clearly have that option, you jump around in the pocket for 6 seconds before heaving it 40 yards downfield for your TE to catch out of bounds. Now go pace on the sideline while the defense gets put right back on the field.
    Yes, we share your frustration.

    1. Please October 20, 2015

      Yes, the third and a foot play was beyond frustrating. Our defense was on the field forever and we have a great chance to get another set of downs. So what do we do? Go into the shotgun! So even if Rodgers hands off you give the defense a better chance at stopping a run since your several yards back of the line of scrimmage. Ridiculously stupid. But Rodgers tops that by throwing an incredibly low percentage pass downfield.
      Decisions like this are not talked about much but it really translates into a turnover in my way of thinking.

  4. rebelgb October 19, 2015

    I am glad we got the win and we will take it.

    As bad as the pass defense was, I was happy for the defense the way they finished the game.

    All being said: I havent been this pissed off about play calling since mid-way through last season. I thought it was vanilla, poorly planned, and a waste of our talented players. I really am starting to believe that MM is taking on more and more offensive responsibility. Not sure why, maybe he just cant let go. Running on 3rd and inches is a perfect example. If its Rodgers doing the play calling then maybe we need to scale back his involvement in that area because he isnt very good at it.

  5. Phatgzus October 19, 2015

    You did this last year too, Monty, taking A-Rodg’s words out of context. How do you he was talking solely about execution, or at the very least both execution and the play-calling?

    1. Phatgzus October 19, 2015

      Pardon, not taking it out of context, but making unsupported inferences.

  6. fred October 19, 2015

    Monty i disagree with almost everything you said. the article is BS

  7. Dave October 19, 2015

    I agree with Phatgzus…Rodgers didn’t say anything about the play calling. What he was speaking to was their poor 3rd down conversion rate. If you’re not converting 3rd downs, you’re not staying on the field. That’s what tipped the TOP way in favor of the Chargers. If GB had converted a few more of their 3rd downs, the TOP would have been more even, which would have helped the ‘D’ get off the field and generally be better rested.

    The Packers’ have the plays to call, but don’t have the personnel to run them. Their real problem is not having a deep threat to stretch the field.

    Not having a good option at TE also hurts, which is why Perillo saw the field on Sunday. The normally sure-handed Richard Rodgers dropped a few key passes. And he isn’t breaking tackles like a good TE should.

    Add to the TE problem the fact that GB is short on WRs. Janis isn’t there yet — and now with Ty Montgomery having an ankle — it’s easy to see that our offense will be challenged against the Broncos ‘D’ in 2 weeks. Maybe having Bronco’s waiver TE Mitchell Henry on the practice squad will help w/ scouting!

  8. Skinny October 19, 2015

    and im not happy with this. “Blue 58!, Blue 58! Set Hut! Hut!, Jerry! Jerry!, Blue 58!, Blue 58!, Set Hut!, Hut! Hut!” Time out with 1 second left on play clock.

  9. UpNorth October 19, 2015

    I don’t think Rodgers is calling out the OC or play calling either, I think if anything, he’s coming down on himself for not playing as he should and trying to also let his receivers know that. The final play to RR should have been a TD, he was in perfect position to catch that ball but ARod sent it flying too far over him.

    Other then that, their are plenty of things to nitpick in this game, but considering the players we are missing I’m not gonna come down on the defense. In the end, they won the game for us and that was with dropping several potential interceptions and being on the field against 89 damn offensive snaps. Seriously, Rivers is a great QB and their passing attack is considered one of not the best in the league right now. In the end, they only got 20 points off complete domination of TOP. Our DLine will pick things up again when Raji gets back in the mix and the same for our secondary when Burnett returns. Hyde, while versatile, is not meant to be on the field all the time. He is a solid player in short yard coverage but can’t run with receivers long term.

    As for the offense, with the injuries we are dealing with I’m surprised they are still putting up enough points to win, but part of this comes down on Rodgers. While he has still been a terrific quarterback and helping win games, he has not been the player we are use to seeing the past few years. I know he is having issues trusting his receivers right now, but he has to work the system. Right now our Offensive game plan seems to be chalked up to having Rodgers drop back and just try to find whatever is open. Nothing looks designed and nothing looks crafted to simply MOVE THE CHAINS.

    I know Rodgers and McCarthy love going downfield bu that mentality makes your offense completely one dimensional. The West Coast Offense is designed to pick apart a defense slowly and dominate TOP with short receptions that then open up more opportunities down the field. Where is that mentality now? Perhaps it’s a combination of Rodgers and the Receivers still working out kinks or just general coaching hubris, but the offense they are fielding right now will have serious issues down the line if they don’t put forth more developed game plans.

    At the end of the day, we’re 6-0 and going into a much needed bye week. The Denver game will tell a lot about where this offense will be trending. While I believe our Defense will have an easier time with a more frail Manning, it’s the offense that is gonna have to pull the weight against a outstanding Denver defense if we want to come out of that with a win.

    1. ferris October 19, 2015

      I only read 3 letters of this message…is this your blog?

      1. UpNorth October 19, 2015

        Your immense thoughtful contribution is welcome. It’s personal opinion and views and as far as I can tell comments and thoughts are allowed here.

  10. Packer Bob October 19, 2015

    Doesn’t AR have the freedom to call an audible, isn’t he part of the game planning, wasn’t he a bit off on some of his throws, isn’t Eddie Lacy still dealing with sore ankle, the offense went 3 and out how many times, aren’t both Nelson and Adams out, isn’t Cobb dealing with a sore shoulder, didn’t Montgomery leave with an injury…

    And despite all this they still won and their record is 6-0. Totally frustrating!!

    You’re taking Rodgers comments out of context and placing blame on Clements, and let’s face it, McCarthy, because you want him fired. Why? Because you think he’s the reason we haven’t won’t the Superbowl again.

    Gawd help is if we lose to Denver. 6-1? The season is over! Fire everyone!!

  11. the real russ letlow October 19, 2015

    how do you think the Chargers feel right about now? They dominated almost every part of the game (except rushing) and lose. The final score is the most important stat of them all, and we had that one! I’m good with the win, though I must say that it was tough to watch without some stomach churning and a few fits of screaming at the TV.

  12. ay hombre October 19, 2015

    Packer Bob…smoke a bowl and cool out yo.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK October 20, 2015


  13. knucklehead October 19, 2015

    Agree with all the non-muppets up top. The quote you use says nothing about play calling. He’s referring to his frustration with the OFFENSE’s inability to stay on the field.

    Rodgers is a champion, he doesn’t whine.

    As anyone with a brain can then deduce, he is taking responsibility for the offensive unit’s poor play (i.e. his poor play). Why? Because he is the f-n QB.

    Call it how it is.
    Don’t make shit up Monty.

  14. jtmax October 19, 2015

    Glad no one is happy with this win. We are motivated to learn and improve. Denver has #1 pass rush and #1 defense. We should emulate Chargers offense. Rodgers needs to release the ball in 2-3 seconds like Rivers. Play calls need to have checkdown with Lacy, Kuhn or DRodgers every time. They are all sure handed and load to bring down.
    Manning is immobile like Rivers and will try to do the same by quick release on short routes as necessary. But he has weak arm and tends to compensate by overthrowing receiver with soft duck so we play outside leverage to better anticipate the route to jump the ball. We need a couple of interceptions to pull win in Denver. Burnett needs to step up and grab some Ints. I like blitzing every time. Manning needs to get hit a few times for him to really throw bad ducks.

  15. Deepsky October 20, 2015

    The problem with the offense is that his receivers include someone banged up, a guy cut by a couple of NFL teams and two other guys who have only played a few snaps in the NFL.

    And yet Rodgers still ended up with a 107 QB rating against the Chargers.

  16. MMTTDCSUCK October 20, 2015

    The guy cut by a couple of teams is James Jones. Not some journeyman wanna be! His being cut is most likely because of his pay scale and his being over 30. The guy is a sure handed, deceptively fast, solid route runner who fights for the ball. If anything, he is an asset, not a liability as you posit . . .