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Would the Packers Consider Re-Signing Desmond Bishop?

Desmond Bishop

As you surely know, the Green Bay Packers put inside linebacker Sam Barrington on injured reserve on Tuesday. They have their options for replacing him in-house, with Nate Palmer getting first crack at the job.


When Ian Rapoport reported the news, he seemed to suggest the Packers might consider re-signing Desmond Bishop.

Getting the band back together!

If you’ve read this site for any amount of time, you know we were huge fans of Desmond Bishop. He made plays and after watching A.J. Hawk not make any plays for years, that was a refreshing change of pace.

Bishop was a killer in 2010 and 2011 for the Packers. In that latter season, he had 115 tackles, five sacks and two forced fumbles.

Then he got injured prior to the 2012 season and missed the year. When he returned in 2013, Bishop was unceremoniously released by the Packers.

He signed with the Vikings, played in four games and got injured again. He went to injured reserve again. He was released again.

Last season, Bishop had two brief stops with Arizona and then San Francisco.

In the offseason, the 49ers re-signed Bishop, but then… wait for it… he got injured again. This time, it was a hand injury and this time, the 49ers released him.

But Bishop is supposedly healthy now. Still, we just don’t see the Packers being interested.

They didn’t want him in 2013 and Barrington’s roster spot has already been filled by Datone Jones.

What’s more, Bishop would probably injure himself getting on the plane to Green Bay.

The Packers are thin at inside linebacker, but they still have rookie Jake Ryan after Palmer. They also have Carl Bradford and James Vaughters on the practice squad.

The only way we see the Packers considering Bishop is if Palmer gets hurt (or plays terribly).

Unlike the James Jones’ reunion, this is one we just don’t see happening.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Vano Lucas September 16, 2015

    Whatever. Our inside linebacking is very weak, and probably the main reason our defense (especially against the run) is so anemic. This is nothing new. It looks like we’re going to have to simply outscore everybody to win. The entire organization has to be on the hook for substandard defense year after year.

    1. Packer Bob September 16, 2015

      Blah blah blah blah.. fire everyone. We get it. Why not let the season play out a few more games before jumping on that bandwagon?

      1. PF4L September 17, 2015

        Yea give it a chance, we haven’t had a decent ranked defense since 2010. everyone just relax.

        The last time we had a good defense, we won the Superbowl, don’t be so greedy, give the defense time to jell, it’s only been 4 1/2 years, give them a chance to fail until like, 2019, when Rodgers contract is up Then, maybe, make a change.

        1. Phatgzus September 17, 2015

          Defense was pretty awesome the last half of last season. Sure we faced some bad run games and we gave up a decent bit of yardage to Murray in the Divisional game, but a lot of that came on a few plays, and the D absolutely shut down the Seahacks for 3.5 quarters, until the amount of plays they were on the field caught up to them. They also had one of the best QBRs against for the entire season.

          1. shawn September 17, 2015

            Defense has played well in the playoffs every year since 2009, with the debacle in San Fran being the exception.
            The haters can’t admit that, or their entire house of cards implodes.

            Ironically, every season the same jokers who complain about the defense all year are the ones who would be the first to tell you that the playoffs are the only thing that matters.

          2. Please September 17, 2015

            “Defense has played well in the playoffs every year since 2009, with the debacle in San Fran being the exception.
            The haters can’t admit that, or their entire house of cards implodes.” – Shawn

            Seriously? The defense played well against the Giants in the 15-1 season in 2011? They were horrible. 400 plus total yards with another famous debacle before halftime at home at Lambeau. The defense was horrible that whole year and “the Haters” as you so described, predicted an early exit in the playoffs due to said defense. The “lovers”, I guess that’s your group, were embarrassingly wrong.

          3. shawn September 17, 2015

            The score of the game against the Giants was 20-13 with 8 minutes left in the game. Even with the worst 15 seconds of defense to end a half in NFL history, the defense played well enough for us to win until a Ryan Grant fumble was returned to the Packer 4 yard line, thus breaking the game open. The defense certainly wasn’t “great” that day, but they kept us in the game despite a John Kuhn fumble in Packer territory and a turnover on downs by the offense near midfield that gave the Giants another short field.

            It was the fact that our offense only had 13 points until the 4:52 mark that cost the Packers that game. The haters said all year that we’d lose because of our defense. Wrong. We lost that game because of our offense.

            We sure as hell lost in 2013 at home against San Fran because of our offense, and we lost to Seattle because of our offense. So, regardless of their struggles during the season, the defense hasn’t been our problem!

  2. kato September 16, 2015

    I doubt bishop has anything left to give. He is a corpse.

  3. Church Lady September 16, 2015

    Well, we have 2 corpses at middle linebacker now in Palmer and 80’s heart throb Jake Ryan – what’s the downside? Get the band back together…would rather see him than Shitty Carl Bradford in the middle…

  4. jtmax September 16, 2015

    Inject Bishop with some growth hormone and throw him on the field. He’s got great instincts which we sorely miss.

  5. Icebowling September 16, 2015

    Get it done TT!

  6. Skinny September 16, 2015

    Would the Packers reconsider signing Nick Barnett too! Ive stated in the past im in favor of signing them all if possible. Bring back Bishop, bring back Javon Walker, bring back Don Driver, trade a future first rounder to the Bengals to get Aj Hawk back. Lets dig deeper in the past because were Packer fans and dammit those guys — — USE to be good for us.

  7. Doug September 16, 2015

    Nate Palmer is not getting a crack at it. Nate Palmer is listed on the depth chart as the starter at the other inside linebacker position so does this mean that a bunch of fat head writers think he is going to play both positions by himself when they are using Clay Matthews outside to rush the fucking passer?

  8. V September 16, 2015

    Just draft linebackers from Penn St from now on….that’s Linebacker U.

    1. PF4L September 17, 2015

      Things take time, it only took a few years to fix the Oline, lets give Ted a few years to shore up the middle against the run.

      Wait, he’s had three years already?

      Ok then…Nevermind

  9. Chad Lundberg September 17, 2015

    You know what really pisses me off is that the Packers simply freaking REF– — USE to do it the hard way!!!!! Yes, Jake Ryan is going to make mistakes, he may even cost big yardage time to time. He’s a rookie and growing pains are going to happen.

    But he’s got easily the best upswing of any ILB on that team and if we’re going to fix that damn defense, starting him and having him develop is what it’s going to take. Even if it means having to watch him make mistakes.

    But no, TT and MM would rather put the season on the line than have to deal with that. God forbid they break a nail.

    1. Abe Frohman September 17, 2015

      I see Palmer as simply keeping the seat warm for Ryan. Ryan will be starting before week 8 is my guess. They always like to ease a guy into a position to make sure he’s comfortable to minimize the rookie mistakes.

  10. BZ in LB September 17, 2015

    Let Ryan play. Maybe he is the one – the Rookie Revelation. But we won’t know if he doesn’t play.

  11. MMTTDCSUCK September 17, 2015

    Ryan may not be the answer either,. Watching him reminds me of a just “slightly” faster A.J. Hawk. Period.

  12. jtmax September 17, 2015

    They stashed Bishop on the bench for way too long in favor of Hawk. Imagine if they let him start right away. You can see the potential from day 1. Let’s throw Ryan in there and see what he can do. Palmer is just another guy. We can’t afford to have just another guy. We need guys to have the passion to get to the ball like Bishop rather than stand around like Palmer or like Hawk.