“We’re playing at Lambeau Field [on] Sunday night football,” McCarthy said. “It’s our first home game. I don’t really think we need to get past that. I know who we’re playing; they’re an outstanding football team. They’re coming off a tough loss in St. Louis, but we’re focused on winning the game. We’re focused on getting our first home win, beating the Seattle Seahawks, and that’s about as far as it goes with us.”

It’s apparently being left up to the players to remember what a shit taste that previous game left in everyone’s mouth.

“Today was all about the Bears as far as corrections and he just said our focus now moves on to Seattle,” receiver Randall Cobb said on Monday. “It’s on us to get into our preparation.”

That’s all fine with us.

You know the media hype is heading into overdrive for this one. You know that’s going to come with endless replays of that game.

No one needs the team talking about it in addition to all that. But make no mistake.

We want some fucking vengeance.