The First Rule of NFC Championship Game is…

Brandon Bostick

You do not talk about NFC Championship game.

We imagine that’s the second rule of NFC Championship game as well. At least for the Green Bay Packers.

In case you haven’t heard, the big, bad Seattle Seahawks are coming to town this week. The very team the Packers handed an NFC Championship to with a series of gaffes in such rapid succession, such a sight had never been witnessed before January 18, 2015.

When the offseason began, the Packers started to clean up that mess by getting rid of two of the guys who were partially responsible for it — tight end Brandon Bostick and linebacker Brad Jones.

They then began preaching about how there would be no hangover from that game and how the 2015 Green Bay Packers were a totally new team with a clean slate.

But this is the week of the rematch. The week the Packers get their vengeance. Right?

The coaching staff is making it a point not to approach the game that way.

Coach Mike McCarthy said he doesn’t want to see the team get too emotional and then went on to do his best “this is just another game” speech.

“We’re playing at Lambeau Field [on] Sunday night football,” McCarthy said. “It’s our first home game. I don’t really think we need to get past that. I know who we’re playing; they’re an outstanding football team. They’re coming off a tough loss in St. Louis, but we’re focused on winning the game. We’re focused on getting our first home win, beating the Seattle Seahawks, and that’s about as far as it goes with us.”

It’s apparently being left up to the players to remember what a shit taste that previous game left in everyone’s mouth.

“Today was all about the Bears as far as corrections and he just said our focus now moves on to Seattle,” receiver Randall Cobb said on Monday. “It’s on us to get into our preparation.”

That’s all fine with us.

You know the media hype is heading into overdrive for this one. You know that’s going to come with endless replays of that game.

No one needs the team talking about it in addition to all that. But make no mistake.

We want some fucking vengeance.

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  1. Avatar for Howard Howard says:

    McCarthy No, no, not yet. Not until me and Carrol get the rules straightened out.
    Carrol: Rules? In a knife fight? No rules!
    [McCarthy immediately kicks Carrol in the groin]
    McCarthy: Well, if there aint’ going to be any rules, let’s get the fight started. Someone count. 1,2,3 go.
    [McCarthy knocks Carrol out]

    Screw the rules, vengeance is ours. GO PACK!

  2. Avatar for Cheese Cheese says:

    Once again, vengeance my ass. A regular season game isn’t going to make up for a trip to the Super Bowl. The Packers already royally fucked themselves and there is no undoing it. There will be no revenge until they stop shitting the bed in the playoffs and get to another Super Bowl. Which despite everyone’s optimistic attitudes, is no guarantee.

    • Avatar for shawn shawn says:

      Quite true, but I would be remiss to not admit that there is a special corner of darkness in my heart for the Seattle effin Seahawks.

  3. Avatar for Phillthy Phillthy says:

    This game will determine playoff order and possibly a home game.

  4. Avatar for packnutt packnutt says:

    I live in in L.A. and making a point to be at this game to purge the shit from my mouth.

    The Pack wins this game enroute to another apprearance in the NFCCG. Count on it.

  5. Avatar for Ted Hawthorne Ted Hawthorne says:

    Not talk about it? You’re fucking kidding me.
    I’m going to review it in excruciating detail for
    you. In the 2014 NFC Title Game the Packers
    should have, and could have reasonably expected
    1. scored in the 1st quarter from the 1 yd. line
    2. scored in the 1st quarter from the 2 yd. line
    3. stopped the fake field goal attempt ahead 16-0
    4. picked up a 1st down with 6 min left
    5. ran back the interception with 5 min left
    6. picked up a 1st down after the interception
    7. blitzed Wilson on 2nd & 31
    8. stopped alley-oop 2 pt. attempt
    9. recovered on-side kick w/2 min. left
    I’m from the Lombardi era. There is no fucking
    excuse for a series of coaching mistakes like this.
    No wonder McCarthy doesn’t want to dwell on
    it! Enough said.

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