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Rodgers’ 13th Player of the Week Award Tops Favre

Aaron Rodgers

There will perhaps always be a debate about which one of these guys is the better quarterback, at least as long as they remain tied at one championship, but Aaron Rodgers surpassed Brett Favre in one category this week.

Rodgers brought home his 13th NFC offensive player of the week award on Wednesday, topping Favre’s 12 awards. That isn’t exactly league MVPs, but if Rodgers keeps playing the way he currently is, he’ll equal Favre in that category this year as well.

Rodgers gets this award for his 24-of-35 for 333 yards, five touchdowns, no interception effort against Kansas City.

If you’ve been snooping around the Internet at all in the last couple days, you know that Pro Football Focus actually gave Rodgers a negative ranking for that performance. And with that, their analytics cred went out the fucking window.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L September 30, 2015

    For Packer fans or true fans of the NFL, there really shouldn’t be any debate when comparing Favre to Rodgers.

    When taking emotion out of the picture and solely judging on their body of work. It isn’t even that close. Rodgers is the total package with no weakness in his game.

    1. Phatgzus September 30, 2015

      I’m a big fan of Favre the football player-i think he is one of the 10 if not 5 best to ever play the position. That said, Rodgers is head and shoulders above him. A-Rodg is and may always be the most talented QB to ever step on a football field.

    2. Savage57 October 1, 2015

      There sure is. 30 4th quarter comebacks, 45 Game winning drives compared to 9 and 13. 3 MVP’s compared to 2. .545 Playoff winning percentage is equal. 1 Super Bowl Trophy each. And don’t even talk about the consecutive starts streak.

      Favre doesn’t come and do what he did, AR never even sets foot in Green Bay. Always tougher to build a house that to just show up and buy one.

      Stupidest comment ever.

      1. DJ October 1, 2015

        No, actually yours is the stupidest comment ever.

        Citing Favre’s CAREER stats & accomplishments vs a still playing Rodger’s might make your fairy tale come true…but here on planet Earth the reality is that Rodgers, at the same point in his career as Favre, is, hands down, better.

        After 117 starts, they have the same reg season & playoff winning pct. But even that is an indictment of Favre. ARod has more yds, TDs, and 56 FEWER interceptions than Favre. In other words, Farve gave the other team almost 60 more possessions in 117 games than ARod has. Think that impacted Favre’s winning pct? I do, because Favre had the better and more complete teams around him. In fact, ARod has more yds, TDs, & fewer interceptions than Peyton, Brees, Brady, & Montana did at the same pt in their careers.

        Thirty 4th qtr comebacks and 45 game winning drives? lol More than half wouldnt have even been necessary if he didnt throw his team into a hole in the first place. 336 picks ring a bell? Its not even close.

        1. Phatgzus October 1, 2015

          Favre also had a multiple interceptions every season as a result of receivers not being able to haul in perfectly catchable passes, and Aaron plays in a MUCH MUCH more pass-friendly league than even Favre did for most of his career (just look at Favre did in his first season with the Purple Pukes). I think Rodgers is the more talented and better QB, but let’s weigh all of the facts.

          1. DJ October 1, 2015

            Agreed. No question Rodgers does enjoy a more pass friendly league. Nor do I hate Favre or think he sucked. But his consistently abysmal ball security issues cannot be explained away by blaming his receivers. That just doesnt fly because every QB suffers from deflections or tipped balls. #4 was a risk taker & careless with the ball. It was Holmgren’s pet peeve about him & what made him so Great AND so bad at the same time. Its ball security that makes this a slam dunk for ARod.

        2. Savage57 October 3, 2015

          Your name’s wrong. Should be BJ, not DJ, cause you sure like to suck Rodger’s dick.

  2. The Money Mike September 30, 2015

    ” you’ve been snooping around the Internet at all in the last couple days, you know that Pro Football Focus actually gave Rodgers a negative ranking for that performance. And with that, their analytics cred went out the fucking window.”

    They did it for click bait, they prolly made thousands

  3. Deepsky October 1, 2015

    Rodgers played a great game, but I though a lot of his passes were off, maybe because of the rain, maybe because he knew the defensive backs weren’t going to make plays anyway, maybe because he was throwing on the run a lot because the Packer tackles were playing so poorly.

    If the corners for the Chiefs were better, several of those passes would have been picked.

    1. Phatgzus October 1, 2015

      He had all of 3 “bad” passes, and one “bad” decision: the miss to Cobb on the corner route that would’ve been a TD, the catch by JJ over the middle, another mis on a free play deep ball, and the pass to Q that got him injured-the CB was breaking away from his coverage on the boundary and there was a man wide open.
      And the Packers tackles played pretty well, I give not a fuck what PFF says regarding the matter; they held arguably (Dumervil/Miller) the best rush duo in the national football and an alround very talented front 7 to 1 sack. Yeah the Packers had a number of quick passes and screens but that’s just good strategy vs. an aggressive D like KC’s, can’t hold that against them. For the most part (yeah they got beat a couple times) they did their jobs well.

  4. JD October 1, 2015

    The Rodgers-Cobb duo is amazing (as is the Rodgers-Nelson). I’ve always thought Cobb might be the most gifted player on the team. Here’s an interesting read about Cobb.


    1. Phatgzus October 1, 2015

      He’s VERY gifted, but not more so than the most complete QB to ever pick up a pigskin (including fried ones). Matthews is a freak as well.

  5. elafave October 6, 2015

    Rodgers might be blessed with the closestof the greatest physical talent ever, if not greatest, but you gotta have the noodle to go with it and he got all the fettuccini, rigatoni,macaroni,speghetti, bacanelli, capaletti,vermicelli, and ramens. About 100X more than any other QB on the planet.

    Any remember Geoff Goerge, or that moron AL Davis drafted JaMarcus. 0

    Child please.