Maybe You’ll Like Troy Aikman Now

Troy Aikman: soap star

Troy Aikman: soap star

Your favorite color commentator, Troy Aikman, was on Colin Cowherd’s new Fox show this morning.

Somehow, he managed not to laugh hysterically at Colin’s new hair. He also talked about football.

And here’s what he said about the Green Bay Packers.

“I like Green Bay. In fact, going into the preseason, they were my pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl and I’m going to stick with it. You don’t replace a Jordy Nelson, but I just think the culture — I talked about the Patriots earlier and what that feels like to go to New England and you see them practice — Green Bay is a lot the same way. Just the way the organization is run, the way that they’re coached, Mike McCarthy, of course, Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. They just do it the right way. I think they’ll overcome this. It won’t be easy, but I still pick them as my favorite to win the NFC.”

So, Troy Aikman wants to know. Do you like him any better now?

You can see the whole segment here.

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  1. Icebowler

    I noticed that Troy turned his vitriol against the Packers down quite a few notches last year. I think his bosses a Fox must have had a “little talk” with him before the season. Too little too late…I still can’t stand him.

  2. knucklehead

    That’s a hilarious commercial I have to admit.

    Aikman “likes” the Packers to win, as in he looks favorably on their chances to beat most of their opponents.


    Aikman personally ‘hates’ the Packers.

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