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Watch this Trailer for Concussion

Will Smith

Sticking it to the man — one of our favorite pastimes. And that’s why we love this.

Will Smith — the Fresh Prince, not the Milwaukee Brewers pitcher — has a new movie coming out on Christmas called Concussion. In it, he sticks it to the NFL. Or more accurately, he plays Dr. Bennet Omalu, who stuck it to the NFL.

Omalu is the neuropathologist who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) by studying the brain of former Pittsburgh Steelers center (and Badger great) Mike Webster. That led to the realization that football and the repeated head trauma that football players endure can lead to all kinds of problems, including dementia, depression and even suicide.

Well, as you can imagine, the NFL didn’t think much of those conclusion. And since the NFL is run by a bunch of scumbags who only care about money, they tried to discredit Omalu.

This was at the center of the concussion lawsuit filed by former players, which the league ultimately settled. At one time, the league actually took the position that concussions could have no long-term effects.

It’s also at the center of all of these new safety measures because, “Look everyone. We really do care about the safety of our players. Now please don’t sue us.”

Omalu’s ordeal was previously depicted in the documentary League of Denial, which we would highly recommend.

It really gives you a good idea of what kind of dirtbags run and profit from American’s favorite sport. It also shines a light on what a piece of shit commissioner Roger Goodell is, in case you weren’t already aware.

You have to think a Will Smith movie is going to bring these shenanigans to a much wider audience, though. Maybe it’s just me and maybe it’s taking a bit of dramatic license, but Concussion certainly seems to infer that the NFL was trying to kill Omalu at some point.

Let that be a lesson to you.

Don’t EVER cross The Ginger Hammer. That motherfucker just might put a bomb under your car.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Cheese August 31, 2015

    They make concussions seem like some secret killer that affects millions of people. What do you expect? You get bashed in the head for 10-20 years there is going to be side effects.

    Somehow I see this as just more publicity for the NFL. There is no bad press. Now they’re reeling in potential viewers through Hollywood. First with draft day and now this.

    1. PF4L September 1, 2015

      It makes you wonder why boxers don’t sue boxing organisations like the IBF, WBO, WBC ect. Maybe it’s because they don’t have a lawsuit happy union, hiring their lawsuit happy attorney friends.

      Most NFL players admit that even knowing the effects that concussions cause later on in life, they still would have played,and/or are still playing in the NFL. I’m sure being Hollywood, they’ll sensationalize the shit out of this film to make the NFL look bad, and cause controversy.

      Personally, i’d rather spend 3 hours watching an NFL game. The greatest sport in the world.

    2. Gorgonzola September 1, 2015

      The point is exactly that before Omalu released his scholarly article there was no clinical evidence enforcing this belief. It’s not like you can pretend to get reward if you sue somebody/something because YOU THINK he did something to you without providing any further proof.

  2. PF4L September 1, 2015

    Yes…because no commissioner before Goodell knew anything about anything concussion? IT’S ALL GOODELL’S FAULT!!!!

    The NFL is a multi billion dollar business. Like any other successful business, they will try to protect their assets and their brand.

    Welcome to the real world.

  3. Deepsky September 1, 2015

    Steroids lead to early death and cancer more so than concussions. But the players would have to admit they cheated in order for it get a movie.

  4. Howard September 1, 2015

    I cannot see the Hammer getting his suit dirty. So, it is alleged the Hammer knows people, who know people, who kill people?

  5. T. Jervey September 1, 2015

    “Tell the truth”…..same shit Deanna said to Bert when he sent those pecka pics.

  6. TyKo Steamboat September 1, 2015

    Will Smith is a fag