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Preseason Strikes Again: Jordy Nelson May Have Torn ACL

Jordy Nelson

File this under the “Is it news if everyone already knows it?” tab.

If you are or were just watching the Preseason Week 2 game against the Steelers, then you probably saw the horror of watching Jordy Nelson make a 1st quarter catch only to immediately hit the deck with an injury. The fact that Nelson was untouched on the play only made it more likely that the condition was serious.

As just mentioned in the article of what to watch for in this game, even though there might be some storylines making preseason games close to watchable, the actual bottom line is that you want to get through these games without suffering any major injuries. As it turns out, the Packers failed in this regard in disastrous fashion.

Early reports have confirmed that Jordy Nelson tore his ACL on the above mentioned play. The Packers, of course, won’t announce anything until it is confirmed by an MRI. So, you can hang onto hope if you want, but I think the last time an injury of this magnitude turned out to be incorrectly reported involved Reggie White, an elbow, and God.

So, logic suggests the Packers WILL be playing the 2015 season without Jordy Nelson.

Nelson is certainly one of the most important players on the roster. However, he plays at a position where the Packers have a lot of depth and talent. This most likely puts Davante Adams into Nelson’s spot with Jeff Janis taking Adam’s spot. Randall Cobb, who becomes the Packers perceived #1 WR, will likely work the slot with Ty Montgomery backing him.

This might also encourage the move to more double tight end sets with Cobb and Adams as the lone receivers on the field. The double tight end set is primarily a running formation, and after this taking a blow of this magnitude to the passing offense, the Packers may choose to mitigate the damage by relying more heavily on the run.

Regardless, the expectations for the Packers don’t change one iota with this injury, only the difficulty of achievement does. If the Packers are going to get to the Super Bowl without Jordy Nelson, they are going to need contributions from other members of their offense, and they are going to have to play defense that is at least good enough for the top half of the league. If the Packers can manage to pick up the slack, they can still get where they want to go.


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. warshire August 23, 2015

    So how does that charma feel packet fan girls.

    1. PF4L August 23, 2015

      Charma is a scary thing, so is dropping out of school.

    2. Brewtown Packer Backer August 23, 2015

      Don’t squeeze the charma.

  2. Beantownpackerbacker August 23, 2015

    Hey warshire, learn to spell and stay off Packer sites you fucking ass-hat piece of shit.

  3. ferris August 23, 2015

    What KARMA asshole? Must be a Seadick fan.

  4. TyKo Steamboat August 23, 2015

    Well fuck me, Erin Coscarelli

  5. warshire August 23, 2015

    Oh beantown, this is what makes it worth it. Piece of garbage fans like you who ruin it for the majority. You arrogant piece of trash who strutter around like own the world. Grow up poser.
    Oh and it is called auto change, maybe if you had a better name. Android would allow it.

  6. warshire August 23, 2015

    Ferris, I am referring to this pitiful excuse of a website whose sole goal is to spread hate and trash. You arrogant piles who never grow up.

    1. theripster30 August 23, 2015

      Before you tell others that they’re arrogant and don’t ever grow up, realize that you’re cheering for a guy’s potential season ending injury anonymously online, in an almost illiterate fashion.

  7. the real jeff ircink August 23, 2015

    to warshine’s point, this site does spread a lot of hate & trash. and they’re most certainly proud of it. i know – i’m an ex-Packer fan. which would beg the question: why even get into this injury before it’s confirmed by an MRI? typical yellow journalism. how dare the folks at TP rile up their fans before it’s absolutely necessary.

    1. PF4L August 23, 2015

      If you are a packer fan, you don’t become an ex Packer fan.

      Anyone who claims they are a ex Packer fan, rest assured, they were never a Packer fan to begin with.

      1. Phatgzus August 23, 2015


      2. the real jeff ircink August 24, 2015

        PF4L – rest assured my ass. keep tellin’ yourself that. you don’t make up the rules, tough guy.

        1. John August 24, 2015

          Absolutely no such thing as an ex Packer fan. Yah never were one!

        2. Tuson Packer August 24, 2015

          Hey Ircink, get REAL.
          PF4L hit it right on the nose.
          Dont try and defend riding any teams bandwagon.
          You got off, stay off.

      3. arsh August 24, 2015

        Good now I can move on in my life from when my parent’s tried to brainwash me into rooting for Brett Favre and his jolly green superbowl choke knowing that I was never really a packer fan. Robert Brooks was legit though.

    2. Tee Nips August 24, 2015

      MRI doesn’t “confirm” an ACL tear. They’re pretty easy to diagnose clinically in the hands of a decent doctor. So if they’re concerned that it’s torn, it most likely is. The MRI is used more for the surgical planning.

      1. arsh August 24, 2015

        Who knows, GB though Charles Johnson was okay and he tore up his acl. Those doctors on that team aren’t exactly competent.

  8. PackAttack August 23, 2015

    Jordy goes down….next man up! This isn’t something new, it’s happened before to the Pack….A LOT! Jermichael Finely, Cobb, Jennings, Rodgers — we’ve lost them all before.

    If there is one team that can sustain this and not miss much — it’s the Pack. We lost Cobb and Rodgers 2 years ago and still went 8-7-1 and made the Playoffs. Lost Jordy and Greg Jennings in 2012 and still went 11-5 and won the NFC North. We’ve lost skill players before and have made out just fine — the silver lining here is this happened early so there’s plenty of time to prepare plus there is LOADS of depth in the WR pool (Adams, Montgomery, Janis). While this blow obviously hurts, the Pack offense won’t miss be decimated by this, there are other players (Adam, Janis) who can stretch the field.

    When it comes to losing players I wouldn’t put Jordy in the Top 3 in terms of importance. Losing Rodgers, Lacy, Matthews would all be much, much worse IMO. I’d also say losing key OL players (Sitton, Lang, Bulaga) could be more devastating b/c of the lack of depth behind them. Losing Peppers, Shields, Hayward, Clinton-Dix would all be huge blows too — but losing Jordy will hurt I have no doubt Adams, Montgomery, Janis even Abbrederis if he can get healthy will be more of an adequate level of replacement. Rodgers spreads the ball around so much and is go good I can’t see this hurting all too much.

    1. DJ August 23, 2015

      All of what you say is true…to a degree. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying to put a happy face on this! lol But lets not kid ourselves either, this (assuming it is torn) sucks & weakens the team. “Next man up” & depth are great…but you dont lose a Pro Bowler & top ten WR and not feel it. Especially given his chemistry with ARod downfield & improvising. Janis & Montgomery are still rough, inexperienced, & the timing isnt there yet. As much as I want him to be…Davante isnt Jordy. Nobody is or has been scheming to take him away because he doesnt have Jordy’s experience or top end speed. Jordy tilted the field…that’s gone. Jordy mandated safety help allowing us to out number teams in the box making Lacy more effective. That is gone now, too. THOSE will hurt & have a ripple effect on play calls & the playbook until somebody can make plays & PROVE otherwise. And that will take time.

      Agreed that ARod’s ability & proclivity to spread the ball around will help. But lets not forget ARod is cautious too. He doesnt put the ball at risk. Meaning, he’ll hold the ball longer now & wont throw into windows for guys he doesnt trust yet..which puts HIM at risk. I’m not saying they cant adapt or eventually find the answers but I will say this isnt a “next man up business as usual” situation. This is a big deal & will take some time & ingenuity to overcome. In other words, it fucking sucks! lol

      1. PackAttack August 24, 2015

        Well I’m going to have to disagree with you to a certain point.

        The biggest thing you alluded to is chemistry and assertiveness on the part of the Jordy/Rodgers combo. Jordy was the Greg Jennings of this offense — he ran crisp routes, had excellent timing/rapport and could spread the field. With that being said, Jordy doesn’t have anything (ability/talent-wise) that Ty Montgomery and Davante Adams don’t. In fact Montgomery is just as fast and Adams and Janis might be the two fastest receivers on the roster. Is it going to take time to develop that chemistry? Yes of course — no doubt. But when you have two elite WR (who both have experience and have produced) in Adams and Cobb — you’re going to be okay. Mark my words Ty Montgomery is going to be a playmaker, the guy can play, he can run and he will be a go-to-guy in this offense. Defenses will not sleep on Adams/Montgomery/Cobb — not a chance will that box be stacked, no way.

        Jordy is a good receiver, don’t get me wrong but he’s not in the Randy Moss/Calvin Johnson mold where he completley changes a game all by himself. Rodgers made Jordy good, just like he made Jennings good — everyone freaked out when we lost Jennings too and it turned out just fine. Someone will eventually take Jordy’s role and in the end it might end up being a good thing.

  9. warshire August 23, 2015

    Theripster, I’m not cheering anything. I hope he recovers, just pointing out you had this coming

    1. theripster30 August 23, 2015

      You’re clearly cheering the injury. Don’t act like you’re Mr. Nice Guy. Jordy Nelson possibly tearing his ACL has brought you satisfaction. The proof is on this very page. For whatever that reason is… It doesn’t matter. Regardless, it doesn’t make you any better than those Packer fans you find childish and arrogant for articles you’ve gone out of your way to read on a Packers website which rips everybody, including the Packers themselves. I’d be embarrassed if I were you, but I’m sure you’re not.

    2. Tucson Packer August 23, 2015

      Hey captain D-bag. Like every other troll on here, no one actually takes you seriously. Mostly because in about a week MAYBE two, you’ll be too busy trying find out which team’s bandwagon has enough room for your sorry ass. Pathetic.

    3. Brent Farve August 23, 2015

      Go eat a bag of dicks, you filthy fuckpig.

    4. Phatgzus August 23, 2015

      You’re clearly taking joy in his injury. Of all the shit-talking Monty has done, I don’t recall him ever specifically wishing an injury upon anyone, except perhaps Dominic Riola and Ndamukong Suh, and rightfully so.

      1. the real jeff ircink August 24, 2015

        Phat – you’re a hypocrite. read your comment again. what a laugh-riot. the IQ level just keeps DROPPING on this board!

  10. TyKo Steamboat August 23, 2015

    Hopefully its just a sprain???

    1. rebelgb August 24, 2015

      Sprains are more likely to happen during contact, or a slip. A non-contact, soft landing knee injury is almost certainly a tear.

  11. Salazar August 23, 2015

    I have no insight or sunny optimism to offer here. All I’ve been thinking all day is FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!

  12. icebowl August 24, 2015

    Can only imagine the frustration jordys going through….
    Hoping fir the best….

    Oh, and wilshite, get a fucking “charma” life you turd….