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Five More Thoughts on Packers’ Loss to Eagles

Sam Bradford and Darren Sproles

The Green Bay Packers are now 1-2 in the 2015 preseason, thanks to a 39-26 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday evening.

While we give no shits about preseason records, we are a bit concerned about how dogshit awful the Packers looked in two phases of the game in the second-to-last week of preseason football. And we’re not even talking about the offense, which started a third-string quarterback and three backup offensive linemen.

That unit was actually the highlight of the evening, even while losing two more starters to injury.

The Packers first-team defense was complete garbage and the special teams as a whole were atrocious.

But let’s get on to it. Here are five more thoughts on a game that will excite no one except for Eagles fans.

Who let Shawn Slocum back into the building?
The Packers new special teams coach, Ron Zook, must have had nightmares last night. After two relatively uneventful — and we say that as a good thing — games on special teams, the Packers resorted to their old tactics against the Eagles. It’s as if Slocum were once again coordinating that unit. It started with a 67-yard kickoff return by Raheem Mostert to open the game. That wasn’t the lowlight though. That would be the eight penalties the Packers piled up on special teams, followed closely by punter Tim Masthay’s continuing shit performance. And we may as well also throw in the 51-yard field goal Mason Crosby bounced off the right upright. In all, the special teams was a disaster. We’re not going to dump all of that on Zook, although he does deserve some of the blame. You could certainly blame some of the penalties and coverage issues on guys who aren’t going to be on this or any NFL roster in a very short time. The Packers were trying to take a look at everyone on Saturday. The coverage units will tighten themselves up by subtraction, so there’s no need to panic here.

We know who the top backups on the offensive line are.
After two subpar games, Don Barclay had a solid game at left tackle for the Packers on Saturday night. Barclay didn’t give up any sacks for the first time this preseason. One game is not a great sample size, but perhaps Barclay is rounding back into form after that ACL injury. As we noted, the other two fill-in starters were Lane Taylor and Josh Walker. From what we could tell, both looked adequate. In fact, people couldn’t stop blathering on about how well Walker has performed this preseason during the broadcast. It would appear the Packers are in pretty solid shape if they incur an injury on the offensive line this season.

There were a couple of interesting starters on defense.
Mike Neal started at outside linebacker and Josh Boyd started at defensive end against Philadelphia. Normally, we’d expect Letroy Guion to be at defensive end, but it makes sense that the Packers would give Boyd the work because Guion is suspended for the first three games. Neal was a bit more surprising. We just assumed that Nick Perry was injured because, well, Nick Perry is always injured. However, Perry wasn’t injured. He played, he just did so after Neal. That could be because he’s been injured for most of the preseason. It could be because the Packers feel Neal is playing better. We’ll see when the regular season starts.

The defense is going to take time to gel.
You either saw or have heard how shitty the Packers first-team defense played Saturday night. What’s worse is they were stronger in that game than they’ve been all preseason. Both linebacker Clay Matthews and defensive end Mike Daniels made their first preseason appearances. Nick Perry and Mike Neal were both somehow healthy and active. The only regular who wasn’t active was defensive end Datone Jones and he’s next to useless anyway. And yet, they still got rolled by Philly’s offense. These guys are going to have to get some time together to pull it together from what we can see. And since the starters aren’t likely to play much in the final preseason game, it looks like that will have to occur in the regular season.

This is a frightening stat.
We mentioned this already, but Sam Bradford, the Eagles’ starting QB, was 10-for-10 on the night. That’s not even the scariest thing, though. Overall, the Eagles four quarterbacks were a combined 30-of-40 for 314 yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions. Their combined rating was 136.1. The Eagles quarterbacks are Bradford, Mark Sanchez (Nacho!), Matt Barkley and Tim Tebow. Those guys combined haven’t made a single Pro Bowl. Chew on that for a moment.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Packer Bob August 30, 2015

    I’m not making any excuses about the defense’s performance because regardless of the “meaninglessness” of the game the lost the one-on-ones. But they we’re pretty solid at the end of last season (minus the last four minutes of it) and they haven’t lost many of their cores player. In fact, they’re secondary might even be better. What concerns me is the front seven. Can they stop the run? Guess we’ll find out cause they’re going to get tested with Forte/Lynch/Charles.

    Either way, the Packers made Chip Kelly look like gawd damn genius with all his offseason moves.

  2. Howard August 30, 2015

    The eagles should be the team that is worried. The eagles showed three things that should concern them:
    1. They have no quality depth.
    2. Their starting Defense was playing against an number 3 QB, and number 2 and 3 O lineman and got rolled.
    3. With the style of O the eagles run, with no quality depth, and a weak D, the eagles will not sustain throughout the year. The pace that the eagles run their O will wear down their D and prime time offensive players over the season.

    The good thing for the eagles is they are champions of the preseason!

    The 3 things that are of concern regarding the Pack is:
    1. Not sold on Barclay as a tackle, on the right or left. Eagles D is not great. Rodgers health is to critical.
    2. Masthay! Masthay is hemorraging more yards to the opponents than running back wheel routes ( #2a). I think Cosby needs a new holder.
    3. The length of Cobb’s injury. Hopefully this will not be a concern in 2 weeks.

    It is easy to say White, Janis, and Backman looked good, however we should all understand, Hundley and Blanchard probably have better chemistry with those guys because of their practice time together. Rodgers will not have that same chemistry. The Passing game for the receivers with Rodgers in will be more complex.

    So the eagles rolled up as many points against the colts and ravens. The colts may not have a powerhouse D, however the Ravens typically are. Chip Kelly can scheme and win the preseason all he wants. Good for him. I will stick with the Pack to take wins in the regular season more seriously than preseason. Preseason is more about evaluation of young and roster bubble players.

    1. Deepsky August 31, 2015

      Janis beat Eric Rowe for a TD, the cornerback a lot of folks said the Packers should have taken instead of Randall.

  3. Zwoeger August 30, 2015

    Against our firts string defense the Aagles went as warm knifie trough butter.
    Hope we can hold Hardly to develop even further though Blanchard did’nt look bad either.
    Saw Mathews having a hard time crushing a paper cup. Souldn’t have been armwrestling in that Entourage movie .
    What I said about Zook after the first ps game still stands only to add I noticed he looks like the dumb brother of Pete Carroll.

    1. Cheesemaker August 30, 2015

      Re Zook, agree. As far as I can tell, he’s sucked on all his previous gigs, so why we expect him to suddenly be competent is beyond me. I was just hoping he wouldn’t blow anything up while he was around.

    2. billabong August 30, 2015

      huh? was that a 12 pack or a 24 pack you consumed during the game..

  4. Kreg August 30, 2015

    I’m not concerned

    Pack took the night off and Chip throws the kitchen sink at every game he coaches. He showed all his cards. Good for them, they executed and won.

    We have a lot of inexperienced depth to be excited about. They are getting valuable practice that will come in handy when 17 guys go on IR during the season.

  5. the real russ letlow August 30, 2015

    Thankful that it is Cutty in week 1. Defense has some work to do. Special teams – UGH! Tim Masthay – what happened? I was at the Pittsburgh game and their punter made Masthay look like a high schooler by comparison. Get Cobb warmed up as the back up holder and get this punting thing fixed, now. If we are losing that many yards in good weather, we are in deep doo doo when the weather turns. Back up O lineman did OK, receivers as well.

  6. Andrew Chitko August 30, 2015

    McCarthy needs to get the Packers on wind sprints in a big way. HaHa Clinton Dix won the award for “Hands on hips and breathing really hard all the time guy” award.

    The team is out of shape. They know it. And when Philly started running plays every eight seconds, the Packers said fuuuuuuuck that. That’s what I really believe happened. “You think I’m going to run around like a damn fool every eight seconds and chase my guy around the field on crossing patterns? Hell no!”

    Conditioning should be our biggest worry though. Get these guys running the stairs Big Mac!

    1. Zwoeger August 30, 2015

      Totally agree about conditioning. Forgot to mention that after my sick pack. :)

  7. shawn August 30, 2015

    Just watched the game via tape. Some points.
    1) Brett Hundley can play. Has a great feel for pressure, which you can’t teach. Tolzien is trade bait.
    2) Do you know how you can tell a referee crew sux? When they repeatedly call holding on special teams plays. Meanwhile, Packer defenders are having their jerseys pulled down to expose their pads.
    3) Special teams might be worse than last season.
    4) Tim Masthay continues to suck. It’s another season of watching our opponent’s kickers outkick ours. Anybody can fucking hold, not everyone can punt for shit.
    5) Comically, the Packers remain convinced Don Barclay can play left tackle. He actually was OK against Philly. My theory is that Philly is the rare team without a pass rushing end.
    6) Where the fuck was the run defense? All this BS about Bradford and Sanchez, but easy to complete short passes when your running game is picking up 5 yards with every carry. I am actually not sure the Eagles needed to throw the ball. They might have been able to run on every down.
    7) Sam Barrington. My hope is that you were taking that game off. WTF was that? And yeah, I don’t give a shit about your inability to cover Darren Sproles, who no linebacker in the NFL can cover. No. Everyone seems to be acting like you played decent against the run. Wrong. Completely nonexistent against the Philly 1st teamers and allowed Ryan Matthews to drag you for extra yards the few times you actually were there to make a tackle. We need to get more than that.
    8) HaHa Clinton Dix and Morgan Burnett. Thank you for bothering to show up. Sorry that you had to make every tackle since no one in the front 7 did.
    9 and Last) I hate Chip Kelly and his gimmicky college offense. Put this horseshit on half the teams in the NFL and I stop watching.

  8. Deepsky August 31, 2015

    The Eagles offense is rolling everyone this preseason, so I’m not really all that concerned that the Packers defense is awful. Teams just aren’t ready for this offense.

  9. icebowl August 31, 2015

    Where’s AJ…..
    …… when you most need a “fall guy” ?