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Clay Matthews Now Has an Elbow Problem

Clay Matthews doesn't like to practice

Maybe it’s time we just assume that Clay Matthews can’t be counted on.

Matthews missed Wednesday’s practice with what Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy called an elbow issue.

This comes after he’s missed five practices with “knee soreness.” It also comes after he told everyone he quit on the team in the NFC Championship game because he’s “got to take care of No. 1.”

And he seems to be doing a fine job of that lately.

Yeah, you can go ahead and insert Allen Iverson’s practice rant in here. It is a practice. Who gives a shit, so long as Matthews plays in 16 games, plus the playoffs and doesn’t excuse himself from the action because his vagina aches.

What do you think the chances of that happening are at this point?


That’s what probability we’re giving it.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. elafave August 19, 2015

    Man, my Mathews Pro-Bowl jersey just might go in the garbage. :/ Christ, I like my Starks “home” better than my CMIII.

  2. Ulvfox August 19, 2015

    Quit raggin’ on Clay. He’s given his all since he came to GB. Those dings and niks add up when you play as hard as he has. Yea, he get’s the big bucks, and up to now has repayed in full. He’s been our defensive star since he arrived. He’ll be ready. Either that or trade him to Dallas for two first rounders. Business is business.

    1. Gym Rat August 20, 2015

      His daddy wasn’t this bad in the day.

  3. NachoDan August 19, 2015

    When you get big fast on roids this is the result.

  4. ISay August 19, 2015

    Trade him. The peds have done their damage. It won’t get better.

  5. Chad Lundberg August 19, 2015

    Everyone, calm the f*** down! It’s PRESEASON! Obviously the coaches are just being smart and refuse to put him in any more risk than is absolutely necessary. If it were the regular season he would more than likely be playing.

    I’m still can’t take Monty’s over-whining on Matthews absence from the Championship game. The same guy who wrote this: http://sgtest.totalpackers.com/2011/08/10/clay-matthews-played-with-broken-leg/ continues to question Matthews toughness.

    1. Howard August 19, 2015

      I personally could give a shit about #1 missing pre season games or some practice time. I do believe it is a red flag when one of the teams top paid players starts referring to himself as #1, as in ” I’ve got to look out for number 1″. Who the hell says that shit when they are one of the top paid players on a team. Not a team leader!

      I guess #1 was fine with going to the pro bowl game after being injured or hurt in the championship game because the probowl brought #1 more exposure than sitting out the worthless game. It appears if preseason games and practice would produce more exposure for #1, then #1 would be available, because that of course would be looking out for #1, and isn’t that #1’s goal in life.

      1. Chad Lundberg August 19, 2015

        Perhaps “No. 1” is simply a reference to what his No. 1 concern is. And that would be his health. As I’m sure you already know, Matthews has dealt with a great deal of injuries over the years, and he’s not getting younger, he’s turning 29 after all which means everything hurts a little more, and everything takes a little longer to heal. I have absolutely no problem at all with Clay simply trying to take care of himself.

        1. Howard August 19, 2015

          I’m with you on the practice and preseason part. I would rather have as many players at full speed as possible for the regular season.

          I also agree with you that #1 is putting his health and may I add future earnings as his top priority. Did Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas in the very same game and with far worse injuries put their team number 1 or did they put their health number 1? We all know the answer to that question, and we know which team went to the Super Bowl.

          1. Chad Lundberg August 20, 2015

            Yes, but those players have injuries that don’t take them out five games at a time. When Matthews is at full speed, he’s one of the best in the NFL, but he’s also on the sidelines half the time.

            I remember the game against Redskins back in 2010, when Matthews was playing fast and hard, and he was containing the Skins from taking. Sure enough, he pulls his hammy and was forced to withdraw himself. We ended up losing both that game and the next one without him. You can very much debate whether or not he should be flying at full speed.

  6. Mason Crosby August 19, 2015

    Relax guys, I’m the only one you need this year.

  7. knucklehead August 19, 2015

    “Maybe it’s time we just assume that Clay Matthews can’t be counted on.”

    I know this is click-bait. But for fucks sake get real.

    I’m guessing by this article that the author’s only experience with athletics is ultimate Frisbee.
    I imagine the reasoning to go something like this:

    ‘Well when we had the ultimate Frisbee championship against River Falls, my team played through so much adversity. Herby played in an electric wheel chair! And Suzy fell down once and scraped her arm! What the heck?! Herby and Suzy never complained! Clay can learn a lot from Suzy and Herby. Jeesh! Clay. Get it together!

    “When you get big fast on roids this is the result.”

    No, actually it’s not. That causes tendon and muscle damage like all those hammy issues we had two seasons back. Smashing your elbows into helmets and wrenching 300 lb plus pulling guards usually does that.

    “Man, my Mathews Pro-Bowl jersey just might go in the garbage. :/ ”

    “Trade him.”

    This is starting to sound like a Queens, Honey Bear, She-Hawks message board.

    1. Chad Lundberg August 19, 2015

      Best comment I’ve read in a while on this site. Cheers.

    2. icebowl August 20, 2015

      K-Head you nailed it….
      Good job !

  8. elafave August 19, 2015

    Nah… It’s only our highest paid defensive player acting like a fugghin’ baby… You see Dick Sherm take hisself out if the NFCCG??? HMFN you didn’t. Clay us turning into a diva. If he isn’t, it sure is starting to APPEAR that way. You can’t blame us for starting to wonder.

    That was than, this is now.

  9. RUPackFan August 20, 2015

    Elafave, what size is it? I’ll buy it off you if you really don’t want it anymore

  10. Gym Rat August 20, 2015

    If he has to look out for “#1” then why doesn’t he just retire?? All he’s doing is causing the coaches headaches in how to replace him while he’s injured, etc. the Packers need to sit him down and see where he stands with himself. Is he busy staying home changing diapers and decorating the house with his “wife” OR is he a team player and ready to get serious because last year he quit when the team really needed. It even took him to give a half-ass answer as to why he pulled himself out of the game that the HC didn’t know anything about.

  11. elafave August 21, 2015

    @RUPF It’s a size 50… 2010 Reebok OnField. I collect, mostly, but sometimes wear… It’s mostly brand new, besides it’s age, not a single crease in the name or numbers. Make an offer, or if you live in Brown County, meet me somewhere with a half dozen cannoli from Pepperoni Cannoli and it’s yours.

  12. Christian Values August 25, 2015

    He’s been going down hill ever since he met, knocked up and married that old broad of his.