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Best and Worst Green Bay Packers Prop Bets


Randall Cobb vs. Arizona

You don’t have to watch The Last Boy Scout to know that no major sport in America is more closely tied to gambling than the Shield. From the weekly injury report allowing the bookies to get their line straight to the gambling Woodstock that is the Super Bowl, it is just another reason the NFL should change its symbol to a shield with a dollar sign on it and its colors to green.

With meaningful football less than a month away, believe it or not, the time might be now to get your Green Bay Packers prop bets in. If you are going to bet on the Packers, better to do it now before a Week 2 victory over Seattle drops their odds.

It used to be that you had to go to Vegas to get some of the more extravagant prop bets. Then someone invented the Internet for basically the three-pronged purpose of bringing you porn, gambling and the ability to look up trivial junk.

Most sports books are currently willing to pay you $600 on a $100 bet on the Packers to win the Super Bowl. Or $60 on a $10 bet for those of you who like to waste their time. That is the second lowest odds with most sports books willing to pay between $550 to $750 for the Seattle Seahawks. Whether having the Packers or the Seahawks at the lowest payout, virtually every sports book has the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots at nearly double the money of the Seahawks and Packers. Though I would give the Packers the best odds, if I was forced to give odds, I personally like the payout of $1050 for the Colts or $1200 for the Patriots as better bets for value.

Delusional Chicago Bears fans may be excited to know that they can likely get 11K on a $100 bet on the Bears. Unfortunately, Vegas doesn’t take nickel bets on prop betting.

A bet on the Packers to win the NFC will pay out about $500, though one more game will get you $600 so I don’t really see the point in making that bet. Again, only betting on Seattle will pay you less in either conference.

If you like the surer thing, than getting $250 on a $100 bet on the Packers just making the playoffs is a pretty good value. The Packers have the third best odds to win their division, and you’ll only get $170 on a $100 bet, with the Colts and Seahawks paying even less.

The Packers and Seahawks are the only teams in the league to have their over/under for wins during the regular season at 11. That seems like a pretty sure bet, but you’ll get less than even money for the over so it’s a waste.

Getting into the more exotic prop bets, not surprisingly, Ty Montgomery is the only Packer to get odds on a bet for Offensive Rookie of the Year. He is far down the list and pays a cool 10 large on a hundy. In contrast, Jake Ryan has far better odds to win Defensive Rookie of the Year. You’d get 2K for that, and indeed, that isn’t out of the realm of possibility if either Clay or Sam Barrington get injured early in the season.

Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and Eddie Lacy all rank high on the oddsmakers’ boards for most passing, receiving, and rushing yards, as well as most touchdowns and most likely to win MVP. Personally, Randall Cobb giving $3400 on a bet for most touchdowns scored is probably the best of those bets. That’s a lot of money for a guy that led the NFL in touchdowns for about half the season last year.

Curiously, even though the Seahawks get better odds at most sports books to win it all, the most likely Super Bowl match up, according to the oddsmakers, is the Patriots vs. the Packers, with the Packers vs. the Colts being the third most likely. At the same time, a Broncos vs. Seahawks match up is more likely than a Broncos vs. Packers Super Bowl. Go figure.

You can see a full rundown of these prop bets and more right here.


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. Brent Farve August 20, 2015

    I’m holding out for a side bet on The Paytaker’s hair remaining fabulous…

  2. knucklehead August 20, 2015

    Nice article. Good to see quality extracurricular content on here again!

    I blew 500 on the Pack Super Bowl bet last year. Luckily, I had a new account and they wouldn’t let me bet over 500 unless I sent in a bunch of id and crap. My laziness paid off on that one.

    “If you like the surer thing, than getting $250 on a $100 bet on the Packers just making the playoffs is a pretty good value.”

    That’s your money maker right there.

  3. Andrew Chitko August 20, 2015

    That’s a mistake. 5Dimes clearly has wrong info up on the teams to make the NFC playoffs. If you look at the other columns you’ll see the Packers are around -600 meaning to win $100 on the bet, you’d need to put up $600. You guys didn’t really think you’d get better than even money for the Packers to make the playoffs did you? Oh what a world that would be. ;)

    1. shawn August 20, 2015

      Good call. Pretty sad that I didn’t even notice. A pox on the house of 5Dimes!!

    2. knucklehead August 20, 2015

      Yeah, you are right. I figured that didn’t make any sense and therefore too good to be true…sigh.