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Aaron Rodgers Played a Role in Tom Brady’s Appeal

Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady appealed his four-game suspension for deflating footballs and when that appeal was rejected, the NFLPA sued the NFL in federal court. The suit was filed on Tuesday and because Judge Richard Berman wouldn’t let the parties submit anything confidentially, we all got to look at the transcript of Brady’s appeal hearing.

What’s interesting about that is Brady — or his legal team — pointed at Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers as what can only be viewed as an example of the league’s hypocrisy.

Back in January, Rodgers openly discussed how he likes overinflated footballs and how he liked to push the limits in that respect. The NFL, of course, didn’t start an investigation of Rodgers and the Packers like they did of Brady and the Patriots.


When that was brought up during the appeal, the league didn’t really have an answer for it. In this instance, the questions are being posed to Badger great and NFL vice president of operations Troy Vincent.

Tom Brady transcript

Look, we really don’t care about the New England Patriots. They can go rot in hell, but this whole thing is pretty goddam stupid.

The league is suspending a guy who MAYBE directed someone else to let a little too much air out of some footballs. Meanwhile, they reduce the suspension of noted woman beater Greg Hardy from 10 games to four.

So, the message is clear.

Beating a woman is the same as deflating footballs. But only if you’re Tom Brady. Because we’re going to get you, mister!

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Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Tucson Packer August 5, 2015

    Why are we trying to throw Rodgers under the Bus Brady Legal Team?

    Snitches get stitches

  2. Andrew Chitko August 5, 2015

    I’m not sure what’s more baffling here…The idea that Brady’s crack legal team is bringing this up, or that the NFL reps have no good response to it.

    The big difference is the Packers left it up to the officials to catch it, the Patriots did it after the inspection. If Brady turned in under inflated balls pre-examination I’m sure we wouldn’t be where we are now. Jeeez.

  3. Abe Frohman August 5, 2015

    Personally, I still don’t know how many balls were underinflated. I hear conflicting stories on all this. But reading between the lines, if you’re trying to draw a comparison between over and under inflated balls, doesn’t it stand to reason that you’re basically admitting to deflating the balls?

  4. Andy August 5, 2015

    The hypocrisy is quite absurd, but i’ve been saying all along, if you’re gonna suspend brady, suspend all quarterbacks for how they “tamper” with balls. Each guy does a different thing, rodgers over inflates them, tom goes under, romo does this or that, manning roughs up the surface. Just play 4 rounds of games with 32 back ups and see how that works out.

  5. E. Wolf August 5, 2015

    There is a difference between inflating balls before inspection and tampering with them after inspection.
    And if you think this does not matter, you are not paying attention. One need look only to the warren sharp analysis to see a correlation between these practices and the Patriots unusual, improbable low number of turnovers at home.

  6. kato August 5, 2015

    I dont agree with E. Wolf often but he is 100% correct in this situation. Huge difference between pushing the limit before turning the balls in to the refs and tampering after they inspected them. The email from Baltimore officials to colts equipment managers alludes to this practice as well, as they suggest it has been going on a long time and it is known brady likes less air in the balls for better grip. And the sharp analysis would point to that as well, as their fumble rates at home since the league allowed teams to inflate the ball to their liking as long as it was within regs is nearly impossibly low. A deflated football is easier to grip, and anyone that has played football would know that. Them trying to throw AR and the packers under the bus was a desperation move, anyone that read the synopsis of the appeal would see Brady’s camp had absolutely nothing except another consulting firm suggest it was possible for the balls to deflate in that weather. Smh

  7. PF4L August 6, 2015

    This isn’t about Rodgers, Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, or the Easter bunny. Brady’s Legal team reminds me of children saying..”well he did it too!!”” It’s about the Colts complaint to the NFL, Brady’s defiance in cooperating. But mostly it’s about Bradys ego and legacy. It’s about how he could have just said a couple things of regret at the beginning with his awe shucks personalty, got a slap on the wrist, got a fine with no suspension, and this story would be old news. I like Brady, and think he’s one of the games best. but he fucked this up at the very beginning of it, and i’ll bet he knows that now.

    1. rebelgb August 6, 2015

      What is it with you lately PF4L? I find myself agreeing with you post after post. Did you buy this username from someone else? You are 100% dead on. I like Brady too, hell I always root for the under dog and coming out of college everyone thought he was a shit prospect.

      However had he just come clean and said “awe shucks” as you so expertly put it, he would have been free and clear and we wouldnt be talking about this shit.

      What pisses me off is he STILL lies right to the camera.

  8. PF4L August 6, 2015

    Filed under the “wtf is this guy thinking file.”

    “Beating a woman is the same as deflating footballs. But only if you’re Tom Brady. Because we’re going to get you, mister!”

    Yea, sounds logical.

    The NFL is “out to get” Tom Brady?

    Why?…because the NFL wants this soap opera? Because the NFL wants Tom Brady to miss games?

    Does the NFL think it’s product is somehow better without Tom Brady playing on Sundays? That would be the consensus of anyone believing the NFL is out to get Tom Brady. Brilliant

    As far as Greg Hardy. You can’t draw a parallel to a guy who threw around his wife or g/f, to someone who is undermining the integrity of the NFL and it’s brand. They are 2 very different offenses and different dynamics and circumstances. Yes, the penalty might be the same, but that is the only thing they have in common.

  9. Kozak August 6, 2015

    This is analogous to Nixon and Watergate. It’s not the crime it’s the coverup. THAT’s what has the Leagues panties in a twist. If Brady and the Pats came clean it would have been a slap on the wrist. Instead they lied and destroyed evidence.

  10. Kimberly August 7, 2015

    I really wish the folks who write these articles would stop comparing the punishments of wife beaters to the punishment of Tom Brady!

    They have ZERO to do with each other!

    What Brady did is DIRECTLY tied to the game of football. If a player beats up his wife it does not affect what goes on, on the field. Is he a lowlife? Of course but hitting your wife doesn’t have anything to do with fairness on the field.