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Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Think Much of Your Stupid Preseason

The NFL’s preseason sucks balls. We sit around around and watch a bunch of guys who are either never going to be on a regular-season roster or who are hardly going to play, if they are on a roster, for the majority of it. And we wait for real football to start.

While doing so, we also watch guys suffer season-ending injuries.

That happens every year. It happened to the Green Bay Packers last year with Jared Abbrederis and Don Barclay, among others. But those two guys aren’t Jordy Nelson.

They’re not All-Pro caliber players like Nelson is.

This crap doesn’t just happen to the Packers either. It happens to all NFL teams. Teams are, in fact, extremely lucky if they get out of the preseason without one of their players suffering a season-ending injury.

So, the preseason sucks ass. We all know that. So why is it still four games long?

One word: money.

Teams still get to rake in a ton of it for playing those meaningless games. Ticket sales, concession sales, merchandise sales, parking and so on. Even if the stadiums aren’t full — and you saw the half-empty embarrassment in Pittsburgh on Sunday — owners aren’t going to turn that money down.

The only way the league would shorten the preseason is if they could extend the regular season. In other words, if they could make MORE money.

Anyway, preseason is bullshit. You know it, we know it, and Aaron Rodgers knows it.

Rodgers said a lot by saying hardly anything in his postgame press coference on Sunday. Namely, you can go ahead and shove your preseason up your ass, NFL.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Organicbuzz August 25, 2015

    3 game preseason. Go Pack Go!!!

  2. Jbucka August 25, 2015

    Could this article not have been written without the vulgar language?

  3. Cheese August 25, 2015

    Injuries happen no matter what the season. I’m not a huge preseason advocate but this could have easily happened in the first game of the year. It’s unfortunate but either way you have to deal with it. Don’t like preseason? Don’t play your starters.

  4. shawn August 26, 2015

    Stupid comments by A-Rodge, actually.
    And weren’t the guys mentioned in this article – Abbrederis and Barclay- both injured in PRACTICE?
    Just like Kelvin Benjamin, Orlando Scandrick, Sean Lee, etc. etc. etc…
    And it is actually easier to lose a guy like Jordy in the preseason than it is during the regular season. The Packers still have time to make changes to their offense, pick up someone else, etc. etc…