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Report: Packers Won’t Release Andrew Quarless

Andrew Quarless

If being a dumbass was the type of thing that got you disqualified from being an athlete, we wouldn’t have as many athletes.

Green Bay Packers tight end Andrew Quarless is a dumbass, but apparently that will not disqualify him from being a member of the team.

The Packers aren’t planning to release Quarless, despite him discharging a firearm after a verbal altercation and then pretending to be a plant, this past weekend.

The organization has had very little to say on the matter. They released the boilerplate statement about how they were gathering information and that’s it. However, that handsome devil Rob Demovsky got a couple of sources — we presume the type of sources who work for the organization — to confirm that Quarless remains in the Packers’ plans.

So, super!

We were really looking forward to another season of 29 catches for 317 yards and now we will get the opportunity to witness that greatness first hand.

In all seriousness, the Packers can’t really release Quarless after they re-signed defensive tackle Letroy Guion earlier this offseason. Guion was caught with a gigantic bag of weed and enough cash that made it impossible to conclude anything other than he was involved in a drug deal, back in February.

That’s not quite the same level of stupid as discharging a gun at 5:00 in the morning while you’re drunk and arguing with a couple of broads, but it’s in the same ballpark.

Can’t send the message that one guy’s stupidity will be tolerated and the next guy’s won’t.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Howard July 7, 2015

    With the issues in the media that the NFL had last year with Rice, Peterson, Hernandez, and Hardy coupled with the recent shootings in North Carolina, I find it hard to believe the NFL will not sit Quarless for a long period of time. I think this is different than Guion because of the discharging of a gun and the recent shootings. The NFL will be looking out for their image and so should the Packers.

  2. rebelgb July 7, 2015

    So when this asshole goes full Aaron Hernandez is the Packer organization going to claim they had ‘no idea he was person capable of such acts’??

    Why fucking risk it. Packers dont need a TE anyways, they have the best receiver corps in the NFL and maybe one of top 5 in NFL history.

    Drop this fucktard.

  3. MGP July 7, 2015

    A. Quarless, Datone Jones, and Datone Jones: please TT, fire them all.

    GB is not a team like the Minnesota Vikings (a bunch of criminals and idiots).

    1. MGP July 7, 2015


      A. Quarless, Datone Jones, and Letroy Guion.

    2. Adam July 7, 2015


      A. Quarless, Datone Jones, and Datone Jones: please TT, fire them all.
      GB is not a team like the Minnesota Vikings (a bunch of criminals and idiots).

      You want to cut Datone (lack of performance aside) because he smokes some weed? Might as well put two thirds of the league into free agency while you’re at it.

      1. MGP July 8, 2015

        Adam, Datone Jones is a professional athlete. So, it’s not admissible for him to do some things…

  4. Cheese July 7, 2015

    Guion had an unloaded gun that was registered in his name. Quarless is firing a gun in public and hiding it from the cops in a plant. Not exactly the same thing. It’s not illegal to own a gun. Shooting one in public to intimidate a bunch of women, now that’s fucking stupid.

    Boilerplate statement? Pretty sure I read that in another article on this subject. Hope we don’t have any copy and paste journalism going on….

  5. David July 7, 2015

    If he were a quality player, sure stand by him, but let’s face it he should have been cut last year or sooner just based on his play alone. The problem is the packers te’s are garbage, so that’s the only reason he has/is sticking around. That being said he is now a distraction and showing the packers in a negative light and his play certainly does not warrant keeping this tard. Cut his ass!

  6. shawn July 7, 2015

    This is Quarless’ sixth year with the team. He has never been in trouble before. The Packers know who this guy is at this point so the “risk” that this is masking or a sign of something bigger is non-existent. Andrew was just on the Packers’ Tour raising money for charities.

    You can compare this to Letroy Guion’s case, and act like this is worse, but the fact of the matter is that Guion was charged with a felony and had another possible felony hanging over his head. THIS is a misdemeanor.

    You don’t drop a 6 year vet who has never been in trouble before over a misdemeanor. The Packers should ask the NFL to suspend Quarless without pay for 1 or 2 games. That would be the right punishment.

    1. Phatgzus July 7, 2015

      Perhaps that is true, but to me this just seems like a significantly more legitimate rime, the risk involved in discharging a loaded gun within city limits, especially in a crowded area when emotions are (potentially) running high just implies a lot more character issues than non-violent, marijuana-related crimes. Of course the legality of his firearm and right to carry as well as the actual circumstances certainly have a major impact, but this is the peak of the rain-shadowed slope, a potential minor watershed moment, best not to fall over the other side.

  7. Mike Ditka's Mom July 7, 2015

    If being a dumbass was the type of thing that got you banned from the Internet, we wouldn’t have totalpackers.com.

    Oooooooooh, snap!

    1. Phatgzus July 7, 2015

      And you’d be stuck watching the Super Bill Shuffle and Bill Schwartzki’s Superfans on an endless loop, reliving the “good years”, so count yourself “lucky”.

  8. kato July 7, 2015

    Wow mike ditkas mom, that was a good one. If being a dumbass is the type of thing that got you banned from the nfl, the bears would be banned for giving cutler 126 million. Oh snap!

  9. Howard July 7, 2015

    This whole cut Quarless or do not cut Quarless question may all hinge on how many videos or pictures are to still come out. So far every time a video or picture is released that shows an athlete in a bad situation it does not go well for the athlete. I would guess the NFL is trying to find out how bad the videos or pictures if available may make Quarless, the Packers, and the NFL look before deciding the consequences.

    To me if you fire a gun into the air in a populated area, I do not need to see a video or picture to see the potential consequences. What goes up must come down!

  10. Salazar July 9, 2015

    Fucking Packers went and made me root for the Ginger Hammer to throw the book at this guy. God damn it. Usually, one of the best things about being a Packers fan is not having to root for these kinds of scumbags on the field.

    1. MGP July 10, 2015

      “Usually, one of the best things about being a Packers fan is not having to root for these kinds of scumbags on the field.”

      Yeap, 100% correct.