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Scenes From Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean at Lambeau

Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean performed at Lambeau Field on Saturday night. It was the first concert in Lambeau Field since 2011, when Kenny Chesney also performed there and only the third such show since 1985.

It probably won’t be the last though.

You know the Green Bay Packers organization raked in plenty of dough from concession sales. And providing there aren’t any issues with the field because of the stage and all the people on it, they will not be passing up that revenue stream.

Around 50,000 people showed up for this thing. A lot of them got drunk. Some other outlets made a big deal out of this and painted the scene as a shit show.

Well, here are some actual facts for those ignorant fucks. One, people drink when they go to concerts, especially in Wisconsin. Some of those people get drunk. Two, there were only 22 arrests at the event. If only 22 people out of 50,000-plus get arrested at a show, I think you’ll take that every time.

Here’s what it looked like.

And yes, that’s Big Mike making an appearance.

Kenny Chesney fans

Jason Aldean at Lambeau Field

Kenny Chesney at Lambeau Field

Kenny Chesney at Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field for Kenny Chesney concert

Mike McCarthy at the Kenny Chesney show

Kenny Chesney at Lambeau Field

Kenny Chesney at Lambeau Field

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. the real russ letlow June 22, 2015

    What’s the deal with ragging on folks at an outdoor concert who have a few beers? If other don’t like it, tough. If you want to dress up and sit pretty for 2 to 3 hours, go to the opera. 22 arrests? that’s nothing. Look up the last county concert at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. They trashed the stadium and the parking lot and had a huge riot/fight. Looks like the Lambeau crowd was pretty tame, by comparison.

  2. Ivomitonvikingfans June 22, 2015

    How bad can a Kenny Chesney crowd be. I survived the Clash Of The Titans show in ’91 at Alpine Valley. That was a Venezuelan prison riot compared to this snooze fest.

  3. billybong June 22, 2015

    yah, it was an excellent time, quit with the whiney bullshit about having a few beers…crowd was much better behaved than a lot of Packer games….plus all the pop up ads make viewing the pics really hard….this site has more than its allotted popups i would say….

    1. billybong June 22, 2015

      of course I’m talking about the people who said there was too much drinking going on….i mean its an adult concert six hours long, a beer is needed to prevent dehydration.

  4. BZ in BA June 22, 2015

    It looks like they had a good time to me, and I am sorry that I wasn’t able to make the show. Any event at Lambeau is destined to be great, and I think that it is good that they take advantage of as many revenue streams as possible – it all goes to keep the stadium nice, making improvements, and helping the Pack remain among the top tier teams in the league.

  5. Salazar June 25, 2015

    That first picture pretty much sums up what I’d expect the crowd at a pop-country concert to look like.