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Packers Share Top Position to Win Super Bowl 50

Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers’ season ended in just about the most painful way possible with their fourth quarter collapse in the NFC Championship Game against the Seattle Seahawks. But things could have a much happier ending this year, according to the odds at least.

This week’s NFL Futures have Green Bay at +600 to win the Super Bowl, in a three-way tie with Seattle and Indianapolis. This is becoming an annual ritual at this juncture: the Packers find themselves favored alongside the Seahawks in the NFC. This is the matchup most will be anticipating once again come January.

Some might say this is complacency on the Packers’ part to simply stand pat in the offseason. But of course, there’s every possibility the Packers will still improve from last year, especially if second-year players Davante Adams and Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix continue to develop.

It’s also worth noting that while the Packers didn’t exactly get noticeably better with a splashy signing or trade, many of the so-called contenders didn’t either. Some even got decidedly worse during the offseason.

The defending champion Patriots lost their best defensive player (Darrelle Revis) and could be without their best offensive player (Tom Brady) for a third of the season. The Broncos’ offensive line tasked to protect the deteriorating Peyton Manning looks very shaky.

The Eagles overhauled nearly their entire roster and who knows how that will eventually play out. The Lions’ great strength – their defensive line – lost Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley. The 49ers… well, you may have heard about their issues.

On the other hand, the Seahawks added Jimmy Graham to complement their already dominant defense and the Colts signed Frank Gore and Andre Johnson as weapons for Andrew Luck. No doubt, those moves were big factors why those two are the early favorites along with the Packers.

But question marks surround both those moves health-wise, with Graham constantly banged up, and Gore and Johnson both on the wrong side of 30. Meanwhile, the Packers have one of the youngest rosters and arguably the best quarterback in the league ready to make another championship run at Super Bowl 50.


Brett is an actor and writer living just outside of New York City and an alumnus of Duke University. He was a member of Duke’s premier improv comedy group, DUI, and a columnist for Duke’s daily newspaper, The Chronicle. Brett became a Packers fan many years ago because of his namesake, who has since retired.



  1. Big B June 27, 2015

    There are two words that say all you need to know about why the Pack is always a SB contender… First word starts with “A”, second word starts with “R”.

  2. SEAHAWKSownyou June 27, 2015

    NOT HAPPENING. SEA-WHO, SEA-WHAT, SEAHAWKS!!!! DYNASTY BABY!!! Fuck you cheesedicks, you ain’t winning shit this year, and we are out for blood. Our history is beginning, and you jerks live in the past.

    1. Kozak June 29, 2015

    2. Deepsky June 29, 2015

      As predicted, the Wilson contract is going to cause a lot of issues for the Seahawks. And now Michael Bennett, who already makes a lot of money, wants to be paid too.

      If the Seahawks had ever won anything in their history, their fans would be familiar with what happens to a team after they win a championship and how all their players want to be paid.

  3. Big B June 27, 2015

    We? What the fuck do you do to help the sea pigeons? Oh… Lemme guess, you’re one of the “12th man”… Probably one of half the pigeon’s “faithful” that left the game at the end of 3rd quarter of the fucking championship game, huh? Fucking loser!

  4. PackerBackerMaryland June 27, 2015

    Eh, at least we’ve owned you fair and square the last three years you fruitfuck. 3-0 against you, and stick by our team through and thick and thin. Actually we support ALL Seattle teams unlike you fat jerks from WISCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDONCHAKNOW.

    1. Howard June 27, 2015

      Did you forget what name your commenting under Maryland? You and your other half above are brain dead. You just don’t know it yet. Or are both of you the same thing?

  5. Big B June 27, 2015

    You stick by you teams? Fucking “12th man” was fucking booing at half time and clearing out of the stadium by 4th quarter. you guys are over rated and you think you’re the shit because you’ve won a little bit the last few years… Welcome to what packers have been doing for 50 some years dumb fuck!

  6. Big B June 27, 2015

    And hey dipshit… When you say you “owned” us, I’m assuming you mean beg last 2 minutes of the game last year. Owned… What a laugh. Like I said… Fucking you’re shit team is over rated and your fans are arrogant fucks who don’t know a fucking thing about “loyalty”.

  7. Howard June 27, 2015

    The Packers have the QB and team to bring home Lombardi No.5 and NFL Championship No.14. Just Stay Healthy and Finish Strong! Go Pack!

  8. Cheese June 27, 2015

    Packers are picked to win the Super Bowl every offseason. All this is, is a bunch of worthless bullshit/ mental masturbation. It’s a trendy pick. Until they can prove themselves in the playoffs I don’t give a fuck how they look on paper. My mind is still blown at how they could lose that game last year.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK June 29, 2015


  9. PF4L June 28, 2015

    Picking the Packers to win the Super Bowl before the season and a $1 will get you a cup of coffee. Who gives a fuck?

    Let’s get to the Super Bowl!! You can’t win it, if you aren’t in it.

  10. Deepsky June 29, 2015

    I thought at the beginning of the season that the Packers had a very good shot to win it all last year, but then Rodgers got injured at the end of the season. Had he not been injured, which greatly affected he play, I think the Packers would have taken the Super Bowl.

    That’s two season’s now where Rodgers has been injured. His health is starting to be a concern.